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(144) 1-21-22
Deliver dots to Dr. Evil, Ed.
Lessa tases a tassel.
Let ergs work rows, Gretel.
Let Nina ban Intel.
Let small Em smell Amstel.
Let’s mail Eli Amstel.
Let’s manage Peg an Amstel.
Lev, rams marvel!
Llama says, “Sassy as a mall!”
Llamas sass a mall.
Loot’s too far off for a footstool.
Ma damned a den madam.
Ma offers ref foam.
Ma, promote Tom or Pam.
Macy, do body cam.
Marinade’s not on sedan I ram.
Marine men I ram.
Masseur rues Sam.
May we nab a new yam?
Mel ogled at icy citadel Golem.
Miss Mirth trims Sim.

(408) 1-16-22
I’m an ass in a Nissan, am I?

(485) 1-16-22
Dionysus: “Susy, no id?”
“Ma,”‘ Jesus, “use jam?”
“We jaw!” – a Jew.

(429) 1-16-22
Deity ditto got Tidy tied.
Gal from radio, verify fire void armor flag.
No canary ran a con.

(394) 12-31-21
Did a satire merit a sad id?
Docile dogs, go: deli cod!
Sled, O yonder Fred–no yodels!

(485) 12-31-21
But still, if I peed tit deep, I fill it’s tub!
Camilla, call I-Mac!
“Feliz Navidad, Dad!” – Ivan Zilef.
Levon, six on an ox is novel!
Startle (pelt) rats!
Sub in modern red omnibus!
Sue an imp, Minaeus!

(423) 12-31-21
Draw pure vexation: as Tim emits a “no”, I tax ever upward!

(1 ) 12-29-21
Evil, vile, veil: I, Eve, Liv–live!
Now assigned den, GIs saw on.

(429) 12-29-21
A sleeve is a sieve, Elsa.
At roasts, erratic, it arrests aorta.
Babe, knife Ebony as in a can I say, “no beef in kebab.”
Bagel did nag, and idle gab.
Bird rendered nerd rib.
Debase it: I lit up utilities, a bed.
Deer felt busy, subtle, freed.
Do I replace decal, period?
Draw no worrisome memo sir, row onward!
Frustrated, I sat aside tart surf.
Laparotomy men exist: salt last six enemy, motor a pal.
Masticate tagliatelle, tailgate tacit Sam.
“No!” telepath tape let on.
Noel, laggard, I drag galleon!
Rene, potluck cult opener.
Revel at a lever.
Revoke epic I peek over.
Semitones use no times.
Snub noses on buns.
So resilient, Neil, is Eros.
Spartan era arena traps.
Stress asserts!
Sure, tuxedo cat, nets tent a codex uterus.
To video trial run kid, I knurl air toe divot.
Tooth supple kelp, push toot.
Warm raw pee, keep warm, raw.