MockOK site info

With this site I hope to enlist your help in discovering and archiving any/all letter-unit PALINDROME (stand-alone, single) SENTENCES in the English language.  

And the URL sets the tone–have fun!  We palindrome nerds don’t mind being mocked..! represents the largest palindrome sentence archive available. It is also up-dated regularly and referenced fastidiously.  So far I’ve archived more than 12,750 PALINDROMIC SENTENCES, but I am sure there are thousands more!  By the way, palindromes can be numeric (not my interest!), phrase (A man, a plan, a canal-Panama–also not my interest), word (We aim to please–please to aim wee!) sentence, prose (more than one sentence), or poem/play structured (see Steven Fraser’s poems at Also, the reversible unit can be the letter (the case here) or the word : “You swallow pills for anxious days and nights, and days, anxious for pills, swallow you.”– Aric Maddux (for more discussion of these other forms of palindromic word-play, see Commentaries-I)  

My interest happens to be sensible single sentence palindromes (with subject, verb, object.)  (Please, also see Commentaries-III) (For the purpose of alphabetizing I treat acronyms as words.)

In addition, I have a special interest in how certain palindromes ‘pivot’ (see Commentaries-II for discussion of this feature.)  or contain “multiple middles” (see Commentaries-IV.)

Please have fun, try your hand, and submit any newly created single, sensible, stand-alone palindromic sentence(s) you would like!  E-mail submissions to    Please identify yourself, if you want your palindrome(s) to be referenced–as you will see I have attempted to faithfully do with the alphabetically listed (then numerically referenced) palindromes in this site.

–Timi Imit