“‘M’ lab menial slain–embalm!” (6)

M. Rowe pats Anna’s tapeworm! 423

Ma, alas, did salaam.  144

Ma, bog did go bam!  144

Ma caps a spa cam.  144

Ma damned a [la]den madam. 144

Ma damned a nine man amen in a den, madam. 200

Ma, Dano’s on a dam.  200

Ma, do not race garage car to no dam. 200

Ma gave Bev a gam.  144

Ma handed Edna ham.  11

Ma has a ham. (116)

Ma hung gnu ham. (337)

Ma, I am! (many)

Ma, I am A.B. Alan–I am gin enigma in Alabama, I am. (201)

Ma, I am a boy: Obama I am. (362)

Ma, I am a lama, I am. (109)

Ma, I am a llama, I am! (97)

Ma, I am a Ma, I am! (4)

Ma, I am a man, Roberto; hot, reborn, a mama I am. (71)

Ma, I am a Maya “Papaya Mama,” I am. (200)

“Ma, I am a Santa at NASA, ma, I am!”  (283)

Ma, I am Al–llama I am. (1)

Ma, I am all llama, I am! (1)

Ma, I’m as low as AWOL Sam, I am. 200

Ma, I am god – a dogma I am. 480

Ma, I am God: dogma I am. (285, 480)

Ma, I dwell…I’ve seen knees–nude, red, unseen knees–evil, lewd I am. (71)

Ma, I name Nile iguanas, as an Augie lineman I am. 440

“Ma,” I say, “Lee’s as eely as I am.” (97)

Ma, I [see/snip in] Siam. 144

Ma, I won: am a llama now, I am! 475

Ma, I’ll lull Liam. (372)

Ma, I’m a damned, dirt-ridden madam, I am! (71)

Ma, I’m a damp mildewed limp madam, I am. 71

Ma, I’m a hag, I … dismal clams I dig – a ham, I am. (71)

Ma, I’m a yam: a yam I am. 456

Ma, in a Brussels less urban I am. (88)

Ma, in a can, I, maniac Cain, am in a can, I am! (71)

Ma, in Amman I am.  (200)

Ma, ironic, in a panic in OR I am. 200

Ma is a busy assay sub as I am.  200

Ma is a nun, as I am. (16)

Ma is a retro porter, as I am. (200)

Ma is acidic, as I am. (226)

Ma is alive, evil as I am.  480

Ma is as I am[./?] (many)

Ma is as selfless as I am. (16)

Ma is, Assad, a badass as I am.  200

Ma is niece in Siam. (29)

Ma, is Nim in Siam?  144

Ma is Sam–ass I am! 1

Ma, Jan is in a jam. (97)

“Ma, Jan is,” Kramer remarks, “in a jam!” (71)

Ma, Jedi hide Jam. (200)

“Ma,” Jerome raps pot top, “spare more jam!” (5)

Ma, Jesus, use jam! 372  “Ma,”‘ Jesus, “use jam?” 485

Ma, jot a motto: “Got Tomato Jam?” (372)

Ma, Miserable Mel bares imam! 144

Ma, nap on no Pan-Am. (98)

Ma nixes sex in A.M. (200)

Ma, often I back cabinet foam.  278

Ma offers ref foam. 144

Ma ordered, “Roam!” 144

Ma, origami, magi–roam! (279)

Ma Perot’s Dr., Al, located a cadet a collard store, Pam. (200)

Ma, promote Tom or Pam. 144

Ma ran a ram.  144

Ma Sadat, so to cater I hire “Taco-Tostada” Sam. 200

Ma said, “A [crass/crab, a jam, a ham, a jab – ] Arcadia, Sam!”  (71)

Ma, serenade Dan ere Sam. (200)

Ma set a date, Sam. (98)

Ma–she stuns Dad’s nuts, eh Sam?  (1)

Ma, slay old loyal Sam. 307

Ma, snot-sober, I wire Boston.” – Sam.  (71)

Ma, staff fat Sam! (1)

Ma, stiff, fit Sam!  1

Ma stops Ed’s despot, Sam. (71)

Ma, still it’s A.M! (200)

“Ma, still lit?” Sam. ~ Ma still lit Sam. ~ Ma, still, lit Sam.  (1)

Mabel can rebate tabernacle–BAM! 144

Mac–beware pop opera webcam! 144

Mac code to Oleg: “At tocsin is cottage looted, Occam?” (254)

Mac snubs Bob’s bun scam. (97)

Mac spots tip at a pit-stop scam. (201)

Macro frog irks–I risk rigor for CAM. (00)

Macro-fire those craft farces, oh Teri, for Cam. (1)

Mac’s sad story rots D.A.’s scam. (278)

Mad, a detail of Eden: one defoliated Adam. (94)

Mad, “A.M. Rio” dubbed a deb “Budoir Madam.” (1)

Mad, a maid I am, Adam. (11)

Mad, a miser on steps gags pet, snores: “I’m Adam.” (71)

