Sad, a Cicero bee bore Cicadas. (16)

Sad: a nap met empanadas. 144

Sad, I, Dade, nod, “nab abandoned Adidas.” 200

Sad, I, Dan, in Ur did run in Adidas.200

“Sad–” I, Di, peep, “I did as…” (1)

Sad, I misuse Jesus–I, Midas. (313)

Sad, I’d a Kobe-era Reebok, Adidas. 408

Sad, I’d a “no” on Adidas. 424

Sad Ida sees Adidas. 144

Sad, I’m Midas. (00-many)

Sad, I’m not on Midas. 519

Sad–I’m sad as Midas! 329

“Sad–impugn it, substitute,” we tut, “it’s busting up Midas.” 429

Sad naps sass pandas. 144

Sad negators rot agendas. 144

Sad, no, Canada had anacondas. (106)

Sad no Canadian act can aid anacondas. 429

“Sad … no Canadian actress, aided or eroded,” I assert, “can aid anacondas.” (260)

Sad, oy, Toga got Yodas. (336)

Sadat, sot, ate feta tostadas. 200

Sadat sots sass tostadas. 144

Sag aside, bed is a gas! 144

Sag time was its omen as nine men insane, most I saw emit gas. 356

Saga [signing/sin] is a gas. 144

Saga, Sir, is a gas! 1

Saga slave I’d e-mailed “M or F?” to, got (from Delia) medieval sagas. 260

Saga stir–it’s a gas! 374

Saga’s inn is a gas! 144

Sagas won Kyle no LSD, I am told, as a maiden I poll opined I am a sad lot: maids, lonely, know sagas. (260)

Sage, cud or piles, Eli, produce gas. (71)

Sage detainees seen, I ate Degas. (255)

Sage modes are erased omegas. 144

Sage mogul, plug omegas!  429

Sage nobody–do bone gas! 429

Sage signing is a gas. (97)

Sage tarts riff first-rate gas. 144

Sage, vote more cars race Rome-to-Vegas. (88)

Sage voted Al Slade to Vegas. (200)

Sage votes, “Reverse: to Vegas!” 200

Sages use gas. (146)

Saginaw swan I gas. 144

Said a crap mad-mood foe to nastier used artists I trade: “Sure, its a note of doom, damp arcadias.” (260)

Said an emir,”Codify my Fido crime, Nadias.” 200

Said Boris, “Aye, Boyle, remote radiant Etna I dare to merely obey, as I rob Dias.” (71)

“Sail!”, a reheard Edna hails, as Lia handed Rae her alias. (260)

Sail an alias. (many)

Sail, Anan, on an alias. 200

Sail as I held darts to not straddle his alias. (260)

Sail, Elias. (4,85)

Sail had dahlias! (1)

Sail on, game magnolias. (110,17,144)

Sail on, Olias. (61)

Sal, a late petal up in a mill I manipulate–petal alas! (5)

Sal asserts, “I’d Niles made mad as a dame, damsel in distress, alas.” 200

“Sal,” asserts Mae’s seamstress, “alas.” 200

Sal bats tablas. 144

Sal, batter a backcomb, mock cabaret tablas. (254)

Sal, is no fin even, even if on Silas? (254)

“Sal is not in?” Ruth asks, “Ah, turn it on, Silas.” (5)

“Sal, lad, not to N. Dallas?” (191)

Sal, lady Feds defy Dallas. 394

Sal laps a lot to Las Pallas. 144

Sal left [as I sat/it], fellas. 144

Sal, let’s taste [Selah ale/some mo’] sets at Stella’s. (1)

Sal lit Roth’s ash tortillas. (1)

Sal lived in snide villas. 144

Sal lost Emmet’s ollas. 144

Salad Eliot Ness sent: oiled, alas! (260)

Salad loser I hire’s old, alas. 200

“Salad … lots, in a mass!” a man is told, alas. (260)

Saladin enrobes a baroness, senora, base-born Enid, alas! (10)

Salami help martyr friar, air fry, trample him, alas! 429

Salt a deified Atlas. (98)

Salt a DNA radar, and atlas. (237)

Salt a pup, Atlas. (83)

Salt [an] Atlas! (00-many)

Sam, a hairy sniper, pondered no prep in Syria ( Hamas.) 200

Sam, a jap, laminates set animal pajamas. (111?)

Sam, a jap sage, irons Noriega’s pajamas. (307)

Sam, Ahab T. (alias Bob), sail at Bahamas. (27)

Sam, “All for a war of llamas?” 394

Sam, Allegra let Amy mate large llamas! 144

Sam, Allen, interpret nine llamas! (104)

Sam allots laminar animals to llamas. 144

Sam allots sass to llamas. 144

Sam allotted a cadet to llamas. 144

Sam, allow two cots to cow two llamas. (260)

Sam, allow two llamas. 429

Sam amassed Odessa mamas. 144

Sam, ardor eases aero dramas. 144

Sam, mock commas! 481

Sam, on, I crack code of foe: dock carcinomas. 429

Sam rakes reverse karmas. 144

Sam rubs madams – Burma’s. (260)

Sam updates a set ad: Puma’s. 144

Sam upset a dwarf I tar, as a rat, if raw, dates pumas. (260)

Sam upsets a caste’s pumas. (144)

Same nap is Ipanema’s. 144

Same nice man, I name cinemas. 429

Samuel Adams, sass mad ale (Uma’s). 144

San Antone’s Abe’s use base, not Nana’s. (88)

San Antonio koi – not Nana’s – live to pot evil San Antonio koi – not Nana’s. (260)

San Antonio pro freed a deer for poi (not Nana’s). 144

Sane Vonda had novenas. 144

Sap, Atlas Rat ate metatarsal tapas! 429

Sap erases arepas. 144

Sara has tall abductee–meet Cud-ball at Sahara’s. (255)

Sardi puts nog on stupid RAs. (00)

Sarge, I offer [a] ref foie gras. ([307],200)

Sarge, I offered irate Jet a ride, ref foie gras. 200

Sarge, I oft et foie gras! (6)

Sass in a deli (a flat tube rebuttal) failed Anissas. 200

Satan, I pay ya pinatas! (295)

Satan, I pee pinatas. 418

Satan, I place fecal pinatas. 144

Satan, I plan race-carnal pinatas. 144

Satan, I pondered no pinatas. 144,200

Satan, I prefer pinatas. (307,144)

Satan, I profiled a deli for pinatas. 144

Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas! (142)

Satin rack ropes oppose pork carnitas. 144

Satire veils no old loon’s lie —Veritas! 423

Save Ed, install a wall at snide Eva’s. (254)

Save taxi fare, Dr.–order a fix at Eva’s. (110)

Save the “meh”, Tevas! 144

“Saved no trace: not one carton, Devas.” (170-1)

Saw I: sad, lone diamond; no maiden old as I was. (278)

Saw Ira, by a gay bar I was. (200)

Sawn, a man is foxed, Nina: an index of sin a man was. (260)

Say “A papaya’s…” 502

“Say, no stale falafel at Sonya’s!” (255)

Scam: I mail Liam iMacs. 144

Scam is seldom mod-less iMacs. 144

Scat cites Ron’s Norse TicTacs. 144

Sci-fi Ron O’Hara honored I redid: I deride Ron O’Hara honorifics. (260)

Scipio pondered no poi pics. (200)

Scorch self on a cloven oblate metal bone volcano, flesh crocs. 429

Scorn is in rocs. 144

Scot City ‘tic tocs’! (85)

Scranton’s tots: not narcs. (6)

Scranton’s U.S. partner entraps us, not narcs. (88)

Scrap operas are pop arcs. 144

Scrap or [c/d]rop arcs. 144

Scrap PARCs? 1

Scrape edges of UFOs: e.g. deep arcs. (260)

Scroll across orc, all orcs. 144

“Scroll up!” I say as I pull orcs. (260)

Scrooge, I’d nastily lit San Diego orcs. (260)

Sea gladnesses send algaes. 144

Sebastian, an ablative node divided one vital banana – it’s Abe’s. (260)

Sebastian DeLeon remarks, “Kramer, Noel, Edna, it’s Abe’s!” (173)

Sedan, ere solo, serenades. (21)

“See Barbados: soda, bra, bees.” (22)

See Ben in “Nine Bees.” 394

See bees.?

“See bees?” I gasp, “Marcia – I cramp, sag; I see bees!” (71)

See, beg, Ava’s savage bees. (71)

See, Bev, I feel freed deer flee five bees. (71)

“See, Bev – rats!” I say, as I starve bees. (71)

See “Bigfoot” top Otto, of G.I. Bees. (237)

See, boffo bees! 144

See, Bond, I hid no bees. (71)

See–boo!–bees? (237)

See, booze can ace zoo bees! (237)

See, bow to two bees. 144

See, brats tar bees! 144

See Brett utter, “Bees!” 144

See, Brits stir bees. 144

See, by [sub, radar busy] bees. (237)

“See cider on no red Icees.” (173)

See: cider-red Icees! 144

See Fed, I redo, deride fees! 144

See–few owe fees! (10)

See, fewer ewe fees! 144

See flag elongate man’s name-tag, no legal fees.  429

See flair to lose no-one solo trial fees. (260)

See fond ad, no fees. (237)

See fondness drown me–lost, solemn words send no fees. (79)

See fondness, send no fees. 144

See font…no fees. (237)

See GOP assess apogees. 144

See, gag, tromp mortgagees! (71-1)

See Gil, Geneva use suave negligees. 429

See, Gil, gent negligees! (200)

See, Gil (gentle) felt negligees. 109

See, gnu bungees! 144

See Goliath’s lewd Welsh tail ogees! 429

See Goth girl right ogees. 144

See Nia, Ted, Sam or Rom as detainees. 144

See, Papa pees! 474

“See”, peacocks ask, “coca epees?” (1)

See, pet, [t]epees. (144)

“See, Pete, elf’s fleet epees?” (355)

See Pete Rose yell at nine men in tall, eyesore tepees! (307)

See Petraeus’s issue: art epees. (255)

See, pets sass tepees! 144

See, press as a sasser pees! (1)

See, Purdah had rupees. (6)

See, pure rupees! 144

See ‘Purgatory Pyro’ tag rupees! 429

See, purge, beg rupees. 144

See purse births in Aden: India paid nine Danish tribes rupees. (260)

See purse’s rupees. (200)

See, pursue dam, Amadeus–rupees! 200

See rag nudes use dungarees. 144

“See referees.[?]” (many)

See Rio soirees? 144

See Rio stop niece in pot soirees? 394

See, Rio stops (for Patton Ott) a prof’s pot soirees. 200

See Rio’s tropic old loci: port soirees. 200

See Rio’s Rono honor soirees. 200

See Rob major in Edeline’s senile De Niro jamborees. (254

See Rodan adorees? 144 

See sage money odd doyen, Omega, sees. (1)

See, slave, I demonstrate yet arts no medieval sees. 10

See tan Ameer free manatees. 144

See tan Amy as I say, “Manatees.” 144

See tan Amy, baby manatees! 144

See tan Amy [b/m]y manatees? 144, 200

See, Tana, my manatees? 200

See to Veda devotees. 144

See “trek o’ poker” tees? (1)

See troll or tees? 144

See, we prefer pewees. (88)

See wee peewees? 144

See, yo, LP men on non-employees! (1)

Seed net tasks attendees. 144 

Seek ‘nay’–Mets stem Yankees. (1)

Seek no mere weremonkees! 394

Seek no Monkees. (309)

Seem I a fool, a hobo, Ray, a robo-halo of Aimee’s? (254)

Seen armor from ranees? 144

Seen, I monetise site nominees. 144

Seen, I monotone “no” to nominees. 429

Seen it among Nineveh evening: no matinees. 394

“Seen it, Amy (matinees)!” (260)

“Seen Klee feel knees?” 144

Seen knees? (98,200)

Seen odd donees? 144

Seen, I ate dtainees. 144

Seepy baby pees. (109)

Seer, a gnu dons no dungarees. 200

Seer, cede decrees! 429

Seer–gag!–agrees! (237)

Seer gained to help maniac role ban Abel or Cain: ample hot Deni agrees. (260)

Seer gal agrees. (88, 144)

Seer Gareth, G.I., Foo Fighter, agrees. 509

“Seer, gas Idi not!” Toni disagrees. (254)

‘Seer Gate’ set agrees. (237)

Seer ten, I pondered no pine trees. (200)

Seer Two, bless elbow trees. 429

Sees a most serene rest, serene rest soma sees. (1)

Sees men—a “grow on, now, organ” Em sees. (1)

