Go to P or Q or R

“O, be,” Cal pondered, “no placebo.”  200

O, beat ere Tae Bo! (293)

"O," brags Deb in a lisp, "ah, reprobate Tab (or perhaps Ilani?) beds Garbo!" (1)

O, cat taxi, nix at taco.  (376)

O, Coco, regard (I'd rage!) rococo. (1)

O, college kid, I kegel—loco!  109

O.D., 'O'! (1)

O, Democrat's star, come, do! (99)

"O dern it, Sol," Jo says, "Yas, O.J. lost in re-do." (106)

O desirable Melba, rise, do! (11)

O desire me, Tad (I'm it); nip, intimidate me, rise, do! (71)

O, desire--rise, do! (4)

O Di, say Tim in all is upset a Houdini duo hates pusillanimity as I do? (260)

O Diana, I do! (110)

O did prawn warp, Dido! (85-1)

O dire Cremona--I prefer piano, Mercer, I do! (11)

O dismayed artists: I trade yams, I do! (260)

O display Alps; I do! (23)

O, dissent I witness, I do! (260)

O, (d/g)o! (00-many)

O doc, axe Texaco--do! (1)

'O' doth cum...much to-do! (260)

O enrobe me, Borneo! (88)

O gin, on[, on...] I go! (94+/or17)

O glad navy vandal, go! (278)

O gnats, tango! (17)

O, go t' Boston, not (sob) Togo! (89)

O, go to Togo! (88+/or34)

"O, Goddess," I hissed, "Do go!" (144)

O gol', Sal, U-card sees Dracula's logo! (1)

“O Gold Eyes” eyed logo. (237)

"O, got testosterone tenor (E.T.) sot--set to go!" (1)

"O, got to go!" (237)

O, got to, got to...got to go! (238)

O, got ya--way too sooty a way to go. (1)

O grab me, Emil, a lime embargo! (98)

O gracile deer, fan a free deli cargo. (260)

O gym gypsy, a senile feline says: "Pygmy, go!" (260)

O, gypsy-spy, go!  372

O gym siren, rub a gel on it: a latino leg - a burner! - is my go. (260)

O, had I [deified] Idaho..! (85,[40])

O, had I drawn on ward, Idaho! (109)

O, had I Idaho! (85)

O, had I lived as a devil, Idaho? (1)

O had I lived at Tadevil, Idaho! (58)

O, had I nine men in Idaho! (24)

O, had I nine more hero-men in Idaho! (11)

O, had I nine to ten in Idaho! (00-350)

O, had I now won Idaho! (88)

O, had I retired in Nideriter, Idaho! (58)

O, hose zoo ooze, SoHo! (1)

O, I baffle sympatico Doc: I tap myself, Fabio. (260)

O, I dare not tone radio. (4)

O, I ho[e/g/p] Ohio. (88)

O, I hoot to Ohio! (71)

O, I hope Ed, alias "Nacre Man" (and a DNA-namer), can sail a deep Ohio. (42)

O, I hope Ed 'n' I see referees in deep Ohio. (2)

O.J. deified Jo. (77)

O.J., nab a banjo. (71)

O.J. nabs Bob's banjo. (71)

"O jammed nabobs, a reef a snide man stole corrupted a cadet", purr ocelots named - in safe eras - Bob and Emma-Jo. (260)

O.K., gee, tail a terrorist, Sir, or retaliate--e.g. K.O.? (1)

"O.K, K.O.!" (146)

O.K., remit a zillion on oil Liz--a timer KO! (1)

OK, Cissy assays sicko.  144

"OK, if Rep messes on marine men, I ram noses - Semper Fi KO!"  388

O.K. Tim, Bush saw Wash. submit K.O. (303)

O.K., yell a sleek O.J. gag (joke...) Els--"alley KO." (1)

O, Lisa sees a silo! (71-1)

O lo, Gigot draws Madam's ward to gigolo. (201)

OMG, I dig Mo.  144

O, memsahib Bart, rabbi has memo. (116)

O, nag not Tonga--no! (23)

'O native clod, ales reverse "la dolce vita", no?  260

O naughty man, I saw I was in a myth: guano! (260)

"O naughty me, tut, it's Bush - substitute, myth, guano." (109)

"O, Nevada Dave, no!" (23+/or88)

