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(71) 4-23-21
Deboned, iced, Ava decided: no bed.
“Delia with gin, Tad—at night!” I wailed.
Did I spot pale laptops I did?
Ma, I’m a damp mildewed limp madam, I am.
Mel bursts in a Tobago toga, “Botanists, rub Lem!”
No, Sibyl, rush Pat: I pen an epitaph, “Surly bison.”
Note senile Tom’s “Inept Penis Motel”, in E. Seton.

(462) 4-22-21
Was it a bat I saw?

(463) 4-22-21
Dog god to hotdog god.

(464) 4-22-21
Dial her, eh—laid?!

(465) 4-22-21
Sup on Emil’s Slime, no pus!
Won Idaho, had I now?

(466) 4-22-21
Bob lives evil, Bob!
Level 21 did 12 level.
Wonk, I won—now I know.

(467) 4-22-21
Edam I made.

(468) 4-22-21
Ned Log saw my grammar gym was golden!

(469) 4-22-21
Do, O God, O temple, help me to do good.

(144) 4-21-21
Some Mom edits Asti demo memos.
Son, I wore zero winos!
Sonic aplasia is Al Pacino’s.
Sort nine to ten intros.
Sot atop warned a den: “Raw potatos!”
Spit on to tips.
Spock can see snack cops.
Spun iPod to not do pin-ups.
Spun, I prefer pin-ups.
Stammer, “AHA! Harem mats!”
Stella passed Odessa pallets.
Steno Grace can ace cargo nets.
Steph, accuse succah pets!
Stevedores erode vets.
Stifle falafel fits.
Stoli passed Odessa pilots.
Stop yen, O money pots!
Stress Edy’s sassy desserts.
Stop Nevada davenports.

(461) 4-21-21
Doom: Dasani is Pepsi in a sad mood.
Eva, his eyes I have.
Man, I faced decaf in A.M.
No lasses in Ed ‘n’ Denise’s Salon.
No liars rail on.
One nair bottle was a welt to Brian Eno.

(394) 4-21-21
Andre handed Edna her DNA.
Devil or bare life defiler, a bro lived.
Hey, Soros was, I saw, so rosy, eh?
I lessen da badness, Eli.
Know adage?: “Egad, a wonk!”
Live demo: stage bee begat some devil.
Moody me: Take *me*, Kate, my doom!
No vanilla Tab at all in Avon.
Note bamboo boob Ma bet on.
Put new note: Nine ton went up!
Rebut: Never prevent Uber!
Regal borsht fifths rob lager.
Trade Ron or Ina for Eli (a nailer of an iron ore dart)?

(200) 4-20-21
A disbanded e-cigarette rag I ceded nabs Ida.
Amy, reviled at a deli, a Thai as I was, saw Isaiah tailed at a delivery , Ma.
Damsel, at 21 Knox indexed Nixon K-12 tales, mad.
Last, Aswan gnaws at Sal.
Ma, ironic, in a panic in OR I am.
Mo snarks, “I risk ransom!”
“Otter,” a man Ada had, an ADA, had an amaretto.
Sex in a malarial air a lama nixes.
Tops in Islam mammal sin is pot?!?
Warned I am, a foe of a foe of a maiden raw.