A base tar cost Socrates a B.A. (278)

A bat’s a man in a mastaba. (260)

A berry tastes O so ‘set’, satyr Reba. (1)

“A bird egg, aneurysm, ulcer, are clumsy,” Rue nagged Riba. 429

A bot in a macadam was I ere I saw Madaca, Manitoba. (175)

A buck cabs back, Cuba. (1)

A buck can sate, get a snack, Cuba. 429

A buck said, “I ask Cuba.” 144

A buck sat on Fidel; forts act; Castro fled: if not, ask Cuba. (260)

A buck, sir, to not risk Cuba.  144

A CIA Ma jots to Jamaica. 144

A Classic is Salça. 500

A cobra ended near Boca.  (280)

A coup d’etat saved devastated Puoca. (155)

A Cronos is in Orca. (237)

A crow onstage begat snow orca. 429

A dad dabs bad dada. (1)

A daffodil I doff, Ada. (11)

A daffodil slid off Ada.  (237)

A dam rases Armada. 144

A Dan acts Niagara war against Canada. (88)

A Danish custard–drat such sin, Ada. (71)

A dank, sad nap–eels sleep and ask ‘nada’. (194)

A dart’s accordioned an adenoid, Roccastrada! (88)

A data narc ran at a DA. 144

A despot’s knob (BONK!) stops Eda! 485

A diabolic in a panic, I lob Aida. (254)

A dim lap and I did napalm Ida. (246)

A diet: a salad, alas, ate Ida. (128)

“A dim or fond ‘No’ from Ida?” (11)

A din is in Ida.  144

A disbanded e-cigarette rag I ceded nabs Ida. 200

A DNA gun is in Uganda! (88)

A DNA made Dee news we needed, Amanda. (1)

A dog apes reverse pagoda. 144

A doyen, “Assume emus sane, Yoda.” 507-1

A dum’ reb was I ere I saw Bermuda. (111)

A duo gasps, “A Gouda!” 144

A duo [gave Eva / gnaws wan / got to] Gouda. 144

A fat Sumner is a siren, Mustafa. (200)

A fat sumo traced a jade car to Mustafa. 200

A feud elite bet I led UEFA! 144

A fit Nazi ran on “Ariz: Antifa!” 394

A game can emote to menace MAGA. 144

A game: Kamala, make MAGA! 417

A game of sin is foe: MAGA. 

A game to veil a lie: Vote MAGA. 144

A gas, an age, bore Cicero, began a saga. (10)

A gas, as it is a saga! 429

A gas is Issa, Nan, in an Assisi saga. 200

A gas Romeo prognosticated on an ode: tacit song or poem or saga? (260)

“A gas, yes, on a sign,” I sing, “is a nosey saga!” (71)

A gassy ass says, “Saga.”  144

A gasworks acts in a tastily-lit satanist cask row saga. (260)

A gem: pistil’s late petal slit–sip mega! (1)

A glade I rub–e.g. a yard’s drayage: buried alga. (1)

A glade piped alga. 144

A glob ordered, “Rob Olga!” 144

“A global lab, Olga!” 355

A global war ad: “A raw lab, Olga!” (1)

A glossolalia web won’t now bewail a loss, Olga. (260)

“A glove in egg, I bet on a note!”–big genie Volga. 429

A glower drew Olga. 394

A Goth saw Ada wash toga. (6)

A goth toga party, Amy, may trap a goth toga. (260)

A Goth’s in a Danish toga. (200)

A goy did yoga. (88, 200)

A goy dooms mood yoga. 144

A goy sits–’tis yoga! (156)

A goy, to ham it up, put: “I’m a hot yoga.” 144

A goy was I ere I saw yoga. (71)

“A Hamilton’s not Lima–ha!”  (355)

A harem attache can assess an Aceh cat tamer … aha! (260)

A helot Sal lets on no Stella stole, ha! (254-1)

A hero: “Monster cesspit tips secrets no more, ha!” 423

A home-made rifleman enamel-fired a memo: ha! (260)

A hoot, no debate: we lit a love volatile (wet a bed on, too–ha!) (1)

A “I.V.-also” guy was I ere I saw Yugoslavia. (175)

A jab nips a wasp in Baja. 144

A Kit saws a swastika. 144

A lad: “I’m Ani, will I win Amidala?” (144)

A lag, a no-win, a faded artist, a hero with girdle held right: I wore hats, I traded a fan, I won a gala. (260)

A lit taser ad dares Attila. (144)

“A lit tater?” fret Atilla. 144

A local LA cola … is Pepsi a local LA cola? (260)

A lone dire duo yodel, “Bali available; do you deride Nola?” (260)

A lone spasm saps Enola! 485

A Lone Star beer for a ton o’ taro-free brats, Enola? 200

A Lone Star brat’s Enola. (200)

A lone tired nude portrays some remote vaginal panic in a plan I gave to mere mossy art roped under it, Enola. (260)

“A lot deli–amiss!” I mailed to LA. 144

A lout was I ere I saw Tuola. 292

A lug I lack, Caligula. (88, 144)

A madam ran an armada, Ma!  1

A man apart lusts ultra Panama. (85)

A man appals–I slap Panama. (115)

A man, apt as I am, guesses Seugma is at Panama. (321) 

A map uses up a ma.  144

A medic I use can ace suicide, Ma. 144

A medic I use notes pus upset one suicide, Ma. (260)

A melt till ever sere–here’s revel, little Ma! (214-1)

A meme can ace me, Ma. 144

A menace we cane, Ma.  372

“A mere hardy hydra here, Ma.” (255)

A mere “we had lost” and lo, “Tim rots a pun up a storm” I told Nat’s old, ah, ewe re Ma. (1)

A Met said Deliah ailed‑‑‑Diastema? (307)

A Met said “diastema”.  (307)

A metalsmith saw a fool’s loofa wash Tim’s late ma. 200

A mimic — “I’m Ima!” 485

A Minot calliope repo I’ll act on, Ima. (200)

A Miss I kiss (as fool aloof’s ass I kiss) Ima. 1 

A mole put no putrid dirt upon Tupelo, Ma! (71)

A monster frets no Ma. 144

“A morass-” I hiss, “aroma!” 144

A morass: I panic in a piss aroma. (260)

A moray abases a bay aroma. 144

A moray knit Sam a stinky aroma. 394

A mullet in a canoe – Leona, can I tell Uma?  (71)

A muse [gages/reveres]Uma. 144

A muse suffuses Uma. 394

A must: festoon snoots (efts), Uma. (1)

A mynah pipes, “Epiphany, Ma!” (71)

A nana bets a waste banana.  144

A NASA wirer I was, Ana.  200

A new order began; a more Roman age bred Rowena. (16)

A new order bred Rowena. 144

“A new order!” I wired Rowena. (144/260)

“A new organ!” I nag Rowena. (254)

“A new organism I ate set aims!” I nag Rowena. 144

A new organ’ll nag Rowena. (260)

A Nigerian oil Lima demanded named a millionaire ‘Gina.’ (260)

A niggard did drag Gina. (307)

A night  I wish ( si!) with Gina. (200)

A night: I woo with Gina!  1

A Nile crocodile’s mood dooms Eli, Doc or Celina!  307

A nit erases a retina. 144

A nit was I ere I saw Tina. (209)

A nitro jambalaya pot we pan is sold as a sad loss in a pew to pay a lab, Major Tina. (260)

“A ‘no merit,’ as revel-cadet Tim, busy, submitted a clever satire, Mona.” (1)

A nude man saw I was named ‘Una.’ (71)

A nude sitar comedian, I see, Sinai democratised, Una. (260)

A nude, tall, I titillated Una. (71)

A nude’s pal – Elaine – denied ocelots stole codeine: denial elapsed, Una. (260)

A nun swept pews, Nuna. (307)

A nut: “For a jar of tuna?” 165

A nut: “I had ahi tuna!?!” (144)

A nut I hate got to get ahi tuna! 144

A nut, I hate wet ahi tuna.  372, 144

A nut, I saw Roy – or was it Una? (71)

A nut nosed itself; it stifles tides on tuna. (350)

A nut on a canoe nabs flower every A.M. so staff of fatsos may revere wolf’s bane on a can o’ tuna. (307)

A nut pal rub-a-dubs bud, a burlap tuna. 429

A nut tenders Red Net Tuna. (307)

A nut was I ere I saw tuna. (209)

A nut, yes, on a sidecar traced is a nosey tuna. (7)         

A pain–a blast–ah, that’s Albania, Pa!  71

“A pair gnash sangria, Pa!” 144

“A pale gnat, Angela?” – Pa. 485

A pansy-ass says “Napa.”  144

A paper on gin ace we can ignore, Papa. 144

A parasitic illicit is Ara, Pa. (200) 

A peg at lovely Tsar–a style voltage, Pa. (350) 

A peon, Al pondered no Plano EPA. (200)`

A photo of a foot … oh Pa! (260)

A pirate nips pinetar IPA! 144

A plan: I rub urinal, Pa. (71)

“A play,” ordered royal Pa.  200

“A poem, a carol–or a cameo, Pa?” (11)

A poem I mimeo, Pa! (200)

“A pre-war dresser drawer, Pa!” (157)

A pro freebases a beer for Pa. 144

A pro: “Free beer for pa!” (144)

A pro girdle held rigor, Pa. 144

A pro gives reverse vigor, Pa. 144

A puppet’s a step, pupa. 429

A race made us sing: “I’d no cross, arch, crass or condign issue, Dame Cara”. (260) 