Sees Tulsa nightlife–filth, gin–a slut sees. (186-1)

Sega Lives Evil Ages. (376)

Sega made damages. 144

Sega mist file lifts images. (237)

Sega Mist Rose sorts images. (237)

Sega polo’s page we gap, so–lo!–pages! (237)

Sega Raga saga rages. (237)

Segal, live “Villages”! 495or496

Segal lived in snide villages. (110)

Segal lives on no S.E. villages. (00)

Sega-made user I fire, sue damages. 144

Seige vets abet a mate lots to let a mate baste vegies. (260)

Sein Nine do “Park Rap Ode,” ninnies! (1)

Seine geese see genies. 394

Sela lauds dual ales. 144

Sela nets ten ales. 144

Sela pondered nopales. 144

Sela spots top sales. 144

Sela Ward did draw ales. (177,144)

Sela Ward eyed raw ales. 144

Sela Ward won’t now draw ales. (307)

Selah, we’re whales. (88)

“Selah…” Xenon exhales. 144

Self first, I milk canker ere knack limits riffles. (1)

‘Self’ fur never even ruffles. (98)

Self-fawned, I widen waffles. 144

Self-furnish sin ruffles. 144

Self-furnish Tab’s baths in ruffles. (260)

Selim smiles. (122)

“Selim’s…Diane!” zen aid smiles. (1)

Selim’s tired; no wonder, it’s miles. (10)

Sell a rebus, “uber alles.” (205)

Sell a vinyl trapeze – partly nival, Les. (260)

Sell it, Nan, in Antilles. 200

Sell, Les! (85)

Sell Lima a mill, Les. (88)

Sell Ute tulles. 144

Selma, I am Les. (98)

Semantic at times, emit tacit names. (1)

Semantic: I pot a topic it names. (260)

Semantic, it names. (237)

Semi moved Devo mimes. 144

Semi-germane troops sass poor ten-AM regimes. 144

Semillon, ah, tested a cadet’s ethanol-limes. (260)

Semi-men, I plan on a ban on alpine mimes. 200

Semi-monetary goto, gyrate no mimes. 429

“Semi-motile Di asks a tar often to ban a botnet for a task,” said Eli to mimes. (260)

Semite Café, face times. 200

Semite mage to note game times. 144

Semite mates abase tame times. (85)

Semite mates reverse tame times. (77)

Semite Mo spit at a tip sometimes. 200

Semite Moses: “I rise…sometimes.” (254)

Semite Moses led (or trod, else) sometimes. 394

Semite Moses ordered rose sometimes. (307)

Semite Moses orders red rose, sometimes. (161)

Semite Moses runs to Lot’s nurse (sometimes…) (110)

Semite Mostel’s in islet sometimes. 200

Semite Nina did ask sad Ida nine times? 394

Semites abase times. 77

Semites are lepers, we Jews repel, erase times. (362)

Semitones use no times. 429

Semi-troop parts, GI rigs trap–poor times! (1)

Semord, Nila, plait select celestial palindromes. (1)

Senegal loses olla genes. 144

Senile candy-ass revivers say “DNA? Celine’s!” (260)

Senile Di’s no wonder: red, erred, now on sidelines. 200

Senile Di’s now on sidelines. 200

“Senile feet Tim mocks?” ask committee felines. (260)

Senile felines told a mime: “safe ebony, no beef!” … a semi-mad lot, senile felines! (260)

Senile females, Rodney away, endorse lame felines. (16)

Senile few owe felines. 144

Senile filth gins night lifelines. 144-1

Senile, I stop Potsie lines. 200

Senile romp uses up more lines. 144

Senile yet savage, men I fed define mega-vast eye-lines. (260)

Seniles revert at reverse lines. (64)

Separate birth tribe, tar apes! (1)

Separate feta, rapes. (1)

Separate[,] tar apes. (6,[88])

Separately, Lyle, tar apes. (71)

Separatism lacks a moth to mask calm sitar apes. (260)

Separatists: “I tar apes.” (103)

Serb assails Lia’s sabres. 144

Serum mixes, sex immures. (260)

Set, a bad-ass ad abates. 144

Set a bad role model: C. Rice sacks Iraq after fret FAQ—a risk-case circle-dome lord abates. (255)

Set a ball orad–a roll abates! (340)

Set, a banal plan abates. 144

Set a broom on no moor, Bates. (5)

Set AC, I dare — Dad eradicates! 423

Set AC off, USA suffocates. (255)

Set AC off, use none: suffocates! 408

Set a collapsed udder on gin an ignored dude’s pal locates. (260)

Set a colt in a van it locates. (260)

Set a dwarf on a can of raw dates. (307)

Set a flagellate I cosh to both societal/legal fates. (260)

Set a Gentile ballad on a nodal label it negates. (260)

Set a Gentile ballet so high, Sarah: a rash GI hostel label it negates. (260)

Set a lid lip up, a pupil dilates. 429

Set a lipo demo, see some do Pilates.  423

Set, a Luca Jesuit “angina man,” Ignatius, ejaculates. (88)

Set a melba table, mates! (1)

Set a metal bodega to bash sabotaged oblate mates. (260)

“Set a nose!” resonates. (144)

Set a noted trap: TNT part detonates. (260)

Set a rebel a male berates. 144

Set a red omen if I fine moderates. 144

“Set a rose water, Greta,” Wes orates.  144

“Set a rose…” Wes orates. 144

Set a rut Asa saturates. (260)

Set, a tornado Wodan rotates. (88)

Set a tsar, Ewen, to rot new-era states. (260)

Set, Abe reordered roe rebates. 200

Set acid areas Asa eradicates. (260)

Set acid nips, an asp indicates. (260)

Set acolyte viands LSD naivety locates. (260)

Set ad pulled Dell updates. 144

Set ADP updates. 144

Set afire, Con, I, HR wonk, know rhinoceri fates. (260)

Set agates. (85)

Set agenda Dad negates. 429

Set agenda: fad negates. (237)

Set agenda–or ban abroad negates? 144

Set agent it negates. (237)

Set agent negates. (85)

Set, air benign, I target a fate: grating inebriates. (1)

“Set alerts”, [a cast/any dynast] relates. 144

“Set alerts, O hymen assessor: cone dams made no crosses sane,” my host relates. (260)

Set Alpo plates. (144)

Set an ‘I’, mull–it illuminates! (1)

Set an ID, robust subordinates! 144

Set animal on no laminates. (259)

Set, animal sees laminates. (201,259)

Set animal trap nets gnu: tungsten part laminates. (260)

Set arcana nab banana crates. (260)

Set are no times a semitone rates. (1)

Set a-ripple, his pal claps (I help pirates). 429

Set army gym rates. 144

Set at “irritates”. 429

Set at net, O Potentates! (85)

Set at serif, as Safire states. (116)

Set in gin, a man ignites. (177)

Set Irenic, I demonstrate tarts, no medicine rites. (85)

Set Isuzu sites. (97)

Set on a vanity, my tin Ava notes. (307)

“Set on an alias, Di did sail,” Ana notes. 200

Set on bank, nab notes! (85)

Set on delivery, metal locks a man in a crisis: I, Sir, can – in a mask – collate my reviled notes. (260)

Set on eBay, men eye key enemy Abe notes. 200

Set on one suite parapet, I use no notes. (260)

Set one ebony baby no bee notes. (260)

Set over Odessa, Marat Safin (if a star) amassed ore votes. (260)

Set rotten net tortes. 144

Set sat on no tastes. (98)

Set saw: Sahara has wastes. (85)

Set set not on testes! (98)

Set ten, given in nine vignettes. 429

Set up side disputes. (many)

Set up sidecar race disputes. 144

Set up sideline [p/s]enile disputes. 144

Set up Sidney on no yen disputes. (245)

SETI bites! (209)

SETI Sara pondered no parasites. 200

SETI scan I led I redo to deride LINAC sites. 144

SETI’s Swen erred, nun, w/o Down Under re news sites. 200

“Seton Hall,” Allah notes. (200)

Seton Hall awarded raw Allah notes. 200

Seton – “Notes set on notes?”  485

Seton son, I tip to hot Pitino’s notes. 448

Seven OD’ed on eves. 144

Several lips pillar Eve’s. 144

Several loci collar Eves. 144

Several operas are polar eves. 144

Seville, Babel lives! (148, 450)

Seville eel lives. (00)

Sew a sail an alias awes. (260)

Sew, oh Anna, help pin a nipple (Hannah owes!) (1)

Sew, Wes! (85)

Sewanee Ruth’s Irish tureen awes. 200

Sewage keg awes. 144

“Sewer ad!” I dare Wes. 144

Sewer egg I bagged, a bad egg, a bigger ewe’s. 429

Sewer of part ewe filth, gin and DNA: nightlife we trap for ewes. (260)

Sex a Texan– axe taxes! 408

Sex, ale, relaxes. (many)

Sex alert: “Ella, my mallet relaxes!” (254)

“Sex alert,” I say as it relaxes. 144

Sex alert relaxes. 429

Sex amid welts, rubs and enemas: Amen, Edna’s burst lewd Imaxes! (260)

Sex, as a snake, Kansas axes. 394

Sex at an igloo cool Gina taxes. 394

Sex at Bahamas Sam Ahab taxes? 394

Sex at embargo, so grab me taxes! (237-1)

Sex, at kayaker trek, a yak taxes. 394

Sex at llama mall taxes! 394

Sex at my gym taxes. (77)

Sex at nine Lenin taxes. 394

Sex at “No spin” Fox is a “six of nips” on taxes. (255)

Sex at noon taxes. (153)Sex at risk, Sir (taxes)? 485

Sex at “ten” net taxes. 452

Sex at times, Em, it taxes. (200)

Sex atavism, Siva, taxes. (254)

Sex ate taxes. (237.144)

Sex awaits as Tia waxes. 423

Sex axes! (98)

Sex Ed nixes sex indexes! 144

Sex elf flexes. (00-350)

Sex elicits Alex, elastic ilexes. (319)

Sex–even a Dane vexes! (77)

Sex ever a hare vexes. (71)

“Sex exists, Eb!” I say as I best six exes. (260)

Sex: I felt I took cuckoo title fixes. (260)

Sex, if fate set, affixes. 408

Sex, if fussy Art ropes in Ed, Roz or Denise, portrays suffixes. (260)

Sex, if tired, is nice, Xena: an exec insider it fixes. (260)

Sex, I’ll oblige, Gil, bollixes! (1)

Sex images Sega mixes. (260)

Sex impasses sap mixes. 144

Sex: impugn it, film it or rap a poor troop a parrot I’m lifting up mixes. (260)

Sex in a cul-de-sac I cased Luca nixes. 200

Sex, in a lab, Ala nixes. 200

“Sex in A.M?” Ana pondered. “No, Panama nixes.” (200)

Sex in a malarial air a lama nixes. 200

Sex in a nightie, Keith, Gina nixes. 200

Sex in a ribald lab Ira nixes. 200

“Sex in a valley,” I yell, “Ava nixes.” 200

Sex in a Verona manor Eva nixes. 200

Sex in an igloo, fool, Gina nixes. 200

Sex in an instant (Nat’s) Nina nixes. 200

Sex in Asia, Raisa, nixes. (200)

Sex in ELLE in ads Danielle nixes. 200

Sex in “Hair,” Amy, Mariah nixes. (200)

Sex in LA renegade Jed, a general, nixes. 200

Sex in Lebanon Abel nixes. (307)

Sex in Nam Liam (a mailman) nixes. (307)

Sex: incel Alec nixes. 144

Sex is: G.I. big sixes! 218-1

Sex is nine volcanos replaced, a decal persona cloven in sixes. 429

Sex is sixes! 443

Sex is tacit at scenarios, so I ran ecstatic, “at sixes…” (1)

Sex, nylon parties, or senile felines, Rose: I trap no lynxes. (260)

Sex, nylons I see; signals, slang I see, Sis–no lynxes. (71)

Sex: O, to be Vagina Man, I gave botoxes. 461

Sex obese LA pensioner nixes; sex in Reno is Nepalese boxes. (260)

Sex obeyed eye boxes. 429

Sex often did net foxes. 144

Sex often: I net foxes. (98)

“Sex, or excel?” Alec xeroxes. (310)

Sex Rex, Xerxes! (161)

Sex-aware era waxes. (85)

Sex-Ed. Nixon (an ox) indexes. (307)

Sexes lap as Gumbo Bob mugs a pal’s exes. 438

Sexing a fag I gas is a gig a fag nixes. (260)

Sexist, end “net sixes.” (144)