Mad, a monster frets, “No madam?” 144

Mad, a red nun in Ur, a den Ma, damned a run-in under a dam. 200

Mad, Adam? 423

Mad Ada’s Otto got to sad Adam.  200

Mad, Adelaide redialed Adam. (372)

Mad, alive, I mash Tom’s mom’s moths – am I evil, Adam? (71)

Mad, (aloof) was a sleepy type Elsa saw fool Adam. (307)

Mad am I, Madam? (16)

Mad Amadeus sued a madam. (110)

Mad, an illicit songstress asserts gnostic ill in Adam. 200

Mad anew, Gwen knew Owen knew Gwen Adam. 394

Mad as an ox in battle, pelt ‘Tab’ Nixon (a sad a.m…) (1)

Mad as it is it is Adam. (11)

“Mad?” asks Adam. (144)

Mad at a decaf, Russian Anais surfaced at a dam. 200

Mad at a Degas seminar in Iran, I messaged at Adam. 200

Mad at a delivery van, a wasted ace cadet saw a navy reviled at a dam. 200

Mad at a demo, old Emil, slimed, loomed at Adam. 200

Mad axes sever Eve’s sex, Adam. (254)

Mad dash, eh Saddam? (77)

Mad dash, saber, draw no Osama, so: onward, re-bash Saddam! (265)

Mad Edna, a slut, nipped & sinned w/ Dennis & Depp in Tulsa and Edam. (46)

Mad Edna, a slut, nixes sex in Tulsa and Edam.  (307)

Mad, rats tar dam! (1)

Mad Rob ran nan one mile tops, Ott, to spot Eli men on Ann arbor dam. 200

Mad stops sass Potsdam. (88)

Mad Zeus (no live devil) lived evil on Suez dam. (7)

Mad Zeus not on Suez dam (23)

Madam asserts, “I merit as a satire mistress, a madam.” 144

Madam, I [dig, I revive; rigid,/peel sisal as I sleep-/slam in a net torn, rotten animals -/wash supine men, I push saw–] I’m Adam.  (71)

Madam, I’m Adam. (114)

Madam in a can, I’m Adam.  (71)

Madam in Eden, I’m Adam. (10)

Madam it is in Eden I sit–I’m Adam. (71)

Madam, it’s Aeneas, Tim, Adam. (71)

Madam, lab men embalm Adam. (307)

Madam Labia, I balm Adam. (256)

Madam lived locally, died in sadness; revivers send a snide idyll a cold evil Madam. (260)

Madam, name me man, Madam. (11)

Madam solos mum, sees mum solos, Madam. (1)

Madame Nile pips pipeline, madam. (324)

Madame, not one man is selfless; I name not one, madam. (5)

Madoff obsesses boffo dam. 144

Madam’s Adam’s mad as Madam. (11)

Made a duo: Gouda, Edam. 459

‘Made man’, name dam! 480

Made no trace, we cart one dam. (237)

Madder Albania gasps: “Again, a blared dam!” (260)

Madeline, pipe Nile dam. 144

Madoff obsesses boffo dam.

Mae, no little fists I felt ’til one AM. 200

Mae, not a peep at one A.M.! (88)

Mae, not a rabbi ran in a rib bar at one AM. 200

Mae, not as wet, stews at One A.M. (307)

Mae notates busy subset at one AM. 144

Mae snipped J. Depp inseam. (200)

Mae sure pondered no Peru seam. (200)

Mae tases a team. 144

Mae, Ty alerted a cadet relay team.   200

Maestro Perseid, loyal Proxima, mix or play oldies, report seam. 429

Maestro pondered no port seam. 200

Mahalia ‘n’ Di did nail a ham.  200

Maharis was, I saw, sir, a ham. 200

Mai (snide village gal) lived in Siam. 144

Mai snips a wasp in Siam. 144

‘Mai Tai fiat’ I am! 144

Mai, warn, “Raw I am!”  1

Maid loses it in a slave eval:”Sanitise–sold I am!” 394

Maiden I possess opined, “I am.”  144

Maiden I urge, beg, ruined I am. 429

“Maiden, if no craft so melts a chasse legato of foot ageless-ah, castle most far, confined I am.”  5

Maiden made Bev, loser, resolve: be ‘damned-I-am.’ (1)

Maiden obsesses, “Boned I am!” 144

Maiden, rub–burned I am. (200)

Maiden woos, so owned I am. (5)

Mail Amana pots to Panama, Liam.  307

Mail one rotten net to Reno, Liam. (1)

Mail Pa’s ax ASAP, Liam. (307)

Mail some men ozone memos, Liam. (372)

Mail to Paris, sir, a pot, Liam. (71)

Mail to Peru pure pot, Liam. (307)

Maim, as did ‘Sam-I-Am.’ (1)

Maim, as we hew, Sam-I-am. 144

Maim ass, Sam-I-Am. (144)

“Maimed omen, one modem I am!” 429

Main I am! (85)

Maine Ben/hen/Ken/Len/pen/Sen./Zazen I am. (88, 237)