A rag ain’t sewn in West Niagara. (307)

“A ram ate Gaston,” ratted a cadet tar, “not sage Tamara.” (254)

A ram ate Tamara. 144

A rare, too late spud upset a looter, Ara. 200

A rash self-warning: I sign in raw flesh, Sara! (237)

A rat stole lots, Tara!  1

A recipe nailed a deli: an epic era! 144

A reflex alert: relax elf era! 429

A relic, Odin, I’m a mini, docile Ra! (116)

A renowned Eden won era. (327)

A rep on a task can see snacks at an opera. (260)

A repo man did Rossini’s sordid ‘Nam opera. (260)

A repose divides opera. (20)

A repositioned art aimed a cat at academia trade: no, it is opera. (260)

A ‘repository rot’ is opera! 144

A return made damn rut era! 144

A rewarded Nebraska yak’s arb ended raw era. 200

A rider ired Ira. 144

A rimless abyss I pass, a pissy bass – Elmira! (71)

A risk: complete LP mocks Ira. (260)

“A risk sated?” a cadet asks Ira. (260)

A Rod was I ere I saw Dora! (00)

“A rode row!” swore Dora. (237)

A rodeo won Hannah no woe, Dora. (260)

“A sabre-push: superb, Asa!” (71)

A sacred admirer, I’m Dad (E.R. Casa.) (88)

“A sad dash to get a nose-ring is a sign I resonate,” goths add, Asa.  (260)

A sad lost eggnog gong gets old, Asa. (260)

A sage trots in: “I plaster Gene, ten egrets, Alpinist Ortega (S.A.).”  (71)

“A Sandia still ‘it'” said NASA. (237)

A Sanskrit [eel-fleet/lover’s revolt/rope report/silk list] irks NASA. (71)

A Santa buttressed a dessert tub at NASA. 200

A Santa Claus U.N. UFOs elf furniture man sees name rut in ruffles of unusual cat—NASA. (237)

A Santa (dog) lived as a devil (god) at NASA. (366)

A Santa pets rats as Pat taps a star step at NASA. (366)

A Santa, Sam X, saw tree deer: ’twas Xmas at NASA. (109)

A Santa sn(a/i)ps p(a/i)ns at NASA. (366)

A Santa spat taps at NASA. (366)

A Santa spits tips at NASA. (366)

A Santa spit(s) taboo bat(‘s) tips at NASA. (366)

A Santa spots tops at NASA. (366)

A Santa stops pots at NASA (366)

A Santa taps Pat at NASA. (366)

A Santa’s at NASA. (6)

A Scot delivered loot to older, evil Ed, to CSA. 200

A sign I sin: I sing, Isa! (254)

A sire was I ere I saw Erisa. (98)

A siren, I ram mum mariner, Isa. (1)

A slab foe damages a Sega made of balsa. (260)

A sleepy Toni let Al plate linotype, Elsa. (260)

A sleeve is a sieve, Elsa. 429   

A slide rule lured Ilsa.  200

A slim silo ho clasping a bag nips alcoholism, Ilsa. (260)

A slut (moody Amy) may doom Tulsa.(307) 

A slut nigger got to Gregg in Tulsa. (307)

A slut nixes sex in Tulsa. (7)

A slut taxes sex at Tulsa. (98)

A slut was I ere I saw Tulsa. (98)

A sordid reviver did Rosa. 144

A suggestion, “No, it’s ‘egg USA’!” 1

A. suggests “Egg USA!” (144)

A suicide car bomb mob raced “ici”, USA! 237

A suit named a Dem anti-USA. 144

A sun is set now on Tess in USA. 408

A sure vowel few saw I was, we flew over USA. 429

A tad erratic, I tarred a TA. 144

A tart’s for a baton, not a bar of strata. 260

A Thai raps pariah T.A. 144

“A tin mug for a jar of gum, Nita?” 11 or 5

A tin waste pan a pet saw, Nita. 307

A tiny rare nit is a Caracas itinerary, Nita. 200

“A tiny raw nude diced for a jam I’m a jar of,” decided unwary Nita. (260)

A tip: Acre possesses sad nabob and assesses so per capita. (260)

A tip: assess a pita. 144

A tip: save Eva’s pita. (158)

A tipster gets a last egret’s pita. 200

“A tired ACL, Ava, cottons not to cavalcade.” – Rita. 200

“A Toyota, sir, is a Toyota!” (283)

A Toyota’s a Toyota. (many)

A vagabond–a hobo–had no bag, Ava. (226)

A vagabond, I hid no bag, Ava. (71)

A ‘Valdez’ oozed lava? (88)

A valet at nutso stunt ate lava! 394

A valet ate lava! (278)

A valet is opposite lava. 144

A valet saw I waste lava. 429

A vassal, a stately Kyle, tats a lass Ava. 200

A vast Subaru aura busts Ava. 144

A veep met Tab at Tempe, Eva. (48)

A video won no woe, diva. (260)

A watt off–it’s a stiff, Ottawa! 429

A worse tag, no less, elongates Row A. (260)

A yam I jaw unifies us, use if in Uwajimaya. 429

A yeti knit up a Putin kite, ya? 428

A yeti’s opposite ya! 200

Abba, Jedi ride Jabba? 394

Abe O’Malley did yell “Amoeba!” (144)

Abe, o man, a wasted ace cadet saw an amoeba! 200

Abe, refi wife Reba. (144)

Aberdeen ewes ordered Rose: “We need Reba!” 394

Aberdeen – “I need Reba!” 485

Aberdeen kookoo kneed Reba. (39)

Aberdeen’s dads need Reba. (22)

Aberdeen’s top spots need Reba. (307)

“Able foe of Elba?” (121)

Able pupils slip up Elba. (201)

Able was I ere I saw Elba. (112)

Able was I, I saw Elba! (163)

Abu tastes sad assets — a tuba. 144

Abut a tuba. (88)

Accede, Decca. (260)

Accede to Merv, remote Decca. 

Acrobats revolve, rev lover, stab Orca! (1)

Acrobat, stab Orca! (237)

Acrobats did stab orca. (200, 394)

Acrobats stab Orca! (97, 485)

Acro’s Popeye pops Orca. (237)

Across, I kiss Orca. 144

Acrostic I led elicits orca. 144

Actors rot CA! (00)

Ad: “Anacondas saw I was sad (no Canada)” 485

Ad: “Anacondas saw I was sad (no Canada)” 485

Ad art sales oppose La Strada. 144

Ad I saw was Ida. 144

Ad: “Nag Uganda!”(144)

Ad negates a set agenda. (85, 110)

Ad negator to trot agenda. 144

Ad: no Canadian act can aid anaconda. 144

Ad: Oyster frets Yoda. (144)

Ada, Cicero tore cicada? 394

Ada, I got star Boca Baco Brats to Giada.  200

Ada: lo, can I produce cud or pina colada? (260)

Ada: Nero Wolfe, Flo, wore nada.  (200)

Adam, I’m Ada! (10)

Adam, lab men embalm Ada! 394

Adam railed at a deli armada.  (200)

Adam ran an armada. (110, 429)

Adam, rangier, often did net foreign armada. 200

Adaven, Denio Jct., etc., joined Nevada! (88)

Add ‘A’. (1)

“Adder?!” fret sister Fredda. (144)

Adelaide, dial Eda. 483

Adelberta was I ere I saw a trebled “A.” (16)

“Adidas’ data a tad sad!” – Ida. 485

Adieu; Go rogue, Ida!  144

Adieu, sis, as I sue Ida. 144

“Adieu,” sot Dias said to Sue, Ida. (71)

“Adieu, Sue, Ida.” (71)Aerate pet area. 144

Admit now Asiatic illicita I saw on Tim, DA. 200

Adverse dudes rev DA. 144

Aerate Pamela’s nine lots, stolen in Salem, a pet area. 200

Aerate pipet area. (358)

Aerate wet area. (85)

Aero Key, eye Korea! (237)

Aflush, promoted, iced in, I reek, I list Sam’s masts, I like Erin, I decide to morph sulfa. (71)

After gym massage, Tate, gas Sammy Gretfa. (1)

Agassi’s saga, sir, is Agassi’s saga. (292)

“Age irony, Noriega.” (304)

Age Monica in Niacin-Omega. (359)

Aged Obama: “Ram a bodega!” 144

Aglow as Isis I saw Olga. (11)

“Ah, a deli, a wiener–a zany Nazarene!” I wailed, “Aha!”  71

“Ah, a Mayan on a Yamaha!” (260)

Ah, a model bled Omaha. (254)

Ah, a mogul’s ewe we slug, Omaha. (254)

Ah, a monitor to trot in Omaha. (254)

“Ah, a wet, sanitary rat in a stew–aha!” (71)

Ah, Aristides opposed it, sir, aha! (5)

Ah, comatose dame made sot a mocha. 144

Ah, come on: a canoe mocha? 409

Ah, come taste, let sate… Mocha. 408

Ah, come to vote mocha! 144

Ah, comedic Ed, I decide “Mocha.” 

