E, be! (1)

E. Borgnine drags Dad’s gardening robe. (177)

E dialed Adelaide. (88)

‘E did, did ‘e? (88)

E finks, “It’s old Otto’d lost ‘is knife.” (14)

E, I ‘drome ’em or die! (1)

E.g. all I (voter) got: enema from Al Gore–zero glamor, fame, net ogre to village. (107)

E.g., never to be so old again, I, a gad, loose bot, revenge! (1)

“E. Moser,” I toot, “Sign it up, mocha–ah, computing is too tiresome.” (71)

ERA coding is a sign I do care. (200)

ERA perps prepare. 144

ESP, Al, located a cadet a collapse. (200)

ESP alerts a [f/p]ast relapse. (144)

ESP allocated a cadet a collapse. (144)

ESP — any synapse? (144)

ESP rocks a cask corpse. (144)

ET ad names “use mandate.” (237)

E.T.–ah, I hate! (109)

E.T. arises, irate. (88)

E.T., I’m any dynamite! (237)

E.T., I’m Esau, a Semite. (77)

E.T. is drawn in at an inward site. (237)

E.T. is opposite. (88)

E.T. is tenth ‘Gill light’ net site. (237)

E.T. on DVD, note. (335)

E.T. sat a test in Eden: it set a taste. (260)

E.T. sates a base taste. (144)

E.T. saw a sign in Rome: “morning is a waste.” (260)

E.T. saw [a] waste. (144)

E.T. selects a past Celeste. (237)

E.T.’s a man, a Namaste. (237)

ET’s “Apollo paste.” (237)

EU’s sign: “I declare Talibanisms in a bilateral ceding issue.” (260)

EU’s sign: “I keep a foe raw, a nude target nine men integrated, unaware of a peeking issue.” (260)

EU’s site: was it ironing I sedate so, to set a design in, or it is a wet issue? (260)

Ear basin is a brae. 144

Earplugs gulp Rae. (260)

Eat gelato, not a leg, Tae! 459

Eb, Anna, wrong is Signor Wanna Be… (1)

“Eb, be.” (5)

Eb, I am a man, Robert; reborn, a mama I be.(71)

Eb, Ned, lit’ll, I Bill Tilden be. (200)

Eb, Ott, on roe, both G.I.s did sigh, “To be or not to be.” (200)

Eb, wanna Vanna W. be? (200)

Eb: “Xerox, Ed, Ocala codex–or ex be!” (200)

Ebullient Neil, lube! (85)

“Ed, a big ass sag!” I bade. (144)

Ed, a bro, fixes final plan if sex I forbade. 394

Ed, a bro, forbade. 144

“Ed, a cafe facade!” (97)

Ed, a final plan: I fade. (83)

Ed, a general, asks Al, a renegade. (307)

Ed, a General Delivery levitator rotatively reviled La Renegade. (88)

Ed, a general, led O’Dell, a renegade. (200)

“Ed,” a general lisps, [“aged, a jade gasps – ill,/”asps, ill …] a renegade.” (71)

Ed, a Nome lad, eyed a lemonade. 144

Ed, a Nome lady’s ward, won’t now draw Syd a lemonade. (307)

Ed, a Miata I made. (200)

Ed, a millipede pill I made. (200)

Ed, a momentary rat Nemo made. (260)

Ed, a rite of passage’s a Sega’s sap foe tirade. 200

Ed, a Sade revered a jade; wed, a jade revered a Sade. (254)

Ed, a vena cava can evade. 144

Ed aced a decade! (171)

Ed, all I suffer as I see bees is a ref fusillade. (260)

Ed, all is UFO fusillade. 429

Ed, am I “made”? 418

“Ed … amen, I’m a lemming!” I sign, “I’m melamine-made!” (260)

Ed Ames assesses SASE made. 144

Ed Ames orders Red Rose made. (307)

Ed, amiss, sees ‘SS’ I made. (1)

Ed, Ara pondered no parade. (200)

“Ed, Ari ‘tan one’ Eb’s been on a tirade!” (200)

Ed, Art, Rep: aid Putin’s snit: up diaper trade. (255)

Ed, art TA, rues a Seurat trade. 200

Ed, artsy cameras are Macy’s trade. 200

Ed, as I lap Eton I note palisade. (307)

“Ed aver: Eve said ‘Ed’ a lot to lad, Ed, I (as ever) evade.” (1)

Ed, I axed ex-aide. (255)

Ed, I bait Angela’s not-on-sale gnat; I abide. (71)

Ed, I cede to vote, decide. 144

“Ed, I clasp Murfreesboro; O rob seer frumps, Alcide!” (148)

Ed, I had Ada hide. (71)

Ed I hang, I sin on, I sign a hide. (254)

Ed, I have [no cab on top, no poop on pot, no bacon/no tab on Bob, no bat on] Eva–hide! (71)

Ed, I hear camera batter old Loretta bare–Macrae, hide! (254)

Ed, I help pink [cock,]nipple hide. (71)

Ed, I, here, hide. (71)

“Ed, I hid atoms,” I gag, “a ball in a van, a can, a vanilla-bag, a gismo, Tad – I hide!” (71)

Ed, I hiss a lass, I hide. (109)

“Ed,” I hiss…”…I hide.” (see Commentaries-IV)