Mai’s nine, Zorro, zero; more Zorro zen in Siam? (254)

Maisy [dooms moody / knows wonky / won snowy / allay / assay] Siam.  144

Major I aced is Nile dome model inside Cairo jam. (260)

Majority tiro jam. (88)

Majors nab an SRO jam. (88)Made a duo: Gouda, Edam. 459

Malcontent, net no clam!  109

Malcontents I list net no clam. 144

Malign, I rob; boring–I lam! (106)

Maligning, I lam. (88)

Mal’s sign: “Ohtani in a thong is SLAM!” 456

Mama, ill I, William, am.  200

Man, Eve let a snug warder redraw guns at eleven a.m. (307)

Man, Eve let an idiot–a retromastoid idiot, Sam, (or teratoid)–in at eleven a.m. (11)

Man, Eve let an irate tar in at eleven a.m.! (11)

Man, Eve stays sassy at seven A.M. (88)Man, Eve’s tall at six A.M. and, Edna, Max is tall at Seven A.M. (307)

Man, Eve’s TA temple help met at seven AM.  200

Man, Eve’s tan GI’s see Rob (Maja’s boss), Al and Edna lasso BSA jamboree’s sign at seven a.m. (307)

Man, Eve’s tax I fix at seven A.M. (200)

Man, I faced decaf in A.M. 461

Man, I pee deep in a.m.!” 394

Man I rush saw I wash Surinam. 144

Man, I rush Surinam. (88)

Man: “I put ego to go-go to get up in a.m.” 394

Man, I rust at Surinam. (260)

Man, idle, I felt sacred, Lon, at an older castle field in AM. 200

Man in robes, or atop a pot, arose, born in a.m. 394

“Man in tundra has a hard nut.”–Nina M. 417

Man, it’s egg use we suggest in A.M. 200

Man maps yam snot and DNA–tons may spam ‘Nam! (116)

Man, Oprah’s sharp on AM! (210)

Man, rotisserie heiress, I Torn am. (200)

Man sees ‘Nam. (144)

Mandel, likely Kyle killed–Nam. (200)

Mandela, I dialed Nam.  (200)

Manet sees ten A.M. (144)

Manet tastes sap assets at ten A.M. (88)

Maniac [I tore sees erotica/ires Erica/is rocker to trek Corsica] in AM. 144

Manic, I do sip enigmatic, illicit, a.m. gin (episodic in a.m.) 394

Manic, I mimic in AM. 144

Manilow at New York, Roy, went AWOL in A.M. (200)

Manning, I spot Satan at a stop sign in ‘Nam.  200

Manning is on no sign in Nam. 144

“Mannix” is a six in Nam.  200

Man’s mood dooms ‘Nam. (193)

Mantis, I vote to visit ‘Nam! 144

Many bees in air, an Alp, a planarian I see, Bynam. (71)

Mao bore, jaded, a Jeroboam. (88)

Mao bore Jeroboam? (103)

Mao noted “Ursine Ben is rude to Noam.” 200

Mao, roam! (1)

Maples made Damsel Pam. (237)

Mar pony not, Eva gave Tony no pram. (254)

Marc, get in ode: “Taste gnu, Jack (cajun!), get sated on it–e.g. cram.”  1

Marc, it’s Ida: sadistic ram! 481

Marc, scram! (113)

Marcia, mar an Aramaic ram.   109

Marcia, some portraits I mist–I “art rope” Mosaic Ram. (237)

Marciano: “Mona, I cram.”  200

Mares use ram. (237)

Marg anagrams Marg anagram. 144

Marg, I pen [an] epigram. (4,[71])

Marg, I pet epigram? (4)

Margaret, as it is it is a teragram.  200

Margaret faded after a gram.

Margaret fades in a groomed demo organised after a gram. (260)

Margaret fasts after a gram. 144

Marge let a moody baby doom a telegram. (5)

Marge let a reviled boob deliver a telegram. (325)

Marge – “Let a sadness send as a telegram.” 485

Marge, let Apu pop up a telegram. 425

“Marge let one mattress,” an ace dude can assert, “tame no telegram.” (260)

Marge let Ratso ’n Rae near no Star-Telegram.  200

Marge let telegram. (16,201)

Marge, let’s drown in words–telegram! (1)

Marge lets Norah see Sharon’s telegram. (16)

Marge, let’s note Eton’s telegram.  200

Marge, let’s rebuff Uber’s telegram. 200

Marge, let’s send a sadness-telegram. (71, 144)

Marge, let’s telegram! (many)

Marge, let’s telegram her over the sex of my gym foxes, eh Trevor, eh Marge … let’s telegram! (260)

Marge suggested a cadet’s egg use, gram. 200

Margi, “penis is burned raw–Warden rubs” is in epigram. (71)

Margo edited a cadet ideogram. (260)

Margo edits Olson Adano’s ‘Lost Ideogram.’ (71)

Margo, I gnash teeths: angiogram.  200

Margo needs, Dee, no gram. (1)