Sex-obsessed dog’s reviled navy van delivers goddesses’ boxes.  423

Sexy nod eyed onyxes. 144

Sexy nose reveres onyxes. 144

Sexy Rose divides oryxes. (372)

Sez Agnew, “Go limp, Milo–Gwen gazes.” (254)

Sh, Pat, I pee epitaphs! 429

Sh, Pat—I pen epitaphs. 144

Sh Tom, Nate bit Tibetan moths. (98)

Sh–Tom sees moths. (16)

Sh–Tom Smith saw Nora Baron wash Tim’s moths. (71)

Sh, Tom–stars lay or sat forever, oft as royals, rats, moths. (98)

Sh–Tom’s gardener, Irene, drags moths. (71)

Sh–Tom’s wasp saws moths! (98)

Shahs lived: I may let a despot stop sedately amid evil shahs. (260)

Shahs lived well … lewd evil shahs! (260)

Shall a fossil bone divide no bliss of Allah’s? 425

Shall a wee shah see wallahs? (260)

Shall I risk, sir, ill “ah”s? (1)

Shall Otay [add/assess/ax] Ayatollahs? (88)

Shall umpire rip mullahs? 144

Sharon e-mailed Delia menorahs. (144)

Sharon emotes a case to menorahs? 144

Sharon’s Ra entity: “My tit nears Norah’s.” (254)

Sharon’s tuba abuts Norah’s. (325)

Shep met tempehs. (144)

Short, sad, a hick (Ninny-Lynn, in K.C.), I had a Stroh’s. (71)

Shot put ogre vented: “ABC bad: ET never got up to ‘H’s”. (260)

Show [ended–new] ohs. (144)

Show two Hs? 485

Shower drew “Oh”s! (1)

Si, nut was I ere I saw Tunis! (149)

“Si, robots garble BASIC,” Isabel brags to Boris. (372)

Si, sir – Casandra had a hard NASA crisis. (285)

Si, semen loots as tool nemesis. (277)

“Si, Tia, lure Gerulaitis!” (200)

Si, tie kilt like it is. 144

Si, we’ll let Dad tell Lewis. (90)

Siamese, Ma is. (106)

Sib Ann acts rowdier; aware I’d worst cannabis. 144

Sib Anna cottons not to cannabis. (200)

Sib bars mom’s rabbis. 144

Sib barks, “I risk rabbis!” 144

Sib in a deli: “Ansel Adams’ mad ales nailed an ibis.” 144

Sib unaware Tom smote raw Anubis. 144 

Sib upset I bone cenobite’s pubis. 423

Sibilate[, g/, l/p/w]et alibis. (88, 88-1, 144, 85)

Sibilate my metal ibis. 144

Sid, El titled is. (200)

Sid, “Ere wolf, Ed deflowered is.” (200)

“Sid is,” said I, “as Sid is.” (98)

Sid, rash supper prep: push Sardi’s. 200

“Sides reversed is,” said I, “as sides reversed is.” (98)

“Sign a bullet.” I tell Ubangis. 144?

Sign a fetish site “Fang is…” 144

Sign ‘ere, Ferengis! (144)

Signals to gray trades: such cussed arty argot slang is! (260)

Signify my fin, GIs! 144

Silas, [as a wino’s son I was/ Asa was]as Al is. (307)

Silas Ramon, Sid, is no Marsalis. 200

Silly, ram amaryllis! (85)

Silly ram ate wet amaryllis! (1, 144)

Silo, I vary my raviolis. 429

Silo, port, embargo to grab metropolis. 429

Silo, Port, Empire–we rip metropolis! 429

Silo port emotes, “I rise to metropolis.” 144

Sim, red, I peel a pale epidermis. (254-1)

Sims, it open nepotism is. (200)

Sin [arenas nix insane/arrests ER] ranis. 144

Sin, impugn, its ultra pariah–self fury ruffles hair apart, lusting up minis.  429

Sin: it rams martinis. (98)

Sin, My Hymn Is! 445

Sin, Ned, Nedra–have Eva harden Dennis.

Sinai bar Arabian is. (200)

Sinai, Latino’s son, Italian is. (200)

Sinatra maid, Di Amar, tan is. (200)

Sinew of fit shower crew … oh, stiff Owen is! (260)

Sinister, Bret, sin is. (1)

Sino Cape Cod doc EPA con is. (200)

Sion ill, if Illinois. (85/88-1)

“Sion ill in Illinois.” (88)

Sion ill is Illinois. (85)

Sip ale, Lapis! (98)

“Sip Ares, Serapis.” (88)

Sip as is, Sis Apis. 511

Sip it in, I tram to hot martini tipis! (1)

Sip, O Hopis! (88)

Sir a fast anise made dame sin at safaris. (109)

Sir, a hat Amos saw was so Mata Hari’s. (307)

Sir, a jalapeno on no one pal ajar is. (1)

Sir, a mogul slug Omar is. (200)

Sir, a pond erred no Paris. (51)

“Sir, a pro for Paris.” (35)

Sir, a still life we redid ere we fill lit saris. (260)

Sir, am I Maris? (200)

Sir, anaerobic cocci bore a naris! 144

Sir aped Leto here (Hotel de Paris). (88)

Sir Apnisward draws in Paris. (43)

Sir, at aqua camp, I tip Macau Qataris. 144

Sir, baffled am I, mad elf Fabris. (246)“Sir, Bat, as I note,” Lee let on,” is at a bris.” 200

“Sir, bed debris.” (4)

Sir, bed not on debris. (200)

Sir, bedlam-sided Amy made dismal debris… 144

“Sir, bedlam sides use dismal debris.” 429

Sir Bono took cuckoo to no bris. 200

Sir, I demand, I am a maid named Iris! (10)

Sir, I faze Zafiris! (292)

“Sir, I gnash Tom’s moth,” sang Iris. (71)

Sir, I nab an iris. 144

“Sir,” I note, “bet on Iris.” (71)

Sir, I pivot now, on to VIP Iris. 200

Sir, I revile drab nudes running; I sign in Nurse Dunbar, deliver Iris. (71)

Sir, I saw I was Iris. (98)

“Sir,” I sneer, “Pete preens Iris.” (71)

Sir I so saw I was Osiris. (88)

Sir, I soon saw I was no Osiris. (16, 394)

Sir, I stir, I sleep, I peel, Sir–it’s Iris. (71)

Sir, I’m a damsel, if Ed defiles Madam Iris. (71)

Sir, I’m Iris. (16,97)

Sir, in a deli Obama Mama boiled an iris. (200)

Sir, in a pot a Yale fink’s knife lay, atop an iris. 144

“Sir, in a side garden,” Ruby, burned, raged, “is an iris.” 200

Sir, in ACC I was a Wiccan: Iris. 200

Sir, in Aden Eva gave Ned an iris. (254)

Sir, in I, wet, strode, red, roiled at a deli; ordered ort stew in iris. 200

Sir, is one mo’ omen Osiris? (255)

Sir is Osiris? (88)

Sir, isolate metal Osiris. 417

Sir, isolate Talos’ iris. 526

“Sir, Italia wine-vinegar,” I rage, “Niven, I wail at Iris!” (71)

Sir obeyed a bad eye, Boris. 144

‘Sir’ obsesses Boris. (144)

Sir, pack capris. 144

Sir Rob risks a bask, Sir Borris. (237)

Sir Rod risks a task, Sir Dorris. (237)

Sir Ron risks a mask, Sir Norris. (237)

Sire, nil Deron no redliner is. (200)

Sire, vent is as it never is..! 144

Sire, was I ere I saw Eris? (16)

Siri, gag Iris! 485

Siri saw at a demonstration a Hanoi tart’s Nome data was Iris’. 200

Siri says Sal classy as Iris? 408

Siri, so wasted, a cadet saw Osiris! 200

Siri’s on Osiris. 144

Siri’s so hot to Hoss, Iris. 200

“Sirrah, deliver deified desserts detartrated!” stressed deified, reviled Harris. (11)

“Sirrah Dias!” said Harris. (201)

Sis, a bare vent–is it never a basis? (71)

Sis, a bare vessel pot–fill [it–still], if topless–ever a basis? (71)

Sis, a bare ve[st, if Tim it fits,/st, it’s] ever a basis.(?) (71)

Sis, a [baseman names/basic side-disc is] a basis. (71)

Sis, a basil eel is a basis. (71)

Sis, a basin is a basis. (429, 71)

Sis, a basin or pan[,/, a pot, a bib, a top,/, a pot-top,] an apron, is a basis. (71)

Sis, a basinet [fob often/for a car often/forever often /-fox or ox often/–safe, we fasten–/(Tim’s), or Ruby’s sassy burro’s mitten,/- torn, rotten – ] is a basis. (71)

Sis, a basis is a basis is a basis! (71)

Sis–a baton–stiff, it’s not a basis. (71)

Sis, a reliable Tomas is a motel bailer “as is”. 200

Sis, a sin is ‘as is’. (1)

Sis, alive, dang, I spot Satan at a stop sign, a devil as is. 200

Sis, aorta’s at ‘R’ oasis. (1)

Sis, ask Costner to not rent socks “as is”! (213)

Sis asks Edward, “Draw desks as is?” (71)

Sis ate idle Tom’s motel diet “as is”. (71)

Sis emended “nemesis.” (255)

“Sis, I rode a Vespa to Milan in a morn, mad at a damn roman in a limo” taps Eva, Ed or Isis. (307)

Sis, I sit if it is Isis. (200)

Sis is Isis. (98,209)

Sis, is ISIS Isis? 148

Sis is redder, Sis is. (337)

Sis is selfless, Isis. (372)

Sis, O rue neurosis! (85)

Sis, pony sanitises it in a synopsis. (260)

Sis, pony saw a synopsis. 144

Sis, Sam’s dirt’s as alien to bored old lode robot Neil as Astrid’s Mass is. (254)

Sis, Sargasso moss a grass is. (6)

Sis, yawl at Isaiah, “AI, as it always is.” 144

Sisal I avail as is. 144

Sis’s Alcatraz art ‘A’ class is. (200)

Sister fret, Sis. 144

Sit, I — my, did I penis-sin — epididymitis! 423

“Sit,” I say, “rot a gun, nun–nugatory as it is.” (1)

Sit, I tape hymn, “My Hepatitis.” 429

Sit in: I gave no one vaginitis! (1)

Sit is as it is–it is as it is. (237)

“Sit” it is. (many)

Sit on a petite pan, Otis. (71)

Sit on a potato pan, Otis. (10)

Sit on Otis. (9)

“Sit on Otis,” Reg ordered Roger, “Sit on Otis!” (71)

Sit, order red rotis. (144)

Sit, Otis! (85)

Sit sad, do lay burden–Ned, Ruby, Al–odd as ‘tis. (1)

Site yonder bred no yetis. 144

“Six”, an even UFO, bombards drab mob of uneven axis. (278)

Six anodes are erased on axis. 144

Six at mass, as Sam taxis. (1)

Six at Nita’s sat in taxis. (307)

Six ate nine taxis. (71)

Six ate taxis. (237)

Six attack cat taxis! (61)

Six attract cart taxis. 144

Six attract fat Taft cart-taxis. (71)

Six ayes [oppose/reverse] Y-axis. 144

Six elated a cadet, Alexis! (88, 200)

Six Essene gyms are not as selfless a toner as my Gene’s sex is. (260)

Six is! (85)

Six is a six, is a six, is…(288)

“Ska,” I muse, “reveres umiaks.” 144

Ska stays sassy at Saks. 144

Skeleton did note leks. (144)

“Ski burdened”, I wailed, “Traci, buck cubic art Delia widened: Rubik’s.” (260)

Ski off, oiks! (260)

Ski Red Erik’s! (88)

Skulk, um, nine men in mukluks. 394

SLA – “Stay at Sal’s.” 485

Slab-rehydrate tardy herbals. 429

Slag sex, even if fine, vexes gals. 109

Slain Edwards draw denials. 200

Slain Edward’s nosy sons draw denials. (307)

Slain Nell: “I memo some millennials..!” 394

“Slain Nell imputes setup!”–millennials. 144

Slam iced decimals! (359)

Slam in a dell appalled animals. (260)

“Slam in a den, Wayne,” Ben yawned, “animals.” (71)

Slam in a gate I tie, tag animals. 408

Slam in a lair, O data men in a Toyota, nine matadorial animals. (260)

“Slam in acid!” I call, if I fill acidic animals. (260)

Slam inane pen animals. 144

Slam inanities; nest no dire trope reporter: I don’t sense it in animals. 260

Slam it poets: aware, eye era, waste optimals! (1)

Slam mambo job, mammals! 429

Slam Ron, batter Brett: abnormals! (260)