Ed, I let a cat elide. 144

Ed, I nay cyanide. 144

Ed, I ran a ride. 144

Ed, I ride. 144

Ed, I rip up pupil’s ass, I kiss a slip, up pup I ride! (254)

Ed, I rise – I [bury my rub/do bod/got stog/rode dor]ies – I ride! (71)

Ed, I (sad Emma) review a mall llama “we” (…I’ve!) rammed aside. (1)

Ed, I Sam, sip air, priapism aside. 429

“Ed, I saw a side,” Pru burped, “–I saw a side!” (71)

Ed, I saw Harpo Marx ram Oprah W. aside. (213)

“Ed,” I say, “[no pan on a pony,/snap a pansy] aside” (71)

Ed, I (snide liar) railed inside. (1)

Ed I snidely led inside. (200)

“Ed,” I sniff, “inside, I [died/rubbed Deb–buried]” I sniff,”–inside!” (71)

Ed, I sniff it – Sara, too – tar a stiff, inside. (71)

“Ed,” I sniff, “it’s a dessert gelatin: in it–a leg, tressed–a stiff, inside!” (71)

“Ed,” I sniff, “it’s a tube–no-one but a stiff inside.” (270)

“Ed,” I sniff, “uh – I [pull up/see bees/sniff up puffins],” I huff,”–inside.” (71)

“Ed,” I sniff, “Up–I pu[ll/t it] up” I puff, “–inside!” (71)

Ed, I snip inside. (1)

Ed, I spotted a clam in an animal cadet topside. (254)

Ed, I video Zoe divide! (97)

Ed iced Ida – sad, I decide. (71)

Ed iced Inez[:/’s tit: it’s] Zen, I decide. (71)

Ed: “Ilsa, not Asa, sat on a slide.” (71)

Ed, in soots, is too snide. 144

Ed (irate), “Get a ride?!” (1)

Ed, is a macabre herb a cam aside? (1)

Ed is a pet so step aside. 408

Ed is a trader; cast sacred art aside. (257)

“Ed is an ass!” I hiss an aside. (71)

Ed, is Ana’s “Toots” an aside? 200

Ed is as Ed is, all asides aside. 408

Ed is aside. (1)

Ed, is Bruce not Satan, a maroon Asia paisano, or a man at a stone curbside? (71)

Ed is busy–subside! (97)

Ed, is Deb at a bedside? (71)

Ed is, Eno, on no one side. (1)

Ed, is frustrated acrobat Tab or cadet Art surfside? (200)

Ed, is loo poolside? 200

Ed is loopy poolside. (97)

Ed, is “Niagara” a raga inside? (71)

Ed, is Nik inside? (97)

Ed, is Nina May a man inside? (71)

Ed, is Nixon–an ox–inside? (97)

Ed, is Nixon image—e.g. “a Minox”—inside? (255)

Ed is not onside. (200)

Ed is on no side. (many)

Ed, is platinum Ilsa a slim unit Alpside? (254)

Ed, is pot topside? (200)

Ed is sure Professor Calypso traced a jade car to spy lacrosse for Peru’s side. (260)

Ed, Isa, meet, see Rome (Rome–more, more!); esteem aside. (1)

Ed, it’s [Bob’s/Mom’s/not Eton’s/not limp Milton’s/not Ron Norton’s/
remarkable Melba Kramer’s] tide. (71)

Ed, it’s tide! (98,71)

Ed, losing, I sign, ‘Isolde.’ (88)

Ed, ocelots stole code. (144)

Ed okayed a jade yak ode. (263)

Ed or I rebug Uber I rode. 408

Ed or Les sent Nesselrode. (88)

Ed or Otto rode. (307)

Ed, remark on okra: “merde!” (200)

Ed, Una sees a nude. (11)

Ed: “Under a net, safely, Lyle, fasten a red nude.” (71)

Ed, under Mao fallen, sees Nell, a foam-red nude. (71)

Ed, under, sees red nude. (98-1)

Ed undid nude. (85,144)

Ed, un-snug Ev ordered Rove guns, nude. (200)

Ed, until, like me, nobody do bone me, kill it nude. 423

Ed, ursine Ben is rude. 200

Ed, ursine’s Ira–arisen, is rude. (200)

“Eda, Emil’s red roses suck!” Cal Black cusses, orders limeade. (71)

“Eda, no, Melton’s tide.” I lied, “it’s not lemonade!” (71)

Edam I made. 467

Edam, I self-fawn on waffles I made. 408

Edam in Essen I made. (307)

Edit a fat IDE. (144)

Edit peptide! (161,144)

Edit, sir Aristide. (148)

Edit, slob, my symbols’ tide! (98, 144)

“Edit snot:” sobs ill Ellis, “Boston’s Tide!” (71)

Edith, cold-eyed, eyed loch tide. (11)

Edith, sack cash tide! (237)

Editor rubs Ward, draws burro tide. (4+/or111)

Edna, I must sum “i” and “e”! 372

Eel ate no net alee. 144

“Eel fin!” I yell up as saps pass a pulley in, “I flee!” (260)

“Eel flags!” says Sal, “can a classy ass gal flee?” (260)

Eel, from uterine men I retumor–flee! (254)

Eel-fodder, stack-cats red do flee. (11)

Eels, senora, both to baroness Lee. (144)

eFile muser, resume life! 394

Egad–a base life defiles a bad age! (16)