O, Otto held (“nacreous, I mar it!”) tiramisu o’er candle — hot, too! 423

O render gnostic illicit song, red Nero. (5)

O, Rob, sneer, "Go, trekker, to Greensboro!" (103)

O sap, let a lion I deter refine men I ferreted in oil at El Paso. (260)

O slate bidet, a sod I bilk radared nudes used under a dark libido, sated, I bet, also. (260)

O sniff in, Selim, stab at smile, sniff in so! (11)

O sod, O tyro, tail laps 'til it's palliatory to do so! (260)

O, stone[, b/m]e not so! (97/8)

O Sylph, ply so! (85)

O tart sacred nuts, O lost under castrato! 423

O Tony, as I see bees, I see bees I say 'no' to. (260) 

Oaths Irina saw as an Irish Tao. 200

Obese Rihanna hires Ebo.  144

Ocelot Stole Co. (200)

Odd, I keep pee, kiddo. (1)

Odd, I knew Owen, kiddo. (307)

Odd...I know "ah ha" won, kiddo. (1)

Odd, I know I won, kiddo. (307)

Odd, I say: no rifle speeds racecar's deep self irony as I'd do. 411

"Odd--in wonk evil I've known, I'd do." (1)

Ode: Lotto got Toledo. (200)

"Odie, I do!" (2)

Odor failed Delia, Frodo.  144

Odor from Ra did armor Frodo!  144

O'er one Poe wiki, we open Oreo. (144)
O'er one poi, I open Oreo. (144)

"Ogden!" I pined, "Go!"(144)
Ogden, Ned[,/:] go! (16/88)

Ogre mage gamer gonads let (as, ergo, ogres ate LSD) an ogre mage gamer go. (260)

Oh, a ban if I nab a ho? 448

"Oh a dig--Idaho?" (88)

Oh, a dignitary rating Idaho? 133

Oh a parasite masks a metis, Arapaho! (88)

"Oh adieu, sneeze ensue, Idaho.” 408

Oh camera set among Nile efts; oh ghost feeling no mates are macho! 260

Oh, cameras are macho! (61,97)

Oh, can a pot stop a nacho? 410

Oh can do: cook cuckoo/cod nacho. 200

Oh, can tell I manage vegan — a millet nacho. 423

Oh, Canada had a nacho? (24)

Oh, Canada, Hanoi Fiona had a nacho! (200)

Oh, cannibals name not one man slab in nacho. 423

Oh cannot put a name on a canoe man at "Upton Nacho." 200

Oh cannot sob at a Boston nacho.  200

Oh, can't a cat revert a cat nacho! 394

Oh, Cecil, rag not on garlic echo. 200

Oh, Cecil, rage, “Not one garlic echo!” (200)

"Oh," Cecil rages," a base garlic echo." (200)

Oh, cede not an iota to pass a potato in a toned echo. (260)

Oh cell, echo! 429

Oh Cena, no, it called as a dell action--an echo! (1)

 Oh, Cy spat at a psycho! (200, 404)

Oh, Cy's p.s. is psycho!  (200)

Oh, Cy's [Pa's a] Psycho!  (307)

Oh man, it felt left in a mho! (144)

Oh no, do I dare radio Don Ho? (98)

Oh no, straw wart’s on Ho! (1)

Oh, oh, I "Ho Ho!" (30-1)

"Oh, to go to Togo tho'!" (44)

Oh, to sell Lesotho!  144

Oh Tom, mamacito regards drag erotic: a mammoth 'O'. (152)

"Oh, we decided I cede who?"  144

Oh, we vex Eve (who?)  (372)

Oh who is as selfless as I; oh who? 133

Oh who may assess a yam, oh who? (260)

Oh, who was in a VW van I saw--oh, who? (93)

Oh who was it I saw--oh, who? (8)

Oh who won't care if I cap pacifier act now, oh who? (1)

"Oh, whose garden’s path trowel--a tale worth taps?" Ned rages,  "Oh, who!"  (1)

Oi, Daryl drats a dastardly radio! (372)

Oi, ramparts trap Mario. (372)

"Oil Of Emu Love", Nina saw, was a nine volume folio. (260)

Oil often a Manet folio. (307)

Oiled, I feel [Fiero's sore; /fine, Sir; arisen,/, fix elastins and Edna's nits; Alex,] I flee Fidelio. (71)