Ah, compose Aesop mocha. 144

Ah, computer, fret up; mocha.  (324)

Ah plastic, it’s alpha. 429

Ah, Plato got alpha. 513

Ah, Satan, all I know is: I won–kill a Natasha! (1)

Ah, Satan, derogating Nita, hating Nita, gored Natasha. (5)

Ah, Satan, no smug smirk rims gums on Natasha. (5)

Ah, Satan sees Natasha. (116)

Ah, Satan’s partner entraps Natasha! 394

Ah, siege–mat a tame geisha! (4)

Ah, Tabatha, I raped a jade pariah, Tabatha. (260)

Ah, tag a pup, Agatha! (71)

Ah, Tara passed Odessa paratha. 144

Ah, Trump era sees a rep: Murtha. 144

“Aha, May, on a Toyota–no Yamaha?!” (170)

Aha, Monica Seles acin’ Omaha! (260)

“Aha, Monica’s tuna cigar-toss is not nil; Clinton’s is so tragic a nutsac in Omaha.” (320)

Aha, monitors rot in Omaha! (152,372)

Aha–Moses [reverses/runs race-cars, nurses] Omaha. (71)

“Aha–more vomit, Tim, over Omaha!” (159)

“Aha, oh!” we yell, “A walleye–whoa, ha!” (71)

“Aha!” says sassy Asa, “Ha!” (71)

“Ah”s (i.e. gasping) if a fig nips a geisha. (260)

Ahso nip, I lift filipinos–ha! (307)

AI chat uses Utah, CIA. 144

AI cult, is it, Lucia? 394

AI, demolish silo media. 144

AI demotes a base to media. 144

“AI, dildo=God.” — Lidia. 393

AI elite set I, Leia. 144

AI men assess anemia. 144

AI on a rap, “Sin is paranoia!” 144

AI reb is not on Siberia. 144

AI riled otter Bret to deliria. 507

AI says, “Sass ya, Sia!” 144

Aid a can in Acadia. (144)

Aid a crass Arcadian; a crew or a rower can aid a crass Arcadia. (260)

Aid Acadia. (85,144)

Aid emotes a case to media. 144

Aid IV, nVidia. 504

Aid NIN in India. 144

Aid nine men, India. (88)

Aidan spits red dust: “If foe-rot is a store of evil, a live foe rots as I tore off its udders’ tips, Nadia.” (260)

Aidan (Welsh) slew Nadia? 485

Aide may bil[l/k]Libya media.  144Aidan (Welsh) slew N

“Ail a hamster!” frets Mahalia. (144)

Ail, age, revel Aleve regalia. 144

Ail, Elia! (85)

“Ailed?” asks Adelia. (144)

Ailed, I fret, sister Fidelia. (144)

Ailerons never even snore, Lia. (260)

Aim a Toyota tatami mat at a Toyota, Mia. (00)

Aim, Ada, cam at a macadamia.  200

Aim at Tamia! 494

Aim, Mia!  (309)

Aims on a site so nasal are feral as a nose: ’tis anosmia. (1)

Ain’t I hot to hit Nia? 144

Ain’t no way ya won’t, Nia. 144

Air a lame ruck, cure malaria. 144

Air a lame song: “Aid [if I/to not] Diagnose Malaria.” 144

Air a metal plate, Maria. 144

Air a motel bible to Maria. 144

Air ad on MTV ™: No Daria!  (335)

Air [an] aria. (85,[98])

Air, etc. abases a bacteria. 144

Airy, snide geisha, robed, sat angelic, odd as a sad docile gnat, as Deborah sieged in Syria. 260

Airy snide sub, used in Syria. (144)

“Airy, snide wolf-murder” said I as red rum flowed in Syria. (77)

Airy snips, Isa, yell, “An animal site let Islam in an alley!” as I spin Syria. (254)

Airy snips of Nile falafel info spin Syria. 200

Airy sots [sass/say, “my ass!”] to Syria. 144

Airy spots [did stop / stop / top] Syria. 144

Airy Stalin saw Tituba, but it was nil at Syria. 490

AI’s sure to vote “Russia.” 394

“Akin?” asks Anika. (144)

Al cusses, so possess UCLA. 144

Al, I gave Lev a gila. (110)

Al, I name Manila. (00)

Al, I overuse both selfsame nice cinemas’ flesh, to be sure … voila! (260)

Al, I’ll lull Lila. 372

Al leapt a fat paella. 499

Al leapt afar at a fat Arafat paella. 200

Al leapt at paella! 144

Al leapt under a red nut paella. (260)

Al left a fat fella. 144

Al let a [pagan snag/paper prep/patent net] a patella.  144

Al let apes [oppo/rever/u]se patella.  144

Al let sot refer to Stella. (144)

Al let Stu cut Stella. 144

Al lets Burt rub Stella. (71)

Al lets Della call Ed[,] Stella. (16)

“Al, let’s dump Milton’s snot-limp mud.” – Stella. (71)

Al, “Let’s elope, Pole Stella!” 200

Al, let’s fleece elf Stella.  200

Al, let’s go [d/h]og Stella. (144/4)

Al lets Nat slay old loyal Stan, Stella. (71)

Al lets no pets step on Stella. (98)

Al, let’s nod on Stella. (245)

“Al, let’s peep!” – Stella. 485

Al lets postal fart Xerox Edna P.’s spandex, or extra-flat sop, Stella! (71)

Al, let’s refer Stella.  144

Al, lip a posh sopapilla.  200

Al lit Roth’s Irish tortilla. 144

Al lived in, say, a snide villa.  144

Al lives in an anise villa. 144

Al, Liz dogs Godzilla!   1

Al nips a wasp in LA.  144

Al obeys sassy Ebola. 144

Al, old Elias says Sissy assailed Lola. (71)

Al pooh-poohs hoop hoopla.  (307)

Al, poohs hoopla. (85)

Al set an opera rep on a Tesla. 144

Al, ‘U.S. nine’ pondered no peninsula. 200

Al, y’all lull Layla. (1)

Alan Alda stops racecar, spots ad: “Lana–L.A.” (213)

Alas, ram a Toyota Marsala! (98)

Alas, ram mars ala.  1

Alas, ram[p] Marsala! (98,[4])

Alas, rams sass Marsala! 144

Ale gnat, nag elegant Angela! (260)

Alec, a note: Go get on Acela.  144

Alec nixed Dex (Incel A). 144

Alec raps parcel A. 144

Ali, name Manila. (88)

“Alien Earth girl, right Rae?”–Neil A. (254)

“Alien’s evil eye lives!” ~Neil A. 394

Alien’s live debt bedevils Neil A. 394

All ‘E’ flora end near, ol’ fella!  1

All ETs demand a lad named Stella. 44

All easily fed, if I defy Lisa Ella? 394

All emu, I rot in a sanitorium, Ella. (173)

All erotic, I lose (my lyme/lame female) solicitor, Ella. (11 , 10)

All I decide jaded a Jedi cedilla.  144

All I roger is edified art I trade if I desire gorilla.  (260) 

All I saw was sung in: a moron I lap harasses Sarah Palin, or Omani gnus saw Wasilla.  (260)

All I saw was, aw, Wasilla! 1

All in A.V. [deified/smash Sam’s/smell Lem’s/slice Cecil’s] vanilla. (98)

All in AZ, “namaste” gets a manzanilla. 394

“All in?” obsesses Bonilla. 144

All Iva saw was a villa. 200

All Ivan ironed rages; or animals I slam in a rosegarden or in a villa.  (260)

All, Ivan is in a villa. (200)

All – “Let’s tell LA!” 485

All use Sulla. (85)

Allah, lava Valhalla! 429

Allah, lave Valhalla! (5)

Allegate: “No last cat acts alone–tag Ella.” 144

Allegation: No, I tag Ella. (16) 

“Allege bid I hid,” I beg Ella. 144

Alleging a [nit I nag/tiff I tag] Nigella. 144

Allen, draw Otto[, hot,/not] toward Nella. (71)

Allen, I slam mammaries, I rip a map; I rise, I ram mammals in Ella. (254)

Allen (no Slav), Omar (Croat) add up soot, tattoo spud data, or cram ovals on Nella. (254)

Allen, nosy, spotted a canon on a cadet: “Topsy’s on Nella!” 254

“Allen,” snaps Lana, “a rod loops, a strap parts, as Pool, Dora anal,spans Nella.” (254)

Allen snips Noel’s ass as Leon spins Nella. (254)

Allen, stiff, forever off, fits Nella. (71)

Allen, Tim: I list [bed debts]; I limit Nella.  (71)

Allen’s boss knocks Ed’s desk, conks, sobs, “Nella!” (71)

“Allen’s boss tended nets,” sobs Nella. (71)

Allen’s simple yelp: “Miss Nella!” (71)

Alley cats [note bet on/see bees] Stacy Ella. 394

Allow a raw olla. 144

Allude, my medulla. 144

Ally species use ice, psylla. 429

Aloe, Burdet, never prevented rubeola. (71)

Aloe diving is a sign I video L.A. (260)

Aloe rases areola. 144

Alone, alone was I ere I saw Enola, Enola. 292

Alone, dame made Nola. 144

Alone gardened (rage?) Nola! 485

Alone, I list [Alf’s flats -/lame malts;/Lew’s welts,] I lie, Nola. (71)

Alone I slew Elsie, Nola. (307)

Alone, Potsy spots red roses, orders Topsy stop Enola. (71)

Alone, stiff, insistent, nets I sniff–it’s Enola.  (71)

Alone, vile, we use no bone, Sue–we live, Nola. (71)

Alone was I ere I saw Enola. 292

Alone were we, Nola? (71)

Aloe ran on areola. 144

Also, Futurama rut = UFOs + LA. 144

Also, Obama boos LA. 144

Always yaw, LA. 144

Alyssa {got to gassy/saw a sassy] LA. 144

Am a tuba, but…AMA! 418

“Am damn mad, Ma!” (98)

Am gin enigma. (4)

“Am God: dogma!” (161)

Am I avid as a diva, Ima? (292)