Egad–a base tone denotes a bad age! (78)

Egad, a deified adage! 448

“Egad, alas, a salad age!” (207)

“Egad, an adage!” (6,98)

Egad, an Aegean adage. 200

Egad, are we not an era midst its dim arena to newer adage? (77)

Egad, Ida did age! 144

Egad, loon sahib, Barbara’s Arab rabbi, has no old age! (5-16)

Egad–Loretta has Adams as mad as a hatter (old age!) (10)

Egad Lot, I hit old age. (77)

Egad, nab a bandage! 133,144

Egad, nab a rotund nut or a bandage. 144

“Egad, no, Bev–resign!” I sing, “I serve bondage!” (71)

“Egad, no bondage!” (85)

Egad–nobody do bondage! (260)

Egad, Ray on Togo got no yardage! (200)

Egad, Ray sees yardage! (144)

Egad, Ray Warren rags garner raw yardage! (260)

Egan noted Ur crude tonnage. (200)

Ego[-]led [Isa Ott to/, I sat at] a side loge. (88)

Egremont’s a fast “No Merge.” (88)

Egress assured, I hide Russ as Serge. (260)

Eh caballero, free beer for Ella Bache! (260)

Eh, can a gal less selfless sell a ganache? 394

Eh, can a pet abate panache? (260)Eh, can a potato prepper potato panache? 394

Eh, can a pro feel glee for panache? (144)

Eh, can an alpaca plan an ache? (260)

Eh, Canada had an ache? (56)

Eh, cane my men, or call a crone–my men ache! (71)

Eh, consider: red is noche. (194)

Eh–port’s at a catastrophe? (4)

“Eh, Sid, Al Capone–he no P.A.C. lad is he?” (1)

Eh, so modify Fido, Moshe? (200)

Eidetic ewes run an act: can a nurse we cite die? (260)

Eileen did, nee, lie. 200

Eire nixes sex in Erie. (36)

El, a Piston did not sip ale. (200)

El , bat abed, was, I saw, debatable. 200

El, batter Gere’s use regrettable. (200)

El boner got: “O, G.I., I go to Grenoble.” (200)

El, liven no Bonneville. 200

Elapse time, so Semites pale. 144

Elapsed octet codes pale. 144

Elapses pale…(16)

Elastic, I fed a deficit sale. (260)

Elastic Illinois names use mansion: illicit sale. (260)

Elate, cinema, so no same nice tale! 423

Elated, I brew a rawer Bidet ale. 144

Elated, I ride tale. 144

Elated, I say, “a side tale!” 394

Elated is an aside tale. (336)

Elated is debased Oberon’s snore–bodes a bedside tale! (5-1)

Elba cover rises irrevocable. (85)

Elba cover, rising up mid ill I’d impugn, is irrevocable! (88)

Elba, Ella, makes Seka malleable. (254)

Elba frets no malign Gila monster fable. (85)

Elba, I’m amiable. (85)

“Elba, pluck culpable!” (85)

Elba ran a man arable. (144)

Elba, rap a “Ma parable!” (1)

Elba, rap a parable. (85,88)

“Elba–Rome memorable!” (85)

“Elba–sun unusable!” (85)

Elba tastes limes as Emil sets a table. (307)

Elba tastes yams; I do not; Hannah, to no dismay sets a table. (307)

Elba, Tonto not notable. (254)

Elba’s able. (85-1)

Elbas are erasable. (255)

Elba’s usable. (144)

Elbert and Edna treble. (16)

Elbert Elbrawn, a creepy peer, can warble treble. (260)

Elbert, strafe here, ere he farts treble! (71)

Eld is idle. (85)

Elf–fawn, waffle! (309)

Elf fawned, Rev, over den waffle. 144

Elf, fins sniffle? 144

Elf foreman sees name, “Roffle.” (98)

Elf fumes abase muffle. 144

Elf fur did ruffle. 144

Elf, I ran a rifle. 144

Elf I rasp at taps a rifle. 144

Eli began a motel Bible (to manage bile…) 133

Eli, bleed eel bile. 109

Eli bombards drab Mobile. (372)

Eli bombed a Deb-mobile. 144

Eli bonded no bile. 144

Eli, Doc, or Casandra had a hard NASA crocodile. (285)

Eli fed ewe we defile. 144

“Eli, file!” (85)

Eli, for pre-war K.C – odd, arch, sarcastic K.C. – it’s a Crash Craddock rawer profile. (260)

Eli frets as I do not nurse babes … run to no disaster file! (260)

Eli, game peeks keep ’em agile. (260)

“Eli, man, a brutal flat Urbana mile!” (200)

Eli missed a [Hades/rap parade’s] simile. 144

Eli missed Ade’s simile. (260)

Eli misses simile. 144

Eli Ness is senile. (71,200)

Eli, Nessie is senile. (71)

Eli not yawning is a sign in way to Nile. (260)

Eli passed Odessa pile. 144

“Eli, Vera and Edna are vile!” 394

Eli, Vera, stop alleging nigella pots are vile! 372

Eli, Vera’s tits are vile! (226)

Elin, nomad, was tot, saw dam on Nile. (109?)