Oiled, I feel Fiona, I [pan Ossip, I piss on/pan Otis, I sit on/pass] a piano, I flee Fidelio.  (71)

Oiled, I feel, flee, Fidelio. (1)

Oiled, I flee [fig,/fizz, / Fido or brood,/ fine-mown women, / fire - no boner,/fists,/fire, Sal's laser -/
     fitness - " "I dissent -/fish, Tom's Mom's moths -] I feel Fidelio.  (71)

Oiled, I flee from [a dame - I die, madam - /a damned Aden madam/a {h/y]am/Adam/ /Ray's sassy arm]
      or feel Fidelio.  (71)

Oiled, I flee [pies, I rig a gag, I rise,/pines; I ram, I aim; arisen,/pits, I lie, I list,] I peel Fidelio.  (71)

"Oiled, I foil Igor, bat Sara, stab Rogilio."-- Fidelio.  (71)

Oiled, I fret - tubed, I hide butter, Fidelio. (71)

"Ol' Israel cunning" is a sign in nuclear silo. (260,64)

Olaf: fubsy Alfred, a wet, Ute wader, flays buffalo. (71)

Older castle felt sacred, lo! (64)

Ole put no putrid royal clay or dirt upon tupelo. (71)

Olive, do not die--I'd to no Devil-O! (11)

Olli'd accept a fat peccadillo. (70)

Olli'd accepted a cadet peccadillo. (200)

Olson I stunned, I am mad--a madam maiden nuts in Oslo! (254)

Olson is in Oslo. (39,200)

Om I, "No regrets: I shoulder no burdened rub on Red Lu, oh sister Geronimo." (1)

Omar, as demanded, named  Sara "Mo."  (309)

On a clover (if alive) erupts a vast, pure evil--a fire volcano. (406)

On a clover, if no bees see bonfire... Volcano! 394

On A.I. play, Al, piano. (324)

On a limo to Milano, solo gigolos don't nod; don't nod, solo gigolos, on a limo to Milano. (110)

On a Mao name were we mano a mano.    200

On a Nuriootpa map too, I run an 'O'. (260)

On a tip act, Capitano. (5)

On air, am I Mariano? (144) 

On an atoll I did allot an año. 200

On any bottom room, any database rules use lures, a bat, a dynamo or motto by nano. 429

On August I jujitsu guano. 394

On Augusta[, Ma saw, was/ mad Ed named I saw, as I demanded,] a Matsu guano. 200

On Dateline's a senile tad, no? (200)

On Ebay Amos traded Art; so may Abe, no?  (307)

On Elba, I made Robert sulk: calm, lacklustre, bored, amiable, no?  (260)

On Emil's wastage bin, a man I begat saw slime, no? (260)

On Enola's yawl at Aceh port sat a catastrophe cat: always alone, no?  (260)

On evil DNA, we nereids die, renew and live, no? (260)

On hobos, I sob, "Oh no!"  144

On Hog I dig: "Oh no!" (144)

On hops, I lisp, "Oh no!" (144)

On hostess ass assets: "Oh no!" (144)

On hotness, I dissent, "Oh no!" (144
On I blab [at Sis, "I stab] albino!"  144
On--I sack casino! (4)

On idyllic snow, alas, it is a law on Scilly, Dino. (260)

On M.A.S.H., sad red lab's balderdash, Sam--no? (173)

"On Nella's porch," sang Sam, "all llamas gnash crops, Allen, no?"(71)On nude fim life: "dunno..." 394

"On nudism, uh..." Bob hums, "I dunno!" (71)

On, O Mike, lap anisado sodas in a pale kimono. (148or11)

On ref, Nina's an inferno.  144

On rope, dame made porno.  144

On Sparse Wednesday, my ads end ewes' raps, no? (260)

On steps, Nader asleep, Milton's snot-limp eels are Dan's pets - no?  (71)

On stress at SALT: a dame, sure of a foe ruse, mad, at last asserts "no!" 200

On, tell a ballet "No!" 200

On  time, emit “No!” (1)  

On top, Syria has hairy spot, no? (24)

On tub, Edward imitated a cadet--a timid, raw debut, no? (5)

On tub, nip a pin...but no. (253)

On Warsaw dock cod was raw, no? (53)

One bad example has, Sir, a 'Larissa' help Max, Ed, Abe--no? (1)

