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(1) 9-22-22
No Gero, drag it to hot Tigard, Oregon!

(200) 9-18-22
Avid damsel, a yeti’s opposite Yale’s mad diva.
Cain, a mere hedonist I stop now on pot, sits in ode here, maniac.
Dapper Peter cottons not to Crete prep pad.
Deer “Gallop,” a poll agreed.
“Dia, siren, slip on no pilsner!” I said.
Dias, Al, let’s prep a samurai’s all Asia rum, as a perp, Stella, said.
I’m, alas, as a warden, rubbed as a deb, burned, raw, as a salami.
Mad at a demo, old Emil, slimed, loomed at Adam.
Mad, a red nun in Ur, a den Ma, damned a run-in under a dam.
Ned, Rubio pondered no poi burden.
Note I, dire grub: anise, yes, in a burger I diet on.
“Sex in a valley,” I yell, “Ava nixes.”
So, I, Dana Dias, I saw Tio’s stressed, ‘no lemon, no melon desserts’, so it was I said an adios.
Spoof USA’s UFO ops.
Stop, Serb, a Hanoi taco location Ahab respots.
“Stress an ‘Amen’, O lad,” a lone man asserts.
Well, Luciferian is a Sinai ref I cull, Lew.

(456) 9-10-22
I bag a Toni, not a Gabi.

(485) 9-10-22
A mimic – “I’m Ima!”
“Am I (folks ask) lo-fi?” – Ma.
An oyster frets, Yona?
E.T. – “Antenna man, net Nate!”
G. – “Moses uses OMG?”
Ned – “A narc ran, Aden?”
Ned – “An owl won, Aden!”
Ned – “Go, gag Ogden!”
Ned, add a den!
“No side dish, Sid?” – Edison.
“O,” – gal – “a ram’s turd ruts Mar-a-Lago!”
“O,” – gal – “a ram (or fate) met Afro-Mar-a-Lago!”
“O,” – gal – “a ram’s boss sobs ‘Mar-a-Lago!”
(pitiable) Melba – “I tip!”
Resolve, Bev! (loser).
S.L.A. – “Stay at Sal’s.”
So, Ma, L.A. sold Los Alamos!

(394) 9-10-22
Aberdeen ewes ordered Rose: “We need Reba!”
Bee fossil is so feeb!
Dame, be mad!
Derek, is Ike red?
Devil dog, foe of God, lived!
Did I say ‘Latin in Italy’, as I did?
Dog doo got to Otto: “Good God!”
Dr, ah, sin is hard!
“Dr, enliven Adolph Plod, an evil nerd.”
Draw no royal paean–nae, a play or onward!
God’s nut stuns dog!
He decides, “Sorta blame dem albatross Ed iced, eh!”
Here dips a spider, eh?
Lionise, Ma, Jesse James in oil.
Man in robes, or a top a pot, arose, born in a.m.
No, it alerts Ed lest Curt’s niece instructs eldest relation.
Noe noted a fade to neon.
“Slap sly Reba?” — Beryl’s pals.
Some “don’ts” I list: no demos!
Stan, geese on a canoe see gnats.
Sugar, dots send a madness to drag us!
“To task, say?” asks a tot.
Was it odd, a sad dot I saw?

(429) 9-10-22
Define men I fed.
Diabolic, I lob aid.
Dip milk nude, dunk limpid.
Dope (ditto) gets a taste–got Tide pod!
Droll, a riveting idea got togaed, ignite viral lord.
Live lie, veil evil.
Moor both salsas, lash to broom.
See Gil Geneva use suave negligees.
Stinky moss aligning, I lasso my knits.
Sugar, drool fool gin on igloo floor, drag us.
Tie dice diodes use, do I decide it?
Tied, I hide it.
Tip, also, slap it.
Trade daft, faded art!

(500) 9-10-22
God, Sis is dog!