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(507) 6-4-23
Doom awardees, some sad as emos, see/draw a mood.

(513) 6-4-23
He pets an okay yak on a step, eh?
No evil yams may live on.
Oozy ape: repay zoo!

(394) 6-4-23
“Avon as a ceiling is a sign I lie,” Casanova.
Busted, I ban a bidet sub.
But Nina may name many a man, in tub.
Eno, on sex at noon: “taxes no one!”
He’d a bet a rider I hired I rate bad, eh?
It cackled, named a demand: “Elk cacti!”
Neil, ASMR at luck cult arms alien!
Pull assets, Tess, ALL up!
Purr upward,” I draw purr up.
“Star-crossed dog was, I saw, goddess,” orc rats.
Strap Mary on nag–annoy ramparts!
Tonsure, Ted, did deter us not.
“Top Snob Elect AG Nipping At Celeb, On Spot!”
Trap answer: Greta later grew snap art.
We fat cats, um… must act (a few)!

(200) 6-4-23
“An Astro perverted a cadet, Rev” reports Ana.
Marge, let’s rebuff Uber’s telegram.
Rae, be racy Care Bear.
Rafa delivered a rapstar brats parade, reviled afar.

(485) 5-29-23
“It is IT?” – I.
“No, recall lace!” – Ron.

(429) 5-29-23
Go demo: sew an awesome dog!
Refer pixel prep I perplex, I prefer.
Temerity my tire met…
We hide roots (too red!) I hew.

(144) 5-29-23
A paper on gin ace we can ignore, Papa.
Amused, Art trades Uma.
Amused, Ilsa slides, Uma.
Amused, octet codes Uma.
Amy made ‘Red Amy’, Ma!
Amy met a mate: my Ma.
An antihero bore hit, Nana.
An eraser ires arena.
An index axed Nina.
An Indian ace can aid Nina.
An insane op: “Bust subpoenas, Nina!”
An insider I [f/h/s]ired is Nina.
An insipid dip is Nina.
An intel if I filet Nina?
Dee, NASA has a need.
Demo race caromed.
Denied organisms I nag rode in, Ed.
Despite helix exile, he tips Ed.
Do get up, Sid, to not dispute God!
Do Greta Lee’s sagas see later god?
Do rapid test set: dip a rod.
Emote, “Vital rep uses a base superlative to me.”
Erode revered ore.
Go not to nog.
Guns are power dispute setups I drew opera-snug.
I do jog if I go, Jodi.
I label sin isle “Bali.”
Live debits I list I bedevil.
No gal faded after Bret faded a flagon.
Pa got nine men into gap.
Ref asks, “I rate meta-risk safer?”
“Set arose,” Wes orates.
Sib in a deli: “Ansel Adams’ mad ales nailed an ibis.”
Sire, vent is as it never is.
Sis, yawl at Isaiah, “AI, as it always is.”
Spam, DA, ordered roadmaps..!
Stu bedewed ewe debuts.
Sumerian act can air emus.
“Tact after fee?” fret fat cat.
To ban, I attain a bot …
To last in a van—it’s a lot!
To taste GOP meth, tempo gets a tot.
Today as we fall ill, a few say, “A dot!”
Topekans assess a snake pot.
Tracey, did I dye cart?
“Tunnel luster..?” fret sullen nut.
We know a law on Kew.
We proffer ref for pew.
“Woe me!” we meow.
Yalp, “So can Irina cosplay?”

(513) 5-21-23
Ah, Plato got alpha.
Live forever of royal play, or forever of evil.