Am I drawn inward, Ima? (1)

“Am I (folks ask) lo-fi?” – Ma. 485

Am I[,] Kay[,] Nixon[, a man-ox/an ox/as I see, Sis, an ox] in Yakima?(71)

Am I Kay Nin in Yakima? 144

Am I Kay, Yakima? (88)

Am I Kiwanis as in a wiki, Ma? 144

Am I, lo, to go, to go to Lima? 200

Am I loco, Lima? (88)

Am I Ma? (many)

“Am I mad, eh?” Giselle sighed, “Am I, Ma?” (71)

Am I Mary’s sassy ram–I, Ma? (1)

Am I me, Jemima? (254)

Am I Mom, Ima?  1

Am I Nim’s minima?  144

Am I sad–no Hondas, Ima!  1

Am I zanier if I fire in a Zima? 144

Am I zen if, er, I refine Zima? 144

“Am laid–dial Ma!” 307-1  

“Am oral aroma!” (161)

AMA Jap sniper repins pajama. (111)

AMA obsesses Obama. 144

Amazed, I sniff inside Zama. (260)

Ambush sub, Ma. 144

Ameliorating Nita, roil Ema! (5)

Amen, a pinot ops spot on Ipanema!  200

Amen, Als revolt at Lover’s Lane, Ma.  200

Amen ellipsis, I spill enema. 429

Amen, enact (etc.) an enema. (277)

Amen, enemy has a hymen enema. 429

Amen, Ewen, a new enema! (159)

Amen, I call — a cinema! (109)

“Amen!” I call if I fill a cinema. (354)

Amen, I catalog no Mongol at a cinema. 429

“Amen!” I claimed, “A canine mows women in academial cinema”.  (260)

Amen, I codify Fido cinema. 144

Amen, I collect cello cinema. 144

Amen, I play alpine, Ma! (1)

“Amen, if Donna can nod–fine, Ma.” (1)

Amen, O pert Sue vagina — man, I gave us treponema! 423

Amiable was I ere I saw Elba, Ima. (111)

Amiced was I ere I saw Decima. (16)

Amid UAs assess a Saudi, Ma. 144

“Ammeter [for pro]?” fret Emma.  144

Ammo: Casandra had a hard NASA comma. (285) 

Ammo meows, “Woe, Momma!”  144

Amoral, I avail aroma. 144

Amoral, Les did sell aroma. 144

Amoral lewdnesses (or roses) send, well, aroma! 394

Amoral Luddite females net a tense lame fetid dull aroma.  (260)

Amore had/s a hero, Ma. 144

Amos rots torso, Ma. 144

Amp us ’til it’s up, Ma! 144

“Ample hogs, go help Ma!” 144

Ample hotties oppose it–to help Ma! 144

Amulet omits an Asti motel, Uma. 144

Amulets ape pastel, Uma.  144

Amuse dudes, Uma. 144

Amuse Iran”, I drone, “pose so roses open ordinaries, Uma.” (260)

Amuse Potosi’s isotopes, Uma. (71)

Amused, Amy made suma.  144-1

Amused, Art trades Uma.  144

Amused, Ilsa slides, Uma. 144

Amy, a hot “nine,” mowed underbred nude women into hay, Ma. (71)

Amy assume[d/s] emus say, “ma.” 144

Amy babies Leroy, or else I baby Ma.  144

Amy can ululate Talu lunacy, Ma. 144

Amy mad ‘Red amy’, Ma! 144

Amy met a mate: my Ma. 144

Amy, Moderna can redo my Ma! 394

Amy, must I jujitsu my Ma? (97)

Amy no rigid imam: “I dig irony, Ma!” (254)

Amy, reviled at a deli, a Thai as I was, saw Isaiah tailed at a delivery , Ma. 200

Amy’s sassy, ma. (144)

An ADA eradicated a cadet acid area, Dana. (200)

An Aden I-Max Ed examined, Ana. (200)

An adder casserole lore’s sacred, Dana. 200

An aid, Emil: “Busy, my sublime Diana?” 485

An aid: “Nix Indiana? “(85)

An aid, sees Diana.  (255)

An Alaska elf leaks, Alana.  (144)

“An alpaca [sees a] cap, Lana?” (88, [144])

An alphabet ate (bah!) plan A. (148)

An anableps ogles Nita’s tit; it’s a tinsel gospel banana. (260)

An anal pontiff fit no plan, Ana. 200

An Andes seminal flan I messed, Nana. 200

An angel to Hades abased a hot leg, Nana. (260)

An annoyer potted a cadet to prey on Nana. (260)

An antic I mimic–I mimic it, Nana!  419

An Antifa (gasp!) saga fit Nana. 144

An antifada fit Nana. 144

An anti-feta mate fit Nana.  200

An antihero bore hit, Nana. 144

An apertif did fit Rep Ana. (200)

An Asian A is an A…144

An assassin is SAS’s Ana. (200)

“An Astro perverted a cadet, Rev!” reports Ana. 200

An Avis it is, Ivana. 144

An edema lamed Ena. 144

An elder casserole lore’s sacred, Lena. 423

An elder of Tucson sees no scut for Ed Lena. (1)

An elegant [sumo must] nag Elena. 144

An era came: MACARENA! (many)

An ERA foe sues PA Halbert re ‘blah’ apse use of arena. (1)

An eraser ires arena. 144

An error–rim not on mirror, Rena. (11)

An idyll is silly, Dina. 144

An indecisive Ev is iced, Nina. 200

An index axed Nina. 144

An index–even one!–vexed Nina. (260)

An Indian ac[e/t] can aid Nina. 144

“An ink can snack, Nina?” 144

An inn is in, Nina. 144

An inn rub did burn Nina. 144

An insane op: “Bust subpoenas, Nina!” 144

An inside man named is ‘Nina’?! 144

An insider I [f/h]ired is Nina. (144)

An insipid dip is Nina. (200, 144)

An intel if I filet Nina? 144

An Irish gin was, I saw, nigh, Sir Ina.  200

An “it” rocks—ask Cortina! (237)

An Italian is a Sinai Latina. (260)

An ‘item’ ate tame Tina. 144

An oil lad emailed Delia “Medallion A” (260)

An ole crab nips an asp in Barcelona. 394

An ole crab was I ere I saw Barcelona. (00)

An order to go got red Rona. (200)

An oyster frets, Yona? 485 

“An oyster?” frets Yona. 144

“An oyster frets?”–Yona. 524

An oz. I rap, Arizona. (88)

Ana, I’d ni(p/x) Indiana. (88)

Ana, nab a banana. (4,226)

Ana nabs Bob’s banana. (124)

“Anaconda Eli got to Gilead … no, Cana!” (260) 

Anaerobic, I bore Ana. 144

Anaheim, Mo, cottons not to commie Hana. (200)                

Anal Al lit ‘so still’ Alana. (1)

“Anal?” asks Alana. (144)

Anal sex alert relaxes Lana. (144)

Anal sex at noon taxes Lana. (many)

Anal sex[ at N.Y., Llewellyn, tax/, eh, hex/, Eve, vex/if deified fix/in rotator nix/is level six/of star comedy democrats fox]es Lana.(201)

“Anal sex: if faster germs it opened, I won’t never prevent no wide nepotism regrets,” affixes Lana.  (260) 

Anal sex in a Toyota nixes Lana. (307)

“Anal, sparse, I snap pansies,” raps Lana. (71)

Anal warts trawl Ana.  144

Anal was I ere I saw Lana. (98)

Analgesia is: (e.g.) Lana! (1)

“Analog idiots to Idi go!” – Lana. 485

Analyst apes oppose patsy, Lana. 144

Analytic, a poet is opposite opacity, Lana. 429

Analytic Paget saw an inn in a waste-gap city, Lana. (5)

Analyze E.R., breezy Lana. (144)

Anastasia is at San’a. (278)

“And DNA, medieval slave, I demand DNA!” (260)

And Enos cut niece in Tucson, Edna. (48)

And ET saw waste DNA. (237)

And foes act solid, Nan D.; I lost case of DNA! (191)

And live NOT on evil DNA. (1) 

“And Mason, ostensively my Levis net Son o’ Sam DNA.” (307)

“And now, alas, a law on DNA.” (260)

And we saw a Jawa sew DNA! (70)

Andes’ tops won snow, spots Edna. 394

Andre handed Edna her DNA. 394

Andre so Lenin is an asinine loser DNA? 144

Andre, we name Ma newer DNA. 144

Andrew E. Steer, greet sewer DNA!  (237)

Andrew ended newer DNA. 144

Andrew’s nabob answer: “DNA!”  71

Andrew opts a vast power: DNA.  144

Androids sass Dior DNA. 144

Andy met a god as a dog ate my DNA.  (307)

Ani, ridicule lucid Irina! 144

Animal loots foliated detail of stool lamina. (117)

Animal saw gnu dung was lamina. (201)

Animative cinema fed Tony ammo: deer freedom may not defame nice vitamin A. (260)

Animative Kate, take vitamin A. 144

Anita aimed academia at Ina? 394

Anita got a toga, Tina (71)

Anita pets a caste patina.   144

Anita pondered no patina. (200)

Anita semi-mimes a Tina. (1)

Anita Smith – “Tim’s a Tina?”  485

Ann, asleep, peels Anna. (201)

Anna D., nab a rotund nut or a bandanna. 144

Anna, hire Rihanna.  144

Anna hires one not so legal: I trace tat up, mar, amputate cartilage — lost one nose, Rihanna. 423

Anna memo: Store, Perot, some manna.  200

Anna was mad—no kayak on dam saw Anna.  (237)

Anne, he got Sal, alas, to Gehenna! (11)

Anne, I see Sienna. (many)

Anne, I snip a map in Sienna. (71)

Anne, I snip [Una May or Roy (a man!), up/up a pup/up Alf’s flap–up] in Sienna. (71)

Anne, I stay a day at Sienna. (10 or 5?)

