DA -“Bets at noon taste bad!” 485

Da boss gal’s unaware raw anus lags so bad! 144

Da boss I wow is so bad! 144

DA boss[es/ is] so bad! 144

DA:”Boston’s not so bad!” 485

DA called Della “cad.” (1)

DA: Ed’s pets brag: a garb steps–dead! (162)

DA elates, “I set a lead!” 144

DA elicits YMCA lilac mystic I lead. 144

DA enisles mad damsel Sinead. 144

DA, get it done: no ‘D’ tit–egad! (1)

DA: “Here, we were had!” 144

DA hewed a jade we had. 144

DA hijack, sir, did risk CA jihad. (200)

DA lased a made salad. 144

DA lases a lad. 144

DA, my reviled spirited ace cadet I rip’s delivery mad. 200

DA ordered road? (144)

DA Pile has a helipad. 144

“Dab mud as I rise, sir!” is a dumb ad. 393

Dab osmium emu (I’m so bad!) (144)

Dab toner, as tats are not bad…144

Dabo, stoner asks are not so bad. 200

Dad abases a bad ad. 144

Dad, “Alas, a salad ad!” (253)

“Dad, do nastier usage men I fed define ‘mega-sure’?” –it’s an odd ad. (260)

Dad, I did civic deed–a deed civic did I, Dad. (71)

Dad is a Hasid ad. 144

Dad lobs us bold ad. (237)

“Dad peels no melon, no lemon-sleep!” — Dad. 469

Dad pets red nun under step–dad! 485

Dad pets stepdad? 485

Dad was sore ere Eros saw Dad. (4)

Dad wondered, “Now Dad?” 394

Daedalus, nine pianists err as nuns arrest Sinai Peninsula dead. (260)

Daemon sees no mead. 144

Daft, I meet Senorita Edna, gorge grog and eat iron, esteem it fad. (11)

Daft natal basin is a blatant fad. 144

Dahlia petals aren’t raped in sadness: send a snide partner a slate pail had. (260)

Dairy-made feta pate fed a myriad. (307)

Dairy maid emailed a deli, a media myriad. 429

Dairy, my spite can emote veto, menace tipsy myriad. 429

“Dale–it’s a pastie, lad.” (226)

Dale rules: use lure, lad. (237)

Dale, son, a tonsil is not a nose, lad. (62)

Dale Vargas is a grave lad. 97

Dalek abided: “I bake lad!” 144

“Dale’s,” I wondered, “no wise lad?”394

Dali bade both to bed a bi lad. (260)

Dali evaded a veil ad. 144

Dallas is all ad. (6)

Dam made Edam mad. (49)

Dam, stir, effuse, suffer–it’s mad! (4)

Damage made [DA/Leda] mega-mad! 144

Damage modem user presumed omega mad. 429

Dame, be mad!! 394

Dame by [a Mede/Amy] may be mad. 144

Dame Edna made DA Mandee mad. 144

Dame, I’d rob a car or a cab or die mad! 97

Dame made dame mad. 144

Dame Russia is sure mad! (148)

Dames act underbred-nutcase mad. 144

Dames order red rose, mad. 109

Dames pale, lapse mad. (11)

Dames ran, arse mad! (71)

Dammit, I’m mad! (many)

Damn a madness; evil lives send a man mad! (260)

Damn, a moron Ed Ames’ reviled deli verse made no Roman mad. 200

Damn, a veto got Evan mad. 394

Damn, an order to get an ayatollah’s shallot Ayan ate got red Ronan mad. 200

Damn, I aver, as no leftist ego gets it, felons are vain, mad. 423

Damn, I gardened ragin’ mad! 144

Damn, I let rats start Elin mad! (219)

Damn, I sit in a cinema – I saw Asia – men, I can it – I sin, mad! (71)

Damn mad dogma–is Siam goddamn mad? (98)

Damn mad, Ed is aside–damn mad! (1)

“Damn rope!” made dame porn mad. 394

Damned Edam made den mad. 144

Damned, I am a maiden mad. (307)

Damned I am as a maiden, mad. (308)

“Damned, I am atoned,” I say, aside, “not a maiden mad!” (71)

Damned, I bet I cite Biden mad. 144

Damned, raw, amid Ray’s yard, I’m a warden, mad. (71)

Damned raw Edam made warden mad. (144)

Damned rage made dame garden-mad. 144

“Damnedest, if it’s Eden-mad!” 394

Damon, a sad evil retro porter, lived as a nomad. 200

Damon: As a devil in an airy Syria, nan, I lived as a nomad. 200

“Damon, Ron, I’m a minor nomad..!” (1)

Damp insistent nets I snip, mad. (71)

Damp, insistent, is it nets I snip, mad? (71)

Damp, it is Topsy’s or Rose’s or Rosy’s pots I tip, mad. (71)

Damp Macedonia truck curtain ode: “Camp Mad.” (164)

Damp maw snaps, as Paella Gal leaps a span, swamp mad! 429

Damp mildew , angelic odes: O Rome, morose, docile, gnawed limp, mad! 395

Damp mildew are voting, I see: sign it over-awed, limp, mad. (260)

Damp minarets of steel, fleets foster an imp … mad! (260)

Damp mud in a can I dump, [mad, stiff, up I puff; it’s damp] mud in a can I dump, mad. (71)

Dams rot: are power crew operators mad? 260

Damsel, a male’s mad. (254)

Damsel Doodle[‘]s mad! ([359],144)

Damsel [cycles/googles/titles/tootles] mad. 144

Damsel in distress asserts, “I’d Niles mad.” 200-1

Dan, I bet, saw a foe’s uneven use of a waste bin ad. 200

Dan, I’m an Amin ad. (6)

Dan made not one damn ad. (200, 144)

Dan, ogle [macaroni bin or a/Mac’s] camel gonad! 307

Dan ogles a Basel gonad. 144

Dan, ogles sate tassel gonad! 144

Dana did an ad. (267)

Dana, Nina, tits are Vera’s, titan in an ad. 200

Dana sees an ad. (144)

Dana stets an ad. 144

Dane am I, maenad! (85)

Danes I rate set ‘Arisen’ ad. 144

Dang, I saw a sign ad! 144

Dani, a model, bares images of UFOs: e.g. a miserable domain ad.(260)

Danica, I name no one maniac in ad. 144

Danica, lilt a fat lilac in ad. 144

Danica met a late Mac in ad. 144

Danica, nab Anacin ad. 144

“Daniel Ortega, get role in ad!” (144)

Daniel sided isle in ad. 144

Dapper Peter cottons not to Crete prep pad. 200

Darci named a man Ana made manic, rad! 459

Dare by Cyber ad! 144

Dare, drone, monitor a Tarot in omen–order ad! (237)

Dare I prefer pie rad? 144

Dare I prefer pier ad? 144

Dare I sub a busier ad? 144

Dare I VAX on no Xavier ad? (164)

Dare, “It’s a nastier ad!” (1)

Dare knit a tinker ad? 454

Dare knit an ”it” in a Tinker ad. (237)

Dare Sumer a harem user ad. (237)

Dare to veer far off for a free voter ad. (260)

Dare to vote rad! 144

Daria did air ad. 144

Darn ocelots stole Conrad! (97)

Dart penis is inept, rad. 429

“Daryl, I’d dig Ukiah haiku giddily–rad!” (1)

Daryl is “mulch clumsily” rad! 1

DA’s sad I hid Assad. 144

Dash cameras are Mach sad. 429

Dash sad?/”Dash ‘sad’!” (85)

Dash sin if I finish sad. (148)

“Dash to bet or win,” I wrote, “Both sad.” (260)

Dash to bodies, run a saline, divide nil: as a nurse, I do both … sad. (260)

“Dash to me, Hebrew snail!”, I answer behemoth’s ad. (260)

Dass, don’t regret so, or, ‘deed, rooster Gert nods sad! (1)

“Data–” Deb begged, “egg ebbed a tad!” (1)

Data type, er, can ire her in a creepy tat ad. 144

Date, Tad! (85)

Dateline Zen: I let ad. (237)

Dating, I sign “it” ad. (237)

Dawn, a coed I video, can wad. 144

Dawn, at a tip, spit a tan wad. 307

Day came–not one Macy ad… (85)

Day men (if error) refine my ad. 144

Day ruffles a self-fury ad. (237)

Day spa did a Psy ad. 144

Daycare [dame remade/mace became/to note] racy ad. 144

Daycares oppose racy ad. 144

De Beer faxes to her fine diamond ad, “No, maiden: if re hot sex, a free bed.” (260)

De, bored, never even de-robed. 1

De, keep it–I peeked… 1

De[,] Leon noeled. (88)

De Sade, Kansan is in, as naked as Ed. (200)

De Sade sees Ed as Ed! 485

De Vidi dived. 292

De Vil’s Pups Lived! 411

DEA got togaed! 144

Deal us nine paper pots to prep a peninsula, Ed. (260)

Deanna: so hip I hosannaed! (260)

“Dear be glad…a hardy hydra had algebra,” Ed. (165)

“Deb, a goy, nixes sex in yoga bed.” 387

Deb, a red nude tart, sullies a vase (illustrated) under a bed. (260)

Deb, ask cub, “Lair trial bucks a bed?” (1)

Deb, be-dewed, ebbed. 144

Deb believes oryxes sexy rose veil ebbed. 429

Deb Benoit cusses, “Suction ebbed!” 429

Deb, Benoit polio-foil option ebbed… (1)

Deb, best I move rug–if I am “gin enigma” I figure vomit’s ebbed. (1)

Deb, Biff fibbed. (200)

Deb[, bob if I] bobbed. (98)

Deb, Bob [never even] bobbed. (98)

“Deb, boss, drown in words sobbed!” (1)

Deb, burdened I am–a maiden Ed rubbed. 202

Deb, burdened, rubbed. 307

Deb buried a jade I rubbed. 144

Deb Burton saw I was not rubbed. 459

Deb, bury ball a wallaby rubbed. (1)

Deb Devol [never even] loved bed. (98)

Deb is sad: a bad-ass I bed! 144

Deb let Omar even see bees: never a motel bed. (260)

Deb, Lia ran on a railbed! 485

Deb – “Liar, level railbed!” 485

Deb ‘n’ I saw Lillian’s snail, “Lil”, was in bed. (71)

Deb, mob boss SOB bombed. 144

Deb, mobile dodo deli bombed! 394

Deb, Nino: is Simon an omission in bed? (71)

Deb nips a [wasp in Norah’s tub, but Sharon nips a] wasp in bed. (260)

Deb nixe(d/s)(Lana’s anal) (D/s)ex in bed. (88,144)

“Deb, no–Emil sleeps,” I lisp, “eel-slime on bed!” (71)

Deb, no pants, I nip Lana, an Alpinist, nap on bed. (71)

“Deb, no!” pants Ida’s sadist, “nap on bed!” (71)

Deb, no pants–um–I must nap on bed. (71)