Slang is DNA Hymn on my hand signals. (237)

Slang is no[t/w] on signals. 144

“Slang is not suet, is it?” Euston signals. (10)

Slang is sad: a cicada’s signals. 429

Slang is signals./? (00-many)

Slang is some emos’ signals. 423

Slang issue: damage pots to peg Amadeus signals. (260)

Slap a ham on Omaha, pals. (182)

Slap ere we’re pals. (148)

Slap my gym pals. 144, 71

Slap on even opals. 144

Slap on no pals! 459

Slap on opals!  1

Slap (or offer ref) for opals. 144

Slap pals! (many)

Slap panel, Larissa (pose as Aesop), as Sir Allen appals! (254-1)

“Slap parts!” I say, as I strap pals. (71)

“Slap pots!” I said, “I decide divided ice, did I, as I stop pals!” (71)

“Slap sly Reba?” – Beryl’s pals.  394

Slap, strap Sununu’s parts, pals! (182)

Slap-dab set-up, Mistress Ann asserts, imputes bad pals. (5)

Slapdash crocs scorch sad pals. 423

Slapdash, self-royal Clinton’s not nil-clay or flesh, sad pals? (109)

Slate metals. (4)

Slate placid art, radical petals. (237)

Slav Ira is sure of foe, Russia rivals. 144

Slav Irene got Neil, an alien, to gene rivals. 200

Slav ires reverse rivals. 144

Slav irons no rivals. (144)

Slav oiled deli ovals. (144)

Slave octuplets – oh, a top satanism! – sin at a spot a hostel put coevals. (260)

Slay arrayals. (237)

Slay art, roped in snide portrayals. (260)

Slay old lore–trace Carter, old loyals! (109)

Slay or do ire, period royals? 394

Slay or slap a pal’s royals. (71)

Slay or yaw Ron’s Norway royals? 144

“Slay orc–I’m so clever!” revel cosmic royals. 394

“Slay,” ordered royals. (200,144)

Sled at ic[e/y] citadels. (many)

Sled, O yonder Fred–no yodels! 394

‘Sled Omaha’ may radar Yamaha models. (237)

“Sled, Omaha models!” (237,44)

Sled, Omar, by bra models. (144)

Sleek Bob did bob keels. (1)

“Sleek pools, you buoy sloop keels!” 429

Sleek, rabid, lost, one pipe not sold, I bark, “Eels!” (71)

Sleek Roy went at New York eels. (36)

Sleek Upton did not puke, Els. (200)

Sleep a must as evil, alive satsuma peels. 478

Sleep; a potato Pa peels. (237-1)

Sleep, as I sap eels. 144

Sleep as ill Lisa peels. 144

Sleep, Emil, on no lime peels. (307)

Sleep in to not nip eels. 144

Sleep not on [Eileen; ere Renee, lie not on] peels. (149)

Sleep on no peels. (98,71)

Sleep or prop eels. 144

Sleep peels. (00-many)

Sleep ’til it peels! (3)

Sleeping, I pat Eldine’s ass as Enid let a pig nip eels. (260)

Sleepy baby peels. (11)

Sleepy Lisa enamored under it, as a tired nude roman easily peels. (307)

Sleepy Liza lazily peels. (82)

Sleet is won ere hail had a note, yet on a dahlia, here now sit eels. (260)

Slink, Nils! (85)

Slip ups I ridiculed, I hide lucid iris pupils. 429

Slip upsets a caste’s pupils. 144

Slipup, Ned: dash to draw a war doth sadden pupils! 394

Slit Nelson Eno’s lentils. 144

Sliver of sin, a man is for evils. 394

Slob, my son sees no symbols. (307)

Slob, my staff insists I sniff at symbols! (260,372)

Slob mystic ate tacit symbols. (88)

Slog no mini-Mongols. (329, 77)

Slog no more hero Mongols! 429, 144

Sloop “Lager” on spool rotator loops no regal pools. (201)

Sloop on spool rotator loops no pools. (201)

Sloop spool loops pools. (201)

Sloop wet, so stew pools. (254)

“Sloops, bog-dumps,” I lisp, “mud-gobs, pools!” (71)

Sloop’s second ellipse spilled no cesspools. (307)

Sloops secure Peru cesspools. (85)

Slop Strohs on no shorts, pols! (1)

Slots I play, or royal pistols. (71)

Slots I pondered – no, pistols! (71)

Slow as it is in Ottawa, “Hee Haw” at Toni’s it is, AWOLs. 200

Slug Omaha moguls. (307)

Slug omelette met tele-moguls. 429

S/M retro slang is semantic: illicit names, signals or terms.  (260)

Smack cams. (200)

“Small, lewd rats” ad did dastard well, L.A. Ms.! (1)

“Smaller, Ed, nice vagina–man I gave Cinderella MS!” (152)

Smart ones use no trams. 254

Smart subs bust rams. (144)

Smart ewes use wet rams. (00-350)

Smart guns level snug trams. (260)

Smart guns now open an inane ‘Pow!’ on snug trams. (260)

Smart lad on bus sees subnodal trams. 507

Smart little Celt, tilt rams! (237)

Smart: no start-ups put rats on trams. (372)

Smart Nora, alert, saws goldenrod-adorned logs wastrel Aaron trams. (16-5)

Smart nurses run trams. (233,254)

Smart ones use not trams. 254

Smart solecism: lap up alms, ice, lost rams. (260)

“Smart task cart-track cart tracks at trams.” (1)

Smart trams derotored smart trams. (201)

Smartass apes use Passat rams. 200, 144

Smarted, Amy made trams. 144

Smarter fretter fret rams. 144

Smartness sent rams. 144

Smee stifled [a mad] elf, it seems. 144

Smee still acts a lot to last call, it seems. 144

Smegma is no[t/w] on Siam gems. (307)

Smits, a wee pee was Tim’s. (200)

Smitten or in awe, I view an iron ET: Tim’s. (260)

Smug guns pop snug gums! 485

“Smug?” – llama – “I am all gums!” 485

Smug Satraps eye Sparta’s gums. (5-1)

“Smugness”, Elliot telegrams Marge, “let toil lessen gums.” (260)

Smut orc’s sin is scrotums. 144

Snack car clears Israel crack cans. (26)

Snack, computer refs–ferret up mock cans. 1

“Snacks a man in a mask saw,” asks a man in a mask, “Cans?” (260)

Snafu fans. (85)

Snafu met emu fans. 144

Snag a peninsula to total us nine pagans. (260)

Snag apropos ear: Aesop or pagans. 429

SNAG (evening) NINE VEGANS! 485

Snag every pyre, vegans! 144

Snag ill Uma’s TSA mulligans. 144

Snag inane HS shenanigans. 144

Snag ol’ slogans. 144

Snag Olson no slogans. 429

Snag [robust sub-/rodeo coed/rower crew] organs. 144

Snag Roseburg rube’s organs! 429

Snag Rose’s organs! (1)

Snag royal presser, play organs. 429

Snag royal pyre crosswalk comic: I mock laws, sorcery, play organs. 429

Snag-rose monger aware: raw are gnomes’ organs. 501

Snag rosy obese boys’ organs. (260)

Snag Rosy’s organs! (98)

Snag Roy’s ordered, rosy organs? 394

Snag Roy’s sassy organs! (71)

Snail art suaveness enacted etc. an Essene v. Australians. (260)

Snap Deb’s bra by Barb’s bedpans. (307)

Snap … I ate taipans. (260)

Snap my tympans! (85)

Snap not on pans. (71)

Snap-On Tools loot no pans. (200)

Snap pans! (4)

Snap wet stew pans. (1)

Snaps erupt at pure spans. (00)

Snare fin I mar often is a party trap as I net foraminiferans. (260)

Sneer, “Act careens!” 144

Sneer, get aid, arrive, Kev: irradiate greens! (260)

Sneer, “greens!” (144)

Sneha [edits a last idea:/is agog: Asia/repos opera] hens.144

Snek awakens? 394

Snide dame made dins. 144

Snide ref forever offered ‘ins’.  144

Snide, tall octet collated INS. 144

Sniff fins. (many)

Sniff Ocala coffins. 144

Sniff: ocelots stole coffins! 144

Sniff octet coffins. 429

Sniff ‘um–muffins! 6Sniff, “umlaut, umlaut”– I rip spiritual, mutual muffins. 429

Sniff upset a [caste’s/mate’s] puffins. 144

Snip at my gym tap-ins. 144

Snip snide lie veiled in spins. 429

Snipe ninepins. (85)

Snipe kiln-like pins. 144

Snipe pins. (4)

Snips laid, as a dial spins. (201)

Snit issued Amadeus sit-ins? 144

Snit poses opt-ins. 144

SNL, I know, won kilns. 144

Snob Ann ices reverse Cinnabons. 144

Snob (bigot) traded art to gibbons. (327)

Snob bigots sass to gibbons. 144

Snob bird does use odd ribbons. 372

Snob birth gift, fight ribbons. 429

Snob: No betas ate bonbons. 394

Snob noble romp: I nip morel bonbons. 423

Snoop male he lampoons. 144

Snoops decide I rub BB buried, iced spoons. (1)

Snoops, on time, emit no spoons.(201)

Snoops deliver wares: use raw, reviled spoons. 372

Snooty Dr. Owen indexed nine wordy toons. 200

Snooty ten indexed ninety toons. 429

Snore here, herons.  (144, 88)

Snore, herons! (85)

“Snoring inebriated academial CSI men I fine” misclaimed a cadet, “air benign irons.” (260)

Snoring, I sign irons. (260)

Snort, “Apes oppose patrons!” 144

Snort celeb electrons. 144

Snort, Celeste, “Greg, or Roger, gets electrons!” (71)

Snort celestial L.A.–it’s electrons! (1)

Snort celestial plots I pan; a pistol plaits electrons. (260)

Snot: no nares on a wolf still its flow — a nose ran on, tons. 423

Snot pellets ape pastel leptons. (260)

Snot sat atop a pot at Aston’s. 200

Snot’s not bad–dab tons, tons! 381

Snub Gib, slap a pal’s big buns. 408

Snub god to hymn on my hot dog buns! 429

Snub my gym buns. 429

Snub noses on buns. 429

Snub [Sununu’s] buns! (4,85[206])

Snug & raw was I ere I saw War & Guns. (130+/or14)

Snug all L.A. guns. (116)

Snug bandits, avast: I’d nab guns. 372

Snug gibbons, Eva, Gave snob big guns.  144

Snug liars sass railguns. 144

Snug Mia, see referees aim guns. (307)

Snug nets get fighter a zany Nazareth gift, e.g. Sten guns. (260)

“Snug nut, stun guns!” (237)

Snug nuts deified stun guns! 144

Snug ones use no guns! 144

Snug Pac-man deified ‘Nam cap guns. (252)

Snug, raw was I ere I saw war guns. (113)

Snug red nun, in rows rise many bees I see–by name, sir, sworn in under guns. (254)

Snug Rose, I spy gypsies or guns! (372)

Snug, Sal lets Lionel, Rob or Len oil Stella’s guns. (307)

Snug, snot-sober, I fire Boston’s guns. (71)

Snug, sore, held in awe, I verified a crass arcade if I review an idle hero’s guns. (260)

Snug space cadet, I.L., let a satellite (‘D’) ace Cap’s guns! (1)

Snug, Ward re-pins pajamas– sees Sam, a Jap sniper, draw guns. (307)

Snug ward’s poor troops draw guns. 372

So a lot of us sell a depth-girded right-pedal-less UFO to Laos. (260)

So, a lotto got to Laos. (144)

So, ah, can I win a chaos? 394

So, Al, Delia failed Laos? 485

So, Al, was I ere I saw Laos? (149)

So, Alec, an emu fan saw a snafu menace Laos. 200

So at nine, Esso furor: UFOs seen in Taos. 200

So, at nineteen, I’m on, Minny Lynn–I’m nominee ten in Taos. (71)

So attack KC or rock KC at Taos. (260)

So, bio order bred Rooibos? 429

So Bio orders red rooibos? 144

So Bono bred limp, milder bonobos? 394

So, braces [abase/oppose] carbos? 144

So brutal a con is in Ocala turbos. 200

So, brutes [oppose/ordered rose/revere reverse/reverse/use] turbos. 144

So, camera solos are MacOS? (347)

So cat may spin on its ass as Tino nips yam tacos. (307)

So Cate, can Emo menace tacos? 144

So, cater to tot re tacos. 200

“So, catnip in tacos?” (98)

