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(200) 09-18-21
An anal pontiff fit no plan, Ana.
Damn, an order to get an ayatollah’s shallot Ayan ate, got red Ronan mad.
Di, did an actress, an ass in a Nissan, assert “Can ad I did.”?
Draw Desdemona no meds, Edward.
Laci, dark, sir, as is is a risk: radical.
Mae, not a rabbi ran in a rib bar at one AM.
Ned, ere help met Anita sat in a temple, her Eden.
No yeti’s now on site yon.
No, Is Ivan a pro for Panavision?
Nudists I’m on, organists I card, Nan, and racists in agronomists I dun.
Paella, York, sir, did risk royal leap.
Risk row, Red, due to rote udder work, sir.
Salad loser I hire’s old, alas.
Set on eBay, men eye key enemy Abe notes.
So at nine, Esso furor: UFOs seen in Taos.
Won’t, sis, nine mega STOP POT sage men insist now?

(475) 09-18-21
Ma, I won: am a llama now, I am!

(476) 09-18-21
Gem trader, evil Ed, delivered art, Meg.

(477) 09-18-21
Diddle if a field did.

(478) 09-18-21
Sleep a must as evil, alive satsuma peels.
We salt Atlas—ew!

(479) 09-18-21
Drow, spot a top sword!
Flee, ye gog-eye elf.

(480) 09-18-21
Bonk a knob.
Bus a red nun in under a sub.
Delia’s a ‘no’ if Fiona sailed.
Derail data a tad, liar Ed.
Di, as A-Rod, traded art.” Dora said.
Diva saw nosy tot, to Tyson, was avid.
Fool a nosy son, aloof.
He pets a red nut under a step, eh?
He tips a red nun under a spit, eh?
Hero Jameson went, “New nose, Major, eh?”
I sat on T. Eliot’s toilet not as I.
Les sat on tub; ample help, ma—but no tassel.
Ma is alive, evil as I am.
Ma, I am god: a dogma I am.
“Made man”, name dam!
Muse: mime sum?
Nomad Al led Della, Damon.
So Ma repaid an inn in a diaper Amos?
Strap my gym parts.
Stray away, Arts!
“Suga” raps “A Royal Slay” or “Asparagus”.
To Gramma, I am Margot.

(481) 09-18-21
Are hot [burgs grub/diapers repaid/dogs god/gnats Tang/moods doom/oats Tao/spans snaps/tors rot] to Hera?
Galilee eel I lag.
I’m a giros origami!
Marc, it’s Ida: sadistic ram!
Pu, can I [know a wonk/pose a Aesop/rebut a tuber/sire Eris/snort celeb electrons] in a cup?
Red daffodils slid off adder.
Reviled elf-fart raffle, deliver!
Sam, mock commas!
To Hera, silly ram, amaryllis are hot.
Was Ana Nym my Nana saw.
Yado, trip a tapir today.

(144) 09-06-21
Across, I kiss Orca.
Ad: no Canadian act can aid anaconda.
Ah, Trump era sees a rep: Murtha.
Aloe ran on areola.
Alyssa {got to gassy/saw a sassy] LA.
AMA obsesses Obama.
Amoral, I avail aroma.
An order: I hired Rona.
Anna D., nab a rotund nut or a bandanna.
“Aperitif if I tire, Pa!”
Are posh GI sighs opera?
At last, I abolish silo bait: salt A.
Avid ogler: “Apparel, Godiva?”
Bar code rose, so redo crab.
Bordello rolled Rob.
Boring is a sign I rob.
Bra basis is a barb.
Bros [bait, I/baste, vets] absorb.
Burisma, er, dreams I rub.
Can I attain AC?
Can I laser if Hannah fires a Linac?
“Cased Lucy by cul de sac!”

(408) 09-03-21
Dog sees mirror afar, or rim… sees God!
Mia, snug as trade-off if foe darts a gun’s aim!

(473) 09-03-21
Enid Star live, ere evil rats dine!
Mort’s war on time did emit no raw storm.
No, evil Madam, live on!
Pat repaid a diaper tap.
Warts level straw.

(423) 09-03-21
Bra gone, Rowena Lane wore no garb.
Evil Celt Ruth slew Welsh turtle Clive.
Fool, a main amputee may be tad late (I costar at societal date) by a meetup — man, I am aloof!
I regret sin; I may assay a minister, Geri.
Let racist Utah tribe’s runt nurse birth a Tutsi cartel.
“No, I so recite opera,” Webster frets, “beware poetic erosion!”
Slapdash crocs scorch sad pals.
So I dare not laud Dualtone radios.
So Mal, a solo Twelfth Guard, did draught, flew to Los Alamos.
TP met tacit sin, an onanistic attempt.

(474) 09-03-21
See, Papa pees!

(394) 09-03-21
(Ah, Satan’s boobs…) “Natasha!?”
Ah, Satan’s partner entraps Natasha!
A-Rod naps as Pandora?
Dennis, amoral as a nasal aroma, sinned.
Devil Dog, foe of God, lived!
Devil’s evil bargain a monomania: grab lives lived!
Dosed, Irene rides OD.
“Eli, Vera and Edna are vile!”
Ev, Aussie dude is suave!
He wets lip up, for a jar of pupil stew, eh?
Lana, can I sail an Aegean alias (in a canal?)
Live debris of “UFO”, sir, be Devil!
Maybe glib Don and Edna nod, bilge by AM?
My gym foe: born in robe of My Gym.
Nella, robo-bees see Bob or Allen.
No pets Otto got to step on?
Osteopath gifts if I fistfight a poet, so?
Poop now, or grow on poop?
Refi cult can enact Lucifer.
Seen it among Nineveh evening: no matinees.
Tipsy, as I’d lose both teeth (to be sold), I say: “spit?”
To badness… send a bot!
“To be, Dave, evade bot.”
Toilet lovers revolt Eliot.
Ward ups final potato plan, if spud raw.
“Was even I a pain?” Eve saw.
Won’t love radiate, yet aid a revolt now?

(429) 09-03-21
A yam I jaw unifies us, use if in Uwajimaya.
Beware dawn wader, a web.
Bush saboteur Tootsie, rustic it sure is, too true to bash sub.
Dilated, I bet a bed, to not debate bidet, a lid!
Distill its id.
Dorm intifada hit, I had a fit, Nimrod.
Draw pure virtuosos, out river, upward.
Epic erases us, uses a recipe.
Late plain egg, I bet I bite big genial petal.
Maiden I urge, beg, ruined I am.
Martyr, even I saw Isaac rode red orca, as I was in every tram.
Met in a pub, a jihadi hid a hijab up an item.
“No-stir egg,” added Dagger, “it’s on!”
Pinnacle eel can nip.
Sam, on, I crack code of foe: dock carcinomas.
Snub god to hymn on my hot dog buns!
Some monster, Geronimo Domino, regrets no memos.
To viper pit I pre-pivot.
Trope lets telepath tape, let’s teleport.
Worse if in game, he magnifies row.