Deb, no slits I pondered – no pistils on bed! (71)

Deb, Ono mixes night, fifth gin, sex–I’m on O-bed! (1)

Deb or papa probed. (144)

Deb or Pippi probed? 394

Deb ordered an omelet, saw Anna waste lemonade, red-robed. 415

Deb, burdened I am, a maiden Ed rubbed. 200

Deb or Sid disrobed? 144

Deb sat in Anita’s bed. (97)

Deb sees bed. (many)

Deb, smash Sam’s bed! (98)

Deb, stock cots, bed. (372)

Debase (dead or alive!) evil “A-Rod” aedes abed. (1)

De-base if Fiji jiffies a bed. 429

Debase it: I lit up utilities, a bed. 429

Debase no men, anemone’s a bed. 429

Debase wedlock, cold ewes abed! (5)

Debased, Art trades a bed. 144

Debased, I video what sudden madness Eli saw as I lessen damned dust … ah, woe divides a bed! (260)

Debased is Red, nudes sob, meek as peek, a keepsake embossed undersides: a bed. 429

Debased Nan I saw, derided, ired, was in Andes, abed. 200

Debatable Dom, a toga papa, got a model bat a bed. (260)

Debate geese we see get a bed. (260)

Debate got a lot to LA to get a bed. (260)

Debate set a bed. 429

Debate sputniks so dodos, skint, upset a bed. (260)

Debate vixen Nan,(an item I met in an annex), I vet abed. 200

Debate: “We kill eerie heir, eellike, wet a bed?” 429

Debate Wi-Fi if I wet a bed! 144

Debate: “Will I wet a bed?” (254,144)

Debate with girl last; if it’s all right, I wet a bed. (225)

Debater fret a bed. 144

Debates set a bed! (1)

Debating is sad if I’d assign it a bed. (260)

Debonair, a lama deified a malarian Obed. 200

Debonair Olga: “Ha, Gloria, no bed?” (71)

Debone my hymen, Obed! 144

Deboned, I hide no bed. 144

Deborah, a monied Irani’s in a ride in Omaha, robed. 200

Deborah sasses Sasha robed. 144

Deboxed, Nina can index Obed. (254)

Debra, can I peel, so to sleep in a car bed? 144

Debra ended near bed. 394

Debra grabbed a deb, bar garbed. 200

Debra wrote Emma, but nixes sex in tub: A.M. meet, or war bed? (00)

Deb’s born on Rob’s bed. (307)

Deb’s is Ananasi’s bed. 381

Debts rife now, a shah saw one first bed. (260)

Debut as a tub, Ed! 485

Decadent Ned aced! (85)

Decades, pal, lapsed–aced! 144

Decaf denseness, Enid, in Essenes, Ned faced. 200

Decaf elapsed if no crew, or rower, confides pale-faced. 144

Decaf-ill ‘Aesop poets’ (a waste!) oppose all I faced. (1)

Decaf’s a snake Kansas faced. 429

Decal: Perseid is busy, my subsidies replaced. 429

Decal, pre-war dresser drawer placed. 429

Decal PSA was placed. 144

Decay aced! (85)

Decide what units I list in Utah we diced. 144

Decided to get a mate, got de-diced! (237)

Decider rediced. (16)

Decima saw I was amiced. (16)

‘Decimal debt’ bedlam iced! 429

Decision: a nano is iced. (237)

Decode Doc, Ed. 00

Dede, Encino Sonic needed. 200

Dede, ennui unneeded. 408

Dede’, ensure Peru’s needed. 144

“Dede, red roses,” ordered Ed. (200)

Dedicate wet acid, Ed. 144

Dee, corpses proceed! 144

Dee, corpse’s sorcery pyre crosses proceed. 144

“Dee, Dad–Ida did a deed!” (71)

Dee “Dee’d.” (85)

Dee delivered log (for a bar of gold) ere vile deed. 394

Dee, drawer pondered no pre-war deed. (200)

Dee [,f/,h/,n/p/,s/t/,w]eed! (1,144)

Dee, foe diva, nixes sex in a video feed. (200)

Dee, his reign at Tangiers I heed. (200)

Dee, his tip on no stop spots, on no pits, I heed. 200

Dee, his top Sonic “Cuppa Cappuccino” spots I heed. 200

Dee, his tot re Tater Tots I heed. (200)Dee, his tip on no stop spots, on no pits, I heed. 200

Dee, his worn rococo corn rows I heed. 200

Dee, NASA has a need.  144

Dee: New day, Nyad, we need. (200)

Dee, Newark okra we need. (200)

Dee, niece, I pondered no piece I need. 200

Dee, Nin, exotic illicit oxen I need. (200)

Dee, nine, met effete men I need. 144

Dee nixes sex I need. 144

“Dee, no, had I Sara’s Idaho need…” (200)

Dee, P.S. netted a Cadet ten speed. (200)

Dee, Pee Wee peed. 200

“Dee,” press I, “keep pee kisser peed.” (1)

Dee saw a seed. (116)

Dee saw Ang Lee’s eel gnaw a seed. (307)

Dee saw Angela, pale, gnaw a seed. (71)

Dee, see, seed! (1)

Dee spotted a cadet, top seed. 200

Dee, stop, for a jade lion oiled a jar of pot seed! (1)

Dee, wax a weed. (71)

Dee waxes Isador’s rod as I sex a weed. (71)

Dee, with Gillian’s snail light I weed. (200)

Dee won no weed. 109

Deed Nine men I frisk, Sir (fine men indeed!) (1)

Deed nine men, indeed! 144

Deeds–I’m an Irish , sir, in a misdeed! (64)

Deeds time-worn even amuse us, Sue: sum an even row, emit “S” deed! (1)

Deem a ‘leper crepe’ lame, Ed! 144

Deem alibi lame, Ed? (71)

“Deem anti-for-profit name, Ed.” 144

Deem foe: wan, I so dib, “I’ll loll libidos in awe of me–Ed!” (1)

Deem if I meed. (114)

“Deen,” I murmur. “No meds–Demon rum; rum I need.” (200)

Deep diva David peed. 429

Deep, I wipe Ed. (71)

“Deep!” I wrote, “Rub race-car, brace carburetor; wipe Ed.” (71)

Deep in a well, Mlle, wan, I peed. 394

Deep orgasm lift for Cara: Lara Croft film’s a grope, Ed. (260)

Deep six a taxi: speed! 144

Deep sleep or DNA can drop eel speed. (260)

Deep Space Nine, cap speed! (237, 109)

Deep space ride lost one not; so led, I recap speed. (148)

Deep stare: liar times a semi-trailer at speed. (260)

“Deep state” got to get at speed? 394

Deep State met at speed. 144

Deep swollen nurses run, Sal, lick Cilla’s nurse’s runnel, low speed. (254)

Deepak now sees Wonka peed! 144

Deepak, rapt at parka, peed. (200)

Deeps on TIMESPACE (caps!) emit no speed. (154)

Deer began a motto:“Got to manage breed.” 144

Deer body, do breed. (4)

Deer both cramp up a telnet footstep tag and nag at pets to often let a pup march to breed. (260)

Deer both teeter a BB and nab bare teeth to breed. 144

Deer breed. (many)

Deer by deer, greedy breed. 429

“Deer, Casandra had a hard NASA creed. (285)

Deer cedar, let sap erupt pure pastel.” Ra decreed. (98)

Deer felt busy, subtle, freed. 429

Deer, feral, are freed. (88,144)

Deer flare negates radar set: a general freed. (260)

Deer fled a tick citadel: freed. 00

Deer flee from a dam, or feel freed. (260)

Deer Fossil Ape Man’s name, pal, is so freed. (237)

Deer, free, see Brian on air Bee Seer freed. (237)

Deer frets bomb, mobster freed. (226)

Deer frisk, sir–freed. (10 or 5)

Deer from Utah, a tumor freed. 429

Deer gag on nog–agreed? (71, 200)

“Deer gain,” I agreed. (144)

“Deer gaits end a mad nest,” I agreed. (260)

Deer ‘gallop,’ a poll agreed. 200

Deer gas!” I disagreed. (177)

Deer gas Marxist, six rams agreed. (260)

“Deer Gases AC/DC CD Cases,” agreed? (255)

“Deer gasp as deer breed,” saps agreed. (260)

“Deer gasp as we now top a capo,” two new saps agreed. (260)

Deer, gassy, ban in abyss, agreed? 200

“Deer gay men eye fall!” a fey enemy agreed. (260)

Deer, geese, rats stare—see greed. 00

Deer see fees, Reed. (237)

Dee’s boll’ll lob seed. (1)

Dee’s in a fog of aniseed. (260)

Dee’s in an aniseed? 144

Dee’s inane posts open aniseed. 144

Dee’s radar tools loot radar seed! (295)

DEET is [not / now] on-site, Ed. 144

Def nutcases act unfed! 144

Defame no one Ma fed. 144

Defer a shallot; ayatollahs are fed. (260)

Defied, a Miss I made, I fed. 144

Defile, eh, a heel I fed. 144

Defile Mac’s camel I fed. 144

Define hot pita tip, to hen I fed. 429

Define men as sane men I fed. (260)

Define, “Men I fed.” 144, 429

Define men I pull as any nasal lupine men I fed. (260)

Define, “Mown women I fed.”

