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(144) 2-27-24
A vast Subaru aura busts Ava.
Ail, age, revel Aleve regalia.
Alas, rams sass Marsala..!
As I lap up, assess a pupa, Lisa.
Decaf elapsed if no crew, or rower, confides pale- faced.
Demo ode: rasps are doomed.
Dopamined, I denim a pod!
Ed, a crap I had (egad!) aged a hip arcade.
Em, add loot to old dame.
Emit an opus upon a time.
Eral big nose song I blare.
Goths, I ridicule lucid Irish tog.
He’s told erratic “I tarred lots!”, eh?
I prod if I do RPI?
Is AWS a dud as was I?
Legit silo list I gel.
Live lie, veil evil!
Mo sobs, so toss bosom!
My gods do gym.
My guy notes I rise to NYU gym.
No geek at stake, Egon?
No, Pa, ewes use weapon!
Note bitsy cyst I bet on.
“Nurses, on–noses run!”
Passé zoo oozes sap!
Pull a bit, I ball up.
Rats lived at a devil’s tar.
‘Red Robes’ oppose border.
Rep aids, so toss diaper.
Set up sidecar race disputes.
Sex impasses sap mixes.
Sexy nod eyed onyxes.
Site yonder bred no yetis.
Smart ass apes oppose Passat rams.
So futile: we lit UFOs!
Sometimes moms emit emos.
Sparta is: reptile-lit Persia traps.
Stormy gal lets us tell, “A gym rots!”
Sue, I’d assess adieus.
Suki, a hero, wore haikus.
Swollen Eva gave Nell ‘ow’s.
Tarts rub at a burst rat.
To ladle, I wield a lot.
To lap up, assess a pup a lot.
Wetness sent “Ew!”

(417) 2-11-24
Emma had at night: fifth gin (tada!), ham, me.
Yes or no: is session rosey?

(483) 2-11-24
Got to star for a bar of rats, Otto G?
Now I am to be bot Mai won!

(490) 2-11-24
Ko saw, late, mundane Mel B on a noblemen ad: “Nu metal was ok!”

(501) 2-11-24
Ned raged, undid buttons, did snot tub, did nude garden.

(524) 2-11-24
“An oyster frets?” – Yona.

(429) 2-11-24
Allah, lava Valhalla!
Deer from Utah, a tumor freed.
Droll Apollo, roll opal lord!
Droll, I report sea maestro peril, lord.
Emo stigma of foam: git some!
Emo, help masturbator trot a brut sample home.
Go gayly agog.
Legislate metals I gel?
Martyr, to rehab a hero try tram.
Nah, protege, get orphan!
“Never a loss, it is solar even.”
No I tail a terror retaliation.
Nowise I got Stogies I won!
Patisserie heiress I tap.
Regal lips say, ”My ass, pillager!”
‘Relapse muse’ resumes, paler.
Relic nets a stenciler?
Remit all, I kill a timer.
Rep a tapir tax, a taxi man in a mix, a tax, a trip, a taper.
Rod, at a meet up, manage vegan amputee matador.
“Sir, bedlam sides use dismal debris.”
Slam mambo job, mammals!
Snag rodeo toed organs!
So, I tape patios!
Spur of girdle held rig for “ups”.
Swan grabs pull-ups bar, gnaws.
Tell a bone, “No ballet..!”
Tie kundalini, lad–nuke it!
Tie, vomit on knot–I move it.
To retaliate, retail ate rot.
‘Wonder casserole’ lore’s sacred now.

(394) 2-11-24
Devil Nat, as foe of Satan, lived?
Do geese of a foe see God?
I ask Rowena for profane works, AI.
“Olive’s igniting is evil—O!” (-1)
Rebut: No one tall (at all) ate noon tuber.

(200) 2-11-24
A Santa buttressed a dessert tub at NASA.
Ellen, all I veto ran in a rote villanelle.
O, furor re NASA was an error: UFO! (-1)
Re poopy trap, as it is, it is a party pooper.