Elitist Alf’s flats I tile. (260)

Elk cackle. (many)

Elk cackled a mad elk cackle. 394

“Elk carcinoma, Ramon!” I crackle. (254)

Elk: cats’ eyes tackle…(237)

Elk, cattle ‘belt-tackle’! (1)

Elk City Amy may tickle. 144

Elk City, Kansas, is a snaky tickle! (88)

Elk cub rases Arbuckle. 144

Elk cub sees buckle. 144

Elk nits tinkle. (254,144)

Elk raps sparkle. 144

Ell, it’s a pastille! 144

Ella cases a calle. 144

Elle B. reknit my gym, tinkerbelle! (98)

Elle (‘banana mate’) gots tits to get a man, Anabelle! (1)

Elle, sign in Giselle. 144

Elle tail-gated a Mini; made tagliatelle. (260)

Ellen, all I’ve noted: a cadet, one villanelle. (11)

Ellie, Verdi did reveille. (200, 144)

Ellie verified I hide if I reveille. 144

Elon, I’m Esau, a Seminole. 200

Elope here, mates–set a mere he-pole! (4)

Elope not as at one pole. (1)

Elope, Pole? (4)

Elope; grab a bargepole. 144

Eloped a General (a gal!), a renegade Pole. (11)

Els is ill enow on Ellis Isle. (200)

Els, Sutton did not tussle. 200

Elsie [cindered nice/noses one/tiles elite] isle. (144)

Elsie, Nola sees a lone isle. (307)

Elsie noses one isle. (144)

Elsie’s on a ‘nose isle.’ (97)

Elsinore has tides[–abased,/, Ned–no crater, a bare tar, condensed/ –pale, elapsed,] it’s a heron isle. (71)

Ely graded [Nevada-vended]argyle. 200

Em, a Crete MIT lab altimeter came. 200

“Em, a droopy burden made Kansas agog as a snake!” damned Ruby, poor dame. (260)

Em, a duo yet (air benign), I–King–inebriate you, dame! (1)

Em, a Troy rat in a sewer asks: “Are we sanitary or tame?” (260)

Em, Al–fondle held no flame! 1

Em and I put sad Ahehsay away, as he had a stupid name. (260)

Em, answer Drew’s name. 144

“Em–attack cat, tame.” (1)

Em, Brut rep did perturb me. (200)

Em burps, “I lisp, rub me!” (71)

Em, bursitis it is–rub me! 200

Em, Deb, mobster Bret’s bombed me. (200)

Em, Del Googled me. (200)

Em, deli verses reviled me. (200)

Em, Dell appalled me. (200)

Em, Ed is aside me. (1)

Em, Ed is (nigh ‘G’) inside me! 1

Em, er, can U.Texas exes axe tuna crème? (200)

Em eyes Ned; I am sad-eyed: a camera had eyed a harem a cad eyed as maidens eye me. (260)

Em, God’s tenets dog me. 394

Em, I mate with Gilliam’s mail-light; I wet a mime. (71)

Em, I tat at Nemo men one moment at a time. 200

Em, I, Tonto, got no time. (200)

Em, I try trams, sarcastic, in a panic: it’s a crass martyr time. (00)

Em, I’m a mime. (71)

Em, it’s Pat’s “Taps” time.. (200)

Em, it’s time! (98)

Em, it’s, too, BOGO Go-Go boots time. 200

Em, krill irk me. (200)

Em, moods doom me! (1)

Em, nary a war ( a ‘football lab’ too far away!) ran me. (1) (144)

Em: No Dad and Mom DNA, Dad, on me? (200)

Em, Noma Yates set a yam on me. 387

Em, O-hog-tied-I hide it, go home. (1)

Em, OK, KO me! (1)

Em on orts, aga saw, was a gastronome. (200)

Em, open one pome. 144

Em, Ott, news of UFOs went to me. 200

Em, Otto,Greenspan’s naps ne’er got to me. 200

Em, Patton did not tap me. (200)

Em, Ro, free beer for me? (200)

Em spots an infidel cycled if Nina stops me. (260)

“Em, ‘tis I–visit me!” (1)

Em, ’tis Ivor afar–O visit me! (148)

Em to Gregg: “a dagger got me!” 372

Em, Ward’s badass sad abs draw me..! (1)

Em, you buoy me! (1)

Ema gets a taro flavor, Oval, for a taste game. 436

“Emaciation? … no, Ita, I came.” (260)

Emanate, so set a name. 144

Embarcadero bored a crab—me! 109

Embargo: [O,] grab me! (many)

Embargos so grab me. (88)

Emboldened, a Mt. Sinai pianist made Ned lob me. 200

Emboss SOB (me!) 144

Emekile rots at a data store–like me! (152)

Emeriti, Nin, apt at panini, tire me. 200

Emetic xenon, excite tapir epees if I see peripatetic xenon excite me. (260)

Emil, a sleepy baby, peels a lime. (88)

Emil: an item I met in a lime. (4)

Emil: As acidic as a lime. 415

Emil asleep, Allen yodelled, “Oy–Nella peels a lime!” (5)

Emil asleep, (Bob/Dad/Mom/Pop/Sis) peels a lime. (71)

Emil asleep, Hannah peels a lime. (16)

Emil asleep, Nella peels a yam, and, Edna May asleep, Allen peels a lime. (307)

Emil asleep, peels a lime. (98)

Emil, Bus Six is sublime! (71)

Emil, bustle felt sublime! (71)

Emil, Deirdre handed Edna her dried lime. 307

Emil murdered Rod as Bob, sad, ordered rum, lime. (71)