Margo piled on: an i-less “Eve, Now One Vessel,” in an ode lipogram. 200

Margo read [Asa] a sad aerogram. (307)

Margo, toss a lasso to Gram! (309)

Mari: “Hot, snug, defiant, Enos, on Etna, I fed guns to Hiram.” (71)

Maria Peron did no repair A.M. (200)

Marian I ram as a marina I ram. (260)

Marinade’s not on sedan I ram. 144

Marine mats slid off a daffodil’s stamen I ram. (260)

Marine men I ram. (307, 144)

Mariner Wren I ram. (200)

Marines, see, Essen I ram! 144

Mario’s sure nerd Rene Russo I ram. 144

Marissa’s ass I ram. (many)

Mark cuts a stuck ram.  307

Marry, taser-ace; we care, satyr-ram. (378)

Mars UFOs told a case: “he’s a cad lots of us ram.” (260)

Mars UFOs told a war office sage, “beg a sec, if for a wad lots of us ram.” (260)

Marta, Enos: I belt, tackle elk, cattle, bison; eat ram. (71)

Marta, Nina, Melba, Ella, Maria and Edna air a malleable man in a tram. (260)

Martensdale lads net ram. (88)

Martian is a no-no, son, on a Sinai tram.  200

Martin, I tram! (1)

Martin knows it is won, Knit Ram!  (328)

“Mart’s red roses suck!” Cal Black cusses, orders tram. (71)

Marty, Bo got Hannah to go by tram. (254)

Marty, Bo got Otto to go by tram. (307)

Martyr, do dry tram. (237)

Martyr, even I saw Isaac rode red orca, as I was in every tram. 429

Martyr every tram? (144)

Martyr, to rehab a hero, try tram. 429

Martyr to try tram. 144

Martyr, try tram. 429

Mary, babe, had a he-baby ram. (109)

Mary bred a derby ram. (77)

Mary Gross: “I miss orgy ram!” 144

Mary, must I jujitsu my ram? (307)

Mary, nab any ram. (253)

Mary, poor Dad lost a rate, yet a rat sold a droopy ram. (260)

Mary’s order is, “I Red Rosy ram!” (237)

Mary’s super: a bare pussy ram! (260)

Mary’s words (in a pajama), “Japan is Drowsy Ram.” (24)

Mary’s wordsmith saw Otto wash Tim’s drowsy ram.  307

Ma’s avid as a diva, Sam. (292)

Ma’s “Drat!” saddened dastard Sam. 394

Mas o menos sin is so Nemo, Sam. 144

Mas reign at Tangier, Sam. (1)

Ma’s story rots Sam. (97)

Mash, clump up mulch, Sam.  372

MASH coopted a cadet pooch, Sam.  200

Mash Sid a radish, Sam. (71)Mash side-dish, Sam.  (71)

Mash Sid’s dish, Sam. (71)

“Mash Tums,” I beep, “I pee bismuth, Sam.” 71

Mask canker: a rare knack, Sam. 394

“Mask OK, Sam?” (88)

Masks alright?” I, with girl, ask Sam.  372

Mass evil traffic if fart lives, Sam! (277)

Mass universes rev in us, Sam! 144

Massage Degas, Sam. (200)

Massage gas, Sam.  1

Massage pipe gas, Sam. 144

Masseur Bob rues Sam. (260)

Masseur rues Sam. 144

Masseuse babe sues Sam. (260)

Masseuse sues Sam.  (many)

Masseuses are set among a harem; a camera hag no mates erase sues Sam. (260)

Masseuses are stolen; one lots erase sues Sam. (260)

Massless at rest are rats’ .. er … tassels, Sam. (260)

“Masterful flu!” fret Sam.  144

“Masticate, tacit Sam!”429

Masticate tagliatelle, tailgate tacit Sam. 429

Mastiff fit Sam. (200,144)

Mat a mildewed Lima tam. (307)

Mate, it nailed Eli: Antietam. (260)

Mats, I rupee purist am. (200)

Max enacted a cadet can exam. 200

Max ere hypocrisy: “Sir, copy her exam.” 423

Max, I stab a hernia: gas again, rehab at six a.m. (260)

Max, I stalled O’dell at six A.M. (200)

Max, I stampede P.M. at six a.m. (200)

Max, I star: it’s an amoral Luddite, fatso Cal Acosta, fetid, dull, a Roman astir at six AM. 200

Max, I state Gina may baby a man I get at six a.m. (260)

Max, I stay alert in a cosy port, new as if I saw entropy, so can it relay at six a.m.? (260)

Max, I stay away at six a.m. (5or10)

Max, I stay ’til I bait a snide trap’s gelded legs-parted insatiability at six a.m.!   (260)

Max is lit, nude (bra-garbed) until six A.M. (200)

Max is tapir trip at six A.M? (200)

Max is tasting nits at six a.m. (307)

Max, is taxi fix at six A.M? (200)

“Maxed a mad exam!” 429

Maxey, go lob my symbology exam. (307)

May a bad boob dab a yam? (00-350)