Define my ego: obese boogeymen I fed. 00

Define my harem misogyny; go simmer a hymen I fed. (260)

Define, “My hymen I fed.” 144

Define myriad imams in a gap as a paganism amid airy men I fed. (260)

Define vocality ’til a coven I fed. (260)

Defined, a den I fed. (237)

Definitely let in, if Ed. 133, 487

Deflate men of one metal, Fed! 394

Deflate my lion, O Stig: it’s on oily metal fed. (260)

Deft fellow at New York, Roy, went AWOL, left Fed. (88)

Defy Fed! 144

Defy men ere her enemy fed. (260)

Defy mono CEO economy, Fed! 394

Degas aged. (88,71)

Degas, are eras aged? (16)

Degas, are we not drawn onward, we freer few, drawn onward to new eras aged? (16 or 5)

Degas is aged. (226)

Degas’ same hand, Edna, he massaged. (200)

“Degas seminar in Iran,” I messaged. (200)

Degauss, a wonder I hired, now assuaged. 200

“Degauss Adonis, mad Adams?”–I nod, assuaged. (254)

Degenerate feta reneged. (6)

Degenerate Meta reneged. (5)

“Degenerate Moslem–a car of pans on sideways, yawed, is no snap for a camel!” so Meta reneged. (16)

“Degeneration; no, Ita reneged.” (16)

Degenerative, Evita reneged. (16)

Degenerative Tulsa slut (Evita) reneged. (00)

Degree + beer = G.E.D. (144)

Dei, fit Romeo foe mortified. (200)

Dei fit Romo–so mortified! 200

Deidre, in Eden one denier died! 372

Deidre, Piper died… 144

Deidre, woman on a mower, died. (260)

Deific ape pacified? 144

Deific ape we pacified. 144

Deific lace calcified. 144

“Deified, amused, under moss I let Amy bury me, Kate: take my ruby, mate lissom red nudes Uma deified.” (260)

Deified eras traffic in apt panic if farts are deified. (260)

Deified mistress asserts I’m deified. (98)

Deified names I reconcile ram a relic no cerise man deified. (260)

Deirdre (goo bet) ate booger (dried). 394

Deirdre paid Sal as diaper dried. (71)

“Deirdre paid Strom,” said Idi, “as Mort’s diaper dried.” 71

Deirdre, ventilate petal – it never dried. 425

Deirdre (viral): “Little felt… till a river dried.” 394

Deirdre, werewolf’s flower ewer dried. (307)

Deirdre wets altar of St. Simon’s–no mists, for at last ewer dried. (11)

Deirdre-Gal’s lager dried. (71)

Deirdre, we see sewer dried. 429

Deity ditto got Tidy tied. 429

Deity [sat scenic in ecstasy] tied. (85,[88])

Deity, tip nine men in Topsy’s pit–tipsy, spot nine men in pity tied! 254

Dek’s a sassy banana, my man–an abyss as asked! (00)

Del, ban eagle Helga enabled. (200)

Del, battle felt ‘tabled.’ (1)

Del, Bert Sugar Ragu’s trebled. (200)

Del: “Binary rani bled.” 144

Del bled. 144

Del brawled, eh, and, Edna, he, Del, warbled? 200

Del felt Tip’s spittle—fled! 200

Del, Godiva David ogled. (200)

Del got [it] ogled. 144

Del, I, a fetid dull Luddite, failed. 200

Del, I am enamored of ode Roman e-mailed. (200)

Del, I assume Sara’s emus sailed? 200

Del, I fix an ax I filed. 144

“Del, Io/Ganymede made lots ill,” a capo rued, “Europa/Callisto led a Mede my nag oiled.” (260)

Del is not tonsiled. 144

“Del Lacer’s a snake!” Kansas recalled. (98)

Del, Levin snivelled. (71)

Del, like me, killed. 144

Del, Lord, elf fun’s snuffled, rolled! (1)

Del, luck (rad!): lit nude, yes a wise Desi was eyed–until dark culled…(1)

Del put, “Conan octupled!” 144

Del ran sand, Esai, as Edna snarled. 200

Del saw a sled. (116)Del was awled. 97

Delaney had a lad a hyena led. (260)

Delay old ETA–I’ve deviated, loyal Ed. 429

“Delay!” ordered Royal Ed. 394

“Delb baby…burps a wasp…” Ruby babbled. (1)

Delbert and Edna trebled. (16)

Delbert, six is trebled. 372

Delegates’ pure paper upset a gel, Ed. (260)

Delete LED! 144

Delete Siri’s Eteled! 523

Deleting, I ignite LED. 429

Delft fled. (85)

Deli: a final plan I failed. 429

Deli after ref, for odor of ferret, failed. (200)

Deli annex oxen nailed. 144

Deli antonym, Amy, not nailed. (260)

Deli ass a sawyer pondered, no prey, was assailed. 200

Deli: assail, Ed! 144

Deli assays simple help; missy assailed. (372)

Deli at Ed’s is detailed. 144

“Deli, aw, ort sea?” Mehta the maestro wailed. 200

Deli Eve by a MAGA may be veiled. 144

Deli fed ewe we defiled. (200)

Deli fed -isms I defiled. 144

Deli obsesses… boiled? 394

Deli vermin–I’m reviled! (200, 109,144)

Deli version, Augsburg’s grubs, ( guano) is reviled. 200

Delia and Edna ailed. (16)

Delia (b/f/h/m/n/r/s/t/w)ailed. (88)

Delia, big asses sag, I bailed. (144)

Delia bit a bat–I bailed! 394

Delia, flat tube rebuttal failed. (260)

Delia, flatcar fractal failed. 200

Delia, foot tattoo failed! 144

“Delia, her astral arts are hailed!” (226)

Delia, here we nine were hailed. (16)

“Delia, home-made suicide medicines: raw arsenic I, de Medici, used,” a memo hailed. (260)

“Delia,” Houdini duo hailed. (200)

Delia met a rat, so pondered no post a rat emailed. (260)

Delia, near midnight, I wet a mate with gin dim Rae nailed. (260)

“Delia ratted,” Nadia said, “and Etta railed.” (254)

“Delia, Red is told I manage bidets I listed,” I began, amid lots I derailed. (260)

Delia reddened, derailed. 394

Delia sailed as sad Elias ailed. (16)

Delia sailed, Eva waved, Elias ailed. (6)

Delia saw I was ailed. (116)

Delia sleeps; Allen sat as Nella’s peels ailed. (71)

“Delia was ill!” Lisa wailed. (5)

“Delia, we ban exotic illicit oxen?” Abe wailed. (200)

“Delia, we bar OR UFO furor,” Abe wailed. 200

“Delia, we cane men!” one menace wailed. (260)

“Delia, we handed Enid DNA; Den, I wined and dined Edna!” he wailed. (260)

Delia, we rut and Nature wailed. 254

Delia wed…under-bra garb!” red nude wailed. (1)

“Delia, we’re pissed off on off odes,” Sipe re-wailed. 200

“Delia, winos’ remedial madam laid Emerson!” I wailed. 109

“Delia … with Gil! Bared, nude, part-raped under a blight!” I wailed. (260)

Delia … with Gino tonight!” I wailed. (260)

“Delia, with ginseng, a salad eked a lasagne’s night!” I wailed. (260)

Delia’s a ‘no’ if Fiona sailed. 480

Delia’s [dory Rod/kayak] sailed. (307)

Delia’s Ed (under bra garb–red, nude) sailed. (1)

Delia’s ill Abe sabred (no wonder!) baseball I sailed. (1)

Delia’s Noella gets electroplate monometal; Port Celeste galleon sailed. (254)

Delia’s sail I assailed. 200

Delist little pelt tilts I led. 144

Deliver a sled Elsa reviled! 394

Deliver, Dan, if “F.U. MAGA ragamuffin” ad reviled. 425

“Deliver,” demanded Nemesis, “emended, named, reviled.” (10)

“Deliver desserts,” demanded Nemesis, “emended, named, stressed, reviled.” (16)

Deliver dots to Dr. Evil, Ed. 144

Deliver, Eva, him I have reviled. (16)

Deliver Eve fever, Evil Ed! 394

Deliver Evil, Ed. 144

Deliver files mad as a damsel, if reviled. (359)

“Deliver Jan, a werewolf, a flower Ewan,” A.J. reviled. (173)

Deliver me, Tina, an item reviled. 144

“Deliver my band’s DNA”, by Mr. Evil Ed. (350)

“Deliver no dandelion oil, Edna,” Don reviled. (173)

Deliver no evil [avid diva]–live on reviled! ([5],98)

‘Deliver no evil’ sides reversed is ‘live on reviled!’ (10)

Deliver nun (un)reviled. (88)

Deliver off first act so lost cats riff for evil Ed. 438

“Deliver pots Ron made Brett upset at!” I gasp, as saps agitate, sputter, bedamn or stop, reviled. (260)

Deliver sand finely, Len, if DNA’s reviled. (260)

Deliver–sin is reviled. (4)

Deliver star comedy by Democrats reviled. (73-1)

Deliver, warder, Sue–damned lair o’ Sartre purveyors (Roy, Ev, Rupert–rasorial den!) made us red, raw, reviled! (1)

Deliverer, as we Jews use Jesus, we Jews are reviled. (260)

Deliverer, igniting ire, reviled? 327

Deliveries run to hate, yet a hot nurse I reviled. (260)

Delivery let Al saw tube off foe, but was lately reviled. (260)

Delivery of lame Malfoy reviled. 144

Delivery van wash saw navy reviled. 144

“Dell, a Cadillac error: recall!” Ida called. 200

Dell a virile Eli rivalled. (200)

“Dell, a Civil War drawl,” I, Vi, called. (200)

“Dell, act upon no put call,” Ed. (200)

Dell, at six at a waste bin, I bet, saw a taxi stalled. 200

Dell, at six a taxi stalled. 200

Dell, at some demo, stalled. 144

Dell I [b/k]illed. 144

Dell opposed ESOP poll, Ed. (200)

“Dell or Genia!” gasp I, “Trevor’s Rover tips again–e.g. rolled!” (1)

Della (b/c/p)alled. (98,161,144)

“Della can amortize, zit,” Romana called. 200

Della, Canadian aid Ana called. (200)

“Della, Christina Ricci ran it!” Sir H. called. (260)

“Della, Claire, kibitz T.I. biker,” I, Al, called. (200)

“Della, come on, a canoe,” Mo called. (200)

Della, Cosette’s in a fog of anisette, so-called. 200

Della, cyst ebbed on noses on no deb!” Betsy called. (254)

Della’s party traps all, Ed. (372)

“Delt” I titled. 144

Delts ended nestled. 144

Delt-sensitive Levi ’tis nestled. 144

DEM: Alberto got e-blamed. (255)

Demand a fad named. (237)

Demand a hip I had named. 144

Demand ” after- Bret” fad named. (237-1)

Demand I name man I’d named! 144

Demand no maid a diamond named. (254)

Demand ogled Omani pop star brats pop in a model God named. 260

Demanded Dan: is “nine men in sin” added, named? 394

Demi, a nut felt some lorry trammels Omani shahs in a Moslem martyr role most left unaimed. (260)

“Demi, Al, cede!” we declaimed. (200)

Demi, am I maimed? (109)

Demi, as I met Ray, Artemis aimed. 200

Demi Moore cinema tasks a tame nice roo mimed. (260)

“Demi Moore” Roo mimed. 144

Demise, to Ned, denotes I’m Ed? 144

Demitasse trial, Lew, we’ll air: Tessa timed. 200

Demo deer freedom, Ed? 144

Demo ode rasps are doomed. 144

Demo race caromed. 144

Demo snare ransomed. 429

De-model it as a tile, domed. (67)

Demolish silo ‘M’, Ed? 144

Demon ego’s so genomed! 144

Demon Eve venomed! (85)

Demure dame made rum, Ed. 144

Den I fed, sir, is defined. 144

Den I possess opined. 144

Den Ma Deb be damned! (200)

Den maddened a jade Ned damned. (254)

Den made [belle/Bette] be damned. 144

Den made me damned. 144

Den rod adorned? (237)

Deng is, er, resigned. 144

Deng is [Erdogan a god/Eros so] resigned? 144

Deng is error-resigned. 144

Deng is said to (lag al-/bore rob-)-ot; Di assigned. (88)

Deng is sated, a cadet assigned. (88)

Denia: “Peru’s misdeeds, I’m sure, pain Ed.” (71)

“Denial?” asks Alaine D. (144)