So, cat’s at Agata’s tacos? 485

“So cats, Sam ate wet-amass tacos?” 144

So, cats sass tacos? 144

“So, cats saw old low-ass tacos?” 144

So, cat’s-eye gems are rare–now one rarer as Meg eyes tacos. (307)

So, crank on in, OK narcos? (88)

So, deep six, Amy, my maxi Speedos. 200

So, Dex, utter, “Fret tuxedos!” (144)

So, did Seton trade diary-raided art notes, Didos? (1)

So, did we hew didos? 144

So do deer free dodos? 260

So doddered dodos. 394

So dodge, Peg, dodos! (1)

“So, Duke, kudos!” (88)

So Duke, most egos now won–so get some kudos! (307)

So dukes oppose kudos? 144

So dukes use kudos?/! (260, 429)

So economies oppose (IMO) no CEOs? 144

So, Ed, I verify Blair tapes EPA trial-by-fire videos. (260)

So, Ed, I veto Von’s “No” vote videos. (200)

So, Ed, I vow to do two videos. (88, 144)

So, elks ask Leos? 144

So, Eros pops Oreos. 144

So erotic, I let it elicit Oreos! (So erotic: I let IT elicit oreos!) 144

So, fuel din it is I saw as I sit in idle UFOs. 200

So full, fill UFOs. 144

So fun: I win UFOs! 144

So fun it is, I saw, as I sit in UFOs. 200

So furor overtook cuckoo Trevor or UFOs. 200

So, fuses reverse UFO’s. 144

So futile: we lit UFOs. 429, 144

So, futons are [Mac’s cameras,/ power crew operas,] not UFO’s. 144

So, Futurama rut = UFOs? 144

So, G. Rivera’s tots are virgos? (213)

So geese bore her obese egos. (260)

So, gels sell less Legos? 144

So, genitalia flee from uh, humor, feel “fail at” in egos. 429

“So … geodesic art so analytic?” a poet saw, “I waste opacity Lana ostracised, O egos.” (260)

So get a demurral up: open an inane popular rum, Ed, at egos! (260)

So get Little Caesar a sea Celt, tilt egos. 429

So get some kilt left in a van, it felt like most egos. 260

So, G.I. Mariano bedded debonair amigos. (200)

So, gnats [sass/sell less]tangos. 144

So go, Liz and Nemo, go mend Nazi logos. (307)

So grasp murk…culprits stir…pluck rumps, Argos! (254)

So guy, Degas welded Lew’s aged Yugos. (307)

So Guy, Ed or Bob rode Yugos. (307)

So guys, Al lets ebullient Neil lube Stella’s Yugos. (307)

So guys [, rot in a janitor’s/, snug Hannah guns/truck Curt’s/, Vernon revs] Yugos. (307)

So help me to temple ho’s! (260)

So here we sleep: I remit animals; I level Islam in a time ripe …else we’re ‘ho’s. (260)

So here we were: we were ‘ho’s. (260)

So hero, half-fulfil a total – I fluff Lahore hos. 260

So I beg, “Assemble my Mel B. message bios.” 144

So, I, Ben, indexed nine bios. (200)

So I bet I cite bios. 144

So I brood door bios. 144

So I buy NYU bios. 144

So I dagger Gregg – adios! 394

So I, Dana Dias, I saw Tio’s stressed, ‘no lemon, no melon desserts’, so it was I said an adios. 200

So I, Dana Dias, wonder if I, red now, said an adios. 200

So I dare Kamala: “Make radios!” 144 (O, I dare Kamala: “Make radio!”)

So I dare not laud Dualtone radios. 423

So I dare not, on Omega Pi, page monotone radios. (260)

So I dare not stone radios? 144

So, I dare ‘nut Otto’ not to tune radios. (71)

So I dare, Rosa, a sorer ‘adios.’ (243)

So I dare to Ned, “Denote radios!” (71)

So, I dare to tote radios! (203)

So I dared [a vet, “O, no, do not evade/Ira, ride] radios!” (71)

So I dared Art to not trade radios. 425

“So, I darn on.” a canon radios. (5)

So I loft nail pots to pliant folios. (260)

So I loft rope portfolios? (237)

So I ran ecstasy ads; sapid, I pass days at scenarios. (260)

So I ran ecstasy assays at scenarios. 394

So I ran ecstasy by SAT scenarios. (88)

So I roar, “Be glad I aid algebra or iOS!” 144

So I role-cram Marcelo Rios! (260)

So, “I saw Alec inside yet felt left-eyed” is nice law: ASIO’s. (260)

So I see some emo sees iOS. 144

So I tape patios? 429

So I target ideas I let effete Lisa edit e.g. ratios. (260)

So, I tarnish sin ratios? 144

So, Ida, adios! (6, 485)

“So, Ida,” Dias said, “Adios!” (71)

So, Ida, I see bees– I adios! 394

So in a ribald NASA sand lab I ran iOS. 200

So, is Rod a tame matador, Tios? 200

So, John is in Ho-Jo’s? (00)

“So, limpid I dip!” – Milos. 485

So lissom a lass I mother, eh, to miss Alamo’s silos. (260)

So, lobes [oppose/revere reverse/use] bolos. 144

So lost, it’s sad as sad-ass tit solos. 429

So, Ma, L.A. sold Los Alamos! 485

So, Ma, LA’s old as sad Los Alamos. 144

So Ma repaid an inn in a diaper Amos? 480

So mad I am re mermaid, Amos. 200

So, madam, one morning I saw a sign in Rome: No Mad “Amos.” 200

So, maim a peel, [Sir – I sleep/Sis, as I sleep] – am I Amos? (71)

So Mal, a solo Twelfth Guard, did draught, flew to Los Alamos. 423

So, Mama, I am Amos. (71)

So, Mama, I won–now I am Amos! (62)

So, Mama, in a can I am Amos. (71)

So, man, I snip bats, I stab pins in Amos. (71)

“So manage band, Edna,” began Amos…394

So mania precluded ulcer pain, Amos? 394

So many debs, Iris, be dynamos. 200

So many [drab shahs bar/deer free] dynamos. (260)

So many delay Yale dynamos! (109)

So many demand name dynamos. (307)

So many demanded artists I traded name dynamos. (260)

So many demons are boss, as sober as Nome dynamos. 200

So Mariah put up hair, Amos? 307

So, Mariah spins and Edna snips hair, Amos. 307

So Mariano, bedeviled in spots, did stop snide, live, debonair Amos! 200

So–mash Tom’s mom’s moths, Amos! 71

So, masterful Carmona—no “Mr. ACLU”—frets, Amos. (255)

So matrons did snort, Amos? (200)

So may a hot deity tied to hate’s pure venal plan ever upset a hot deity tied to hay, Amos? (206)

So, may a prey assayer pay Amos? 144

So, may a prone tenor pay Amos? (71)

So, may a senile Dame Madeline say, “Amos!” ? (71)

So, may a sot, Tod Otto, say “Amos” ? (71)

So, may a swell, Lew, say “Amos!” ? (71)

So, may a “W” sway Amos? (71)

So, may Al [play/prod or play/slay] Amos? (71)

So, may ale [b/d]elay Amos? (71)

So, may Al[f] {Mel, Roy or Lem}[f]lay Amos? (71)

So, may apes in anise pay Amos? (71)

So may Apollo pay Amos. (5)

So, may Asa say ‘Amos’? (71)

“So may get Arts award, draw a strategy, Amos!” (5)

So, may gnats [tug guts / gulp plugs / repel lepers / cite mere emetics], Tangy Amos? (71)

So, may gnats’ sots toss tangy Amos? (71)

So, may Ned deny Amos? (71)

So, may no bees see bony Amos? (71)

So may Obadiah[, even in Nineveh,] aid a boy, Amos. (10,[16])

So, may Oberon, Giotto ignore Boy Amos? (71)

So, may Ruby bury Amos? (71)

So, may we do dewy Amos? (144)

So, Medes [oppose/rap sparse/use] demos. 144

So, memes [net tense/revert reverse/use] memos. 144

So, metaverses rev at emos. 144

So miled, I ride limos. 144

So mussel-gnawed art trades run, my gym-nursed art trade wangles sumos. 260

So, must a damsel bury my rubles, mad at sumos? 200

So must a few drawers reward we fat sumos? (260)

So near, one man I name, Nora: Enos. (71)

So need a metal potato plate made, Enos? (307)

So, Nets [bar drab/demand named/fool aloof/gag/laud dual/murdered rum/puff up/pullup/struck curt] stenos? 144

So nigh sin if I finish Gino’s! 394

So, NIH cottons not to chinos. (200)

So no cop, eh, totes a vase to the Poconos? (260)

So, no cops sass Poconos? 144

So, no decal pearl, Rae, placed on os? (1)

So, OK cuckoos? 394

So, octet coos? 144

So, oh, sit all (eyes run, Nurse) yell “atishoos!” (148)

So oral laws are verified on a node: I fire Vera’s wallaroos. (260)

So ozone can emit eyes on a nose, yet I menace no zoos. (260)

So ozone dams made no zoos. (260)

So, ozones oppose no zoos. 144

So, peptides edit pepos? 144

“So plain, Nell; I’m a sex elf,” flexes a millennial POS. 423

So recite: “Meek, I let Satan (evilness) enliven a taste, like emetic eros.” 394

“So regards Rat’s Lib: regrets no more–hero-monster gerbil stars drag Eros.” (149)

So relieved, I hide veil, Eros! 

So relive deed, nude Dundee, devil Eros! 394

So, remain a mere man–I am Eros! (10)

So renowned, I, a maiden, won Eros. (93)

So, renowned radar den won Eros..? (237)

So rental rigmarole put a Tupelo Ram girl at Nero’s. (260)

So resilient, Neil, is Eros. 429

So, return in rut, Eros. (205)

So, ribs sass biros? 144

So, rue nine Yen in Euros? 394

So, safer to not ref a SOS? 144

So, Satan ever reigning, I err (even at a SOS). 394

So see, Press, I (pisser) pee ‘SOS.’ (1)

“So some more held in a pot are papayas I peel, so go sleep,” I say, a paper atop an idle hero memo: “SOS!”.(260)

So spun, we spun west, sewn up, sewn up–SOS! 429

“So, Vito, no TiVos?” (200)

“So,” went on Nan, “not new os?” (1)

SOB males use Lambos! 144

SOB mocks Ed’s desk combos.144

SOB mocks Irina: “Can I risk combos?” 144

Sobs elf: “Foes oppose, off Lesbos!”144

Sod lid on no dildos! (98)

Sod no condos. (144)

Soda, Rod, led a sow to two sad El Dorados. (260)

Soil of Tropez: is it lumps–Argyle-rarified art–I trade if I rarely grasp multi-size portfolios? (260)

Soil offers ref folios. (144)

Sol, be up now on pueblos. 200

Sol led Rob to hot bordellos. 126

Sol lisps, “Psillos.” 292

Sol, Ohtani’s in a tholos. 470

Sol raced or rode Carlos. 144

Sol races oppose Carlos. (144)

Solemn opuses Rodney endorses upon Melos. 394

Solo gig, La Virtuosos, out-rival gigilos. 429

Solo pondered no polos. 200

Somalia janitor did rot in a jail, Amos. (237)

“Some Danang!” is a sign Ana demos. (200)

“Some deer fees!” I say as I see free demos. (71)

Some deer flee pee, Sis, as I see peel-free demos. (71)

Some do [memo/two how-to] demos. 144

Some doc (Cabot) sees tobacco demos. 144

Some “don’ts” I list: no demos! 394

Some donuts to go got Stu no demos. 200

Some drab tastes pull upsets at bar demos. (260)

Some dramas, Asa, mar demos. (260)

Some droopy ditsy baby model let Elle do my baby’s tidy poor demos. (260)

Some dyspepsy demos I onward draw … noisome dyspepsy demos! (260)

Some fog nags gang of emos. 372

Some medic I use damned God as sad Ogden made suicide memos. (307)

Some meet Tim, mock committee memos. 429

Some memos, Al, lend Nella some memos! (307)

Some men in Nepal let Stella pen nine memos. 394

Some men (in time to jot!) emit nine memos. 394

Some men interpret nine memos. (10)

Some men – it’s Ed ‘n’ Al – cremate tamer clandestine memos. (260)

Some mere hero tore, here, memos. 394

Some mere motel bibliotist never prevents it: oil bible to mere memos. (260)

Some meta-geneticists I cite negate memos. 507

Some model let Elle do memos. (260)