Emil murdered, Roy ordered rum, lime. (71)

Emil peed [a] deep lime! (70,[200])

Emil sanded Edna’s lime. (71)

Emil saw a slime. (116)

Emil, slice Cecil’s lime. (71)

Emil, smash Sam’s lime. (307)

“Emil, snide Tony burned a leg at Soho,” hostage-laden Ruby noted in slime. (260)

Emil wets Deb Burton’s fresh side-dish: serf, snot-rubbed stew, lime. (71)

Emilio pondered no poi lime. 200

Emil’s a slime. 98-1

Emil’s flow tips spit wolf slime. (295)

“Emil’s sign,” I sing, “is slime!” (71)

Emil’s slime. (98)

“Emil’s stark Sumatran art: a muskrat’s slime!” (71)

Emil’s Welsh serf [nixes sex in/sees] fresh slew slime.(307)

Emily, as Bob, say “Lime.” (241)

Emily, doom a moody lime. 439

Emily mailed Delia my lime. (200)

Emily’s order’s: red rosy lime. 394

Emily’s “sassy lime!” (97)

Emina sees anime. 439

Emir, Cadet Tim, dampening Nora’s sarong (nine p.m.) admitted a crime. (11)

Emir, call a ballet (see Estella ball!) a crime. (254)

Emir, con’s no crime. (200)

Emir, consigning is no crime. 200

Emir cottons not to crime. (200)

Emir crawl, like we kill–war crime. 429

“Emir, get a bed!” I say as I debate grime. (260)

Emit a tap, use Magneto, do ten games up at a time. (237)

Emit Eno one time. (00)

Emit, “Garnet Tiki,” Kitten–ragtime! (1)

Emit lager on pils tub, but slip no Regal Time. (201)

Emit Maya dwarf, raw, day (a.m.) time. (237)

Emit nits, older obese boy: obese, bored, lost in time. (260)

Emit no evil, live on time. (187+/or 98)

“Emit no gas,” I say, as I sag on time. (260)

Emit no gas, Otto: got to sag on time. (00)

Emit no one fire rife noon-time. (1)

Emit no tot on time. (116)

Emit noodle ball, label, do on time. 429

Emit note: maimed academia met on time. 429

Emit pant at nap time. 394-1

Emit prawn acid, Nat, and I can warp time. (144)

Emit prawn, warp time. (144)

Emit raw fog of wartime. 429

“Emit REM,” Ma has told a lad, “Lotsa hammer time!” (260)

Emit, “Si” Sir: crisis time! (1)

Emit, slob, my symbols time! (98)

Emit time. (many)

Emit yell, “Alley time!” (293)

Emma, doll, I’d accept Nan Guper as a ton tub–but not as a repugnant peccadillo (dam’ me!) (5?)

Emma: dose me–cane me–menace me so–dam’ me! (71)

Emma, I am me. (many)

Emma, I won DNA and now I am me. 391

Emma, jam me! 144

Emma Peel sees Lee, Pam, me. (260)

Emma, ram me! (144)

Emma Roth — sure to note rush to ram me. (144)

Emo has [a racecar as]a home. (209)

“Emo, sew a suture, rid dire rut (U.S.)–awesome!” 384

Emote no tone to me. (62,144)

Emote not a Mama tone to me! (1)

Emote to me! 133

Emote tome. (85)

Emotion: a hero bore Hanoi to me.(260)

Empath — tap me! 144

Empire, rip me! (98)

Em’s Brut, Sid, never ever even disturbs me. 200

Em’s mood–rage nival (a vinegar!)–dooms me.  1

Em’s nut, Sununu, stuns me. (200)

Em’s Sikh, kiss me! 200

“Emu fat, sap pasta fume!” (6)

“Emu Love-life”: we file volume. (260)

Emu love note can is in acetone volume. 429

Emus erase Mesa resume. 144

Emus’ nocturnal plan: rut; consume. (260)

Emus said, “Alas, a salad I assume!” (1)

Emus said, “Eva raved,” I assume. (260)

Emus said, “I, Mary, pass a pyramid, I assume.” (144)

Emus said, “No panic in a pond, I assume.” 200

Emus sail, I assume. (71,97)

Emus said a fast-nap red nude tart sullied a memo here … were home-made illustrated underpants a fad, I assume? (260)

Emus say Amy may assume. 144

Ena, verify my fire vane. 144

Enable eel bane. 144

Encase Dan in Ade’s acne. (260)

Encase Lyle’s acne. (71)

Encases on deli-oiled noses: Acne. 408

Enid and Edna dine. (16)

Enid, in a can I dine. (71)

Enid, no Sade tale bled Omar a model belated as Ondine. (254)

Enid rassled Del’s sardine. 144

Enid, rastafarian emu-men air a fat sardine. (260)

Enid rebags gaberdine. 144

Enid Star live, ere evil rats dine! 473

Eno, bob one!  1

“Eno, Greg, Nadia: sin, or egg a dagger on.” I said, anger gone. (1)

Eno lasts alone. 144

Eno loops secret fart – a Pat Rafter cesspool one. (260)

Eno misses ordered roses, Simone. (70)

Eno, red, located a cadet a colder one. 200

Eno works at task row one. (346)

Enol, a ‘slob-magnet’, forever (…often!) gambols alone. (1)