May a bad Sam allege llamas dab a yam? 144

May a banana nab a yam? (4)

May a bat stab a yam? (71)

May a deli rot a herb if I had a hi-fibre hat or I led a yam? (260)

May–“A gut’s tug, a yam!” 485

May a knish sink a yam? 485

May a liar trail a yam? 485

May a liar trot, or trail a yam? (260)

“May a llama level a mall.” -a yam. 424

May a moody baby doom a yam? (16)

May a [node, Caleb, be laced on/noose pay a peso on/nostril flee NASA as an eel flirts on/note set on/nut stun/pansy snap] a yam? (71)

May– “A note set on a yam?” 485

May a prawn warp a yam? (260)

May, (a sleepy baby), peels a yam. (307)

May–“A tonsil is not a yam!” 485

May a tuber’s deds rebut a yam? 485

May–“A wastrel, alert, saw a yam!” 485

May Ali assail a yam? 144

May an evil Sam allege llamas liven a yam? 144

May–“As it is, it is a yam!” 485

May an [ore teeter/okra park/olive dab a devil/Opus repel lepers up/Otis sit] on a yam? (71)

May–“Bar an Araab yam?” 485

May deer uproot a top potato or pureed yam? 260

May Degas draw Deb Edwards’ aged yam? (71)

May Deirdre hand Edna her dried yam? 307

May Eva, Hume’s emu, have yam? (98)

May it name ’em anti-yam? (194)

May one tail I tore hydrate me, tardy hero, ’til I ate no yam? (260)

May p.m. urges reverse grumpy a.m.? 394

May–“Re-gnaw anger yam!” 485

May smote Tom’s yam! 485

May ‘Tenth Gimp’ might net yam! 144

May (timid)–“Dim it, yam!” 485

May we [h/s]ew yam? 144

May we nab a new yam? (123, 144)

Maya:”I saw rose lunar granules, or was I a yam?” (236)

Maya–“No, bar an Arab on a yam!” 485

“Maya, pose Aesop!”–a yam. 485

Maya sees a yam. 144

Maya–“Si, Timi Imit is a yam.” 485

“Maya’s Pa!” raps a yam. 485

“Maya’s selfless?”–a yam. 485

Maybe garner a “Karen rage” by a.m.? 394

Maybe glib Don and Edna nod, bilge by AM? 394

Maybe go doge by a.m.? 394

Maybe I die by AM. 144

Maybe if I “fie” by AM? 144

Maybe I’ll end Nellie by AM. 144

Maybe it’s a pastie by a.m.? 394

Maybe rehire women, as a sane mower I hereby am. (260)

Maybe we assess a ewe by AM? 144

Mayo–“Did I do yam?”  485

Mayo had I not on Idaho yam. 200

Maytag, Eb, begat yam. (200)

Me, gig ’em?  (200)

Me–go help Miss Simple hog ’em? (1)

Me gusta katsu gem! 144

Me, I’d reepress a potato passer per diem. 509

“Me, Leona, can I poop in a canoe?”–Lem. (71)

Me open a crate — got to get arcane poem! 394

Me: “OpenAI, hi: an e-poem?” 507

Me to Gia, “I got ’em!” 144

Meander over, Trevor, Edna, Em. 200

Media kudos O.D. UK–aid ’em! (1)

Media Mac, I am a Jamaica maid, Em. (200)

Media pseudonym, Amy: no dues paid ’em! (260)

Media stock cot said, “Em…” (237)

“Media strategists, I get Art,” said Em. (1) 

Media stunt nut said, “Em!” (144)

Media stunt nuts aid ’em. (144)

Meed ici: noise large, e.g. rales ionic, I deem. (1)

Meek I listen…no sonnets I like, Em. (11)

“Meek, ill, lewd — we’ll like em!” 260

Meet animals; laminate ’em. (00-350)

Meet, see Rome–more esteem! (1)

Meet, seek, also slake esteem. 429

Meet, seek (as peek)–eke keepsake esteem.  429

Meeting I saw as “Ignite Em!” 144

Meeting illicit or erotic, I’ll ignite ‘em! 423

Meeting iron words, nuns drown or ignite ’em. 00

Meg, a tart, saw a stratagem. 144

Meg, a tart’s a stratagem.  (1)

Meg, as an intro to tort, Nina’s a gem. 200

Meg, as I said, Ana Dias is a gem. 200

Meg, as is, is a gem. (200)

Meg assess a gem. (372)

Meg, I gig ’em. (200)

Meg, I’d Dad dig ‘em.  (1)

Meg saw one rock core now as gem. (1)

‘Mega’ now, elf flew–on a gem. (237)

Megabucks ask Cuba gem. (85)

Megabucks I risk: Cuba gem! (85-1)

Megan, I finish sin if I nag ’em. (11)

Megan, October’s deeds re Bot Co. nag ’em! (1)

Megan’s mom – “Snag ’em!” 485

Mega-Sade reversed, a jade’s revered as a gem. (254)

