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(507) 12-01-22
God, Neil – an alien dog!
Ma, I am god – a dogma I am.
Ma is alive, evil as I am.
“Suga” raps “A Royal Slay” or “Asparagus”?

(506) 12-01-22
No, Gawd nabs bandwagon.

(504) 12-01-22
Hedonic I nod, eh.
Rat-sloop-faced pal’ll lap decaf pools’ tar.

(500) 12-01-22
A Classic is Salça.
I, Xenobot, named E-man, to bone Xi.
Live on set, one notes no evil.
Nemo live, Sis, is evil omen.
To LA Pan did nap a lot.

(459) 12-01-22
No, let’s ape past Elon.

(429) 12-01-22
A glossary trampoline vet, even I lop martyr-ass Olga.
Damage modem user presumed omega mad.
Detail a term: ‘retaliated.’
Note loud solos duo let on.
To bordello rolled robot.
Wonder reigniting, I erred now.

(394) 12-01-22
Must Luck now, ajar, astray, beg narrator to trot, arrange by arts a Raj, a wonk cult sum?
Popes ordered rose pop.(Popes ordered: “Rose, pop!” Popes ordered, rose–pop! -01)
Bust a ban in a bat sub?

(485) 12-01-22
Marge – “Let a sadness send as a telegram?”
No El Paso sap, Leon!
So, Al, Delia failed Laos?

(507) 11-29-22
I sat on T. Eliot’s toilet not as I.
My gym nuts stun my gym.

(200) 11-22-22
A tired ACL, Ava, cottons not to cavalcade. – Rita
Do get Amin an inanimate god.
Etna’s draw despot stops Edward’s ante.
“Eton distress,” a dame, mad, asserts, I’d note.
I am AKA “nice lad Alec” in Akamai.
Man, it’s egg use we suggest in A.M.
No Molson I deliver; still it’s reviled In Oslo, mon.
Not calling is a stubborn Rob, but’s a sign I’ll act on.
Odists I dun (nudists), I do.
Pinots assure me, Russ, as to nip.
Re deer, Bret’s a maven, Ev–a master breeder.
Red, now red on an Alpine slope, Rep. Olsen, I plan an Oder wonder.