Denial’s slain, Ed. 485

Denied a wisp in sea glades, are not felspar traps left on erased algae snips I wade in, Ed? (260)

Denied organisms I nag rode in, Ed. 144

Denier {of UFO] reined!  16, [144]

Denim axe[s] examined. ([6, 85],88)

Denim I mined. 429

Denim mistress asserts I’m mined. (1)

Denim red nudes used – undermined! (260)

Denim-red nudists I’d unburdened rub nudists I’d undermined. (260)

Denim, Red, nudists I’d undermined. 429

Denim resident Ned is ermined. (173)

Denmark-Cuba sees a buck ram Ned! (24)

Dennis, amoral as a nasal aroma, sinned. 394

Dennis and Edna bedded Deb, and Edna sinned. (200)

Dennis and Edna sinned. (232+/or11)

Dennis Day, Nyad, sinned. (200)

Dennis, devil may care, racy A.M. lived, sinned. (200)

Dennis, Eve saw Eden (if as a fine dew) as Eve sinned. (170)

Dennis had ordered rum, lived as a devil, murdered Rod–ah, sinned!  459

Dennis, Hannah[or any palindromic name] sinned. (98)

“Dennis,” I nag apostle, “Fist or frots, I felt so pagan, I sinned.” 423

Dennis, if I sinned… 98

Dennis Krats and Edna Stark sinned. (7+/or169)

Dennis never even sinned. (98)

Dennis, no misfit can act if Simon sinned. (16)

Dennis, Sahara has sinned! (00)

Dennis sinned. (many)

Dennis, Tito got ‘it’–sinned. (237)

Denote “Big asses sag — I bet on Ed.” (144)

Denote cases runt nurses acetoned. (260)

Denote vinyl pant nap, Lyn, I’ve toned. (293)

Dense, I bury my rubies, Ned. (71)

Dense, I [bury rub/got stog/snap pans]ies, Ned. (71)

Dense Kate takes Ned. 144

Dense Magda ordered road games, Ned. (260)

Dense matador (pro DA) tames Ned! 144

“Dense patrons!” I snort, “Apes, Ned!” (71)

“Dense, sir, a poor troop arises.”–Ned. (71)

“Dense tones, Ira, arise.” notes Ned. (71)

Dense tons sabotage legato bass notes, Ned. 260

Dense – yes, Ned – signing is dense – yes, Ned! (71)

Dense yet solid, I lost eyes, Ned. (260)

Denser Eve’s repelled; Elle perseveres, Ned. (260)

“Dent, Ned!”/Dent Ned. (85)

Dental slat, Ned? (144)

Dentist: “Ah, that’s it, Ned!” (278)

Dentist Curt’s boy obstructs it, Ned. (260)

Dentist, far gone, xenografts it, Ned. 394

Dentist (new) went, “Sit, Ned.” 144

Dentist nodded, Ed; don’t sit, Ned. (278)

Dentist: “Sit, Ned.” (109,309)

Denton saw Bob was not Ned. (88-10)

Deny a gay, a gay Ned? (00)

Deny a gem in a war for a Tsar or a star of raw anime, gay Ned. (71)

Deny a god, O gay Ned? (71)

Deny a pot to pay Ned. 144

Deny [a siege,/as] I say, Ned. 144

Deny away, Ned. (144)

Deny [baby/burro for Ruby,/gross orgy,] Ned. (144)

Deny fit Ned is God ere dogs identify Ned. (260)

Deny me no bone, my Ned. (71)

Deny me not: atone my Ned! 5

Deny me not; atone, my Ned. (5)

Deny me, on a canoe, my Ned.(110)

Deny, reify a gay (fiery Ned.) (109)

Deny Rome memory, Ned? 144

Depardieu, go razz a rogue I draped. (213)

Departed ET raped. (237)

Despise sips, Ed? 144

Depo: sit, eye yeti’s op-ed. 144

Deport a Canadian even Aidan, a cat, roped. (260)

“Deport one,” it told Lottie, “not roped.” (201)

Depose [dude’s/Pope’s/mime’s] op ed. 144

Depose no one’s op-ed. 144

Depot snack can stop Ed? 144

Depots stop Ed. 144

Depp and I kiss a legal age lass I kidnapped. 372

Depp, in Israel li’l, ill, ears I nipped. (1)

Depp (or drama?)— Lamar dropped! 394

Derail data a tad, liar Ed. 480

Derail sad Dole–crap parcel, odd as liar Ed. (109)

Derailed, Urban did nab rude liar Ed. 200

Derbies order a red rose I bred. 144

Derby Liza lazily bred. 144

Derek, a man, a wan owl, won a Wanamaker, Ed. 200

“Derek, actor, rack carrot caker Ed.” (1)

Derek, answer, “[Di/Dojo] drew snake red.” 237

Derek answer drew snake, Red. (237)

Derek (as night row radar) worth gin, sake, Red. (237)

Derek can kiss an ass I knackered. (260)

Derek consider Di: snockered?  200

Derek, I like red! (many)

Derek, is Ike red? 394

Derek oversees revoke, Red. 200

Derek, up I puke: red! 408

Deride a gamy MAGA Ed ired! 144

Deride Jedi red. (Deride Jedi, Red.) 144

Derisory tastes sap assets a tyro sired. (260)

Dern, I see’s, in red. (200)

Deron’s alleged, e.g. Ella, snored. (200)

Des, a reign in Romania got a peek in a costing: I sign it, so can I keep a toga in a morning I erased? (260)

Des, a residue faded; a feud is erased. (260)

Des, I lit up a cigarette lighter, a zany Nazareth GI letter a GI cap utilised. (260)

“Des, I, Tina Smith, girl-at-call, I will act alright: I’m sanitised!” (260)

Des it is nesting – I sedate Goths – I wish to get a design it sensitised. (260)

Des, use lucre Hercules used. (260)

Des, use vital errata Qatar relatives used. (260)

Des uses a bat a database’s used. (260)

Desi, tame, nice voltage begat love cinematised. 423

Desiderata: at a red is Ed. (88)

“Design” I sing, “is Ed…” (237)

Designation: “No, I tan GIs, Ed.” (16)

Designer, Eng, is Ed. 144

Desire my lopsided arteries, or a rose I re-traded is polymerised. (260)

“Desk, calypso spy, lacks Ed!” 144

Desk comedian aide mocks Ed. 144

Desperado Yoda reps Ed. 144

Desperate lass Aleta reps Ed. 144

Despise [lax ale] sips, Ed? 144

Despite dame, we made tips, Ed. 144

Despite Hanna, he tips Ed. (237)

Despite helix exile, he tips Ed. 144

Despite his nana Anansi, he tips Ed. 144

Despite his psi, he tips Ed. 144

Despite no red roots to order, one tips Ed. (307)

“Despite sopor, propose!” tips Ed. 394

Despot Bob tops Ed. (109)

“Despots in Aegean” is tops, Ed. 307, 200

Despot’s yawl always tops Ed. (372)

Desrae, her nude idyll at a fetish site, fatally died unrehearsed. (260)

Dessert can aid Ana, Canadian actress, Ed. 200

Dessert, Sid, was, I saw, distressed. 200

Dessert snack can stress Ed. 144

“Dessert sooty, Ma.” Amy, too, stressed. (254)

Dessert stoned, under a bed I hide, bared, nude, not stressed. 200

Dessert tub sin is buttressed! 144

Dessert tub (tons!) is not buttressed. 200

Dessert tub (tons it is!), it is not buttressed. 200

“Dessert’s a sorry task, satyr.” Rosa stressed. (1)

“Desserts erase it!” I claimed, “Academial corpses proclaimed academial cities are stressed!” (260)

Desserts I derailed at a deli are distressed. (260)

Desserts I desire not, so long no lost one rise distressed. (101)

Desserts I desire not, so, lost one, rise distressed. (101-1)

“Desserts I reviled–deliver!” I stressed. (1)

“Desserts,” I stressed. (85)

Desserts I’d reviled, drawn onward, deliver distressed. (10)

“Desserts, Miss, part straps!” Sim stressed. (1)

Desserts stress Ed. (109)

“Destroy, Amy, May orts.” — Ed. (200)

Destined, dirt-ridden–it’s Ed! 144

Destroy [b/my] orts, Ed. (378,144, 1)

Desu, net for Esalen one laser often used. (1)

Desuetude too may be by a mooted ute used. (260)

Det, Alexis, Els’ Ian is in aisle six, elated. (200)

Detach cat, Ed. (97)

“Detail a Ter(cel/mite),” (Alec/Tim) retaliated. (88)

Detail a term: “retaliated”. 144, 429

“Detail a termite’s use” Tim retaliated. (307)

Detail a terror–Red error–retaliated. (254)

Detail a terror, rename man–error retaliated. 429

Detail a terror retaliated. 429

Detail a tertiary meme, Myra: it retaliated. (260)

Detail ate, retaliated. (85)

Detail ice vises I’ve ciliated. 144

Detail, if fast’s affiliated. (88)

Detail “I’m, uh, humiliated!” 485

Detail lapse’s palliated. (88)

Detail of xenon siting is a sign it is non-exfoliated. (260)

Detain a man in a mad rage; regard a man in a mania, Ted! (260)

Deter a bare Ted. (200)

Deter refill, I pass a pill I ferreted. 429

Determine bat order (it’s my gym’s tired rota): Ben, Imre, Ted. (260)

“Detonation, no?” Ita noted. (260)

“Detonative!” Evita noted. (144)

Deuce cued. (many)

Deuce we cued. (200)

Deus siege issued. 429

Diva drew a rawer David. 144

Detail a Geronimo lapel: bare ponies, so posse inoperable — palomino regalia, Ted! 423

Detail of xeroderma: I am red or exfoliated. 423

‘Deuce’ cued. 429

“Dev, love evolved!” 144

Deva Lew, ere what little-felt tilt, ah, were we laved? (1)

Deva re macaroni: “Nora came, raved…” (1)

Deva(s) saved. (88)

Devas saw a Santana fan at NASA was saved. (1)

Devastate me, we met at “Saved!” 429

DeVidi dived. 292

Devil aliens adopt pod, as Neil A. lived. 394

Devil DNA ate feeble Babel bee feta–and lived! (222)

“Devil do” Gwen knew God lived. (1)

Devil Dog, foe of God, lived! 394

“Devil, erase it in a snide tone taken as sane,” Kate noted, “insanities are lived.” (260)

Devil: “I persuaded a US Rep I lived.” 507

Devil in a moonlit nude rift: it fired until no Omani lived. (260)

Devil, in Eve’s eyes even I lived! (97)Devil

Devil Kay fixes trapeze part; sex if yak lived. 109

Devil loops secret Fall, eh, for I, Dante, set nadir of Hell after cesspool lived. (83)

Devil Nat, as foe of Stan, lived? 394

Devil Natasha…ah, Satan lived! (149)

Devil never even lived.[?] (88, [394])