Enola bailed a deli abalone. (71)

Enola, ban an abalone. 144

Enola basted a cadet’s abalone. 200

Enola Devil lived alone. (116)

“Enola, I saw roses sent?” I wondered, “No witnesses – or was I alone?” (71)

Enola repacified art I trade if I caper alone. (260)

Enola saw I’d nailed a tame gem at a deli and I was alone. (260)

Enola sexed Nino’s pups on indexes alone. (260)

Enola (sob!) milks Ed’s desk, limbos alone … (71)

Enola stressed: no nurses run on desserts alone. 394

Enola’s boss knocks Ed’s desk, conks, sobs alone. (71)

Enola’s Naomi moans alone. (250)

Enos is one! (307)

Enosis is one. (85)

Enrobe babe borne. 144

Enroll Lorne. 144

Entire medieval slave I demerit, ne? 144-1

Enya, jot some memos to Jayne. (307)

Enya, we kill lab animals in a can–in a can I slam in a ball, like Wayne. (198)

Enya wet a date: Wayne. 144

Epic eradicates set (acid a recipe). 109

Epic era’s a recipe! 1

Epic erases a recipe. 429

Epic erases us, uses a recipe. 429

Epic Erasure—vile—deliver us a recipe! 109

Epic Erma has a ham recipe. (71)

Epoch to be live, vile, both—cope! 429

Epochs as an act: can a sash cope? (260)

Epochs, I wish, cope. 144

Epode moseyed; eye some dope. 144

Er, Ada, no deli assumes emus sailed on a dare. 394

Er, can even AWOL Peewee plow an even acre? (254)

“Er, eh, scram Mom–Marc’s here!” (1)

Er . . . go nasal, interpret Nissan as an ass, interpret nil as an ogre. (277)

Er…I fondle her as late petals are held–no fire. (11)

Er–I slap a Polish silo, papal Sire! (71)

Er – I smash Tom’s moth, Sam, Sire. (71)

Er…if amiable Dee’s in aniseed, Elba, I’m afire! (254)

Er, is Reno Greg no longer “goner,” Sire? (1)

Er, Israel clears ire 144.

Er…,oh…, we dialed an Adelaide whore. (200)

Er, oh, well,… it’s a Bastille whore. 144

“Er–ow, Sir!” I swore. (71)

Era flew: welfare./ERA flew–welfare! (162)

Era hoots to O’Hare. 144

Era was in, is aware. (237)

Eras ago, togas are! (214)

Erase CEO Joe Cesare. 144

Erasmus, Sade, Kant: naked as sums are. (255)

Ere he bit, Elliott to ill ET: “I be here.” 423

Ere he nodded, “Done here!” 408

Ere he rewrote me, we met or were here. (260)

Ere he rot, Sam Ally ran a canary/llama store here. 408

Ere held no fire, woman (or a mom?) raffles elf farm, Omar, on a mower I fondle here. (1)

Ere held, nubile Mel I bundle here. (1)

Ere Hera, Enid and Nadine are here! (148)

Ere hot decals erode, I fit a rotten net to ratified ores laced to here. (260)

Ere hypocrisies or poses are in, my hymn I erase; so prose I, Sir, copy here. (10)

Ere verses, I rises revere. (85)

Ere we nine were here, Gere, here we nine were! (254)

Ere we were [heroes, a base ore] here, we were. (85)

Ergo, I to Nero Gore, “Not I, ogre!” (297)

Ergo, naming is a sign I’m an ogre.(1)

Erin is in ire. (85) 200

E-robotmail: “I am to bore.” (154)

Erode vet’s stevedore. 144

“Eros, bonk mad dog (goddam knob sore)!” (149)

“Eros’ eye sore?” (161)

Eros saw Aviva was sore. (16)

Eros saw [I/Sis] was sore. (73/1)

Eros, Sidney–my end is sore! (6)

Eros’ sis is sore. (116)

Eros, sniff up at a puffin’s sore. (71)

Eros’ tonsil is not sore. (307)

Erotica sac I tore. 144

Erotisms in a groin or a camera are macaroni organisms I tore. (367)

“Errol–meet, see, esteem Lorre!” (188)

Eructate semen I fed to lasses sane men assess a lot; define me set at cure. (260)

Eructate sputum, son; no smut upset at cure. (260)

Erupt [a/i]t pure. (237)

Erupt on maiden, Ned–I am not pure! (62)

Erupt, safe, fast, pure! 133

Esa collects old lost cello case. (260)

Esne’s orca man I derided, ired in a macro sense. 200

Espana nixes sex in an apse. 200

Espy LA cop at apocalypse. 144

Essen I finesse. (85)

Esso pondered no posse. 200

E-swords drowse! (357)

Et no regrets: I’m Eve, Mister Geronte! (16)

Et tu, Brute, go get Ur butte. (200)

“Et tu, butte?” (144)

Etats derussify my fissured state. (88)

Etna maid Ada had a Diamante. (200)

Etna, tub Ed’s debutante. (200)

Etna’s draw despot stops Edward’s ante. 200

Etnas say no to Tony Assante. (144)

Eton, an epic item so cosmetic, I pen a note. (4)

Eton cadet Abe rebated a C-note. 200

Eton, Caliente bet Neil a C-note. (88)

Eton duo: Lyre venom on every loud note! (98)