One bad, lower grammar grew old, Abe, no?   372

One bad namaste lets Amanda "be", no? 394

One birth's in a Danish tribe, no? (260)

One camera per prison--O Sir, prepare mace, no? (260)

One can ax an ace, no? (00)

"One car race, no?" (148)

One carpool tunnel, Len: "nut loop race"--no? (1)

One cued Delbert: six is trebled deuce, no? (372)

One dame revised a Hades I've remade, no? 200

One dice deliver, if Sal, Lisa (as ill as fire vile) decide, "No!" (1)

One dit/dah: I jam radios so I'd arm a jihad tide, no? (260)
One evaded Aveeno.  (144)

One filled omen I plan is to let Adele date lots in alpine model life, no? (260)

One film lacks a motto: got to mask calm life, no? (260)

One jazz I play, or royal pizza, Jeno? (245)

"One kilt, Lucille," yell I, "cult-like, no!" (1)

One lady gnat sees tangy Dale, no? (277)

One last piece receipts ale, no? (260)

One leg, ass, a man rubs--I'm red--I peel--a pale epidermis burn: a massage, Leno. (71)

One lost sole, no? (98)

One Maltese song aide, he diagnoses ET lame, no? (260)

One Mat raps aspartame, no? (1)

One met a democrat star: come date me, no? (260)

"One mildewed lime, no?" (98)

One moon had a shadow O.D.; ah, sad, ah no omen--O! (1)

One mortadella virtuoso's out-rivalled at Rome, no? (260)

One nip, one melt taco's a pleasure in a zanier USA, El Paso cattlemen opine, no? (260)

One nod, slob, my stoner: are not symbols done--no? (1)

One nods if fat staff if done, no? (372)

One noon sex alert relaxes no one--no? (203-1)

One parsec afar, Ira faces rape, no? 200

One pat, not camera haste, gets a harem act on tape, no? (260)

One poem: "One gnat assesses Satan genome 'open': O!" (277)

One resort rose--Reno! (33)

One rotten garden one dragnet tore, no? (260)

One rotten net tore, no? (307)

One rotten saw was net to Reno. (38)

One solitary rat I lose, no? (260, 372)

One tale rotten, not new, I went on Net to relate, no? (260)

One time, sit nailed at a deli: anti-Semite, no? (260)

One tirade wore off if foe rowed a rite, no? (260)

"One vital error!" retaliates Rohan, a cosy baby, "So can a horse tail a terror relative ... no?" (260)

One vital rep uses a base superlative, no? (260)

One volcano dose made nine dames OD on a clove, no? (260)

One vole can embrace no one-carb menace, love, no? (260)

O'Neill, I bet all--I titillate Billie, no? (71)

One-rut albatross essay asses sort a blase sugar as a rag uses albatross essay assessor tablature, no? (260)

One's reverses reverse--no? 133

Ono, Mike Rowe wore kimono. 200

On-site vet is "No!"  144

Ooh...Case, I prep pepper pies--achoo! (372)

Ooh, cat (new) went "Achoo!" 144

Oo, Greta, Etna erupts a vast, pure anteater goo! (71)

"Oo--winos' P.M., oh Thompson!" I woo. (1)

Ooze, zoo! (98)

Oprah deified Harpo. (304)

Or clever, I hire Velcro. (237)

Orbs may lap airplane--venal priapal yams, bro! (256)

Oder credo. (200)

Oregano Sre. pondered no parsonage, Ro.  (200)

Orts I bare paper a bistro. 144

Orts, I bet a Glock, sir, did risk Colgate bistro. 200

Oslo pot saves Sevastopol--so? (85)

Otto did bob, did Otto. (116)

Otto made Ed a motto. (9)

Otto made "Eel Lee Ed" a motto. (1)

Otto made [N/T]ed a motto. (11,307,144)

Otto, Mae, rise, sire a motto. (254)

Otto saw pup--pup WAS Otto! (00)

Otto sees Otto. (128)

Otto, sir, ate feta risotto.  394

"Ottoman Empire, we rip men!” -- a motto. 200

Ottoman tests Etna motto.  144

Oy, oy, a tonsil is not a yo-yo! (70)


P.A. loud, as a duo lap. (1)

P.M. averts IRA-style kill--likely Tsarist revamp. (260)