Anne: I stop, [I swap paws, I/stir grits,] pot sienna. (71)  

Anne, I veto, note, mere me, to note Vienna.  200

Anne, I vote more cars race Rome-to-Vienna. (16)

Anne, I vote no[-go]–gone to Vienna. (110,[11])

Anne, I vote no one to Vienna! (254)

Anne is a nine motor pro to men in a Sienna. 200

Anne, is a Toyota navy van a Toyota Sienna? (307)

Anne is Anita Pat in a Sienna? (200)

Anne, is Nina May a man in Sienna? (71)

Anne is not up-to-date, God: do get a dot put on “Sienna.” (16)

Anne, varnish Tom’s moths in Ravenna. (11)

Anne’s no-try-at-all eye-opener sees Rene Poe yell at Ayrton Senna. (260)

Anon, I weld a ladle, Winona. 144

A-One got Hannah to Genoa. 200

Ape can emote to menace Pa. 144

Ape Tim Esau (a Semite), Pa! (77-1) 

Ape veeps peeve Pa.(144)

Apes [abase/oppose]  pa. (144)

Ape’s words drowse Pa. (144)

App is to not sip, Pa. 144

Apple had a help, Pa. 144

Apple has ired ERISA help, Pa. 200

Apple hods do help, Pa. 144

Apps argue EU grasp, Pa! 144

Apron I made wowed a minor, Pa.  144

Aptness sent Pa. (237)

Ara, it’s Irina’s, an iris tiara.  200

Ara stares imperiled at a deli rep miser, at Sara. 200

Arab rabbi, rib Barbara. 408

Aram’s at Asmara. (29)

Arbor rubs burro bra. (144)

Arden Olson is in Oslo, Nedra. (245)

Arden saw I was Nedra. (16)

Ardent ESP upset Nedra. 144

Are hot [bards drab/decals laced/desserts stressed/evils live/guns snug/lagers regal/spots tops] to Hera?  144

Are hot [burgs grub/diapers repaid/dogs god/gnats Tang/moods doom/oats Tao/spans snaps/tors rot] to Hera? 481

Are Napa tasks at Panera? 144

Are naps selfless, Panera? 144

Are poets a waste (…Opera)? (00)

Are [poses/Post-Its] opera? (144)

Are ponies, Iona, a noise in opera? (11)

Are ponies’ raps sparse in opera? (230)

Are Ponies’ UFOs of use in opera? 200

Are ponies’ units I list in use in opera? (260)

Are poser Obama bores opera?  (382)

Are [poses/Post-Its] opera? 144

Are posh [GI sighs/tribe births] opera? 144

Are posses sane men, as we few sane men assess opera? (260)

Are posts in a gross organist’s opera? 144

Are poxes a sex opera? (254)

Are two ranis in a row, Tera? 144 

Are viral leaks ska, Ella Rivera? (144)

Are virtuosos out, Rivera? (255,144)

Are votes a base to Vera? 144

“Are we, Nan,” [I start, “rats/(I strap on no parts) ” -] in a new era?” (71)

Are we nanites set in a new era? 144

Are we NASA tubs sent if not on fitness, but as a new era?

Are we Negro few sad as we forge new era? (307)

Are we not a NATO new era? 144

Are we not drawn onward to new era? (203)

Are we not drawn onward, we few, drawn onward to new era? (10 or 8?)

Are we not drawn onwards, we Jews, drawn onward to new era? (5)

Are we not, Rae, near to new era? (5)

Arena riots send no fondness to Iran era. (260)

Ari, Ed amassed Odessa madeira. 144

Ari wondered, “Is no Crete maid’s diameter considered now, Ira?”  200

Aria-gnus, Eva, have sung air “A”. (16)

Arisen, I ram busy submarines, Ira. 144

Aristides edits Ira. (254, 144)

Arizona did an ‘Oz,’ Ira! (1)

Armenia mate met a Maine Mr. A. (21)

A-Rod naps as Pandora? 394

Arsenic I demote to medicines, Ra. 144

“Arsenide vaccines’ rash,” Giselle sighs, “arsenic caved in Esra.” 423

Art, a muse can ace Sumatra. 144

Art, a must is it: Sumatra! (200)

Art, I’ve Levitra!!  (200)

Art lusts Ultra. 85

Art, name mantra. 439

Art named a jade mantra.  237

Art named it, a Gnostic illicit song, a Tide mantra. 200

Art named it, a sad all ABBA fab ballad, as a Tide mantra. 200

Art names [a base/reverse] mantra.  144

Art: Si dips a detail of Ed’s defoliated aspidistra. (88)

Art: USA-make Kama Sutra. (88)

Art: USA makes pro-corpse Kama Sutra. 423

Artemis, I met Ra. (85,226)

“Arts, eh?” croons a hater, “Kre’ta has no orchestra.” 527

“Arts, eh?” croons a ho, “nerd–Reno has no orchestra!” 423

Arts ordered rostra. 144

As a placebo, robe Cal, Pasa. (1)

As able, I know I won kielbasa. 425

“As an ice castle melts, a castle melts.” –Ace Cinasa. 408

As Ant ink pots level: stop, knit, NASA! (237)

As Aesop, posts: Oppose Asa! 394

“As Ayr rat spun urinal, lass,” I hail Edna, “can Delia hiss, ‘Allan,  I run up starry Asa’?” (254)

As I go dim, I dog Isa. 144

As I lap up, assess a pupa, Lisa. 144

As I leave to help Martin act…can I trample hot Eva-Elisa? (260)

As I left I [b/h]it Felisa. (307)

As I lessen, I finesse, Lisa. (144)

As I let a bedroom anode man in, a mate let a man I named on a moor debate Lisa. (260)

As I let a cadet relay no risks, irony alerted a cat, Elisa.  (260)

As I let a dismayed arty baby trade yams, I date Lisa. (260)

As I let a dot yaw on, still it’s no way to date Lisa. (260)

As I let a hero melt tilaks, I risk a little more hate, Lisa. (260)

As I let a rig nip a toe, dive by Amy, maybe videotaping irate Lisa. (260) 

As I let on, I note Lisa.  144 

As I murdered Ross a lass ordered rum, Isa. (307)

As I murdered Roth, Gilda (mad light!) ordered rum, Isa. (1)

As I pee, sir, I see Pisa! (97)

As I pet all, I titillate Pisa. 394

As I profess or call, I avail lacrosse for Pisa. 144

As I profit, I zap a ziti for Pisa. 144

As I vacillate, my metal pots may level yams to plate my Metallica visa. (260)

As I vet at State, got koala OK to get at state visa. (260)

As I vote: Veto VISA. 200

As I vote, vote–Faso’s so safe to veto Visa. (255)

As I was, I saw Isa. (88)

As LA’s top bar, call it: “rotten net tortilla, crab-pot salsa. ” 459

As laser ad ID’ed, I dare salsa.  144

As last act, I bit cat salsa. 144

As last enamor fees I trap, a raft rat carts bad abstract art far apart, I see, from a net salsa. (260)

As last summer a hated act sold a sad lost cadet, a harem must salsa. (260)

As Leeza, haze Elsa? 394

As Left, we pipe, “WTF Elsa!” 144

As lemur did, I drum Elsa.  144

“As lesser pillar of salt an atlas for all,” I press Elsa. (254)

As Lester fell, Elle frets, Elsa. 144

As unicorn, I win roc in USA. 144

As USA gassed Odessa, gas USA. (254)

 As user, I feel few seer trees–we flee fires, USA. 429

As user IT, error retires USA. 144

“As usual, I prefer pilaus, USA!” 144

Asleep, I [wave tar at Eva,] wipe Elsa. (71,144)

Ass ended Nessa. (144)

Assed-on, I win Odessa! 144

Assent, Nessa? (144)

Assure Russ A. 144

ASU Dem as is is a Medusa. 200

At a dairy’s pus seminar in Iran, I mess up Syria data. (260)

At a dare, possess opera data.  144

At a date, meme metadata. 144

At a deli, verses revile data. 144

At a demo, st[a/e]t some data. (260/144)

At a demon gate, gnome date Lizzi let a demon get a gnome data. (260)

“At a den I let a discrete maiden one diameter”: CSI dateline data. (260)

At a desk, commit civil ado so Dali victim mocks E-data. (260)

At a desolate Meta, lose data. 429

At a nose we snip…oh, Chopin’s Ewe Sonata! (260)

At a Roman isle, in a dale, Mr. Actemo met Carmela, Daniel’s inamorata. (260)

At a Roman isle, Mr. Actemo met Carmel’s inamorata. (260)

At a tog, I go, “Ta-ta!” 144

At a tone won’t, now, Eno “ta-ta”? (1)

At Adrianople, help on air data. (260)

At an iPad, I hid a pinata.  144

At (in ) a deli antsy Lana’s analyst nailed Anita. (200)

At Ira’s set (tennis), see referee’s sin net Tessa, Rita. (254)

At last, I abolish silo bait: salt A. 144

At NASA, sin is a Santa! 429

At NASDAQ, I QA’d Santa. 144

At night I war as [a NASA Ra/Sara] with Ginta. (237-1)

