Recent Submissions

(updated, roughly, monthly)

Most of these Recent Submissions are the ‘sensible, single sentence palindromes’ I cull from the Reddit palindrome site.  But, direct submissions are always welcome!

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(144) 6-12-24
A new desire droid I order is Edwena.
A nom-nom raw’s warm on Mona.
Bar debts, um, must be drab.
DA Ed Meese: “We seem dead!”
DA Ed saw I was dead.
DA Moss is so mad!
Damned, I am a maiden mad! (Damn, Ed, I am a maiden mad!)
Design abuses Ubangis, Ed.
Do gall Ike when, eh, we kill a god.
“Do get a reb!” I berate God.
Do mama if I am a mod.
Do toss a lasso, Tod.
Eli fed ewes odd dose we defile.
EU grain is a sin, I argue.
He sang “O Lob My Gym Bolognas,” eh?
He saw a Jedi hide Jawas, eh?
I assess AI.
I hiss “Agassi—hi!”
Ian, redo modern AI!
If I feel fit, I flee Fifi.
In I trample, hot to help Martini!
Leno locks a man in a mask, Colonel.
Maisel, an opus: “Tits up – on ales I am.”
Mate, metadata date met AM!
Nail-like, Tom smote Killian.
Nell opts I list pollen.
Nell, use bots to be sullen.
No leftist’s rube burst, “Sit, felon!”
Not sure when, eh, we rust on.
Now as I stab bats, I saw on.
Nurse made dames run!
O, gay Aden oiled a deli one day ago!
Pantone made dame not nap.
Paste wet sap?
Pure evil ward did drawl, “I veer up!”
Put, “I must sum it up.”
Ra, banish tribe births in a bar.
Red row ended new order.
Regulate GIs as I get a Luger.
Rene, I was a wiener.
Rep a cast – it’s a caper!
Rue Tamar, a par amateur.
Sega missed dog goddess images.
Snap Deb’s bedpans?
Stargate met a ” ‘Grats!”
Sue rips Nina (can inspire us!)
“Tap Strega Nona,” Gert spat.
To last, sock costs a lot.
Trade us, sir, or issue dart!
We dare vomit, Tim–over a Dew!
Women, I fret, fall ill after fine mow.

(527) 6-2-24
Evil God to idiot dog: “Live!”

(471) 6-2-24
Son, exfoliate tail of xenos!

(461) 6-2-24
Meet, senile verses revel in esteem.

(459) 6-2-24
S.A.D. negates set agendas.

(417) 6-2-24
So, like Nic, I demo medicine: kilos!

(1) 6-2-24
Deli fed ewes’ odd dose we defiled!

(528) 6-2-24
Ah, but gods, no Roman I saw was in a moron’s dog tub, ha! (But gods, no Roman I saw was in a moron’s dog tub.)
Hero, give me vigor, eh?
I saw Tenet on Tubi (but no Tenet was I).
Lit, nude veep saw radar, was peeved until…
Tundra had a hard nut.

(394) 6-2-24
And elite were we… ’til Edna.
Hell (a bad named dog) to idiot: “God–demand a ball, eh?!”
I adorned logo: ‘Goldenrod AI’.
Pals in arid Iran I slap.

(429) 6-2-24
Deer felt senses nestle, freed.
Do I report error or retro period?
Eloped, I regard rage, ride pole.
Hardened ruby burdened Rah.
“No, we demo stupid algebra bar–be glad I put some Dew on!”
Nurse yaps at a spa, “Yes, run!”
Palsy slaps palsy’s lap.
Pets too flee, feel footstep.
Put Sudan in a dust up!
So, meme me memos.
Tesa, nine poses open in a set. (Tessa, nine poses open in asset. -481)
Tie kundalini lad, nuke it!
To ham god, peek in at ash satan–I keep dogma hot!
To viper I wire pivot.