Pa crosses an assessor cap.  144
Pa, Elisa [deified / sees] as I leap  144
Pa gave Bev a gap. (144)
Pa gets a waste gap.  144
Pa made [N/R/T]Ed a map. (144)

Pa made sure Pete perused a map.  372

Pa maps a spa map.  144

Pa melts a castle map.  144

Pa raps a spa rap.  144

Pa sated a cadet ASAP. 144

Pa, stems met sap! (1)

Pa stewed; I hide wet sap. (71)

Pa, tall Edna and Ella tap. (62)

Pa taps a spa tap.  144

Pa, tonight I (with Gino) tap. (307)Pace cites a set icecap. 144

Pacers went at news recap. (237)

Pacific symbols (a toga, nuts, tuna) got a slob my sci-fi cap.(260)

Pack Alf a flak cap. (4)

Pack cap. (85)

Pack: rat, ark, cap. (309)

Pack sides, use disk cap. (237)

Packrats assess a stark cap. (260)

Padres use urinal, Lani rues user DAP. (256)

Paella births, Upton, did not push tribal leap. 200

Paella in arcades used a cranial leap. 260

Pagan, I deified…in a gap!  (353)

Pagan I see pees in a gap.  144

Paganini art: I train in a gap. (260)

Paganini artists I train in a Gap. 200

Paganism's in a Gap?  200

Page GAP. (85)

Page gawks at task wage gap.(358)

Paget saw a wasp saw a waste gap. (1)

Paget saw an inn in a waste gap. (10)

Paget saw an Irish tooth, Sir, in a waste gap. (112)

Pal, and a Rome gem (or a DNA?), lap. (237)

Pal, cigarette rag--I clap! (109)

Pal clears Israel--clap! (237)

Pal, fix a taxi flap. (255)

Pal frets: yogurt, rug, oyster, flap. (309)

Pal recaps Pop's pacer lap. (1)

Pal, rub[s] burlap. (201,144)

Pal, rub no tit on burlap. (256)

Pal sat in Anita's lap. (61)

Pal sees lap. (146)

Palaces add a sec a lap. (260)

Pals ate, grab at a boob at a bar... Get a slap! 408

Pals, Israeli snotnoses on tonsil, ears I slap. (71)

Pals slap. (146)

Pals stole cosmetic items ocelots slap. (260)

Pals use Jesus' lap. (307)

Pam, Ada vended a faded Nevada map.  (307)

Pam, draw a ward map. (4)

Pam draws a sward map. (307)

Pam edits Anna's tide map. (233)

Pam Garret’s in a bad loss: sold a banister rag map. (237)

Pam loots a stool map. (295)

Pam,  Sam rubbed Eva, gave Deb Burma's map.  (307)

Pam sees map. (144)

Pam, step on no pet's map. (261)

Pamela, pass a pale map. (260)

Pamela saw a sale map.  144

Pam's Ira passes; so, Pip, I possess a Paris map! (11)

Pam's sure it was no Misses Simon saw tie Russ' map. (1)

Pam, sell as a lot some memos to LaSalle's map. (307)

Pan, Evita rots ere restorative nap. (372)

Pan Sam, I Jo, win Iwo Jima snap. (237)

Pan snack can snap.  144

Pan snot I here hit, on snap. (237)

Panda [here] had nap. ([4],144,8)

Pandas, sad, nap. (1)

Pander to her re: hot, red nap. 426

Panel a ham or feel glee from a hale nap. 	144

Panic in a Titanic, I nap. (170)

Panini masks a mini nap. (144)

Panini, nap! (255)

Pan's a snap! (2)

Pans dip a radical acid, a rapid snap.  (71)

"Pan’s ‘it’!" I snap. (237)

Pansies, or a rose, I snap. (71)

Pansy Amy may snap.  144

Pansy-ass red now, Ned, dirt-ridden, wonders, says, "Nap!" (71)

Pants Al, a Deen, " I need a last nap." (200)

Papa, mar dada drama pap. (1)

Par cadet timed nap, ate tar, got Nina, rolled robot to bordello, ran into grate tap and emitted a crap. (260)

Par that Utah trap! (23)

Parade: Lisa -- fool as aloof as I -- led a rap.  372

Parade Veda rap. (237)

Paraded ragers regarded a rap. (260)

Parasitic, it is a rap. (260)