At oil rig yell, “a valley girl iota!” 429

At rest in,…, O was it serene rest I saw on it: Serta! 200

At rest on desk, Costner, ever reverent, socks Ed, not Serta. (71)

At rest, I hit Serta. (71)

At road I hid aorta. 144

At road rage regard aorta.  200, 144

At roasting is a sign: its aorta! 394

At roasts, erratic, it arrests aorta. 429

At rose garden, I mined rage (sorta). 144

At sap time, remit pasta. (22+/or110)

At saps bedside, Tony noted, is Deb’s pasta. (71)

At Saratoga, [M/P]a got a rasta. 144

At seis, I siesta. 144

At seis, Sid, is siesta.  (200)

At “set”, dip a rod if I do rapid test A. 144

At silo, do ‘To Do” List A. (260)

At TED: Never ever revere vendetta! 394

Attendee Fred nullifies a base if I’ll underfeed Netta.  (260)

Attest silage legalists, Etta. 144

ATTN: I ain’t TA! 144

Auks ret sinister skua. (201)

Avalon has, ah, no lava!  1

Avalon, level no lava! 485

Avalon sees no lava. 292

Aver, Eva! (85)

Avid, a live deb did bedevil a diva. 200

Avid, a nutso Trevor got to Grover to stun a diva. 200

Avid Allen spots a Toyota, stops Nell (a diva.) (120)

Avid as an intro to tort, Nina’s a diva. 200

“Avid ass–I kidnap and I kiss a diva.” (109)

Avid averse dudes rev a diva.  144

Avid dame killed at icy citadel like mad diva!  372

Avid damsel, a yeti’s opposite Yale’s mad diva. 200

“Avid Ogden,” I, ah, cabled Elba, “chained Godiva.” (254)

Avid ogler: “Apparel, Godiva?” 144

Avid,’ogler’ gnomes oppose mongrel Godiva. (88)

Avid ogles maddened damsel Godiva. (307) 

Avid rats detonate yet a noted star diva.  (307)

Avid Sally did idyll as diva. (144)

Avila spat now on tap, saliva.  200

Avoid Di ova! (201)

“Avon, as a cadet on Elba, I’m amiable,” noted a casanova. 200

“Avon as a ceiling is a sign I lie,” Casanova. 394

Avon ass O.B. did Bossa Nova. (200) 

Avon rep, “Use Super Nova!” 429

Avon Rep Uses a Base: Supernova.  (255)

Avon sees nova. (22)

Avon went new, Nova. (335)

Avow a ram or feel glee from a raw ova.  144

Ax ‘A’. (1)

Ax elated a cadet, Alexa. 144

Ay, not too hot to hoot tons o’ snot; too hot to hoot Tonya. (71)

Ay, take Katya! (144-1)

AZ zip zaps spaz pizza. 515


Ba can rut, turn a cab! (1)

“Ba, don’t–fella Al left no dab!” (1)

BA jihadi Mayella, Nan, I saw was in an alley amid a hijab. 200

Babe, kale’s severe re vessel, a kebab. 200

Babe kayos soya kebab.  144

Babe, knife Ebony as in a can I say, “no beef in kebab.” 429

Bach’s in a Danish cab. (260)

Bach’s in Avis as I vanish cab. 144

Bach’s up; push cab. (71)

“Back car–” claims Mia L., “crack cab!” (1)

Back car cognac scan: go crack cab! (237)

Back Curt’s truck cab. (278)

Back Satan, I am a main, a task cab. (237-1)

Backlist a fat silk cab. (260)

Baclava, Nan, I saw was in a naval cab. (200)

“Bad arm, Delia–help me to temple!” hailed Mr. Adab. (103)

Bad, evil gull’ll lug live dab. (1)

“Bad, ” I say as I dab. (144)

Bad imam I dab. 144

Bad Otto got to dab? 394

Badger Greg: “Dab!” 144

Bagel did nag, and idle gab. 429

Bah, Ernie can ace in rehab. 144

Bahamian words drown aim, Ahab. 394

Baja saw was a jab. (22)

Bald elf fled lab. (97)

Bald Elias, sad, assailed lab. (71) 

Bald nurses run “D” lab. (307)

Balsa did as lab. (201)

“Balsam or a nice snivel (le vin sec) in aroma’s lab?” (4)

“Baltimore paper, omit lab!” (23-1)

Ban campus motto, “bottoms up!” MacNab. (10)

Ban ‘isms’ I nab. 144

Band named Ya Mama may demand nab. 144

Bandits avast, I’d nab! (11)

Bandits I list I’d nab.  144

Banish amahs I nab.  144

Banish turtle, eel truths I nab. 144

Bar a stiff, it’s Arab. (278)

Bar Adam, a mad Arab. 394

Bar an airy Syrian Arab. (257)

Bar an Arab. (350, 144) 

Bar Arafat afar, arab. (307)

Bar: canoe on a crab. (4)

Bar casino son is a crab. 144

Bar clientele let Neil crab. (358)

Bar code rose, so redo crab. 144

Bar crab. (85)

Bar decillion oil-lit pests, Al’s last septillion oil-lice drab!(254)

Bar devil of olive drab. 429

Barcelona bots to ban ole crab. 144

Barclay ordered an omelette, lemonade, red royal crab. (71)

“Barcode we do — crab!”  390

Bar-contorted, I side-trot, no crab. (254)

Bard, dip Etta far, a fat, tepid drab! (254)

Bard, liven a royal play or an evil drab!  (71)

Bard saw tiny, bitsy xysti by nit was drab.  372

Bard’s drab! (85)

Bard’s Inn is drab. 144

Bard’s reign at Tangier’s drab. (21)

Bards yawl, “Always drab!”  144

Barge Dave, evade grab. (254)

Barge in, relate mere war of 1991 for a were-metal Ernie grab. (194)

Bargees, I see, grab. (11)

Barge‑water geese: we gag, gulp, or drop luggage; we see Greta; we grab.  (71)

Bat at a tab. (4)

Bathe, eh Tab? (1, 200)

Baton is a Crete maid’s diameter casino tab. (359)

Bats ask Sir, “Oh, we nip, snip, so spin spine–who risks a stab?” (254)

Bats I see bow to two bees I stab. (260)

Bats in a cab I stab. 144

Bats in my hymn I stab. 429

Bats riot, tab an animal, slam in an abattoir stab! 429

Battle by my belt, Tab! (237)

Battlefield I saw was idle, I felt, Tab. 200

Be DEVO motto, “got to move,” Deb. (1)

Be Dot’s sole deceit–nuded, untie, cede loss to Deb. (1)

Be Eb. (many)

Be ‘green’: one erg, Eb. (1)

Be lactose-besot, Caleb! 144

Be lacy, baby Caleb. (144)

Be lecher, eh, celeb? (144)

Be still–it’s Eb! (71)

Be wall if [I draw award–] I fill a web. (237)

Be wet on kayak, note web. (237)

Be wise; yes, I web!  (237)

Beam up a puma, Eb. 200

Beatniks did skin T.A. Eb. (200)

Bed a Deb. (201)

“Bed stress!” asserts Deb. (98)

Bedded, I videotape Elsa asleep (a toe-divided Deb.) (71)

“Bedelia, wrath! Sinister Bret’s in ‘Ishtar’ ,” wailed Eb. (200)

Bedevil a live Deb. (4, 144)

Bedeviled under a saw I was, a red, nude, live deb. 200

‘Bedlam in a sac’ I remain: I, America’s animal, Deb.  (1)

Bedlam sides oppose dismal Deb. 429

Bedpans did snap deb.  200

Bedroom nudes (reversed) unmoor Deb. 394

Bedside table was I ere I saw ‘El Bat’ (Edi’s deb!) (201)

Bedside to nine more hero men I noted, is Deb. 200

Bee fossil is so feeb!” 394

Beg, borrow–or rob Geb! (88+/or98)

Bela, call Ella “Caleb”.  (307)

Believe me, veil Eb. (200)

Believe not one veil, Eb. 144

Believe veil, Eb!  1

Bell: a clang is a signal-call, Eb. (71)

Benetton saw I was not ten, Eb. (200)

Benigni saw I was in gin, Eb. (200)

Bent carts bash Too-Tan-Ana-Banana-Tooth’s abstract neb.  (284) 

Bernie Mac came in, Reb. (307)

Beryl, damn, rod a droll lord–adorn madly, reb! (1)

Beryl, nosy visionary Cyrano is Ivy’s only reb. (88)

Beside [bed/trot-sidecar, race distorted,] is Eb. (71)

Besides, acne encased is Eb. (200)

Best fight Abba’s Sabbath gift, Seb. (260)

Best fill a rut and do odd natural lifts, Eb. (260)

Best ‘ne’ Mom’s “Ahas!” moments, Eb.   1

Beware dawn wader, a web. 429

Beware era web! (85)

Beware mac’s camera web. 144

Beware of Sara’s foe, raw Eb.  200

Beware, piper, a web! (372)

Beware taller apparel — later, a web. 394

Beware vendetta moss, so matted, never a web. 429

Beware venom, mon–ever a web! (88)

Beware, we sail: a tin egg, genitalia sewer, a web! 429

Bi man sees Namib. (144)

Biff, fib! 429

Big, moody Amy may doom Gib.  144

Big Nigel sees leg in Gib. (201)

Big sum, or free beer from us, Gib? (245)

Birch tabla virtuosos out rival bath crib. 429

Bird abases a bad rib.144

Bird eyed rib.  144

Bird I made [pooped/toted] a midrib! 144

Bird I met ate midrib. 144

Bird in a cage, peg a can I’d rib.  (260)