“Megaton”‘s not a gem. (88)

“Megatonnage, big ass bag abs sag” I began, “–not a gem!” 429

Megaton’s tiredness sender, it’s not a gem. 429

Mega-wasted, E.T. saw a gem. (1)

Meg’s bored; I hide Rob’s gem. (71)

Mehitabel, a pale bat I hem. (260)

Mehta, maestro, pondered no port seam at hem. 200

Mel ask, Narnia in rank Salem. 394

Mel, ask Nina “Claus—unusual–can ink Salem?” 394

Mel assesses Salem.  144

Mel bursts in a Tobago toga, “Botanists, rub Lem!” 71

Mel, chest nap-red, nude yet (a sore hero!), sat, eyed underpants, eh, Clem? (1)

“Mel, Em burps,” I lisp, “I have seen knees, Eva–hips,” I lisp, “Rub me, Lem.” (71)

Mel, Gabe dies – I raise sordid roses – I arise; I debag Lem. (71)

“Mel, let it ride dirt, ” I tell ’em. 144

Mel, Noreen sneer on Lem.  (71)

Mel ogled a ticklish silk citadel golem. (260)

Mel ogled at icy citadel, Golem. 144

Mel ogles a Basel golem. 144

Mel sometimes asks a Semite, “Moslem?”  144

Mel sometimes sees Semite Moslem. 144

“Mel–spare Tim any dynamite?” raps Lem. (71)

Mel stops, [notes fossil bliss of Seton;/tenses, reverses net,/tips pots, taps, knocks Ed’s desk, conks Pat, stops pit]spots Lem. (71)

Mel, tell a moth to mallet Lem. (254)

Melee: eye eel, Em! (1)

Mellow, AWOL, Lem. (200)

Men I meet ate Eminem.  144

Men I meet abate Eminem.  144

Men I met felt “it” left Eminem.  144

Men I met lilt Eminem. (98)

Men, I’m Eminem! (many)

Men redo modern Em.  144

Menachem, eh, can Em. (200)

Me-o-my, no gas; in rut a Saturn is agony, Moe M! (71)

Merci, Mota saw Peel’s sleep was atomic R.E.M.!  (200)

Merde, Enid, I need R.E.M. (200)

Mere vespers, rep–sever ’em! (1)

“Messi, Kiev reserve I kiss.” – Em  485

Messi – “Piss ’em!”  485

Met at a bidet one summer, a harem muse noted I “bat at ’em!” (1)

Met in a fine mess is semen, if an item. 429

Met in a pub, a jihadi hid a hijab up an item. 429

Met inward drawn item? (237)

Met issues Seuss item. 200

Met, Sy sets a caste system. 200

Met, “Sy Syms” is my system.  200Met system? (237)

Metabolisms I lob at ’em. (260)

Metro perp–report ’em! 423

Mia, may no SETI meso-Semite Sonya maim? (254)

Mia–men–can acne maim? (254)

Mia, Mother of Evil, slain: Nell imputes a Slav in racy gross Arcadia, said a crass orgy carnival’s a setup millennials live for, eh, to maim. 423

Mia, snug as trade-off if foe darts a gun’s aim! 408

Miami I maim. (16)

Miami moan: “Naomi, maim!” (254)

Miami, Tulsa’s a slut I maim. (98)

Miami-Dade dad I maim! 144

Miami’s civics: “I maim.” (36)

Mia’s Irish tribe rebirth’s Iris’ aim. 200

Mia’s ‘No’ is revered ere version’s aim. (1)

Mike[,] can [Ellen] ace Kim[?]! (97)

Mike Fink did knife Kim. 144

Mike Modano’s on a dome, Kim. (106)

Mike nodded “done,” Kim. (1)

Mike’s ol’ llama’ll lose Kim. (00-350)

“Mike’s running,” I sneer, Greer green, “sign in nurse Kim.” (254)

Minecraft: is it farce, Nim? 144

Mined for allocated action, we sew no IT cadet a collar of denim. (260)

Minstrel alerts Nim. (200)

Mirror a jalapeño, graffiti it if far gone, pal, ajar or rim. 429

Mirror Red elder, Fred, led error rim. (237)

Mirror retroflex: I pass a pixel for terror rim. 429

“Miry rim–so many daffodils,” Delia Wailed,” slid off a dynamo’s miry rim!” (11)

Mirth (self-rehearsed irony, no?) rides Rae, her flesh trim. (260)

Miss Mirth trims Sim. 144

Missy, bury Ruby’s Sim! (1)

MIT civet ate Tate victim. 144

MIT civet’s a waste victim. 200

Mitt is ‘it’, ’tis it Tim?  1

Mix a man a maxim.  (315)

Mix a man as an aloof fool: an asana maxim. 411

Mix a maxim. (many)

Mix a Mojo maxim. 429

Mo, I dig an ag idiom. (200)

Mo, Idina sees an idiom. 144

Mo made Jed a Mom. (200)

Mo moistens net’s I/O, mom! 471

Mo, never ever revere venom! 144

Mo, order my Mr. Ed room. (144)