Parcel bare ferret up mock computer-referable crap. (194)

Parcel bare ponies, use inoperable crap. 429

Parcel in Sahara has Nile crap. 144

Parcel in Sinai, Lilian, is Nile crap. (71)

Parcel is new ensile crap. (144)

"Parcel truths in a Danish turtle crap." (260)

Parc’s deli fed nut undefiled scrap. (237-1)

Parc's tram law maps DID spam Wal Mart's crap. (295)

Pardo'd rap. (200)

Pare not one rap.  144

Paris, I Rap. (255)

"Paris, too, rained rags, gags, gardenia roots." I rap. (1)

"Parities reverse it," I rap. (260)

Parma had a ham rap. 394

Parodies or prose I do rap.  144

Parrot a role to help mission: a hero tore Hanoi's simple hotel orator rap. (260)

Parrot’s Albatrosses sorta blast or rap. 429

Parse dude's rap. (144)

Parrot cadet saw Civic wasted actor rap. (237)

"Parse inn argosy as I fire her ... if I say so," grannies rap. (260)

'Parsec': a deep speed-ace's rap. 411

"Part a tonsil," an academial corps proclaimed, "a canal is not a trap." (260)

Part animal, Cadet Roper reported a clam in a trap. (71)

Part, as a satrap. (200)

Part at a trap. (122)

Part Nero, part didgeridoo: he's La Fleur, canoe dude on a cruel falsehood I, Reg, did trap or entrap. (260)

Part One Wednesday ads end ewe--no trap! (245)

Part pal, continue unit, no claptrap. 429

Part Sara's trap. (1)

Part semi-monastic, it's a "no mimes" trap. (260)

Part stinky loo waste-water grits I saw-- as I stir, Greta wets a wooly knit strap. (307)

Partake ESP, seek a trap. (237)

Part-caves doom Osama, so mood's 'Evac trap.' (273)

Part-Eli bunnies, pale, lapse in nubile trap! (109)

Parties so pall a posse I trap.  (260)

Parting arose: villagers' regal lives or Agni trap. (88)

Parting, I, lame dude, malign it: rap. 200

Partisan wonks parse dudes' rows: 2002's worse dudes' raps known as "I"-trap. (107)

Partner, ask Carter if "Tipsy Spitfire" tracks aren't rap. (173)

Partner, entrap Xenia: my main ex-partner ... entrap! (260)

Partner, Eve, never entrap! (148or11)

Partner, even in a van, I never entrap. (260)

Partner, Eves ever entrap.(11)

Partner Trent, rap!  (1)

Partners rent rap. (200)

Parts emit time's trap. (98)

Part-Semite times trap. (146)

Party Adderall: a red day trap. 429

Party, boob Nixon: ox in booby trap. (109)

Party boob sees booby trap. (260)

Party carnage began racy trap.  144

Party lion Ian deemed a jade, me, "Edna in oily trap." (254)

Party men enacted etc. an enemy trap. (260)

Party men, enamor-free, bed a miser Aceh deified: he cares I made beer from an enemy trap. (260)

Party, rat (in a sanitary trap!) (152)

Party-men easily Lisa, enemy, trap. (84)

Pa's a sap. (16?)

Pas, astir, got to grits ASAP.   200

Pa's yam peels pep--sleep may sap. (307)

Pasa, I made target: a date grated--am I a sap! (1)

Pasadena caned a sap. (88)

'Pasadena for Papa!' profaned a sap. (144)

Pass no IT acolyte; rush to both surety locations, sap! (260)

Pass on Orono's sap. (144)

Pass poor Tallahalla troops sap. (237)

Pass some moss, sap. (255,237)

Pass time on a clover if a fire volcano emits sap. (307)

Pass up my lot, Mt. Olympus sap! (260)

“Pass ya!" says sap. (144)

Passes sap. (98)

Passionate Zeta is no sap. (237)

Past Idaho had it, sap! (27)

Past sacred arts, trader cast sap. (237)

Paste was a wet sap?  372

Pastimes emit sap. (144)

Pat, ah, sin if I say, "Er, gosh, Pat, I pet Sal's last epitaph so grey," as I finish a tap?  (1)

Pat and Edna tap. (16)

Pat, emit time tap. (1)

Pat, in a pan I tap. (237)

Pat no elastic; it's ale on tap. (260)