Devil, on a cloven old lone volcano, lived. (226)

Devilish, Ohs, I lived. (200)

Devil’s amoral aromas lived. 144

Devil’s evil bargain a monomania: grab lives lived! 394

Devil’s evil spasm saps lives lived. (372)

Devil’s eyes lived! (237)

Devil’s flesh, Caesar, even stifles tin or iron itself; it’s never as each self’s lived. (260)

Devil(s) lived. (00-many)

“Devo claps.” I lisp, alcoved.  144

“Devo lips,” I lisp, “I loved.” (254)

Devo mermaid, I am removed!  429

Devo met a Mr.,eh, DNA–and her mate moved! (194)

Dew, Alf saw, was flawed. (260)

Dew Angela made erases a reed a male gnawed. (260)

Dewed limp madde damp mildew, Ed. 429

Dew-eyed, a jade ye wed. (71)

“Deweys, ye wed!” (88)

‘Dewy Amy’ may wed. 144

Dewy, Rory wed! 144

Dex inside Kansas naked, is nixed. 144

Dex, inside pain I aped is nixed! (1)

Dex obeyed–eye boxed! 1

Dez, Amazon Oz amazed! 200

“Di, a scampi dip,” Mac said. (200)

“Di, a Seven-Up pun,” Eve said. (200)

“Di, a shallot,” Ayatollah said. (200)

“Di, a sign I mimed a rap to pep a trek: citadels led a tickertape pot parade, miming,” I said. (260)

“Di, a smell is not a tonsil.” Lem said. (71)

“Di, as a pro do nag a pervert Rev re pagan odor,” Pa said. 200

“Di, as A-Rod, traded art.” Dora said. 480

“Di, as Dad said…” (00)

“Di, as I nurse it, I lit so hot a gel as to let (on a note) lotsa legato hostilities run”, I said. (260)

“Di, ash-kiss an elk cock!” Lena’s Sikh said. (254)

“Di aside, I [d/v]ied,” I said. 144

Di (aside): “Liver’s reviled, I said.” 200

“Di aside, we [hewed / wed],” I said. 144

“Di, ask no mama,” monk said. 144

Di assailed a deli, as said. 144

Di, assess aid. 144

Di, AWOL, pondered no plow aid. (200)

Di, be not a fool, aloof at one bid. 200

Di, beg never to hasten tisane men, as it nets a hot revenge bid. (260)

Di berated a cadet (a rebid.) (200)

Di, Bret, we peed, rapt, at Pardee pewter bid. (200)

Di, Bret wept at pewter bid. 200

Di called Dell “acid.” 144

Di can redo Modern Acid. 144

Di — cap or drop acid. 144

Di casts acid. 144

Di, did a murder refer panic in a preferred rum ad I did? (260)

Di, did an actress, an ass in a Nissan, assert “Can ad I did.”? 200

Di, did I as I said I did? (10)

Di did, odd Dodi did. (255)

Di, disaffirm a jam riff as I did. (260)

Di girdle held rigid. 144

Di [here/his ass I kiss as I] hid. (71)

Di hid. 144

“Di, kiss Anita’s satin ass!” I kid. (1)

Di, Knesset A.C. I led as a delicatessen kid. (200)

Di loses a base solid. 144

Di lost it solid. 144

Di, Mary passed Odessa pyramid. 144

Di, o, Vadim I’d avoid.(200)

Di or ET saw asteroid. 144

Di, Parsee Pete pees rapid! (254)

Di passed away, not sad, as Tonya wades, sapid. (260)

Di puts, “Data’s a tad stupid!” 144

Di puts maiden gists I list, signed, “I am stupid.” 144

Di rules a vase lurid. (260)

Di, she debated a cadet abed, eh, Sid? (200)

Di stops Bob, spots id. (1)

“Di, vile libel can a man in a mask say?” asks a man in a manacle, bile-livid. (260)

“Dia,siren, slip on no pilsner!” I said. 200

Diabolic, I lob aid. 429

“Diagnose: ‘song,’ aid.” (85,144)

Dial aid. (85)

Dial late: got to get Al laid. (260)

Dial (or tap) Pup Patrol aid. (1)

Dial, order a red Rolaid! 144

Dial ‘profanity’, Tina, for plaid. 394

Dial saw I was laid. (1)

Dial T for Odd or Oft-Laid. (277)

Dial T-O-N-E to vote ‘not laid’. 429

Dialled omelette spun at a rat an upset tele-model laid. (260)

Diamante I’ve sold in a mallet is a dud, as I tell a man I’d lose Viet Nam aid. (260)

Diamond light, Odo, doth gild no maid. (95)

Diamond losses sold no maid. (260)

Dian, a coed I video, can aid. 144

Dian, I am reviled, I turn, I dump Martin Gardner, I rend rag ‘n’ I tramp mud in rut, I deliver main aid. (11)

Diana, CPAP can aid. 144

Diana in a [ride deeded/rite met] Iranian aid. 144

Diana, in aridness, send Iranian aid! 394

Diana is sure: Russian aid. (237)

Diana is sure: “Taliban nun nab I (late Russian aid!)” (1)

Diana is sure to vote Russian aid. (71)

Diana Ross: “Esso ran aid.” (237)

Diana saw Dr. Awkward was an aid. (73+/or11)

Diana saw Elsinore heron I slew as an aid. (200)

Diana saw I [or any palindromic name!] was an aid. (88)

Diana’s an aid. (278)

Diana’s wonk knows an aid. (237)

Diane poses open aid. 144Diaper god’s dog repaid. 438

Diaper — “Humility ’til I’m, uh, repaid?” 485

“Diaper pin–I pre-paid!” (1)

Diaper plan: add anal prep aid. 144

Diaper saw DNA stop spots and was repaid. (98)

Diaper, see pees repaid! 485

Diaper sin is repaid. (110, )

Diapered, Art (as a trade) repaid. (10-1)

Diapers are poop eras repaid. 457

Diapsid is paid. 429

Diaries, or prose, I raid. 144

Diarist, I nuke estates, pull a mine, mosaic a facia; so men I’m all upset at seek units I raid. (260)

“Diarists are deposed,” I sniff inside, “so pederasts I raid”. (260)

“Dias, Al, let’s prep a samurai’s all Asia rum, as a perp,” Stella said.

“Dias anagrammed ‘Nat’s tandem Marg’,” Ana said. 200

“Dias, I stab one ram, one wee ewe, no mare, no bats,” I said. 200

Dias is as I said. 200

“Dias, sir,” I spat, “no signing is on tap, Siri’s said.” 200

“Dias, sir, I won’t set up CPU test now,” Iris said. 200

“Dibil, lie–do Bristol, Remy, Merlot, sir, bode ill?” I bid. (1)

Dick’s attempt, FTP, met task: CID! (106)

Did a hi-fidelity lid rat set a debt in a cross, or can it be dates, tardily-tiled if I had ID? (260)

Did a satire merit a sad id? 394

Did delegates set a gel Ed did? (260)

Did Edna hand Ed ID? (307)

“Did ewe–wee ewe we did!” (60)

Did Hannah say as Hannah did? (10+/or146)

Did I bark, rabid id? (349)

Did I butt–oh, a hot-tub: I did! (1)

Did I do, O God, did I as I said, “I’d do good!”–I did? (16)

“Did I fire her?” I, Herod, wondered now, “–do rehire her if I did!” 424

Did I live on no evil I did? (1)

Did I say a benign IT casing I sign is acting in Ebay as I did? (260)

Did I say Amy may as I did? (62)

Did I say, “As I did…”? 144

Did I say Feds defy as I did? 144

Did I say ‘Latin in Italy’, as I did? 394

Did “it” in knit, I did! (237)

Did Joe kill like O.J. did? (152,144)

Did Nadia say ‘no’ to no mere monotony as Aidan did? (260)

Did name-drop asap… or demand ID? 408

Did need Reba, nine men in Aberdeen did. 394

Did Nemo trial a cross orca lair, to mend id 394?

Did no locale crap a parcel a colon did? (360)

Did not lessen damn madness, Elroy, or lessen damn madness Elton did? 408

Did Rose call lace sordid? (110)

Did rose, gardenia, geranium etc. arts ban an abstract emu in a regained rage (sordid)? (260)

Did Rose not satire Rita’s tone (sordid!)? 485

Did Rose not spit Q-tips (tone sordid)? 485

Did rosy obese boys or all acrobats stab or call a rosy obese boy sordid? (260)

Did Ross awe her ere he was sordid? (260)

Did some demos sap a Jap as some demos did? (260)

Did some derided art drawer reward trade dire demos did? (260)

Did stressed sadness end as desserts did? 406

Did we fade in edits’ rift as at first I denied a few did? (260)

Did we lap a lewd ID? (237)

Did we lap up a lewd ID? 144

Dida knots as Tonka did. (335)

Diddle if a field did. 477

Didgeridoo, Dire G did. 429

Didgeridoo gone: no good I, Reg, did. (260)

Didi won straw warts, now I did!! (235)

Dido’s last angel dismays yams; idle gnats also did. (260)

“Die, man, if I name ID!” 144

Die, neaten no sarong, Nils, no dark radon sling, nor a sonnet Aeneid. (254)

Die, Renata, pat a Nereid. (254)

Diego lost a fatso loge i.d. (200)

Diet ad put, “Update ID.” (144)

Dieting, I’d ignite id. 429

Dig at God’s tent nets dog tag I.D. 307

Dig, rut, evolve Bev–love turgid! (110)

Dig ruts: it is turgid. (260)

Dig ruts turgid. 429, 144

“Dignitary bodies nestle by a man,” I say, “as in a ‘may belt’ sense,I do: by rating id”. (260)

Dike gate jade vase saved a jet age kid! 429

Dilapidated, a caste gets a cadet, a dip, a lid. (260)

Dilapidated, I bat a bidet, a dip, a lid. 429

Dilapidated, I bet I bite bidet, a dip, a lid. 429

Dilated, I bet a bed, to not debate bidet, a lid! 429

Dilatory rags, Gary, rot a lid. (260)

‘Dill Apostle’ felt so pallid. 144

Dill apostasy sat, so pallid. 394

Dill apostle felt so pallid. (260)

Dilly species use ice psyllid. 429Dim it, maid—I am timid!  485

Dim it was, an aviary, Myra, Ivana saw, timid. 200

Dim rat, arm Id! 1

Dim Rodney repardoned ungarbed Deb, rag-nude (no drapery–end or mid!) (11)

Diminish sin, I’m Id. (237)

Dimity revisited a general, a renegade … ’tis I; very timid. (260)

Dinah promises, ” I morph an ID.” 144

“Dine, Enid!” (85)

Dine “Mir grim,” Enid. (1)

Dine, nine men, in Enid. (200)

Diner offers ref for Enid. (144)

Dio rotated a cadet, a toroid. (254)