Mo Orr, A.B.A., nixed Ocala codex in a barroom. (200)

Mo snarks, “I risk ransom!” 200

Mo sobs even on Eve’s bosom. 394

Mo sobs, ” I bed not on Debi’s bosom?”  200

Mo sobs, so toss bosom! 144

Mo toted, Ilsa, a slide to Tom. (200) 

Mod rats live on a Toyota; no evil stardom. (98)

Mode robot pets, too, footstep to boredom. (1)

MODE: Robot’s drawn onwards to boredom. (372)

Mode robs boredom. (4, 144)

Model truth: turtledom. (194)

Mods, I wax a wisdom. 417

“Mods” I wonder, “bred no wisdom?” 144

Mods, I woo wisdom! 434

Mollahs shall Om. (88)

Mom saw tuna, a nut was mom. (253)

Mom saws tuna–nuts was Mom! (253-1)

Mom, slap Opal’s Mom! 307-1

Mom’s Dad & Dad’s Mom!?! (110)

Mom’s dad’s mom!?  (345)

Mom’s mood dooms Mom.  (379)

“Mom’s reifier deified?” – reifier’s mom.  485

Mom’s selfless, Mom.  (85)

Montage begat nom. 144

Moo bog did go boom.  144

Moo lazily, Ned: deny Liz a loom. (260)Moo rarely, TV ilk: OK Liv Tyler a room. (260)

Mood gods send a slate man at a speedy car a racy, deep Satan, a metal sadness: dog-doom. (254)

Mood synopsis is pony’s doom. (307)

Mood’s mode, Pallas, is all apedom’s doom. (214?)

Moods send a sere sadness, doom. (254)

Moody me–manic, I name my doom. (71)

Moody me: Take me, Kate, my doom! 394 

Moody men, I pine my doom. (77)

Moody motto: “Oblate madnesses send a metal boot to my doom”.  260

Moody Ned did deny doom.  144

Moody spigot dew, sag–as sagas wed to gipsy doom. (5-1)

Moor a Nixon aide – mock comedian ox – in a room. (260)Moor bared nudes in a gap paganised under a broom. (260)

Moor Belinda had Nile broom.  200

Moor both salsas, lash to broom. 429

Moor Deb, Anita, made Jed a mat in a bedroom. (200)

Moor debs to Dot’s bedroom. (260)

Moor let Omani in a motel room. (20)

Moor Nabila toted Al Slade to Taliban room. (200)

Moor Rep Mordecai aced Romper Room. (200)

Moor sanded Edna’s room. (290)

Moorgate got nine men in to get a groom. (5)

Moors dine, nip–in Enid’s room. (16)

Moor’s, El, at a femme fatale’s room. 200

Moors, Ira pondered no Paris room.  200

Moors retooled a rapt parade looter’s room. 200

Moors went in unmade–damn unit newsroom! 429

Mop mopes, “Use pompom…” 144

Mordecai aced ROM. (200)

“More variety, Ben–one byte,” I rave, “ROM!” (254)

Moron I was, alas, a wino, Rom. (200)

Morph sultan at lush prom. 144

Mort’s Lea, man, is in a maelstrom! 200

Mort’s Lea masks a maelstrom. 144

Moses, om! (237)

Most naive deviants Om. (88)

“Motel bait, I pay a lot to lay.” — a pitiable Tom. 423

Motel cats bored: no pizza, jazz; I ponder obstacle, Tom. (1)

Motel gnats tangle Tom. (327)

Motel gossip in a crisp silk lisp, “sir, can I piss-ogle Tom!” 429

Motel grub I burgle, Tom. (307)

Mother at song no star, eh Tom? (80)

Mother Eve’s noose we soon sever, eh, Tom? (10)

Mother: “Is puny Llewellyn up, Sir–eh, Tom?” (71)

Moths, I feel, flee fish, Tom. (71)

Moths, if refastened on a node, net safer fish, Tom. (260)

Motto ‘B’: “Slap Opal’s bottom.” (71)

Motto: Be glib, bilge bottom. 465

“Motto: beg a vast eye, dun sharp opals!” I say as I slap Oprah’s nude-yet-savage bottom. (260)

Motto: bite yeti bottom! 144

Motto: “Blair–a lame, malarial bottom.” (109)

Motto: “By fire, verify bottom.” 394

Motto by my body, as I say do by my bottom. 429

“Motto: get ten, give none” vignette got Tom. 429

MP won; ergo, ogre now PM! (74)

MP’s I-Robot signing is to Boris, PM. 429

“Mr., a few eat at a ewe farm.” 394

Mr. Al ate fetal arm. (255)

Mr. Alan, assess an alarm. 144

Mr. Alan ate Stan’s ass as Nat set an alarm. 397

Mr. Alan is selfish to goths (if less in alarm). 394

Mr. Alan, Madame, Ma–damn alarm! (71-1)