Some modem telepaths in a Danish tape let me do memos. 260

Some Mom edits Asti demo memos. 144

Some monster, Geronimo Domino, regrets no memos. 429

Some patisserie heiress: “I tap emos!” 144

Sometimes Moms emit emos. 144

Son, a more Tibetan game: Estella, mewler rabid, I barrel, we mallet, see magnate bite Romanos. (254)

Son, antihero nor iron ore hit nanos. 429

Son, Asia pondered, now I wondered, no paisanos. 200

Son, I blame dem albinos. (255)

“Son,” I blast, [“cart-taxes, sex attracts/”it’s/”it’s gumbos,” I sob, “mugs, tits,] albinos!” (71)

Son, I, Mo, deliver: revile Domino’s. (200)

Son, I modded Domino’s!  514

Son, I model batiks tan, I win at ski table dominos! 429

Son, I model bible dominos. 144

Son, I model diet, I bite idle dominos. 429

Son, I sack casinos! (97?or98)

Son, I sack raw-ended Newark casinos. 144

Son, I wail at Italia winos! 144

Son, I wore zero winos! 144

Son, I’m Minos. (88)

Son, I’m OD[’d:/now on] Domino’s. 200

Son, I’m odder if I fired dominos. 144

Son, insure Peru’s ninos. (144)

Son o’ cop stops, sees tub (too hot to hoot!), but sees, spots Poconos. (47)

Son, or Capitol Flo, tip a Cronos. (237)

Sonar poses use sopranos. (260)

Sonar poseurs rue sopranos. 423

Sonar possesses sopranos. (many)

“Sonar, post Sopranos!” 408

Sonic aplasia is Al Pacino’s. 144

Sonic cup packs I revive risk cappuccinos. (260)

Sorbet’s a waste, bros. 420

Sore deifier reified Eros. 77

Sore Del, irate, met a riled Eros! (1)

Sore dermis–I’m red, Eros! (113)

Sore Eros’ Sis is sore, Eros? (00)

Sore eye, Eros? (116)

“Sore, hot lovers, revolt–oh!” Eros. (226)

Sore now, Olga’s tit’s aglow on Eros! 485

Sore, Red Rose Carrot Co. doctor races order, Eros. (1)

Sore spot stops Eros. 144

‘Sore spots’, Eve, stops Eros! 485

“Sore, stiff inside, trots Ida–distorted!” I sniff,”–it’s Eros!” (71)

Sore was Deanna–Ed saw Eros. (236)

Sore was I ere I saw Eros. (16)

Sore zones oppose no Zeros. (260)

Sort Siberia/Zaire bistros. (200)

“Sorry, Pyrros!” (154)

“Sort iodide, red roses–” ordered I, “Do it, Ros!” (71)

Sort nice doc’s codec intros. 144

Sort nine men intros. (144)

Sort nine to ten intros. 144

Sort seams, maestros! (260)

Sort Siberia/Zaire bistros. (200)

Sorting, I bet I bite big nitros. 429

Sorting, I rig nitros. 144

Sorts I bet I’d duly known, in wonky Luddite bistros. (260)

Sot atop warned a den: “Raw potatos!” 144

Sot nasties oppose it, Santos. 144

Sot nips pintos. 144

Spa saps! (1)

Space cadet Ari rated Ace caps. 144

Space cider bred icecaps. 144

Space mongeese see gnome caps. (307)

Space race man sees name-care caps. (237)

Space race tapes use pate care caps. (237)

“Space rehearsal I’ve sat in on: I see sin on it as evil as Rae,” he recaps. (260)

Space ride, jaded, a Jedi recaps. 394

Space ‘zoo booze’ caps. (340)

Spaceman, name caps! 226

Spaceman on Sahara has no-name caps. 144

SPACESUIT! (I use caps.) (71)

SpaceX asks, “Axe caps?” 144

Spacy Mr. Owen, in West Angola, saw old Nadia, my poor droopy maid, and low-as-a-log Nat, sew nine wormy caps. 97

Spam, DA, ordered roadmaps..! 144 (‘Spam DA’ ordered roadmaps.)

‘Spam I am’—I maim aps!  1

Spam maps! (226)

Span snaps…! many

Spandex at my gym taxed naps. 144

Spanked, Amy made knaps. 144

Spankees seek naps. (260)

Spare Dartmoor’s Sal can (in a classroom) trade raps. (11)

Spare kiln-like raps. 144

Spare me raps! (00)

Spare parts rudder frames in oil I lionise mar Fred Durst rape raps. (260)

Spare rock sample, help mask core raps. (152)

Spare Romney’s yen, more raps. (255)

Sparse Rihanna hires, raps. 144

Sparkle, NASA, as an elk raps. 144

Sparta erases area traps. 144

Sparta is: reptile-lit Persia traps. 144

“Spartan pansy, snap!” Nat raps. 485

Spartan era arena traps. 429

Spartan era sees arena traps. 144

Spartan gamma gnat raps! 497

Sparta’s one rule: “Lure no satraps.” (21)

Spasm regrets: as I delay a sec, I’ve drawn war devices a Yale disaster germ saps. (260)

Spasm saps. (85)

Spasms; a groan I gave; to note vagina orgasm saps. (260)

Spasticity, Lara, paralytic, it saps… 423

“Spat at in an OKC order, did Red rock on?” Anita taps. 200

Spay dogs as God yaps. (254)

“Spay Spot!” said Ilsa, as Lidia stops yaps. (71)

“Spay Tim Sino-Eonism!” it yaps. (201)

Spayed, Amy made yaps. 144

Spider art can enact rare dips. 144

Spider redips. (88)

Spidery gyre dips. (85)

Spill a cover-up now, on pure vocal lips. (260)

[“]Spill a germ,[or feral bit,” I blare from] regal lips. (88)

Spill a rude corpse’s procedural lips?  429

Spill a tin egg I bottle, belay a Yale belt to big genital lips. (260)

Spill Woodrow on snow, or do owl lips? 394

Spiller gnomes use mongrel lips. (88)

Spilt, I bit lips. 144

Spilt milk Klimt lips. 429

Spilt subs bust lips. (144)

Spin, damn mad nips! (144)

“Spin, Miss, part straps!” Sim nips. (1)

Spin Ruth, turnips. (255)

“Spin Snips!” (255)

Spindle held nips. (85)

Spinster frets, nips. (109)

Spin-tide robs, as bored it nips.(237-1)

Spiny moths I lop add a polish to my nips. (260)

Spire rips. (85)

Spiro Agnew, Owen, GAO rips. (200)

Spit, Guru, rug tips! 485

Spit not on tips. (77)

Spit, O, two “how-to” tips. (1)

Spit on to tips. 144

“Spit[, play molten rock cornet–lo, my Alp] tips!” (85,[148])

Spit Q-tips! (6)

Spit rotator tips. (88)

Spited, Amy made tips. 144,307

“Spited if a nobody names a case, many do bona fide tips.” 388

Spittle felt tips. 144

Spittle flair eases aerial felt-tips. 394

Spitter fret tips. 144

Spiv’s partner entraps VIPs. 201

Splash at Utah’s Alps! (33)

Splat, I hit Alps! (70,260)

Spock can see snack cops. 144

Spock cusses, sobs: “Bosses suck cops!” (71)

Spock nabs bank cops. (278)

Spock, nude, to vote: “Dunk cops!” 144

Spock, riot to irk cops. 109

Spock saw one dude now ask cops. 144

Spock’s a kook—ask cops! 408

Spoleto hymnist, so placid a radical, posts in my hotel ops. 200

Spoleto Ma nixes nightlife, filth, gin, sex, in a motel ops. 200

Spoof USA’s UFO ops. 200

Spool not Cairo or I act on loops. 429

Spoon a mighty myth, G.I. man, oops! (278)

Spoon it in–oops! (97)

Sport strap nets ten-part strops. 429

Sports bra barb strops. (‘Sports Bra Barb’ strops!) 144

Spot, is Pepsi tops? (4)

Spot, meet, sell a duo you’d all esteem tops. 389

Spot now won tops. (294)

Spot pal, recap: Acer laptops. 1

Spot pals’ laptops. 144

Spot pals on Adano’s laptops? 144

Spot pom pom op, moptops? 200

Spot Pope poptops. 200

Spot Pop’s pop-tops? (200)

Spot sancrosanct CNAs or CNA stops. (144)

Spot, Sis is tops. (337)

Spot, still, it’s tops. (200)

Spot solo stops. 144

Spot stops pots’ tops. (335)

Spot word row tops. (8)

“Spotless,” Ev said, ” are Vera Dias’ vessel tops.” (200)

Spotless, even on isle, Bernard ran rebels in one vessel, tops. 109

Spotless umpires I rate ‘wet’ arise, rip mussel tops. (254)

Spots disfigure not one rug–if Sid stops. (4)

Spots Eb, “As for profs, Abe’s tops.” 144

Spots emit; time stops. (337)

“Spots, Marge, let’s ask Rabbi Sam,” a sib barks, as telegram stops. (71)

Spots met items’ tops. (237)

Spots Miss, parts straps, Sim stops. (1)

Spot’s murder: red rum stops? 394

Spot’s tie–it’s tops! (158)

Spotter fret tops. 144

‘Sprawl’ warps! (1,237)

Spun, I prefer pin-ups. 144

Spur of girdle held rig for ‘ups’. 429

Spy gala gyps. (144)

Spy gyps. (85)

Sr. Asea cottons not to Caesar’s. (200)

Sr. Otis, I vow to do two visitors. (88)

SS or Cecil operate, yet are police cross? (260)

St. Aper repats. (16)

St. Cadet alert after rabbi’s sib Barret (fat!) related Acts. (254)

St. Cid [dates set ad/revised Desi ver]dicts. (88)

St. Curt’s [boa ob/niece in]structs. (88)

St. Eliot let O’Hara hassle Tomini motels, Sahara hotel toilets. (254)

St. Eloi venin saved a mad Eva’s nine violets. (5or10)

St. Eloi, vow to do two violets. (88)

St. Lomer remolts. (16)

St. Raphael saw I was, Leah, “parts.” 144

St. Simon, organise resin agronomists! (260)

St. Simon sees no mists. (16)

Stab, mock KKK combats. (237)

Stab, mow, knife de fink wombats! (5?)

Stab nail at ill Italian bats. (6)

[Stab/Strap] no pets in a canoe, Leona – can I step on parts/bats?

Stab one, Sue–we use no bats. 394

Stab or call acrobats. 144

Stab, or caress, elder-bred lesser acrobats? 394

Stab orc acrobats! 504

Stable balsa mamas label bats. 144

Stabler gnomes [abase/reverse/use] mongrel bats. (260)

Stabler, Orel bats. (200)

Stabs a dame, “I’d live evil, die mad as bats!” 507

Stack Cask Row on no work sack, cats. (1)

Stack cats. (63+/or97)

Stack OK cats. 439

Stacy, Art spays Bob’s yap, stray cats. 394

Stacy, Art’s on all Llano stray cats. 200

Stacy (Art’s stepmom) pets stray cats. (307)

Stacy, artsy Ms. Ahmad, a madam, has my stray cats. 200

Stacy [burdened ruby/ bursts ruby/ dooms moody/“drats!” tardy/ knows wonky/ pools loopy/ subs busy/ traded arty/ traps party] cats. (144)

Stacy, cinema re macerators is rot: are cameramen icy cats? (260)

Stacy, ditsy cats we massed on Odessa mew; “Stacy’s tidy cats!” (254)

Stacy, Ella, Desi, Art, and Nat raised alley cats. 200

Stacy, Ella (on steps) pets no alley cats. 307

Stacy, Ella sees alley cats. (144)

“Stacy,” Ella wondered, “now alley cats?” 200

Stacy knits for a car of stinky cats. (307)

Stacy, meme my cats! 394

Stacy met a god as a dog ate my cats. (307)

Stacy, motel cat’s box: obstacle to my cats! 372

Stacy, moths add dash to my cats. (260)

Stacy, must I jijitsu my cats? (97)

Stacy ran; I drove Kev: a guru gave Kev ordinary cats. (260)

Stacy won snowy cats. (144)

Stacy’s sassy, cats. (372)

Stacy’s superb moss levels sombre pussycats. (260)

Stacy’s wordsmith saw Hannah wash Tim’s drowsy cats. 307

Staff, let ewes reverse werewolf’s flower, ewes reverse wet elf fats. (71)

Staff lug new ones … oh, those now engulf fats! (260)

Stags draw E. Steward’s gats! (45)

Stammer, “AHA, Harem mats!” 144

Stamp or drop mats. 144

Stamp up mats. 144

Stan gave Eva gnats. (307, 144)

Stan, geese on a canoe see gnats. 394

Stan got to gnats. 144

Stan greets steer gnats. (192)