Dion, a rap star brat’s paranoid. 200

Diona, rap: “Art lusts ultra-paranoid!” 144

Diona raps paranoid. 144

Dione lost solenoid. 144

Dionysus’ “Susy, no id?” 485

Dior DNA met system android. (200)

Dior dared a Vader a droid. 144

Dior ETs assess asteroid. 144

Dior, I’m so osmiroid! (85)

“Dip a root rotator– too rapid.!” (237)

Dip a root’s tip in tactile rife fire-lit catnip: it’s too rapid. (260)

Dip a rose so: rapid! 429

Dip a veil in a fan: I lie vapid. (260)

“Dip [arm in Ed’s denim/arse, dudes]–rapid!” 144

Dip, avoid Arab mob, evacuate tau cave, bomb a radio vapid. (254)

Dip ET’s tin in (it’s tepid). 144

“Dip?” I sniff on a web-tied Amiga rag, “I made it be wan, off, insipid.” (260)

Dip is nil-insipid. (6)

Dip milk nude, dunk limpid. 429

Dip Millie Neil limpid. (85)

Dip million in oil, limpid. 429

“Dip rots in a pan,” is torpid. (144)

Dip rots til it’s torpid. (277)

Dip rotten animals I slam in a net, torpid. (260)

Dirge tones oppose note grid. 144

“Dirt!” says sassy Astrid. (144)

Dirt up to here, we’re hot, putrid. 423

Dirt upsets: a caste’s putrid! 144

Dirt upside bed is putrid. 144

“Dirt’s a stress!” asserts Astrid. (245)

“Dirt’s?” asks Astrid. (144)

“Dis max,” I stated, ” a cadet, at six AM–Sid.” 200

Disable Elba, Sid. (1)

Disable Elba’s id! (8)

Disable Melba’s [id/ID]! 394-1, 144

Disavow ova, Sid. (200, 144)

Disbar an Arab, Sid. 144

Disbar drab Sid. 144

Disburse Sue’s sample hotel ale to help masseuses rub Sid. (260)

Discard Drac’s ID. 144

Disgorge grog, Sid. (4)

Dish Sid a radish, Sid. (71-1)

“Dishes, eh Sid?” (71)

Dismal deb nixes sex in bedlam, Sid. (110)

Dismal Sharon sees Norah slam Sid. (254)

“Dismal” slams id. (237)

Dismal start, rat slams id. 429

“Disney yen, Sid?” (6)

Disparate gods do get a rap, Sid. 144

“Disparities reverse it” I rap, Sid. 144

Display [my] Alps ID[?]! 144

Dispose all, Aesop, Sid! 394

Dispose sop, Sid. (4)

Disregard rager, Sid. 200, 144

Disregard rager’s ID. 144

Disrobe Jeb or Sid? (71)

Dissed Art Lee, ‘e eel trades, Sid. (1)

Distant egos so get Nat’s id. 394

Distant pekoe CEO kept Nat’s ID. 144

Distaste gets at Sid. 408

Distend net, Sid. 144

Distill it, Sid. (200)

Distill its id. (277, 429)

Distilled animal sinew, Owen: I slam in a dell its ID. (260)

Distortion: a nano ‘it’ rots Id. (237)

Distress apart, Debra bets a war (ever a waste, barbed trap) asserts id. 394

Distress asserts I.D. (237)

Distressed Emily ordered Roy lime dessert, Sid. 307

Diva Devil did live, David. (309)

Diva saw in my hymn I was avid. (307)

Diva saw nosy tot, to Tyson, was avid. 480

Divan is in a vid. 144

“D-lot mitts rife, yes Reg–Dodgers eye first!” Tim told. (1)

DMV tasks a TV MD. (144)

“DNA Belt” tabla virtuosos out rival “Battle Band.” 429

DNA held–[in an/Isa’s] idle hand. 423

DNA hymn is in my hand. (260)

DNA lops Poland. (278)

DNA medicines rapidly mar amyl-dip arsenic I demand. (260)

DNA, wake ESP–seek a wand. (237)

Do ball a bod. (144)

Do call a cod. 144

Do cat purr: ocelots stole–corrupt–a cod. 423

Do die, dude–I’d OD! (1)

Do GI medevacs cave demigod? 144

Do gag a god. 144

Do, Galilee, see Lila God. (237)

Do gall a god. 144

Do gas as a god! 144

Do geese of a foe see god? 394

Do geese see God? (176 vs 523 vs 00?)

Do Gem Andersen ones, Red, name God? (237)

Do Gem, Anna, Susan name God? (237)

Do Gere verses revere God? 200

Do get a Brut sample hot to help masturbate God! (260)

“Do get a genetic ewe–cite, negate God!” (109)

Do get a minaret law, Walter–animate God! (254)

Do get a rifled elf, irate god. (260)

Do get a tip, ace: decapitate god. 429Do get ahimsa, crash sarcasm: “I hate god…” 429

Do get acid Ed, I dedicate God! 429

Do get ahimsa, crash sarcasm: “I hate god…” 429

Do get air, Ben — inebriate God! 200

Do get Amin an inanimate god. 200

“Do get any mono-cell economy, Nate–God!” (1)

Do get (in dim salon–ah Tesla, ever analytic!) a Poe opacity Lana reveals: “ethanol as midnite God.” (103)

Do get up, Sid, to not dispute God! 144

Do ghosts ape pasts, oh God? (144)

Do ghosts image mega mists, Oh God? 144

Do ghosts, oh God! (237)

“Do global slab, ol’ God!” (237)

Do gnaw a wan god. 144

Do gnaw, Satan, at a swan god. (254)

Do gnaw Sega Sage Swan God. (237)

Do gnaw, swan god! 144

Do gnosis on God. (85)

Do gnus assess a sun god? 144

Do go, evil Kramer, to hooters (re “too hot” remark), “Live, O God!” (1)

Do go not to [Elliville/Grubsburg], Otto – no, God! (71)

Do go, Tata, to God. (190)Do go to hell, Elle — hot, O God!

Do go to God! (237, 14)

Do go to hell, Elle — hot, O God! 423

Do go trail a live dastard, a bad rat, sad, evil, a liar to God. 200

Do (,G/n/,R/r/s/,T)od. (many)

Do (gone desperado, I) repay a period: a rep’s Eden, O god! (1)

Do good, do O God! (1)

Do good, Sue, dice, decide us, do O God! (71)

Do good…to not doo God! 144

Do got no Gold…log onto God. (237)

Do Goth girl alright, O God! (109)

Do grab Baja, Jabbar–God! 200

Do grace, ESP, see car god. (237)

Do grade, cedar god! 144

Do greet steer god. 144

Do Greta Lee’s sagas see later god? 144

Do grey walnuts stun lawyer-god?  1

Do gyms do bods, my God? 510

Do, gypsy, spy God. (237)

Do gyrate no monetary god. 144

Do hasten, Reba, cabernets–ah, O.D.! (1)

Do I [fill a pall/finish sin] if I OD? 144

Do I rep[air an aria,/el bats at a stable/lace a faecal/lay oral life-rot to refill a royal/ress arcane poo to open a crasser] period? (260, 144)

Do I repay a papaya period? 144

Do I repay a period? (5, 429)

Do I repel as we nab a new sale period? 144

Do I repel if I file – period? 144

Do I replace decal, period? 429, 144

Do I replace fecal period? 144

Do I replan a banal period? 144

Do I replan my heir every reverie hymnal period? 429

Do I replate my metal period? (260)

Do I replay ordered royal period? 144

Do I replete a betel period? 144

Do I report Ernie’s id, a rape paradise in retro period? 423

Do I report sad astro period? (245)

Do I report sea moth to Maestro, period? (11)

Do I reproduce cud or period? 429

Do nab runaway, a wan urban o.d. (200)

Do new, or even senile, felines never owe Nod? 394

“Do nine men interpret nine men?” I nod. (16)

Do not emit stiff odes; sip ’til I oil it: pissed off, it’s time to nod. (260)

Do not let Elton O.D. (many)

Do not refer to Nod. (many)

Do not rise on a canoe, sir, to nod. 200

Do not, Rob, allow AWOL labor to nod. 200

Do not ruffle elf fur to nod. (4)

“Do not spay Tisdale, lads!” it yaps to Nod. 517

Do not start at rats to nod. (16)

Do note, docile gnat, angelic ode to nod. 133

Do note, I vie to nod. 144

Do NY syndicate yetis oppose no one’s opposite yet acid NY synod? (260)

“Do, O food!” (103)

Do, O God, no evil deed–live on, do good! (11)

Do O.D.! (1)

Do offer a FIFA ref food. 144

Do offer a ref food. (4)

Do oft act on “not cat food”. 144

Do often net food. 144

Do often rob, Iraq, a rib–or net food. (237)Do ogle eel–good! 144

Do ogle eel–good! 144

Do ogres wow a wowser good? (260)

Do ol’ boys say, “Ass yo’ blood”? 144

Do Omani/Siam abodes say baby-assed Obama is in a mood? (260)

Do Omanis sass in a mood? 144

“Do or bid?” I brood. (“Do orb ID?” I brood.) 144(-1)

“Do, or bite pet?” I brood. 144

Do orbit far; Canis, in a craft I brood. (148)

“Do orbit,” I brood. (144)

“Do orbital flat…?” I brood. (237)

“Do orbits all last?” I brood. (88)

Do orbs brood? (260,144)

Do owlets ape pastel wood? 144

Do owlets enliven an evil nest, Elwood? 394

Do owl-like noon telegrams, Marge, let no-one kill wood? (260)

Do owlets ape pastel wood? 144

Do own, “I let up side dispute, Lin Wood.” 144

Do page-mates set a megapod? (260)

Do panic in a Titanic, in a pod. 1

Do paninis sin in a pod? (255)

Do pass a pod. 144

Do pen one pod. (237)

Do pies [abase/oppose/reverse] Ipod? 144

Do pinatas sass at an iPod? 144

Do ports agar a gastropod? 144

Do pot, coeur, true octopod. 429

Do pot con as I nod at Adonis, an octopod.  144

Do prognosticate tacit song (or pod). 144

Do ram a rill (or redder, radar redder roll), I ram a rod. (254)

Do ram a rod. 144

Do rapid test set: dip a rod. 144

Do “rat” Iditarod? 429

Do regard, I ordered, ‘roid rager o.d. (200)

Do relax at noon: tax ale, Rod. 394

Do relax–I left Felix ale, Rod. (372)

Do remember: gazes reverse Zagreb meme, Rod. 425

Do renege not–stone Gene, Rod! (1)

Do reorder red roe, Rod. (1)

Do repay me my ape, Rod. (200)

Do reset lame Maltese rod. 144

Do saw a sod. 144

Do say ‘No’ to Tony, a sod.  144

Do sew fine vests, even if we sod. 144

Do slam Ron–bust a fat, subnormal sod. (254)

Do so note, votive Devito–veto no sod. (109)

Do stamp mat sod. 144

Do star brats O.D.? (260)

