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(408) 02/19/21
No–I, Tom, or Pat O’Greer got a promotion?
Sad, I’d a Kobe-era Reebok, Adidas.
Siri says Sal classy as Iris?

(411) 02/19/21
Yo boys or else I’d a lost item admirer: I’m Dame Tits O’ Ladies le Rosy O’ Boy.

(417) 02/19/21
I’m aimed under red nude, Miami!
“Man in tundra has a hard nut.” — Nina M.

(418) 02/19/21
Am a tuba but… AMA!

(423) 02/19/21
He rails, “Liar,” eh?

(424) 02/19/21
“May a llama level a mall.” -a yam.

(425) 02/19/21
Deliver Dan if “F.U. MAGA ragamuffin” ad reviled.
Lonely to rehab a hero: Tylenol.
Marge, let Apu pop up a telegram.
Suse, J. Depp and I kidnapped Jesus.
Torn ACL can rot!

(429) 02/19/21
“A bird egg, aneurysm, ulcer, are clumsy,” Rue nagged Riba.
A glove in egg, I bet on a note, big genie Volga.
Analytic, a poet is opposite opacity Lana.
Can go cognac.
“Duo lash gullible Mac, A camel.” Bill, ughs aloud.
Megaton’s tiredness sender, it’s not a gem.
Net Tim’s self: fuchsia-ish cuffless mitten.
No braces use carbon.
Pistol asks abattoir, a riot tab asks a lot, sip.
Porch-side distillate metal lit side dish crop.
Put on kielbasas, able I knot up.
Riser time limit eyes use yeti mile mitre sir.
Set at “irritates”.
Some meet Tim, mock committee memos.
Tucson, is a casino’s cut.
Turgid rafting up misery gyres, impugn it far, dig rut.
Yell “a very good god!” to hot dog-doo gyre valley.

(430) 02/19/21
Lana did anal.

(454) 02/19/21
Top, see referee spot.

(458) 02/19/21
Is God as god as a dog god as a dog’s a dog’s I?

(459) 02/19/21
Deb Burton saw I was not rubbed.

(394) 02/19/21
Diana, in aridness, send Iranian aid!
Eh, can a gal less selfless sell a ganache?
Emily’s order’s: red rosy lime.
No one reborn a Clay or a Royal can rob ere noon!
Sal, lady Feds defy Dallas.
Sex at Bahamas Sam Ahab taxes?
Sex at llama mall taxes!
Sex, at kayaker trek, a yak taxes.
Torn ode: few lionise Noble Babel, bones in oil–we fed on rot.
Was “Igor” Fred Nelson no slender frog I saw?
Was I no one renowned, Eden won, ere noon I saw?
Won’t I pull a bat up, if I put a ball up it, now?