Mr. Armpit, tip Mr. Arm! 485

Mr. Ego named edema no germ. 144

Mr. Egret fasts after germ.  144

Mr. Epstein, I’m sure vile DNA can deliver us mini ET sperm.  (260)

Mr., I forge Negro firm. (200)

Mr., of gun swollen nuts, emit time’s-tunnel low snug form. (356)

Mr. Owl ate my metal worm. (97)

Mr. owl is a basil worm. (00-350)

Ms. Agro did orgasm.  144

Ms, I care to note racism.  144

Ms, I lob meek U.N. nuke embolism. (255)

Mubarak named Em Ankara bum. (200)

Mubarak, Nana saw I was an Ankara bum.  200

Mud, Ned, dated a cadet addendum. (200)

Mud, Ned, upset a knot on Kate’s pudendum. (260)

Mud negates a set agendum. (88)

Muffins: sniff ‘um. (98)

Mugger Eva gave Reg gum. (200)

Muir amasses…samarium. (88)

Muir, I ledge both cusses such to beg delirium. 429

Muir, tan a Niger guru, Greg, in an atrium. (254)

Mull every pyre vellum! 144

Mull ogre gal if I lager Gollum. 144

Mum, it poses order: red roses optimum? 394

Mum, it, pot on sidecar tec ace traced, is not optimum. 200

Murder a ram or feel glee from a rare drum.  144

Murder Ansel Adams’ “mad ale” snare drum? 144

Murder answer, C.S., is “crew snare drum.” (200)

Murder answer: H threw snaredrum. (260)

Murder for a jar of red rum? (00)

Murder–Ramses marred rum. (77)

Murder red rum? (4)

Murder Sam for a jar of Ma’s red rum? 394

Murdered I bite–yep, I prepaper pipe, yet I bide red rum. (71)

Murderee, never ask a yak firer if kayaks are veneered rum. (260)

Murmur, damning, is a sign, in mad “rum, rum…” 394

Murmur decided: iced rum… Rum?! 431

Murmur, “rum, rum.” (4,201)

Muse on a canoe sum. (260)

Music I sum. (17+/or88)

Muskrat saw a stark sum. 144

Muskrats add a stark sum. (260)

Muslim ate Tamil sum. 144

Mussels in a pot top an isle’s sum.(260)

Must a far-off fat symbol spot a top slob (my staff) for a fat sum? (260)

Must a wonk lab balk, now, at sum? 394

Must firsts rift sum? (85)

Must I await sum? 144

Must I bow to no two-bit sum? (260)

Must I fit sum?  144

Must I, Moses, omit sum? (77)

Must love Reno on one noon no one–no, no one!–revolts, um? (1)

Must Luck now, ajar, astray, beg narrator to trot, arrange by arts a Raj, a wonk cult sum? 394

Must pass apt., sum./Must pass apt sum? (237, 144)

Must savage breed deer beg a vast sum? (260)

Must save vast sum. (358, 429)

Must sell at tallest sum. (5or10)

Must set sum tilt at litmus test sum. 429

Must sis say, “anxiety byte ixnay assist sum”? 429

Must surpass sap rust sum. 429)

Mustafa [now won/saw drawer’s reward was/sees] a fat sum. 307

Mustafa rewards drawer a fat sum. (97,307)

Mustafa’s tent nets a fat sum. (110)

Muster a caret sum.  144

Mut arrest negated a cadet agent’s erratum. (88)

Mutate, Dave–evade Tatum! (71)

Mutate, killing nil, like Tatum. (260)

Mutate, Tatum! 429

Mute, rob Ragged Egg Arboretum. 429

Mute Rob ran an arboretum. (71,255,429)

Mute, rob Ray Kroc’s corky arboretum. (307)My g-spot stops gym! (00-350)

My gang is to not sign a gym.  144

My gas gags a gym. (144)

My gay asses say, “A gym!”  144

My ‘gay breed’ sex attack cat taxes deer by a gym. (260)

“My gay brood are voting,” I signal,  “So to go to slang I sign it over a door by a gym.” (260)

My gerbil acts rifled Omani shahs in a model first-calibre gym. (260)

My gym foe: born in robe of My Gym. 394

My God, A-Rod, Len, an ISIS link Nils is in an El Dorado gym.  200

“My God, do gym!”  1

My god is agog as I do gym. 144

My god is all I kill as I do gym. (260)

My gods do gym! 144

My guy notes I rise to NYU gym. 144

My gym foes’ union on a sill is a no-no in use of my gym. (260)

My gym nuts stun my gym. 480

“My gym tasks are too lonely?” a Jay Leno looter asks at my gym. (260)

My gym taxes sex at my gym. (98)

My knees say, “Do by my burn Ruby, my body ‘as seen Kym.” 429

My, no–dues pall a pseudonym! (88)

My “no dues” passed on Odessa pseudonym. 144

My, no dues pile, Eli–pseudonym? (1)

My no, pessimists–I miss eponym! 429

My “not name” ‘tis item: antonym!  144

My prey was drawn away by a wan ward, sawyer Pym. (254)