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(485) 11-27-21
An aid, Emil: “Busy, my sublime Diana?”
Camus (asleep) peels a sumac!
DA – “Boston’s not so bad!”
Dad pets stepdad?
Draw dog’s sad ass Godward.
Eros’ eye sees eyesore!
“L.A.’s selfless?” – Al
Mr. Armpit, tip Mr. Arm!
Rats trap art star.
“Repel a nun?” – a leper.
Sex at risk, Sir (taxes)?
Siri, gag Iris!
Smug guns pop snug gums!
Sore now, Olga’s tit’s aglow on Eros!
WON’T (penis inept) NOW!

(200) 11-27-21
Dee, his tip on no stop spots, on no pits, I heed.
“Dias, I stab one ram, one wee ewe, no mare, no bats,” I said.
Evil Ana is sure now, as well as Al, Lew saw one Russian alive.
Last, a damsel, a TA femme fatale’s, mad at Sal.
Less, even, I want Etna wine vessel.
Lisa, Raël cottons not to Clearasil.
Ned, rag Laci, NATO bat, at a botanical garden.
No canal pondered, now in awe, wan, I wondered,” No plan– a con?”
On dex in Eire, Dara, Mac, wasted, a cadet, saw camaraderie nixed, no?
Pat, no sir, a Boca taco bar is on tap.
Pun: a most radical, placid art–so man up!
Regal, now a siren, I made, wowed, a miner I saw on lager.
Repo dam, or fleet’s steel, from a doper.
Ro, do nag perp re pagan odor.
So brutal a con is in Ocala turbos.
Sue, I’d no more, zero, “mon dieus.”
Was it Sumatra pop-up art (a must!) I saw?

(484) 11-27-21
Ned got a saw, despite tips Ed was at Ogden.

(470) 11-27-21
Wolf’s “Race me!” meme cars flow.

(144) 11-27-21
Do not refer to “nod”.
Do ogle eel–good!
Do zits always yaw last, Izod?
Doom’s mirth trims mood.
Dork nips pink rod.
Dorks ate task rod.
Drag Satan at Asgard.
Draw an award.
Duo loots too loud.
Ed, a bro, forbade.

(429) 11-27-21
Beware vendetta moss, so matted, never a web.
Ganymede, use suede, my nag.
No wide diced evil, I’ve decided I won.
Rene, I was a wiener.
Sad no Canadian act can aid anacondas.
Slip ups I ridiculed, I hide lucid iris pupils.
Tesla virtuosos out-rival set.
Won’t caress elastic, it’s a lesser act now.

(411) 11-27-21
Yo, Jo had Idaho joy.

(394) 11-27-21
Egad–no beer-free bondage!
To IRS send no fondness. Riot. Sway till it yaws?