Do stay alert at relay at sod. 144

Do, today, sub “busy ad” O Tod. (1)

Do we docs abate Tabasco/Dew OD? 200

Do ye not stop, afore solemn Edda’s sagas sadden me, loser of a potstone yod? (282)

Do zits always yaw last, Izod? 144

Do zit sets test Izod? 144

Doc, Enola’s tenth Cayenne yacht nets a lone cod. (71)

Doc Evil nets ten live cod. (233)

Doc, note–I dissent: a fast never prevents a fatness; I diet on cod. (153)

Doc, note I do tell Enid, a nan in an ad in Elle, to diet on cod. 200

Doc Smith sang, “Gnash Tim’s cod!” 71-1

“Doce, Paco, to got to Cape Cod.” 144

Docile Daniel as No saw a nut’s tuna was on sale in a deli “cod.” 200

Docile detail: I ate deli cod. 144

Docile dogs, go: deli cod! 394

“Dock cod!” (148)

Dock nips pink cod. 144

“Doctor, rot cod!” (161)

Doctors rot cod. 436

Doctor Seuss, igniting, issues rot cod. (144)

Does one vole love nose OD? 394

Dog a God! (2)

Dog Anna, God. (1)

Dog as a devil deified; deified, lived as a god. (00)

Dog (as a devil deified) lived as a god. (78+/or4)

Dog as a god! 1

Dog[-] deifiers reified god. ([5],77)

“Dog doo–good God!” (98,200)

Dog doo got to Otto: “Good God!” 394

Dog, elk, cat, emu, me tackle God. (260)

Dog embargo: O, grab me, God! (00)

Dog foe cargo temple, help me to grace of God. (260)

“Dog food lid” sides reversed is “dildo of God.” (307)

Dog food lid’s “dildo of God.” 1

Dog, I’m Ed, a demi-god. (307)

Dog, I’m Ed, a Toyota demigod. (200)

Dog, I’m Edward, a draw demigod. (200)

Dog, nag a pagan god! 408

Dog, no poop on god! (227)

Dog pal sat in Nita’s lap, God. (71)

Dog pal sees lap god! (1)

Dog pinnacled on a Toyota (No. Del.) can nip God. (147)

Dog raw war-god!  1

Dog Red, let’s all, like, kill last Elder God! 394

Dog Red Nun under, God! (237)

Dog saw as God! (1)

Dog sees God. (many)

Dog sees mirror afar, or rim… sees God! 408

Dog sees pup; pup sees God. (337)

Dog sees pup sees God. (1)

Dog sex, even if fine, vexes God. (363)

Dog sit in a lap, pal, an’ it is God. (4)

“Dog, sit–’tis God!” (1)

!Dog was a saw god! (323)

Dog was I ere I saw God. (77)

Dog YMCA’s A.C.–my God! (1, 2)

Doge esteem: we few meet, see God. 394

Doge Midas is a dime-god? 394

“Doge” many name god. 394

Doge note — get one, God? 394

Doge note — Got to get one, God! 394

Doge, remain a meme mania, mere god! 394

Doges use God. (4)

Dogma: I am God. (many)

Dogma I am, Ma; I am God! (285)

Dogma I won’t love: “Rise, popes, I revolt–now I am God!” (00)

Dogma in my hymn: I am God. (59)

Dogma is a lair of raw war, for I (alas!), I am God. (102)

Dogma is : ‘I am God.’ 1

Dogon saw a Goth, sir, in an Irish toga was no god. 200

Do-gooders re-do, O God! (98)

Dog’s a fool: aloof as God. (98)

Dogs arf as sassy Asa says, “Sassafras God.” (71)

Dogs go, dog rests – ergo dog’s God. 133

Dog’s God. (316)

Dogs lap Tess, a basset pal’s god. (254)

Dog’s Moor rooms God. (353)

Dog’s panting is sign it naps, God. 394

Dog’s pot stops God! 394

Dogs sass God. (1)

Dogs teem, paw, swap meet’s God. (1)

Dogs yelp, “I, Ripley’s God!” (237)

Dog-tired, I hide Rit…God! (1)

Dog-wasp saw God! (1)

Don, abandon OD—nab a nod! 1

Don (alias ‘Bob’) sail a nod. (201)

Don, as reviled ‘Pop Smith’ (Tim’s Pop) delivers a nod! (1)

“Don–bob, nod!” (1)

Don did nod. (88)

Don, I say [no to Tony/”Oy!”/”Spot Topsy”] as I nod. (71)

Don–idle, I yield, I nod. (71)

“Don Imus’s opossum” I nod. (144)

Don, in Eve’s eyes even I nod. (98)

Don repondered, “no Pernod?” 200

Don reports [a Castro/I ban a bistro] Pernod. 144

Don reports I brew a rawer bistro Pernod. 144

Don, roses revere, reverses or nod. (174)

Don stops no rom moron, spots nod. (355)

Don, too far afoot, nod.  1

Don won’t nod if I don’t now nod. (307)

Don won’t, now, nod. (1)

Donate Goth’s ash to get a nod. (260)

Donate green sneer, get a nod! 144

“Done, baby Babe–nod!”  1

Done raw, a nut can act unaware; nod. (260)

Done,[we gag, gulp or drop luggage;] we nod. (71)

Donna, I miss Bob’s simian nod. 394

Donna made Ted, a man, nod. (71)

Dons nod. (85)

Don’t, eh, tip epithet–nod! (1)

Don’t fart, Angela–mate, wet a tip, lap a pupa; palpitate, wet a male gnat-raft; nod. (71)

Don’t fight a poet’s osteopath gift, nod! (71)

Do(n’t) nod. (many)

Don’t nod Bob, don’t nod… 438

“Don’t nod.” I say as I won’t, now, I say, as I don’t nod…(62)

Don’t race, doctor–trot code cart, nod! (1)

Don’t revert; nod. (71)

Don’t tip party booby trap, Pitt–nod! (1)

Donuts do not: piss, sip to nod, stun, O.D. (1)

Doog (on sales) denied Art’s trade-in, Edsel, as no good. 200

Doog, Wes, Sid asserts Mae’s seamstress ad is “sew” good. (200)

Doom an evil deed, liven a mood. (10)

Doom awardees, some sad as emos, see/draw a mood. 507

Doom delivers reviled mood. (1)

Doom DNA, drown in gin, ebb milder, abate, get a bared limb; benign in word and mood. (260)

Doom lives ever–it’s astir: Eve’s evil mood. (5)

“Doom nodes,” Abe rasps, “are based on mood”. 144

Doom, royal panic–I mimic in a play (or mood.) (10)

Doom Sra. motif did fit Omar’s mood. (200)

‘Doomed am I’, made mood. (290)

Doomed, I hide mood. 144

Doom’s mirth trims mood. 144

Doomster frets mood. 144

Doomster Geri regrets mood. 144

Dopamined, I denim a pod! 144

Dope (ditto) gets a taste–got Tide pod! 429

Dope kilt-like pod. 429

Dope–no wonder its tired now: one pod! (237)

Dopes abdicate wet acid base pod. 436

Dopey, eye pod! (237)

Dopy Mr. Astor’s reign at Tangiers rots army pod. (260)

Dora, no swan gnaws on a rod. (71)

Dora, pull up a rod. (245)

Dora, sad, locks Ed’s desk, cold as a rod. (71)

Dora sees a rod. (122,88)

Dora snips Aron’s atlas in a pan I salt as Nora spins a rod. (254)

Dora tended net, A-Rod! (1)

Dora tendered net, a rod. (10)

Dora tidies a base Iditarod. 144

Dora tones area; erase not a rod. (10)

Dorian is not on Sinai, Rod. (200)

Dork Cub was a sawbuck, Rod. 200

Dork [cuts stuck/ nips pink] rod.  144

Dorks ate task rod. 144

Dorm, incite opera, dare poetic nimrod! 429

Dorm intifada hit, I had a fit, Nimrod. 429

Dorming I dig, Nimrod. 144

“Dorm’s in a ‘No’!” noted a cadet on onanism: Rod. 200

Dosed, Amy made sod. 144

Dosed, Irene rides OD. 394

Dorset abates rod. (85)

Doryman, I gave wet ewe vagina my rod. (307)

Dot saw I was Tod. (116)

Dot sees Tod. (00)

Doth turnip spin Ruth, Tod? (1)

Dr., a legal lipo staff lesson: Ono’s self, fatso, pillage lard! 423-1

“Dr., a terrorist, Sir–or retard?!” (1)

Dr. Ace, Cal, pondered no place card. 200

Dr., ah, sin is hard! 394

Dr., ah, stamp mats hard! (1)

Dr. Alder’s reward: red nun underdrawers, red lard. (71)

Dr. Azah, tackler of Andes, tests tsetse DNA for elk, cat hazard. 398

Dr. alludes, “Use dullard.” (1)

Dr., enjoy my OJ nerd. (255)

Dr., enliven Adolph Plod, an evil nerd.” 394

Dr. No was, I saw, on Rd. (88)

Dr. of Deb’s is Bedford. (200)

Dr. of Deron’s is no Redford. (200)

Dr. of Pets nixes oozy zoo sex in Stepford. 200

Dr. oft led Oman in a Model T Ford. 200

Dr. OJ flirts on a nostril fjord. (255)

Dr. of Debs is Bedford. (200)

Dr. of Nat’s, Ott, new, went to Stanford. (200)

Dr. of Pets nixes ( Lana bet on it, I note) banal sex in Stepford. 200

“Dr. of War” cottons not to Crawford. (200)

Drab as a fool, Asa’s aloof as a bard! (10-1)

Drab Asa was a bard. (77)

Drab attire (me?!)–do demerit tabard. (327)

Drab Bud I dub bard. (254)

Drab Debra garbed bard. (372)

Drab Enos knocks Ed’s desk, conks one bard. (71)

Drab diva’s diagnostic: illicit song aids avid bard. 372

Drag error regard. 144

Drag “gal” ( a lass ) is, Sal, a laggard. 200

Drab pals slap bard. (97)

Drab Sally did idyll as bard. (144)

Drag gal by a gay blaggard. 144

Drag gal (Deborah), a robed laggard! 485

Drag: Gala’s [a/avid diva’s a] laggard. 200

Drag Gina, [a] niggard. (307)

Drag Satan at Asgard. 144

Drags Allan all Asgard? (254)

“Drain apse, Spaniard. (200, 144)

Drain apses or Omani art!” I say as I train a morose Spaniard. (260)

Drano elder bred Leonard. 144

Drat, Saddam’s a retard; drat Era’s mad dastard. (98)

“Drat, Saddam’s mad — dastard!” (6)

Drat, Sade’s a base dastard. (200)

Drat, such clumsy obese boys mulch custard! (260)

Drat, such crepes use perch custard? 200

“Drat–suck custard?” (4)

Drat–suck limes, use milk custard. (256)