Bird rendered nerd rib. 429

Birds drib. (88)

Bishop made lame female damp, oh sib! (11)

Bismarck’s a task–cram, sib. (88)

BMOC sees comb.  (307) 

Bo, both Pats swore to note row’s staph to Bob. (200)

Bo, Bret re-sedated a cadet, a deserter, Bob. 144

Bo Derek cons a snockered O.B.  (200)

Bo Derek, cute, tuckered O.B. 200

Bo gets a paste gob. 144

Bo fires a laser I fob.144

Bo, Jed, I sniff inside job. (200) 

Bo, Jedis assess a side job. 144

Bo, Jedis Nina reviled did deliver an inside job. 144

Bo, Jedis nix inside job. 200, 144

Bo Joe MacDermott, new to lot, went to Mr. Ed cameo job. 423

Bo obeyed a bad eye, boob. 144

BO obsesses boob. 144

Bo, on a sill, is a noob. 144

Bo, safer to not ref a SOB!  1

Bob a Nabob. (122)

“Bob,” an emir considered, “is no crime nabob.” (260)

Bob and Ray deified yard nabob. 144

“Bob!” I say as I bob. (1)

Bob, level Bob! (many)

Bob lives evil, Bob! 466

Bob mixes sex–I’m Bob. (350)

Bob, solos did mum gig–mum did solos bob. (1)

Bob saw dat de man named Tad was Bob. (378)

Bob stops; Otto spots Bob. (71)

Bob, to Hero Man: “I gave vagina more hot Bob!” 456

Bob to note veto: “Not Bob!” 394

Bob wondered, “Now, Bob?” 394

Bob, ya, doth today bob. (1)

Bob, yaws sway, bob. (331)                             

Bob’s a snake (Kansas Bob!) (75)

Bob’s a snake—live, vile Kansas Bob! 71-1

Bob’s Bob. (246)

Bob’s bobs bob. (327)

Bob’s boobs bob. (71)

Bob’s ex (at noon) taxes Bob. 394

Bob’s pal slaps Bob. 394

Bog dirt (up a sidetrack carted) is a putrid gob. (5)

“Bog-snot,” sobs Tip, “made damp, it’s Boston’s gob!” (71)

“Bold lob!” (85)

Bolshoi guy sees Yu-Gi-Oh slob. (144)

Bolster Bret’s lob. (200)

“Bolster [fete/Fifi/Fiji],” fret slob. 144

Bolton did not lob.  292

Bomb a fab mob. 144

Bomb up a pub mob. 144

Bombard a drab mob. (6)

Bombard ’em at starred loci, not at a catatonic older rat’s tame drab mob. (260) 

Bombard evil olive‑drab mob. (307)

“Bon Soir, Rio snob!” (06)

Bonaparte, [we] trap a nob. (85,[88])

Boned, Amy made nob.  144

Boner pill I pre-nob. 144

Boniface demanded name decaf in O.B. (200)

Bonilla, call in OB!   200

Bonk a knob! 480

Bonk on no knob. 381

Bonsai demonstration: a Hanoi tart’s no media snob. 423

Boo Bret, sinister boob! 200

Boob, no poop on boob!  (264)

Boones use no O.B. (200)

Bordello of ass: a fool led Rob. 394

Bordello rolled Rob. 144

Border dispute: ET ups ID, Red Rob. (237)

Border reigniting, I erred, Rob. 200

“Border rupee,” purred Rob. (144)

Bore Rob. (85)

Bored, Amy made Rob. 144

Bored, I hide Ed’s deed; I hide Rob. (71)

Bored, I hide Rob. 144

Bored, I rec in Alaska; I do Kodiak Sal, a nice ride, Rob. 423

“Boredom a la mode, Rob?” (97)

Borgnine’s row’s worsening, Rob. (260)

Boring: I arraign, I sit, I plan, I run, I pee deep in urinal pit, I sing, I arraign, I rob! (71)

‘Boring’ is a sign I rob.  144

Boris I rob. (372)

Boris sent: “I witness, I rob. “144

Borodin I do rob. (85)

Borrow one (not a fat one, now!) or rob. 394

Borrow, or rob.?! (many)

Bo’s yams may sob! 485

Bosnia gains Ob! (88)

Bosnia gasps again–sob! (33)

“Bosnia gay again!” sob nine men in Bosnia, “gay again – sob!” (260)

Bosnia, sordid stage set: lame Maltese gats did Rosa in–sob! (1)

Bosomed, I demo SOB! 144

“Boss,” I rap, “nine men in Paris sob!” (71)

Boss madam, it was in a can I saw Tim Adams sob. (71)

Boss risks IRS SOB. 144Boss: “Sat, felt left ass sob!” 485

“Boss, Tim busy!” submits S.O.B. (1)

“Boss, ’tis a hotel law sees wallet, oh, as its–sob!” (1)

Bosses run to here; here hot nurses sob.  (260)

Bosses sob. (many)

Boss-eyed eyes sob.  144

Bossy Abe bays, “SOB!” 144

Bossy Al slays SOB. 77

Bossy ugly mad amyl guys sob. (260)

Boston dad not S.O.B. (37)

Boston did not sob. (77)

Boston–O, do not sob! (85,55)

Boston ode: “Do not sob.” (97)

Boy, bet I cite “BYOB”! 144

Boyd digs giddy O.B.  200

Bra basis is a barb. 144

Bra gone, Rowena Lane wore no garb. 423

Brace now, as I saw one carb! 144

Braggart left in on it, felt rag garb. 429

Breslau’s unusual, Serb. 200

Brett, Elmo ordered room letter B. 417

Bro asks, “A or B?” 144

Broil a Dali orb. 144

Broil Ed[‘s/itor’s roti] deli orb.  144

Broke, Elsa sees a sleek orb. 144

Broke Essenes seek Orb. 394

Bro’s bad idea Mae did absorb. 423

Bros [bait, I/baste, vets] absorb. 144

Bros ban acid I can absorb 144

Bros lived now on devil’s orb. 394

Bros malcontent, net no clam’s orb. (1)

Bruce Katz, take curb. (237)

Bruce made Dame curb. 144

Bruce, none curb! (88)

Bruce, vaping is a sign I pave curb! 144

Bruce Wayne we few rats laud as a dual star, we few…Enya we curb. (260)

Buckle elk cub. (331)

Buckle no parts nor, Pa, pop apron strap on elk cub. (4)

Buckley(‘)s (on a no//sag on no gas//sag, level gas)sy elk cub. (88)

Bucks are paper–ask cub! (88)

Bud did a AAA ad I’d dub. (1)

Bundle held nub. 144

“Bunnies”, I retort rote, “rise in nub.” 144

Buns in a [c/p]an I snub.  144

Bure cites: “Set ice rub!” (106)

Burger,  ah, share grub! (144)

Burger, if I fire grub. 431

Burger is Ed’s desire: grub. 144

Burger upsets a caste’s pure grub.  144

Burglar, I’ve viral grub! 394

Burial uvula I rub. 429

Buried on a site by a mill, I may bet, is a node I rub. (260)

Buried on an animal situated amid a pad I made taut, I slam in an anode I rub. (260)

Burisma, er, dreams I rub. 144

Burl, rub! (85)

Burlap apes use papal rub! (364)

Burma Dad, ah, had a dam rub. (21)

Burma offers ref foam rub. 144

Burn a cigarette rag I can rub. (260)

Burn a crew, snag Norway–a wrong answer can rub. 429

Burn a yam, a Mayan rub.  144

Burn at space now as I saw one capstan rub. (260)

Burn, Italy, as I say, “Latin rub.” 144

Burned, I, Biden, rub. 144

Burning issues oppose we fine men; if ewes oppose us, sign in, rub. (260)

Burnish sin–rub! 429

“Burr…eh, tell Liz I’ll let her rub!” (1)

“Burr–rub!” (98)

Burros sass or rub.  144

Bursar asks, “I risk Sara’s rub?”  144

Bursitis it is, rub! (278)

Bursitis–rub! (85)

Burst angel, fire now one rifle gnats rub. (260)

Burst, rap; parts rub. (148-1)

Burst underbred nuts rub. (260)

Burton’s telegram: “Marge, let’s not rub!” (71)

Bury a mitt I may rub. 144

Bury my rub.  144

Bury name of a foe many rub. 394

Bury no basis, say my ass is a bony rub. 429

Bus a red nun in under a sub. 480

Bus on no sub.  1

Bush saboteur Tootsie, rustic it sure is, too true to bash sub. 429

Bush saw pop wash sub. (354)

Bush saw Sununu swash sub. (213)

Bush says, “Or a rosy, ash sub..?” (237)

Bush super ads dare, “push sub!”  (237)

Bush’s in a data warding issue: torpid as a re-voting nit over a sad “I, Proteus” sign I draw at a Danish sub. (260)

Bush’s ire: “Promise…Sim–or perish sub!” (1)

Bust a ban in a bat sub? 394

Bust on, “Snot Sub”!  1

Busted, I ban a bidet sub. 394

Busy Amy may sub. 144

Busy LED under a dark-cap flower, omen of one more wolf-pack, radared nudely: sub. (260)

Busy men enamor a Roman enemy sub. 200

Busy Ned did deny sub. 144

Busy rat, I limp up military sub. 429

Busy van notes radar: a wastrel, alert, saw a radar set on navy sub! (00)

But a lad and I hid Nadal a tub. 200

But a Lanai Latina saw I was an Italian, Al–a tub! 200

But a nip made lame female damp in a tub. (260)

