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(292) 10-2-23
Eyesore was I ere I saw Eros’ eye.
No scut was I ere I saw Tucson.

(518) 10-2-23
“L.A. greens?” I sneer, gal!
Now L.A., Al, won.
Sue, mime us!

(517) 10-2-23
On top, some snot put a laptop pot pal at Upton’s emo spot, no?

(144) 9-29-23
A tip: assess a pita.
Ain’t no way ya won’t, Nia.
Are Napa tasks at a Panera?
Damn, I gardened ragin’ mad!
Debone my hymen, Obed!
Dee, corpse’s sorcery pyre crosses proceed.
Deidre, Piper died…
Desperate lass Aleta reps Ed.
Destroy my orts, Ed.
Do I fill a pall if I OD?
Do own, “I let up side dispute, Lin Wood.”
Dubya sews as we say, bud.
Ed, as urchin I maim a Miami NIH crusade.
Emit pant at nap time.
Eral ceding is a sign I declare.
Gnu dons no dung.
Gnu hit a rat I hung.
I ate goth to get AI.
Live DA games oppose MAGA devil.
Ma, Miserable Mel bares imam!
Maybe if I “fie” by AM?
Mel sometimes sees Semite Moslem.
Nag ape to vote ‘pagan’.
No less, orcs cross Elon.
No sieve is on.
Normal sods do slam Ron.
Nose cardamom ad races on.
Now to Pam, all-star brat’s llama pot won.
Nurse, can EMT menaces run?
Rabin, I’m at a minibar.”
Seen armor from ranees?
Seen odd donees?
Seen, I ate detainees.
Set ad pulled Dell updates.
“Sex alert”, I say as it relaxes.
Snag ill Uma’s TSA mulligans.
So I beg “Assemble my Mel B. message bios.”
Spock saw one dude now ask cops.
Step One: revere no pets.
Sun opus is upon us.
Tipster frets pit.
Tip-top sedan is in a despot pit. (Tip’s top sedan is in a despot’s pit.)
To date Gia, I get a dot.
We plan racy, carnal pew.
Wonder Castle felt sacred now.
Yak on acid I can okay.

(429) 9-17-23
Ally species use ice, psylla.
Bats riot, tab an animal, slam in an abattoir stab!
Didgeridoo, Dire G did.
Dilapidated, I bet I bite bidet, a dip, a lid.
Girl aerated a cadet, a real rig!
Goddess, I melt to bless even one vessel-bottle, missed dog.
“No, last Sim is septum smut!” pessimist salon.
No, Pilsner is a siren slip-on.
One facet’s a ‘taste café’, no?
Set a-ripple, his pal claps (I help pirates).
Sis, a basin is a basis.
So, bio order bred Rooibos?
Solo gig, La Virtuosos, out-rival gigolos.
Straw stepmom pets warts.
To help martyr denim pals, I slap mine dry, trample hot.
You bet a piss I dissipate buoy!
Zodiac is a basic aid, Oz.

(394) 9-17-23
No, I (Royal) consider: Fred is no clay Orion.
Sub, note: no Monet on bus!
Suez is Pacific if I capsize us?
Sulla, can Oprah harp on a callus?
Swamp maddened, I widened damp maws.

(200) 9-17-23
Manning, I spot Satan at a stop sign in Nam.
No, high to me, he bailed at a deli, a behemoth GI, hon.
No, with gin, Otto hot tonight, I won.
Now, sire, Desert Rose Resort re Seder is won.
Worse, ill Anais, Ana pondered no pan-Asian allies’ row.

(425) 9-11-23
“Now, Ned”, I began, “on age, Biden won.”

(417) 9-11-23
“No,” said an Irish Siri, “Nadia’s on.”

(507) 9-11-23
He lives to bias AI bots evil, eh?
I’m an Ewok, Owen, am I?
Korova fam, I do Dim a favor, OK?