Staple domes on a level a nose model pats. (260)

Star basso Bert, relay my alert re bossa rats. 200

Star bet at, I lost–so levitate, brats! (67)

Star boudoir to lose solo, trio, duo brats. 429

Star, come, Donna Melba, I’m an amiable man–no Democrats! (170)

Star comedy as I say ‘Democrats.’ (73)

Star “comedy” by ‘Democrats’. (6)

Star (eyes pale roses): “O relapse, ye rats.” (88)

Star Fleet’s foe, raw as a wino, son, I was aware of steel frats. 200

Star foams aim at a miasma of rats. (260)

Star god a dog, rats! (183)

Star Mart’s Eva saves tram rats. (00-350)

Star nuts stun rats. (00)

Star partner, even senile felines never entrap rats! (372)

Star sees rats. (00-many)

Star Wars awe was: raw rats! (116)

Starboard, evil, lived Rao brats. 200

“Star-crossed dog was, I saw, goddess,” orc rats. 394

Stardom deified ‘mod’ rats. (98)

Stare, glib bilge rats. 439

Stare not, stare not, else dudes let one rat stone rats. (260)

Stare, Volta, at love rats. (254)

Star-eyed Ida did eye rats. 144

Starfleet,” I let on, “not elite: elf rats!” 394

“Stark cats,” Peewee weeps, “tack rats.” (71)

Stark codicil or frolic: I dock rats. (260)

Stark Curt’s tier of ebola had a halo before it struck rats. (260)

Stark cut, so gold logo stuck, rats! 429

Stark rabid, I bark, “Rats!” (5)

“Stark, rabid old Lodi!” bark rats. (254)

Stark rowers rework rats. (260)

Stark Roy went at New York rats. 431

Starlet’s manic, in a pallor, to troll a panic in Amstel rats. 200

Starred lodes I lit utilised older rats. (260)

Star-red rum, and Edna, murder rats. (00)

Starred, we let [a Brut sample help masturba/acid arenas I trap at Elsa’s let a partisan eradica]te lewder rats. (260)

Stars born, robs rats. (268)

Stars denote it is a video booed: I video oboe divas I tie to Ned’s rats. (260)

Stars’ L.A. ever reveals rats. (193)

Stars ram Mars’ rats. (325)

Star-smitten I was, ’til Emily, limelit, saw I net Tim’s rats. 507

Start ego to get rats. 144

Start folderol: “I ate tailored loft rats.” (255)

Start igniting it, rats! 429

Start, little Celt, tilt rats. (237)

Start me, EMT rats! 498

Start on stats, not rats. 144

Start one not, rats! (237)

Start, rats! (98,97,many)

Start relaxed; Nina can index alert rats. (254)

Start some cart-stack cat tale to help pussycats: Stacy’s supple hotel attack cats trace most rats. (260)

Starter fret rats. 144

Startle Celt rats. 144

Startle (pelt) rats! 485

State, “Cinema drew a rawer dame – nice tats!” 144

Stately, grave Bev (a gal in Amy’s sassy Manila) gave Bev argyle tats. 144

Staten, an isle, traced a jade cartel’s inane tats. 200

“States” is “Etats”. (292)

Static, I demo Medici tats. 394

Stats we nod at added no bonded data: do new stats. (260)

Stave off foe vats. (200)

Stave kiln-like vats. 144

Steel felt taboo battle fleets. 260

Steel fetid rocks, Amy, mask cordite fleets. (260)

Steel frets, “No malign Gila monster fleets!” (260)

Steff Ubered ere buffets. 144

Stella bodily met a sot to sate my Lido ballets. (260)

Stella passed Odessa pallets. 144

Stella wanted Etna wallets. (200)

Stella won no wallets. (6)

“Stella,” wondered I, snockered, “Derek considered no wallets?” 200

Stella wondered, “No wallets?” (16)

Stella wondered, “Roy ordered no wallets?” (16)

Stella wore hero wallets. 144

Stem leprosy, obese boys, or pelmets. (260)

Stencil cyclic nets. 429

Steno Grace can ace cargo nets. 144

Steno men, I note Nil’s line to nine Monets. 200

Steno men interpret ninte Monets. 77

“Stent nets!” (16)

Stentorian, I ram a marina; I rot nets. (260)

Step not on pets. (122)

Step on evil paws, I swap live no pets! 521

Step on no gnu dung, on no pets! (71-1)

Step on no pets. (00-many)

Step on tegs, get no pets. (361)

Step one: revere no pets. 144

Step, puppets! (85)

Stepford’s Dr. of Pets. (200)

Steph, accuse succah pets! 144

Steph, clumsy ass, says, “Mulch pets.” 144

Steph saw I wash pets. 144

Stephanie, pipe in, “Ah, pets!” (144)

“Stephen, my hat–ah, what a hymn, eh, pets?” (10)

Steph’s abs bash pets. (258)

Stepmoms harass Sarah’s mom, pets. 408

Stepson: “I blame ’em: Albinos’ pets!” 417

Steve Case…he’s Ace Vets. (237)

Steve cases ace vets. 144

Steve, man, name vets! (98)

Steve, nine tales elate nine vets. 394

Steve, vigil I give vets. (372)

Stevedore rode vets. 144

Stevedores erode vets. (260, 144)

Stevedore rode vets. (200)

Steven asks, “Sane vets?” 144

Steven assesses sane vets. 144

Steven, I left a[ lion in oil/n oily lion] at feline vets. (205)

Steven, in a cot, put: “Can a man act up?” to canine vets. (260)

Steven, instruct Curt’s nine vets. 372

Stew Rose: Ron’s ma’s lit (nude by my bed!) until Sam snores–or wets. (1)

Stew-dog on a master frets–a man o’ god wets! 411

Stewed, a jade wets. (11)

Stiff, fat, Sid’s distaff fits. (71)

Stiff fuchsia-ish cuff fits. 429

“Stiff it, omg” motif fits. 429

“Stiff, O dairyman, in a myriad of fits!” (112)

Stiff, Raw, Droopy, Nasal; alas, any poor dwarf fits. (260)

Stifle eros so reel fits? 394

Stifle falafel fits. 144

Stifle Napa Valley yell, Ava: panel fits! 260

Stifled, omer did ‘remodel fits’. 144

Still at bar, go grab tallits! 144

Sting, attack ok, cat tag nits. (336)

Sting nits. 144

Sting old log nits. 144

‘Stink Bomb Mob’ knits! (200)

“Stink, traffic (if fart knits!)” (98)

Stinker, no yarn I saw was in rayon reknits. (307)

Stinker reknits. (16)

“Stinker’s draw–” mistress asserts, “I’m Ward’s ‘re-knits’!” (1)

Stinky moss aligning, I lasso my knits. 429

Stir, Brits! (1)

Stir gelato, not ale, grits. 429

Stir granule rock core–lunar grits! (472)

Stir grits. (many)

Stir, gym rats, Al’s last army grits. 200, 144

Stir, gyro, taro, Baltimore paper; omit laboratory grits. (71)

Stir, pluck, cat-tag, attack culprits. 429

“Stir, pluck, cut, stuck culprits!” 429

Stir, pluck, cat-tag, attack culprits. 429

Stir writs. (200)

Stock cans: red nugget egg under snack cots. 424

Stole-collared, nude, I rubbed a deb buried under all ocelots. (260)

Stole coyote toy, ocelots? (6)

Stolen, a cradle held arcane lots. 307

Stolen, I wager, are GA wine lots. 200

Stolen in rut as we sign it, I desire poor tar a paratrooper is editing; I sew saturnine lots. (260)

Stolen indexes, Ed: I desexed nine lots. (260)

Stolen opals I fix if I slap one lots. (260)

Stoli passed Odessa pilots. 144

Stoli profiled a deli for pilots. 144

Stone not S! (98)

Stop Emily by lime pots. (307)

Stop Edward if I draw depots. 144

Stop, foe, unite, radiate–yet aid a retinue of pots! (260)

Stop it, I hate Tahiti pots! (37)

Stop, Marcia – I cram pots! (71)

Stop mode robs gold logs’ boredom pots. (340)

Stop murder by bred rumpots.  144

Stop; murder us not tonsured rumpots! (5)

Stop murdered artists–I trade red rumpots! (16)

“Stop,” nine myriad murmur, “put up rum–rum, dairymen, in pots.” (10)

Stop–no, not a ton on pots! (4)

Stop on no pots. (many)

Stop, or clever Alfs flare velcro pots! (237-1)

“Stop pals!” I say, as I slap pots. (71)

Stop paws, swap pots. (1)

Stop rats, madam, or free deer from Adam’s tar-pots. (71)

Stop, Rose, I prefer pies or pots. (78)

Stop rotator pots. (290)

Stop “same nice cinema” spots! (85-1)

Stop sancrosanct CNAs or CNA spots. (144)

Stop sedatives, Evita despots! 144

Stop: see spots! 97

Stop, Serb, a Hanoi taco location Ahab respots. 200

Stop sign on GI spots. 144

Stop solo spots. 144

Stop some demo spots. 144

Stop [s]pots! (00-many)

Stop Samuel Adams as it is, as mad ale Uma spots. 200

Stop, see referee spots.  1

Stop, Syrian, I see bees in airy spots. (16)

Stop, Syrian, I start at rats in airy spots. (112)

Stop to dot pots. (336)

Stop; we Negro few, we forge new pots. (307)

Stop ye no honey pots! (71)

Stop yen, O money pots! 144

Stoppard, I did rap pots! 200

Stop’s warning is a sign in raw spots. (1)

Store time, so Yosemite rots! (45)

Stored under strata, torsos rot, a tart’s (red, nude) rots. (11)

Stork rots! (85)

Stormed Nate, “ Tandem rots!” 200

Stormy gal lets us tell, “A gym rots!” 144

Story a waste; grammar gets away, rots. (64)

Story ran, “I’d Royals slay ordinary rots!” (1)

Strad lobs bold arts. (144)

Straddle held darts. (237)

“Straddle hot elder A.J.” says Sissy, as Jared Leto held darts. (260)

Strafe dirt up, damn it, in mad, putrid e-farts! (256)

Strafe farts. (144)

Strafe nine farts. 144

Strafe nine times – a nonet for evil editors – rot I deliver often on a Semite: nine farts. 260

Strafe rids dire farts. 144

Strafed amid…I made farts! 88

Strafed, Amy made farts. 144

Stram’s to promo deer freedom or pot smarts. 200

Strap a tart, see strata parts. 429

“Strap DNA to grasp multimedias,” I said, “emit lumps, argot, and parts.” (260)

Strap mares, eh, to these ramparts. (260)

Strap Mary on nag–annoy ramparts! 394

“Strap Mia in: a man in a mania trucks a madder red damask curtain!” a man in a mania imparts. (260)

Strap my gym parts. 480

Strap-on Marxist at six–ram no parts! 408

Strap on no parts. (111+/or98)

Strap parts. (11)

“Strap red dabs, Ned, I am not lewd!” I say, as I dwelt on maidens’ badder parts. (260)

Strap red nude, red rump–also slap murdered underparts! (11)

Straps are Mac’s camera’s parts. (278)

Straps laminate pet animal’s parts. (254,341)

Straps may not cap minarets of steel, for pro fleets foster an impact on yams’ parts. (260)

Straps may pull if I fill up yams’ parts.