Eton is yawed, I see; sideways, I note. (260)

“Eton’s not sleepy tonight”, I, with Gino, type Elston’s note. (307)

Eula, verify my fire value. 144

Eureka, fake rue! (85)

Eureka mixes sex–I make, rue. (316)

Eureka–till I pull up ill, I take rue! (112)

Euripides, use dip I rue. 144

Eurodisney yens I do rue. (144)

Euro’s lair I also rue. 144

Euston saw I was not Sue. (16)

Euston sees not Sue. (10)

Ev, Aussie dude is suave! 394

Ev, Aussie is suave. (200)

“Ev,” I answer, “Drew’s naive.” (71)

Ev, I, Doc, atonal, pondered no Plano taco dive. (200)

Ev, I tar Randian aid narrative. 200

Ev, I tax a laxative. 200

Ev is a vet Sal tailed at a deli, at last evasive. 200

Ev, is Australian snail art suasive? (88)

Ev, is ice decisive? (71)

Ev is ired, and Edna derisive. 200

Ev, is Neff offensive? (200)

Ev, is Sam’s sensuousness massive? 200

Ev, it alerts Al, Sara’s last relative. (200)

Ev, it is O positive. 200

Ev, love[,/did] evolve. (200)

Ev: love, revive, revolve! (71)

Ev, love, to gibbon-snob bigot, “Evolve!” (1)

Ev, lover–[r]evolve! (71)

Ev, older casserole lore’s sacred, love. (200)

Ev, older cassette’s sacred, love. 200

Ev, Racine men I carve. (200)

Ev, resign, “I’m raw, so, swarming, I serve.” (1)

Ev reviled deli verve. (200)

Eva, can a Romany date bet a dynamo ran a cave? (260)

Eva, can evilness enliven a cave? 394

Eva, can I… (Please see Commentaries-IV)Eva, can Ida be bad in a cave? 394

Eva can ignite virtuosos out riveting in a cave. (116)

Eva can, in a cave. (181)

Eva, can Woden OK one down a cave? (260)

“Eva, canines!” I rasp, “Mac’s scamps arisen in a cave!” (71)

Eva(,)(c/g/h/l/p/r/s/w)ave.(!) (88-1)

Eva, cool gin at an igloo cave. (307)

Eva, Dee, see Dave. (71)

Eva, do to Di, [Sal, Ruby, Amy, May, Burl,/Salim, Edna, and Emil] as I do to Dave. (71)

Eva, Dot, tug taco catgut to Dave! (254)

Eva drew snail…er…apparel.” I answer Dave. (260)

Eva, E.W., DNA Bob’s racecars bob and weave! (248)

Eva, eh, in a can I heave! (71)

Eva, Eli, and Edna–I leave. (71)

Eva elicits a mastic, “I leave!” (144)

Eva, Ella, Regan, Amy, Babs and Edna’s baby manager Al leave. (260)

“Eva gave sis pony!” –Synopsis Eva gave. 408

Eva gave to Pam a [jam–/a pot–to Pam,] a pot Eva gave. (71)

Eva, gin is a sin, is a sin I gave. (1)

Eva H. saw taxis, six, at Wash. Ave. (71)

Eva, hew a log; repair I a pergola we have. 423

Eva, his eyes I have. 461

Eva, Histolytic city lots I have. (5)

Eva–holiday ad I, lo, have! (1)

Eva lit a cat I lave. (254)

Eva RC did crave. (200)

“Eva, ri[de cars sore Ross raced!/de Ned!]” I rave. (71)

“Eva, rig a hag!” I rave. (254)

“Eva, rig a jam or fan Alana from a Jag.” I rave. (254)

“Eva, rig up a pug!” I rave. (71)

“Eva riled Omar, a model!” I rave. (254)

Eva riled: “Oy, I yodel, I rave!” (71)

“Eva, rip a map!” I rave. (71)

“Eva, rip a pad or prod a pap!” I rave. (254)

“Eva, rip a ram or an aroma rap!” I rave. (254)

“Eva, rip up [an owl–{a g}al won] a pup!” I rave. (71)

“Eva rips a gig, a gag!” I gasp, I rave. (71)

“Eva risen, [I see sines,”/Ida dines!”/Ivy names a vase, many vines!”] I rave. (71)

“Eva rises !” I  rave. 71

“Eva, risk catnips, I spin tacks!” I rave. (254)

“Eva, risk no monks!” I rave. (71)

“Eva risks Amy’s sissy masks!” I rave. (71)

Eva waded away, a Maya waded a wave. (254)

Eva wailed, “Edna handed Eli a wave!” (254)

Eva, with gilded light, I wave. (71)

Eva, with gilt light I wave. 372

Eva wondered, “No pier?” ere I pondered, “No wave?” (11)

Evacuees use EU cave. 200

Evade Dave?/Evade, Dave?/Evade, Dave./Evade Dave! (00-many)

Evade gruff urge, Dave. (109)

Evade me, Dave. (00-many)

Evade no one, Dave. (77,98)

“Evade sleep, oh hope, else?”—Dave. 402

Evader igniting ire, Dave? 372

Evan knows Iris won, knave. (327)

Eva’s ewe we save. (307)

Evasion is a car of tools; it is loot for a casino I save. (260)

Evasive Bev I save. (144)

Eve damned Eden (mad Eve!) (8+/or78)