Pat, no siree bob, O'Hara hobo beer is on tap. 200

Pat, no sit-in snit is on tap. (200)

"Pat, no strident Utne dirt's on tap. (200)

Pat pus-pots, Nella!" said Edi, as Allen stops up tap. (71)

Pat saw Bijou Ojibwas tap. (88)

Pat swore to note row spat. (200)

"Pat, tap!" (many)

Pat, 'tis Sis: sit, tap. (1)

Pat went: "Oh, a hot new tap!" (260)

Pater--get a Luger & regulate Greta P. (71)

Partisan, I gave no-one vaginas I trap. (260)

Patsy, cram Marcy's tap! (307)

Patsy, do bony art ropes I've doted on an anode to devise portray nobody's tap? (260)

Patsy, no pastime remits a pony's tap. (260)

Patsy Ramsey emails "Liam eyes Mary's tap".  (307)

Patsy Ramsey eyes Mary’s tap. (237)

Pay a dog, God, a yap? (4)

Pay on time, emit no yap.(119)

Pay to hear Rae (hot) yap! (254)

"Payroll a crevasse for piss!" I profess, aver, call or yap. (260)

Pee, Han, on a Heep. (200)

Pee, Jan, [i/o]n a Jeep. (144)

Pee snack can seep.  144

Pee, so to seep... (144)

"Pee?  We bad!" Lot told Abe, "weep." (77)

Pee will irk krill!" I weep. (255)

"Pee - with gin taste, Geno - one gets at night," I weep. (260)

Peek in at rats as tartan I keep. (260)

Peel Sam asleep. (00)

Peel Sam; I'm asleep. 144

Peel, sis, [a ewe,]as I sleep. (71)

Peel snot I'm reporting I bar often, as it is a net for a big nitro permit on sleep. (260)

Peel solo, sleep. (11)

Peel (sot!) pill, lull lip to sleep. (1)

Peel's abed, Deb, asleep. (200)

Peels are venerated: a car or a cadet are never asleep. (260)

Peel's asleep! (201)

Peel's foe, not a set animal, laminates a tone of sleep. (195)

Peel's lager on red rum did murder no regal sleep. (12)

Peer cadet Celeste, wet, selected a creep. (254)

Peer Casandra had a hard NASA creep.(285)
Peer cases a creep. 144

Peer Clinton's not "nil creep"?! (364)

Pee's snack cans seep.  144

Peeved Amy made Veep? 394

Peeved, I hide Veep.  (200)

Pen a sad idyll, as an oud duo nasally did, as an EP. (277)

Pepsi IS pep! (00-many)

Percival's a Slavic Rep? (200)

Permit Tim, rep. (201)

Perp tasered ere SAT prep.  200

Perseus sues rep! (00-350)

Pert satire met emerita strep. 200

Pet, 'smart tiles' use: lit tram step! (237)

Pet snore ebbed, Deb—beer on step? (1)

“Pet, so ten infidels sled if nine to step?”  109

Pet Spot on no top step. (98)

Pet step! (2)

Pets, Ed, I side-step. (71,200)

Pets never even step...(201)

Pets nip instep. (6)

Pets nip mad Sara's damp instep. (260)

Pets, one time, emit Eno step!  (377)    

Pets step. (146)

Pets step on a 'No Pets' step! (287)

Pets tell Abe ballet step. (128)

Pets too fat fill lane 'H' when all lift a footstep. (4)

Pet-smart tiles use lit tram step. (237)

Petunias unite some demo set in USA ...  in UTEP. (260)

Pi data's in: a monitor's inept eye doctor too fled Oman - a model foot-rot code - yet penis-rot in Oman is at a dip. (260)

Piglet’s a pastel gip. 200

Pile on a canoe lip.  144

Pilfer a ramose broom, a moor besom, a rare flip. (11)

Pillagers sass regal lip. (88)

"Pilot Dill--it's non-organic!" I nag Ron on (still, I'd to lip.) (1)

Pilot puts a[, er, breast/"Otto T." toast] up to lip! (1)

Pilsner, act on Sara's, not Caren's lip.  144

Pilsner actor did rot Caren's lip. 144

Pilsner is not on siren's lip. (200)

Pinch 'C', nip! (331)

Pining is a sing I nip. (85)

Pinnaces are in a mall a man I erase can nip. (260)