Strata title bid: I belt it at arts. (260)

Stratagem off, O Yale dude; lay off Omega tarts. (205)

“Strategising is Ed’s denial,” posted a cadet, “So plain Ed’s design is, I get arts.” (260)

Stratford’s “Dr. of tarts.” (200)

Stratify fit arts. (85)

Straw, Lani, gave lame Fifi (female) vaginal warts! 00

Straw–no, too stupid a fad; I put soot on warts. (10)

Straw stepmom pets warts. 429

Stray away, Arts! 480

Stray by array (by Art’s). (237)

Stray men eye key enemy arts. 200

Stray rani, Lucy, assumes emus say, “Culinary arts!” 144

Stray rat in a snug nomad evil duo, you’d lived among unsanitary arts. (260)

“Stress aloof Allen,” Nell, a fool, asserts. (254)

Stress amasses, Sam asserts. 408

“Stress an ‘Amen’, O lad,” a lone man asserts. 200

Stress asserts! 429

Stress Edy’s sassy desserts. 144

Stressed bandit: “I’d nab desserts.” 00

Stressed–decide, meet, see Viggo hog, give, esteemed iced desserts. (1)

Stressed, Ed, a mere dude, remade desserts? 200

Stressed Emil, “No evil shahs live on lime desserts!” 307

Stressed, Eva Gabor did rob agave desserts. (307)

Stressed, Flo–wolf desserts! (76or77)

Stressed–no tips; spit on desserts! (228)

Stressed Seiko ordered rookies desserts. 200

Stressed was I ere I saw desserts. (16)

Stressed was I, sad, alas, to order a redroot salad as I saw desserts. (100)

“Stroh’s–” Sam, “men, I saw Bob was in Emma’s shorts!” (97)

Stroll if I fill orts. 144

Stroll or roll orts. 144

Strong, I lampoon Snoop, malign orts. (22, 200)

Strop Nevada davenports! 144

Structure notes pulled at a dell upset one rut: Curt’s. (260)

“Stu Bedded!” debuts. 144

Stu bedewed ewe debuts. 144

Stu, by rot, a royal lad, I did allay oratory buts. 200

Stu can go lob bologna cuts. (178, 417)

Stu cottons not to cuts. 200

Stu, Greta, we fill autumn in mutual life, water, guts. 429

Stu, hero men indexed nine more huts! 394

Stu, nae, pondered no peanuts. (200)

Stu needs, Dee, nuts. 144

Stu, no, detailer Eli ate donuts. 200

Stu nodded, ired I saw, as I derided donuts. 200

Stu nods, so toss donuts. 144

Stu, older, ever revered louts. 200

Stu, op macramé mar campouts. (200)

Stu ordered routs. 200

“Stub one,” it told Lottie, “no buts!” (201)

Stuck card rack cuts…(1)

Stuck nuts stunk cuts. 144

Stun guns puff up snug nuts. (307)

Stun guns tap at snug nuts. (144)

Stun militarists (IRA) ’til I’m nuts! 507

Stun nine men in nuts. 144

Stun nineteen; knee ten in nuts. (109)

Stun, O coconuts! (83,237)

Stun odd donuts. (309)

“Stung nits,” Delia wailed, “sting nuts!” 71

Stunt: New Yorker “trek Roy” went nuts! (237)

Stunt newb I rib went nuts! 144

‘Stunt’ (Newt) went nuts! (109)

“Stunt Sis, niece!” insist nuts. (194)

Stunt submarine men I ram, bust nuts. (237)

Stunts rub burst nuts. (260)

Sub a bus! (2)

Sub ally snores: a laser on syllabus! (260)

Sub, ally syllabus. 429

Sub Anissa motored Dero to mass in a bus. (200)

Sub in moded omnibus. (4)

Sub in modern red omnibus! 485

Sub in more paper to not re-paper omnibus. 144

Sub in Moses’ omnibus? (144)

Sub, mind nimbus! 429

Sub mob [see bees] bomb us. ([260] 394)

Sub, note: no Monet on bus! 394

Sub on tube nine, but no bus. (67)

Subdue fan on a feud bus. (260)

Sub-lair trees rot sap at a Pastor Seer trial bus. (237)

Sublet Omanis in a motel bus. 144

Sublet Omar a motel bus. 144

Sublet Soho hostel bus. 200, 144

Submarine men, I ram bus. (200)

Submarine pod open: I ram bus. (260)

Suborn acting: I saw a sign it can rob us. (260)

Suborn action: I sack Roy, we nag a New York casino; it can rob us. (260_

Sub’s knob bonks bus! (488)

Subtle cavers rev a Celt bus. 260

Subtle Fifi felt bus. 144

Suburban dad nab, rub us? 408

Sue an imp, Minaeus! 485

Sue, Babe, us. (237)

“Sue, damage Bill!” I beg Amadeus. 144

Sue, Dave did evade us. (71)

Sue, dice–do!–to decide us. (10)

Sue, divide us! (71)

Sue H. promises I’m Orpheus. 429

Sue, I limit, I HATE, Tahiti milieus. 200

Sue, I’d assess adieus. 144

Sue, I’d no more, zero, “mon dieus.” 200

Sue, kill a gal like us. (307)

Sue located a cadet a coleus.(200)

Sue, mime us! 518

Sue radios, “…so I dare us!” 144

Sue, reverse mordant Etna ‘dromes, revere us. (254)

Sue, Rip must fill a tip so hospital lifts umpire us. (260)

Sue, robots edit peptides to bore us. (260)

Sue, robots use Jesus; I’m told a bad lot misuse Jesus to bore us. (260)

Sue, Rob’s doggone nog gods bore us. (254)

Sue sold, if I’d lose us. 144

Sue, sue us–Sue use us! (62)

Sue, tip sedate Meta despite us! (148)

“Sue,” Tom smiles, “Selim smote us!” 00

Sue, torpedo code “Proteus.” (254)

Sue us! (85,many)

Sue us Otto–sue us! (71)

Sue, vaginal pain rehab mobs bomb a hernia plan I gave us. (260)

Sue, vast sumo must save us! 394

Sue, veil ebony as I say “no”; believe us. (260)

Sue, Wally’ll awe us. (200)

Sue, yes, God’s dogs eye us. (1)

“Sue zeros in!”– I, sore Zeus. (394-1)

Sue, Zeta ate Zeus! 144

Sue(,) Zeus. (226)

Sue Zorro, Zeus. (200)

Sued, Amy made us. 144

Suet asps ate us! 144

Suet ate us! 485

Suet in UN act can unite us. 144

Suez, amaze us! 144

Suez is Pacific if I capsize us? 394

“Suga” raps “A Royal Slay” or “Asparagus”. (480, 507?)

“Sugar, a P.S: add asparagus.” 200

Sugar, a PSA test now won’t set asparagus. (1)

Sugar, don’t nod–rag us! (1)

Sugar, dots send a magnet to drag us! 394

Sugar, drool fool gin on igloo floor, drag us. 429

Sugar drops are now [a sin: I sa/a site, yet I sa/as is: I sa/ASIO’s, so I sa/]w one rasp or drag us. (260)

Sugar free beer, frag us! (200)

Sugar from lactose: besot, calm, or frag us? 423

‘Sugar rub’ a kookaburra, Gus.  429

Sugary Amy may rag us. 144

Suggest septic ill, I say, as illicit pests egg us. 423

Suit Angie, Ignatius! (1)

Suit named a Dem anti-US. 144

Suit no Pontius. (85)

“Suit no regret.”‘s a motto, Master Gerontius. (5)

Suk curses ruckus. (200)

Suk, Libya may bilk us. (200)

Suki, a hero, wore haikus. 144

Sulla, call us. 200, 77

Sulla, can Oprah harp on a callus? 394

Sulu clacks, “I risk calculus!” 144

Sulu, Morton’s not Romulus. 394

Sum Edna’s rum, else we’ll assess all ewes, lemurs and emus. (260)

Sum in a deli: a man is so stupid as to grab a nip in a sad Nara bar, and as a nip in a bar got sad, I put SOSs in a mailed animus. (260)

Sum (in awe): “No trails, liar, to new animus.” (1)

Sum sin I gave vaginismus. 429

Sum us. (85)

Sumacs did scam us! 144

Sumerian act can air emus. 144

Sums are deified, Erasmus! (77)

Sums are never ever even, Erasmus. 200

Sums are nodes: abscissal classics based on Erasmus. (260)

Sums are not set as a test on Erasmus. (10)

Sun a [sad Ada’s/sleepy Peel’s/stark rat’s/wet stew-] anus. (71)

Sun an animal sewn on a belt: a pup at Lebanon we slam in an anus. 260

Sun an anus. (71)

Sun at noon, tan us! (3)

Sun ate Thor–oh, tetanus! (318)

“Sun, Eve yelling is a sign I’ll eye venus!” 394

Sun even one, Venus. (4)

Sun, even us. (237)

Sun, ever, a bare Venus. (11or16)

Sun is in us. (237)

Sun image by Amy may beg a minus. 144

Sun is of use to myriad airy motes (UFOs in us!) (1)

Sun: it is itself, lest is it in us? (237-1)

Sun on USA woman at naughty myth: “Guantanamo was UN onus.” (277)

Sun opus is upon us. 144

Sun, Ruby or Troy, burn us! 394

Sun won: Ace can own us!  429

Sun words e.g. “a fine poem”, “gardenia”, “cocaine” drag me open if ages drown us. (260)

Sun-obsessed dog goddesses’ bonus! (144-1)

Sununu’s tonsil is not Sununu’s. (110)

Sunward, Evie, I’ve drawn us. (372)

Sup, Mac, not on campus. (200)

Sup, Mac, not on edible gel–bide not on campus! (106)

Sup, my Lon, on Olympus? 200

Sup, Mylo, ere Olympus. (4)

Sup not on pus! (00)

Sup on Emil’s Slime, no pus! 465

Sup on extra tart xenopus! (1)

Sup on no pus! (71)

Sup on an opus! 144

Super potato/Prepper, prep us! 394

Supply, Nat, any L.P. pus! (148-1)

Suppose we sop pus… (144)

Supposed abscesses run; nurses’ secs bade: “sop pus!” 423

Suppository rot–I sop pus. (6)

Sure drum solos murder us? (Sure, drum solos murder us!) 144

Sure ETs steer us! 144

Sure gnats, um, must anger us? 394

Sure, it’s a tacit cat tactic: a tastier us! (71)

Sure it’s an Avatar Papa prat, Ava–nastier, us! (1)

Sure, paper us! (71)

Sure, paper shahs repaper us. (260)

Sure, tug [at stag/Nolan along/-] uterus. (144)

Sure, tug unsnug uterus. 425

“Sure tumor from uterus?” (144)

Sure, tuxedo cat, nets tent a codex uterus. 429

Sure, vendetta fatted–never–us. (11)

Sure vile diode, do I deliver us? 429

Sure, vile dodo, deliver us! 144

Sure, vile dog race cargo, deliver us! 429

Sure, vile droopy men – enemy poor – deliver us. (260)

Sure, vomit, Tim, over us! (00)

Sure, we flee, feel glee, feel fewer us. 429

Surete DNA can deter us. (260)

“Suri, Val — obey Ebola virus.” 144

Suri, vegetative limes semi-levitate G.E. virus. 425

Sus “boredom mode” robs us. 394

Suse, J. Depp and I kidnapped Jesus. 425

Swaddle if I field daws. 144

Swag we gave–no onyx or proxy noon, Eva–gewgaws. (254)

Swag we get in if nine ten infinite gewgaws. 429

Swag we get sates, a base taste: gewgaws! 429

Swag we got: a topaz zippo pill, older red lollipop, pizza potato gewgaws.  429

Swallow AWOL laws. (98, 485)

Swamp-maddened, I widened damp maws. 394

Swan Gaia gnaws. (237)

Swan gets a taste, gnaws. 425

Swan gnaws. (many)

Swan grabs pull-ups bar, gnaws. 429

Swap for a jar of paws? (97)

Swap God for a janitor, rot in a jar of dog paws. (354)

Swap God’s dog paws! 144

Swap Neve[‘s] seven paws. 144

Swap paws. (many)

“Swap paws,” I say, as I swap paws. (71)

Sway, Sahara; Ara has yaws. (378)

Swayed, Amy made yaws. 144

Swede bedews? (85)

Sweden I flee, fit, ( Uber I hire) but I feel fine dews. 200

Swen–edit “Peptide News.” (71)

Swen, Elba considers red is no cable news. 200

Swen, I man US tsunami news. 200

“Swen, I see sinews.” 200

Swen is snug as a gun’s sinews. (109)

Swen naps did span news. 200

Swen nixes sex in news. (00)

Swen, on gnus, sung no news. (116)

Swen onside, Ed, is no news. (200)

Swen pools Oslo op news. 200

Swen, was its errata at arrest I saw news? (200)

Swen’s idiot cafe factoid is news? (394)

Swept felt senses: Ibises nest left ‘pews’. 394

Swoboda, do bows. (200)

Swollen apes reverse panel lows. 200

Swollen Eva gave Nell ‘ow’s. 

Swollen, it nests, a last sentinel lows. 429

Sworn I sit (–’tis in rows.) (00)

Sworn: ” ‘Ide’ Wang saw Missy mad, ere gnat-angered Amy’s Sim was gnawed in rows.” (1)

Sworn in at signed logs, golden GIs tan in rows. (260)

Sworn women indexing Nineveh evening, nixed nine mown rows. 144

Sy, a lede no one delays. 394

Sy, as senior gym partner of my gym, put up my gym for “Entrap My Groin” essays. (260)

Sy, assess ADA Bo’s late, yet also badass, essays. 200

Sy, Doog, Ma’s at a Sam Goody’s. (200)

Sycamore has a hero: Macy’s. (144, 350, 429)

Synopsis is Pony’s. 429