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(507) 01-16-23
Me: “OpenAI, hi: an e-poem?”

(477) 01-15-23
Golf raw, ‘dwarf log’.

(500) 01-15-23
He sees Eh! (He sees, eh?)
Rats, Sam X sees Xmas star.

(144) 01/15/23
“A morass–” I hiss, “aroma!”
“An oyster?” frets Yona.
“Bolster Fifi?” fret slob.
But we debs bedew tub!
“Coral?” I avail a roc.
“Dam ad stop sign”, I sing, ” is Potsdam ad!”
“Demi Moore” Roo mimed.
“Devo claps.” I lisp, alcoved.
“Di aside, I [d/v]ied,” I said.
“Do, or bite pet?” I brood.
“Erotic?” I mock comic I tore.
“EU grain is in!” I argue.
“Flimsy ass!” says MILF.
“I manage by baby…” began Ami.
(Low aside): Ed is AWOL.
“Mods” I wonder, “bred no wisdom?”
“Naomi Wolf did flow,” I moan.
“P.S.” I[‘ll] lisp.
“Paris gazelle zags”, I rap.
“Pee widened!” I weep.
“Rat, ” I sneer, “got to green sitar.”
“Red rosin” is order.
“Risk?” said I, “Ask, sir.”
“Selah!” Xenon exhales.
“Ska,” I muse, “reveres umiaks.”
“Stu Bedded” debuts!
“Sue, damage Bill!” I beg Amadeus.
“Tap sidecar I raced.” I spat.
“Tap Sidra hard!” I spat.
“Tap signal slang.” I spat.
“Tap, sir” I spat.
“Taps is sensuousness!” I spat.
“Tim, rehash GIs.” sighs a hermit.
“Toil less–act up!” put Cass Elliot.
“Too tired is Nina, an insider,” I toot.