“Drats!” added I, “Videotape–eh?–Sam, a sheep, a toe-divided dastard.” (71)

Draught nine men in th’ guard. (117)

Draw a Dana gal, lag an AD award. (355)

Draw a madam or feel glee from a dam award. 144

Draw a nasal ward’s drawl as an award. (260)

Draw a nurse’s run: nurses run a ward. (260)

Draw a pot to Pa, Ward. (1)

Draw a pot–top award! (192)

Draw a sage to merit a re-tiled art trade literati remote gas award. 260

Draw a salad: emu medal as award! 419

Draw a slot, sir, Bristol’s a ward. (45)

Draw a strategy; get arts award. (260)

Draw a ward. (85)

Draw an award. 144

Draw an isle to her arena for profane rare hotels in a ward. (260)

Draw an item, a saw I saw as I was a Met in a ward. 200

Draw an opus upon a ward. (260)

Draw animals we few slam in a ward. (260)

Draw as a snake, Kansas award. (98)

Draw Astra “pre-dawn wader parts” award. (237)

Draw animals we few slam in a ward

Draw award. (161)

Draw “Awareness Essene” (raw) award. (237)

Draw (aye, no melody!) dole-money award. (10)

Draw crass (or gross!) arc, Ward. (1)

Draw dead Ada, Edward. (71)

Draw Dean or Rona, Edward. (71)

Draw dear, odd Dora, Edward. (71)

Draw deb a cab, Edward. (71)

Draw Debra[, Bro. Bob, or B/Brogan’s nag or b/G’s g]arb Edward. (71)

“Draw–decide my drowsy ass.” says wordy medic Edward. (71)

Draw, deed is aside, Edward. (237)

Draw de[ep or pull up rope,/er.” I wire]/er, O sore] Edward. (71)

Draw deer, a hero’s aroma, ham, or a sore hare, Edward. (71)

“Draw deer.” I wire Edward. (71)

Draw deer, O sore Edward! (71)

Draw Dee’s runts’ udders, red dust; nurse Edward. (71)

Draw defiant, naif Edward. (85)

Draw, delay or [pull a ball up/stun Senor Drone’s nuts], royal Edward. (71)

Draw Del, Edward. (71)

Draw Della, bat a ball, Edward. (71)

Draw Della Cabot in a Manitoba call, Edward. 200

Draw Della too tall, Edward! (16)

Draw denim; revel in Nile vermin, Edward. (71)

Draw, depose Aesop, Edward! (237)

“Draw depots,” I say as I stop Edward. (71)

“Draw de[risive Levi Sir/sks [as is]?” asks] Edward. (71)

Draw Desdemona no meds, Edward. 200

“Draw desk,” lisps Al, “clasp silks, Edward!” (71)

Draw desk-cocks, Edward. (71)

Draw desk-copy, Emil’s slimey pocks, Edward. (71)

Draw desk-corks, a mask, rocks, Edward. (71)

Draw desk-ropes or, say, a lame Malay, as Rose porks Edward. (71)

“Draw desks, Adelle, Ms. Anna smelled?” asks Edward. (71)

“Draw Desks?” Ann asks Edward. (71)

“Draw desks [as is]?” asks Edward. (71)

Draw desks as Omar or Amos asks, Edward. (71)

Draw desks, Edward. 144

Draw desperado soda reps, Edward. 200

Draw despite tips, Edward. (71)

Draw despot stops, Edward. (200)

“Draw Dias.” said Ward. (240)

Draw dog’s sad ass Godward. 485

Draw Doo, Woodward. (200)

Draw ET’s steward. 144

Draw eel leeward! (161)

Draw eel Otto got to leeward. (200)

Draw eel[s] leeward. (many)

Draw ere reward. (4)

Draw Eros, O sore Ward. (1)

Draw “Flaccid Ron,” a Nordic calf, Ward. 430

Draw ill EKG, Kelli Ward. 144

Draw, Neva, havenward. (85)

Draw nine men inward. (71)

Draw Nineveh trade, Darth, even inward. 200

Draw nine trowels, Lew–or ten–inward. (71)

Draw no dame–dame we made mad–onward! (71)

Draw no deep speed onward. (164)

Draw no dray a yard onward. (16)

Draw no drowsy sword onward! (98)

Draw no evil deed, live onward. (237)

Draw no llama a mall onward. (132)

Draw no noon onward. (1)

Draw ‘No!’ on Ward. (1)

Draw no parcel of ole crap onward. 394

Draw no parts, a rod, or a strap onward! (71)

Draw no party booby trap onward. (245)

Draw no royal paean–nae, a play or onward! 394

Draw no sore zeros on Ward. (98)

Draw no sore-hung gnus – nude, [divided/suffused/wet, stewed,] unsung gnu heros – onward! (71)

“Draw no warts, rots, imps,” I lisp, “mist, or straw onward!” (71)

Draw no worrisome memo sir, row onward! 429

Draw [noses on/Nosey Norris, Sir Ron–yes, on/not a baron, a ma, a man, or a bat on]ward! (71)

Draw not [fat Taf/rat-snot, limp mud,” I say, as I dump Milton’s tar]t onward! (71)

Draw not on Ward. (200)

Draw not onward. (85)

Draw not sudsy baby’s dust onward! (71)

Draw [now a paw on/now alcohol–oho claw on]ward! (71)

Draw now{, Otto; no, do not tow} onward. (71)

Draw, O Caesar–erase a coward! (10)

Draw, O coward! (many)

Draw, O Howard! (many)

Draw, Ocala coward. (200)

Draw, octet coward! (161,144)

Draw octopi, pot coward! 144

Draw oh $, Howard. (107)

“Draw (oh no!) Ron Howard.” (304, 144)

Draw–oh, save Eva’s Howard! (00)

Draw [pudenda, {s/l}ad Ned,/pudendum mud, Ned,/, puff a gaff/Pugnose Pip’s pipe-song/Pugnose Ross’s
sore song/”Pugnose Voles”, Ned’s dense love-song,/puma-jam {or -ham}] upward! (71)

Draw pueblos or easy cats, for it’s an act: can a stir of Stacy’s aerosol be upward? (260)

Draw (puff at staff!) upward. (237)

Draw puffins, spit Q-tips, sniff upward! 485

Draw pumas, damned animals I slam in a den, mad Sam, upward! (71)

Draw pupil’s lip upward. (10)

Draw pupil’s pup’s lip upward. (10)

“Draw pups,” I lisp, “upward!” (71)Draw pure vexation: as Tim emits a “no”, I tax ever upward! 423

Draw pure veneer Gregory Trapper, plan my hymnal prep party, Roger Green: ever upward! 429

Draw pure vexation: as Tim emits a “no”, I tax ever upward! 423

Draw pure virtuosos, out river, upward. 429

“Draw purists, albinos in unison,” I blast, Sir, “upward!” (71)

Draw pus-lip up, pupils–upward! (71)

Draw pussy bananists, O hosts, in an abyss upward! (71)

Draw, put Sudsy Susy’s dust upward! (71)

Draw putrid dirt upward. (16)

Draw red net [, foe of/not on/; pull-up] tender Ward. (98)

Draw [redder,/snot–tons!–/some memos,]Ward. (1)

Draw sward. (85)

“Draw Syd a lemonade”, piped a Nome lady’s ward. (307)

Draw Tit Alley itself, lest I yell at it, Ward. (260)

Draw ya, Hayward? (200)

Draw Yahoo loo, Hayward. 200

Draw yaw wayward. (331) 200

Drawered, a cradle here held arcade reward. 307

Drawers at uppity-bred salons: Nola’s derby tip put as reward. (5)

“Drawers draw!” Defoe tips nine men (in spite of Edward’s reward.)(254)

Drawer’s NIH ‘crust’ never prevents urchin’s reward. (1)

Drawn, I sit; serene rest is inward. (171)

Drawn items met inward. 144

Drawn on, a reign, as Angie ran onward. 429

Dre had egged a herd. 144

Droll, a riveting idea got togaed, igtnite viral lord. 429

Droll Apollo, roll opal lord! 429

Droll, I avail Lord. (144)

Droll, I report sea maestro peril, lord. 429

Drow, spot a top sword! 479

“Drowatonsi” is not a word. (189)

Drown a mam or feel glee from a man word. 144

Drown, eh, two cotton tubs, but not to cow the N-word. (260)

Drown in an ‘in’ word. (237)

Drown my hymn word. (278)

“Drown, word!” (161)

Drowsed, Amy made sword. 144

Drowsy ass, use java, Jesus says — Word. 423

Drowsy, Burl Ives traded Art’s evil ruby sword. (307)

Drowsy, rubles made damsel bury sword. 394

Drowsy traps exude layer of ebony as I say “no” before Yale duxes’ party sword. (260)

Dru’s basis is absurd. (88,144)

“Dry rot certain,” I mailed Eli, “a Mini at Rectory Rd.” (260)

Dua Lipa’s a sap I laud. 507

“Dual ewe!” we laud. (109)

Dualism, saps, spasms I laud. (71)

“Dualisms?” I nod, “Eh, still, it’s hedonisms I laud.” (71)

Dualists I laud. 429

Dub guru rug, Bud.(1)

Dub Matt, ‘A.M. bud’.  1

Dubai pot user Basset, a gent, negates Sabres’ utopia, Bud. 200

Dubbo media led Adelaide mob, bud. (260)

Dublin’s a hoot, tide red, it too has nil bud. 429

Dublin’s nil, bud. 109

Dubya sews as we say, Bud. 144

Dubya, sot, saw Ara, was to say “Bud!” (200)

Ducal lips spill a cud. (260)

Duck can snack cud. 144

“Duck said,” I ask “cud?” 144

Ducks ask, “Cud?” (71)

‘Dude Gang’ is a signage dud. 144

Dude, Porter Goss: I miss ogre trope dud. (255)

Dumb Ben is in ebb mud. (307)

Dumb mob emits time-bomb, mud. (71)

Dumb mobs, alas, bomb mud. 394

Dumb mobs bomb mud. (64)

Dumb mobster ref ferrets bomb, mud. (1)

Dumb old Ida did lob mud! 144

Dumb old lots told “Lob mud!” 144

Dumbo, lob mud. (8,144)

Dump it if I tip mud. 144

Dump mad, Nita sat in damp mud. (71)

Dump made zoo ooze damp mud. (307)

Dump mud! (many)

Dump mulch, Sir, in an Irish clump (mud.) (71)

Dump uneven rock-case; we sack corn, even up mud. (71)

Duo laps ESP aloud. (237)

Duo lapses, Pa–loud! (1)

“Duo lash gullible Mac, A camel.” Bill, ughs aloud. 429

Duo lasts aloud. 144

Duo loots too loud. 144

Duo lost [it] so loud. 144

Duo loved Devo loud. (00)

Dwell ever, revel lewd! (11)

Dwell, in nil, lewd. (1)

Dwelt on, erased odes are not lewd. (260)