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(408) 5-25-22
K.C. is emo, homesick. (KC, is Emo homesick? -1)
No cadet, Tim mocks a task, committed a con.
Stress amasses, Sam asserts.

(417) 5-25-22
“Not u, pig-nose!” (song I put on).
Was Solana loss a W?

(496) 5-25-22
Segal, live “Villages”!

(497) 5-25-22
Was it a cat I saw?

(459) 5-25-22
Made a duo: Gouda, Edam.
Laminate wet animal!

(200) 5-25-22
A Lone Star beer for a ton o’ taro-free brats, Enola?
Dell, at six at a waste bin, I bet, saw a taxi stalled.
Docile Daniel as No saw a nut’s tuna was on sale in a deli “cod.”
Egan noted a madam ran anisettes in an armada-made tonnage.
Margo piled on: an i-less “Eve, Now One Vessel,” in an ode lipogram.
Named inspiring, I arraign, I rip snide man.
Night fifing is a sign: I, fifth gin.
No, Mark Cuban is in: a buck, Ramon.
“Paella Cain” a madam saw was mad, a maniacal leap.
Pat, no sir, a Boca Tiki Taco bar IS on tap.
Petunia eradicated a cadet acid area in UTEP.
Red, now dim, an evening I saw a sign in, even amid wonder.
“Set on an alias, Di did sail,” Ana notes.
Sis, alive, dang, I spot Satan at a stop sign, a devil as is.
To rock, sire, we risk Corot.
Won’t I zap a zit now?

(485) 5-19-22
Bo’s yams may sob!
Elk raps – “Yams may sparkle!”
Hero yam’s mayor, eh?
May – “A gut’s tug, a yam!”
May – “A note set on a yam?”
May – “A tonsil is not a yam!”
May – “A wastrel, alert, saw a yam!”
May – “As it is, it is a yam!”
May – “Bar an Arab yam?”
May – “Re-gnaw anger yam!”
May (a fool, aloof) – “A yam!”
May (timid) – “Dim it, yam?”
May a knish sink a yam?
May a liar trail a yam?
May a tuber’s deeds rebut a yam?
May smote Tom’s yam!
Maya – “No, bar an Arab on a yam!”
Maya – “Si, Timi Imit is a yam”
“Maya, pose Aesop?” – a yam
“Maya’s Pa!” – raps a yam
“Maya’s selfless?” – a yam
Mayo – “Did I do yam?”
N-word yams may drown!
Oprah – “Eva’s yams may save Harpo!”
RE: wolf yams may flower!
Red now, yams may wonder!
Red: “Naw, yams may wander!” (485-1)
Reviled yams may deliver!
Wolf – “Yams may flow!”
Wonk – “Yams may know!””

(1) 5-9-22
‘Spam I am’—I maim aps!

(495) 5-2-22
Segal, live “Villages”!

(494) 5-2-22
Aim at Tamia!

(394) 5-1-22
A fit Nazi ran on “Ariz: Antifa!”
A muse suffuses Uma.
As Aesop, posts: Oppose Asa!
Bad Otto got to dab?
Beware taller apparel — later, a web.
Delia reddened, derailed.
DOGE note — Got to get one, God!
Hell, after few spanned Eden naps, we fret: fall, eh?
Nuns sell lewdness–send, well, less nun!
Pupils at a demo see some data slip-up.
Skulk, um, nine men in mukluks?
“Sue zeros in!”– I, sore Zeus. (394-1)
TIPS defy Fed’s pit!

(429) 5-1-22
Evil was teeming, I see sign, I meet saw live.
Koala make me Kamala ok?
Lie loses Uma, I amuse Soleil.
No sir, rage caps a space garrison.
No, I tail a “term retaliation”.
No, slay old adage: “beg a dad”, loyal son.
No, we’re both gullible to hotel bill, ugh, to be re-won.
Sonar possesses sopranos.
Sub, mind nimbus!
Today, a war afoot, we decimate beta mice, dew too, far away, a dot.
Tonsillitis: I sit ill, I snot.
Wolf logic: I golf low.

(144) 5-1-22
Reined in, I hate tahini denier.
Reined in, I’m a mini denier.
Rene, I was a wiener!
Reno basin is a boner…
Reno, sir, passed Odessa prisoner.
Reset, acolyte ninety locates ER.
Rhonda had no HR.
Rona, monster frets no manor.
Rota rips no conspirator.
ROTC allies oppose ill actor.
Roti desserts stress editor.
Sal left, fellas.
Sal lived in snide villas.
Sam allotted a cadet to llamas.
Sam, ardor eases aero dramas.
Same nap is Ipanema’s.
Samuel Adams, sass mad ale (Uma’s).
Satan, I plan race-carnal pinatas.
Satan, I prefer pinatas.
Scroll across orc, all orcs.
See boffo bees!
See Brett utter, “Bees!”
See Rio soirees.
See Rodan adorees?
See wee peewees?
See, Brits stir bees.
Seer gal agrees.
Set ADP updates.
Set up sideline [p/s]enile disputes.
Sh, Pat—I pen epitaphs.
Sib Ann acts rowdier; aware I’d worst cannabis.
Sib unaware Tom smote raw Anubis.
Sibilate wet alibis.
Sign a fetish site “Fang is…”
Signify my fin, GIs!
Silo port emotes, “I rise to metropolis.”
Sir, I nab an iris.
Siri’s on Osiris.
Sisal I avail as is.
Six attract cart taxis.
Slam inane pen animals.
Slang is no[t/w] on signals.
Slap my gym pals.
Smee stifled [a mad] elf, it seems.
Smee still acts a lot to last call, it seems.