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Lion, I wanna win oil!                                                        (447)
Note: Grab pull-up bar, get on.                                         11/27/20

Egad, a deified adage!
No evil did a jar, a ham...ay, a maharaja did live on.           (448)
Oh, a ban if I nab a ho?                                                    11/27/20
Seton son, I tip to hot Pitino’s notes.

Pins savage Sega vas snip.                                            (449)    11/27/20

Bar devil of olive drab.
Dart penis is inept, rad.
Demo snare ransomed.
Dilly species use ice psyllid.
Dip million in oil, limpid.
Ed, all is UFO fusillade.
Must surpass sap rust sum.
Nail a minaret sister animalian.
No dude muffles a self fumed udon.                             (429)
No siege is on.                                                            11/27/20
Part pal, continue unit, no claptrap.
Puce kiln utensil is net, unlike cup.
Pusillanimities use it, I’m in, all is up!
Saga, bat urn rutabagas.
Slam in a tundra hard nut animals.
Tell a boy: “Kotow, two to Tokyo ballet.”
We fret, we pee, so two ran in in a row to see pewter few.

Dede, ennui unneeded.
"Eva gave sis pony!" –Synopsis Eva gave.
Gumbo jazz, if I fizz a job mug!
"Oh adieu, sneeze ensue, Idaho.”
Put xenomorph promo next up!                     (408)
"Sonar, post sopranos.”                                11/27/20
Spock’s a kook—ask cops!
Strap-on Marxist at six--ram no parts!
Was a sad-eye, boob-milk limbo, obeyed as a saw?

Wonderwomen are nuts in a Jimi/Janis tune: "Ran 'em (ow!), Red now."     (417)    11/27/20

Bedroom nudes (reversed) unmoor Deb.
Do new, or even senile, felines never owe Nod?
Ned to panic, in a task Satanic, in a pot den!
No Delaware raw ale, Don? No tarot, Otto, to rat on?
No... We see geese won!
Oh, can't a cat revert a cat nacho!                                 (394)
Poor debate (lost a hat!) so let Abe droop.                 11/14/20
Pull aloof fool all up!
Red, now did I canoe on acid, I'd wonder?
Seine geese see genies.
Taft, some Rasta cats are most fat.
Take car -- too far off for a footrace, Kat.

Was it Sal's Reno boners last I saw?

But a lad and I hid Nadal a tub.
Evita, Von nixes sex innovative.
I moaned, "An omelette's in an anisette lemonade, Naomi?"        (200)
Ma damned a nine man amen in a den, madam.                        11/14/20
Meg, as an intro to tort, Nina's a gem.
Sarge, I offered irate Jet a ride, ref foie gras.
Strong, I lampoon Snoop, malign orts.

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