But a nose is super, as are pussies on a tub. (260)

But an aide-de-camp, Ma, ceded Ian a tub. (260)

But an item in a ribald lab I ran I met in a tub. 200

But an osteopath gilded a faded light; a poet’s on a tub. (260)

“But, animal Sir, one task’s alright?” a bath girl asks a tenor I slam in a tub. (260)

But animals I slam in a saw are raw as animals I slam in a tub. (260)

But anise I revile decides Sarah Palin edibility ’til I – Biden – I lap harassed ice deliveries in a tub. (260)

But Anita sat in a tub. (71,97)

But Anita’s pomade–if it certified a cafe facade–if it rectified a mop–sat in a tub. (71)

But Anita’s royal deportee, feet roped, lay or sat in a tub. (71)

But anon, I spit tit tips in on a tub. (1)

But as a wastrel (a revered loon) rots, a placid Arab mob held in a room made sure I’d lost if a fit soldier used ammo or an idle H-bomb a radical pastor (no older, ever-alert) saw as a tub.   (260)

But as we see, Lee sews a tub. (260)

But at a Sinai bar, an Arabian is at a tub. (260)

But at Embarcadero, bored, a crab met a tub. (260)

But deliver a space cadet a pic named “Emancipated_Ace_Caps A_Reviled_Tub.” (260)

But it is “it” I tub. (237)

But, live dogma: I am God, evil tub! (162)

But Nina may name many a man, in tub. 394

But Nino is ired, Tab at derision in tub. (200)

But no purist ass sat, sir, upon tub! 394

But no sign I’m mellow: AWOL lemming is on tub. (260)

But no, Sununu’s on tub! (1)

“But no toolsmiths I wish–” Giselle sighs, “I wish Tim’s loot on tub.” (71)

“(But not sure by Amy)–maybe rust on tub?” (1)

But now I won tub. (237)

But Ragusa store, babe, rots a sugar-tub.  (112)

But, sad Eva saved a stub. (11)

But Sebastian DeLeon remarks, “Kramer, Noel, Edna, it’s Abe’s tub!” (173)

But still, if I peed tit deep, I fill it’s tub! 485

But still, if no jib barnacles sever a care vessel, can Rabbi Jon  fill it’s tub? (260)

But we debs bedew tub! 144

But we do dew tub…(237)

“Butanol” I aver, “prevents umpired art, as a trade rip must never prevail on a tub.”  (260)

Butler roster fret sorrel tub. 144

Butt felt if it left tub…394

Butt naked, I waded a wide Kant tub. 394

Butt subs bust tub. 144

Butt tub! (85)

Buttress Ed’s dessert tub. 144

Buttressed, we hew dessert tub. 144

Butt-roped, I deport tub. (71)

Butts rub, to not burst tub. 144

Butts’ rubs burst tub. 144


Cab, Otto; heed Dee, “Hot Tobac’!” (1)

Cadet, ah, I’d named a demand I hated–A.C. (1)

Cadet Arizonan Oz I rated a ‘C’. 144

Cadet Nia tainted a “C”. 144

Cadet sawing is a sign I wasted AC. 144

Caesar, [enemy men] erase a “C”. (307)

“Cain, a madness–send a maniac!” (237)

Cain, a mere hedonist I stop now on pot, sits in ode here, maniac. 200

Cain, a monomaniac, sees Cain, a monomaniac. (260)

“Cain, a motor erotomaniac was Eve,” said I as Eve saw Cain–“a motor erotomaniac.” (170)

Cain, am I an Israel clear-Sinai maniac? 144

Cain, am I maniac? (245)

“Cain, Amory, Pa’s a pyromaniac!” (71)

Cain am/was I ere I saw maniac. (201)

Cain, Mo snigger got to Gregg (insomniac)! 144

Cain, Mo’s Nina[‘s] an insomniac. (144, [200])

Cal fades (used AFLAC!). 144

Cal, I lap up a lilac. 144

Cali lad, loser, resold a lilac.  200

Cali lases a lilac. 144

Cali Miss, it is Similac. 200

Cali misses Similac…144

Call Ida “Cadillac.” (309)

Call Ida, call a Cadillac! (110)

Call Ida Cass a Cadillac! 144

Call Ida: “Collect cello, Cadillac.” (163)

Cam rates a base tarmac. 144

Cam, use sumac. 144

Camel bares, “I’m miserable, Mac!” 144

Camel, beef, llama, tame elk, catsup, Margaret’s bold lobster, a grampus–tackle ’em at a mall, feeble Mac. (71)

“Camel bible, Mac?” (103)

“Camel in Nile, Mac!” (8)

Camelot sin I stole, Mac. 144

Camelot stole Mac! (161)

Camelot’s where H.W. stole, Mac. (144)

Camera, dare Mac! (237)

Cameras are Mac.  144

Cameron, Gina can ignore Mac. 144

Camilla, call I-Mac! 485

Camilla tases a tall iMac.  144

Camilla’s all iMac, 144

Campus semifinal past,–ah, what’s a plan if I mess up, Mac? 423

Campuses’ ire rises up, Mac. 394

Camus (asleep) peels a sumac! 485

Camus at UCLA sees Al cut a sumac. (307)

Camus pull up sumac. (98)

Camus sees sumac. (6)

Can a Dr. award an A.C.? (152)

Can Ava help Pot topple Havana, C.? (32)

Can go-cart name be “Mantra: Cognac”? 144

Can I attain a ‘C’? (77)

Can I attain AC? 144

Can I laser if Hannah fires a Linac? 144

Can I win AC? 144

Cares are vowed; for evil sadnesses send a sliver of dew over a serac.  (260)

Carmen called O’dell acne “Mr. A.C.” (200)

Case sac..! (85)

Cased, Lucas is a cul de sac. (200)

“Cased Lucy by cul de sac!” 144

Cast a fat sac. (144)

Castaneda sees a den at SAC. (88)

Cave demon sees no medevac. (144)

CD bans nab D.C. (271)

Cherokees seek ore, H.C. (88)

CIA, Mara, sees Aramaic. 144

CIA sometimes sees Semite mosaic. 144

Cigar Tom made ting in a can, ignited ammo–tragic! (82)

Cigar toss I did is so tragic. 144

Cigar–toss it in a can, it is so tragic. (11)

Cigar tosser: I fret, fall ill, after fires so tragic.(82)

Cinci packs K.C. a picnic. (88)

Cis, Sal called “Pull-up Dell” a classic! (11)

Cis, umpires (I arm raise) rip music. (11)

CIT labeled Adele “Baltic.”  144

Cite me, Ms. AT&T, as memetic. 200

Cite me, NASA, as an emetic. 1440

Cite me not on emetic. (144)

Cite mediocre percoid emetic. 429

Cite memes or prose memetic. 423

Cite men on emetic. (144)

Cite mesa as emetic.  144

Cite Nerf ball lab frenetic. (200)

Cite Nike–be kinetic. 144

Cite operas,  Aeneas’ are poetic. (276)

Cite: “Operas are poetic.” (144)

Cite operas, as are poetic. (5)

Cite operas to gibe bigots—are poetic! 144

Cite ops at SALT at last as poetic. 200

“Cite rehab, rehydrate tardy herb.” – a heretic. 429

City (Lordy H!) saw I was hydrolytic. 429

City men I fed define my tic. 144

Civet ate Vic. 144

Civet is not on-site, Vic. 144

Civic sin, Alan, is civic. (00)

Class, I miss Al C. 144

“Coaster?” frets AOC. 144

Coax a tot to tax AOC. 144

Coaxed, nine men index AOC. 144

Cod liver even is a sin, ever evil, doc. 200

“Cod liver often frustrated Amy,” Lisa emails as Liam easily made tart surf net for evil, Doc. (307)

“Code ‘nine-nine-nine’, Doc.” 97

Code no one, Doc! (1)

“Code H.T.–the doc!” (179)

Code nut penned Sarah O’Hara’s den, “Neptune Doc.” (237)

“Code Vita gene negative, doc.” (237)

Code “vole love” Doc!  (1)

Codeine — I weep to not pee, Wienie Doc! 423

Coder igniting ire, Doc? 372

Cody, must I jujitsu my Doc?  (307)                  

Colby, Kansas is a snaky bloc. (88)

Combat a BMOC. 144

Cop molded Lompoc. 429

Cope, lame fat celeb – elect a female POC! 415

Cora sees a roc. (11)

“Coral?” I avail a roc. 144

Cordial Mom laid roc. 144

Corky, Artemis, I met Ray Kroc. (307) 

Cornet tore rotten roc. 144

Corset abates roc. 144

Cradle held Arc. (237)

Cradle, here, held arc. (1)

Cram ad dog on no goddam arc! 437

Crane poses open arc. (144)

Crash test at Seth’s Arc.  (237)

Crass end; a maniac ire masks America in a madness arc.  109

Crass, I miss arc. 144

Crass orgasm regret: fast, sullen, it nests in an onanist sentinel, lusts after germs, a gross arc. (260)

Cray rots story arc. 144

Crew[s nab/snap up] answer C. 144 

Criminal clan: I’m IRC.  200

Cronuts stun Orc. 144

Crook did KO Orc. 144

Crooks KO Orc. 144

Cross a pass, orc. 144

Cross, I hiss “Orc!” 144

Crossed dogs sass goddess orc. 144

Crow — as I saw orc!  144

Crow over a dare: “Vow orc!” 144

Cuba saw I was a Buc. (200)