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Diapsid is paid.
Dike gate jade vase saved a jet age kid!
Draw pure veneer Gregory Trapper, plan my hymnal prep party, Roger Green: ever upward!
Emit raw fog of wartime.
Keening I sign in, eek!
Levar totem perpetual, a ute, prep me to travel.
Mirror a jalapeño, graffiti it if far gone, pal, ajar or rim.
Mirror retroflex: I pass a pixel for terror rim.
My knees say, “Do by my burn Ruby, my body ‘as seen Kym.”
“Not new domain," I, a mod, went on.                                             (429)
Pusillanimity Tim in, all Is Up!                                                     09/10/20
Red rode manta ray, as I say, a rat named ‘Order’.
Retarget, also, slate grater.
Revoke episode redos, I peek over.
Set ten, given in nine vignettes.
Sh, Pat, I pee epitaphs!
Tar begat snow, onstage brat!
We dye no hymen, eye no money, enemy honeydew.
Won kiosk, so I know.
Won’t last sighs also slash gist salt now?
Ya, waste green even if a fine veneer gets away.

Diaper god's dog repaid.                                                         (438)
Deliver off first act so lost cats riff for evil Ed.                     09/10/20

Bo Joe MacDermott, new to lot, went to Mr. Ed cameo job.
Ed, until, like me, nobody do bone me, kill it nude.
He’s reviled; repel ere Sam, a sere leper, delivers, eh?
Her evil sadist sin at a satanist’s: Ida’s liver, eh?
Hot tub: sit, tap Patti’s butt — oh!
iMac: “I’m so cosmic!... am I?”
"La, Eli,” gabs Dr. Ann, “I detain, rehab a herniated innards bag — ileal.”        (423)
Max ere hypocrisy: “Sir, copy her exam.”                                                        08/30/20
Nedra, Greta, wade tardy here, be rehydrated — a water garden.
Nepotism also slams it open.
No misogyny — go, Simon!
O, Otto held (“nacreous, I mar it!”) tiramisu o’er candle — hot, too!
Oh, can tell I manage vegan — a millet nacho.
Snob noble romp: I nip morel bonbons.
"So plain, Nell; I’m a sex elf,” flexes a millennial POS.
Too far, evocative Evita — cover a foot!
Yankee rots — a hostage begat so has to reek, nay?

"Na man, I'm a jedi side jam in a man."  (436)     08/19/20

Cram ad dog on no goddam arc!             (437)     08/19/20

A tipster gets a last egret's pita.
Avid as an intro to tort, Nina's a diva.
BA jihadi, his Aden ruby, burned as I hid a hijab.
Hey, Soros' signature Peru Tang is so rosy, eh?
Levar got nine more hero men into gravel.
Ned, no wastrel alert's a wonder.
No, I told a hiker, tan on a trek, I had lotion.                               (200)
Red now, evil as a demon, a Nome DA's a live wonder.           08/16/20
Red Root Edam, Megan, is a sin, a gem made to order.
Regal live no roses, irises, or one villager.
Sex in ELLE in ads Danielle nixes.
So, madam, one morning I saw a sign in Rome: No Mad "Amos."
Stu, by rot, a royal lad, I did allay oratory buts.
Too, both selfies use i-Flesh, to boot.
Top Sinai "Latin" I saw was in Italian, I spot.

Deirdre (goo bet) ate booger (dried).
Deirdre (viral):  “Little felt... till a river dried.”
Deli obsesses... boiled?
Deliver Eve fever, Evil Ed!
"Nowadays," sobs Iris, "bossy Ada won!"                (394)
On a clover, if no bees see bonfire... Volcano!      08/16/20
One bad namaste lets Amanda "be", no?
Red nettle fever: Eve felt tender.
Red rum, sip or drop, is murder.
Semite Moses led (or trod, else) sometimes.
Yo, Jones, I wager geese see Greg a wise "no joy".

A game: Kamala, make MAGA!             (417)            08/16/20

Doctors rot cod.                                                       (436)     
Ema gets a taro flavor, Oval, for a taste game.        08/16/20
Dopes abdicate wet acid base pod.

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