Eve, I sand as Red Rome Gem orders a DNA sieve. (237)

“Eve,” I say, “note vaginal plan – I gave Tony a sieve.” (71)

Eve, is a (pup, pot-top, butt-tub, Tulsa slut, mug o’ gum) a sieve? (71)

Eve is a sieve. (many)

Eve (maiden name, both sad in Eden), “I dash to be manned; I am Eve!” (170)

Eve maidened, I am Eve. (8)

“Eve, man, am Eve!” (16)

“Eva rises, so tall – Ella tosses,” I rave. (71)

Eve saw diamond, [erred]–no maid was Eve. (11,[8])

Eve, sin IS Eve! (351)

Eve was I ere I saw Eve. (8)

Even a copy typo can even up a pun; even a copy typo can, Eve. (260)

Even a horror of evil distracts udder-obsessed dogs, goddesses, bored dustcarts I’d live for, or Rohan, Eve. (260)

Even Aidan, a cadet roper, reported a Canadian Eve. (260)

Even ail I, viceroy o’ yore, civilian Eve. (1)

Even am I, man, Eve. (339)

Even as I trade tales of UFOs (e.g. “A Minister of Trade’s Unusual Cat Nastily Lit Santa Claus”), unused art for ETs in images of UFOs elated artisan Eve. (260)

Even as I train a model’s goddess I kissed, dogs led Omani artisan Eve. (260)

Even I saw Edith Nesbit on tub, but not Ibsen H.–tide was in, Eve. (11)

Even I sin, Eve. (71)

Even I urge Meg: ruin Eve. 394

Even I was awed (a mini, a model battlefield demo to meddle): I felt table domain I made was a win, Eve. 423

Even in Eden I win Eden in Eve. (11)

Even Rob went solo to lost newborn Eve. (260)

Even words drown, Eve? 394

Evening, I sign in: “EVE”. 394

“Ever one tenor, Eve.” (148)

Eve’s husband nabs…uh…Seve?! (260)

“Evian, Miss–I’m naive…” (97)

Evil, a stiff–it’s alive! (71)

“Evil alert: saw (wow!) wastrel alive!” (1)

Evil Alice, cook Cuckoo Cecil alive.(-1) 394

Evil–all its eras are still alive. (109)

Evil, all its sin, is still alive. (190)

Evil am I–I’m alive! (79)

Evil as I am, Ma is alive. 144

Evil as I am, Pop, Ma is alive. 1

Evil Asia is alive. (144)

Evil assent I won, Eva, else Popes leave no witness alive. (260)

Evil, assure Tahiti pawner, “Raw Warren wapiti hate Russ alive!” (254)

Evil Celt Ruth slew Welsh turtle Clive. 423

Evil Di, doer, on an Oreo did live. 200

Evil dog Ron, nor tame matron, nor God, live! (1)

Evil era, Stacy; cats are live! (00)

Evil era’s Mac: beware, Vera, webcams are live. 423

Evil, evac a cave: live! (274)

Evil Eye Live. (200)

Evil girl Iona put a cat up an oil rig—LIVE! 307

Evil [I did/did I] dwell; lewd [did I/I did] live. (historical/16)

“Evil, I roll a fine vinyl–perish Tab’s baths,” I reply, “Niven, I fall or I live.” (71)

Evil, in a can I live. (71)

Evil is a name of a foeman–as I live! (10)

Evil odes or prose do live. (00)

Evil on a martini–I (in it) ram an olive! (1)

“Evil One” veneer got to green, even olive. (260)

Evil rats on no star live. (286)

Evil siege is live. 144

Evil Sis is live! 394 

Evil, stark rats live. (1)

Evil Tim must at summit live. (350)

Evil was in an ode we do, nan, I saw live. 200

Evil, Tonya: my baby may not live. 200

Evil was in an ode we do, nan, I saw live. 200

Evil was Saladin, a man I’d (alas!) saw live. 77

Evil yam strap parts may live. (160)

Evil’s amoral aromas live.  1

Evil’s I.V. let Elvis live. (278)

Evils live. (3)

Evil’s sensuousness–live! 429

Evita (B.M.O.C.) was, I saw, combative. (200)

Evita cover at Star evocative! (83)

Evita, general by Amy may blare, “Negative!” 144

Evita gent Sid, Asa saw, was a sadist, negative. 200

Evita, gentle, felt negative. (109)

Evita, Madame, rose past six–exists ape-sore, mad, amative! (71)

Evita not [a mama/avid diva] to native. (201)

Evita re poets aware: “Eye era, waste operative!” (1)

Evita, re post op pots: operative? (200)

Evita reneged, degenerative. (00–many)

Evita rots, erases old nasturtium essays, or asks a rosy-ass emu: it ruts and loses a restorative. (260)

Evita, Vi, redo derivative. 200

Evita, Von nixes sex innovative. 200

Evolve, Bev–love! (98+/or108)

Evolvers rev love. (88)

Evolving is a wonder (cast sacred), now a sign: “IV love.” (237)

Ew, did we..? 418

Ewe sex: if Mary, a gay ewe, droops, poor Dewey, a gay ram, fixes ewe. 423

Exult at Luxe. (88)

Eye, Bird, a bad ribeye. 200

Eye-popping odd errata sees a tarred dog nip Popeye. (260)

Eyes tell, “Let’s eye!” 1