Pinnacle eel can nip. 144

Pinot noir Owen knew Orion to nip. (307)

Pins laid as a 'dial snip.' (201)

Pins nip. (4)

Pins savage Sega vas snip. 449

Pipe mildewed Lime, Pip.  (307)

Pipe, pip! (85)

Pirate, set a rip. (237)

Piss pot stops sip. (200)

Pissed under, red nudes sip. (1)

Pistons—odd—do snot sip..! (1)

Pitt left a fat felt tip.  200

Pitiless, El I tip. (200)

Pitiless Eve vessel I tip. (237)

Pits loot tool's tip. (148)

Pitt, tip! (146-1)

Pittsburgh saw Hannah wash Grub St. tip. (260)

Pity... a metal pot, level to plate, may tip.  372

Pity--no polo pony tip? (322)

Pity Tina, for paste gets a profanity tip. (260)

Place 'no-no' on one CA L.P. (1)

Plan Alp bar, Abplanalp! (94)

Plan no damn Madonna LP! (213)

Plan, oh Tara, my marathon Alp. (278)

Play 'Alp'. (85)

Play augur, Uruguay alp. (88)

Play Latin on Italy Alp. (237)

Play "My Alp." (88)

Play my rock cartel title track, Cory: "My Alp". (260)

Play Nobel, ebony Alp. (237)

"Plug in Eve, Lem, eleven," I gulp. (254)

"Plug in: Love, vol. N," I gulp. (1)

Po hired Loni A. in older IHOP. (200)

Pocatello pol let a cop. (88)

Poco bored is non-onside Robocop. (200)

Poet, is rat a Qatar site op?    (340)

Pogo's so GOP! (307)

Poland, Warsaw raw war was raw DNA lop. (237)

Polite pet I lop.  144

Politeness or calm rifts: a vast firm lacrosse net I lop.(260)

Poll a CSA scallop. (144)

Pols ate feta slop.  (200)

Polson's no slop. (88)

Poltergeists I, egret, lop. (260)

Polyamide jam a Jedi may lop. (260)

Pomerania gasps: "Again, a re-mop!" (260)

Pommel a Salem mop. (85)

Pooch saw a wash co-op.  144

"Pooh," smiles Eva, "have Selim's hoop." (10)

Poop in a birch crib, an’ I poop! (1)

Poopster frets poop. (144)

Poopy Amy may poop. 144

Poor Dallas is all a-droop. (260)

Poor Dallas led Omaha models all a-droop. (245)

Poor Dan is in a droop. (10)

Poor debate (lost a hat!) so let Abe droop. 394

Poor devils live, droop! (11)

Poor, dismal clams I dig--no dong, I--dismal clams...I droop. (71)

Poor dogs go droop. (307)

Poor Dot, Desi (operators) rot, are poised to droop. (1)

Poor drama lost,so, Lamar, droop. (237)

Poor tap uses up a troop.  144

Poor taste wets a troop. (260)

Poor Thai raps pariah troop. 144

Poor troop--a side divided is a poor troop. (94)

"Poor troops, alas," Peewee weeps, "--alas, poor troop!" (71)

Pop a dose of ‘Foe Soda Pop’! (200)

Pop, is Pepsi pop? (307)

Pop multitasks a tit lump op. (260)

Pop, slap Opal's pop. (307)

Pope porno burdened rub on rope, Pop! 423

Pope Urban did nab Rue, Pop. 144

Popes [abase/oppose/use] pop. (88)

"Popsy", a persona I prostrated under red nude tarts or pianos, repays Pop. (260)

Porcine men I crop. (85,200)

Pose, Aesop! (85)

Pose as Aesop. (many)

Pose as Timi Imit's Aesop. (1)

Posed, unseen, I'm on a nominee's nude sop. (71)

Posh sir, in a garden war did Ned rag an Irish sop? 200

Posit a cat I sop.  144

Posse, he's sop. (237)

Post-natal, bared, nude: so pederasts are deposed under a blatant sop.  (260)

Pot an ale stupor, eh hero--puts elan atop! (1)

Pot not felt, as it is at left, on top. (237)

Pot pales, use lap-top! (260)

Pot smoker, trek, om--stop!. (1)

Potato--I did lose lucre (Hercules, old idiot!)--atop! (71-1)

Pots emit lager at a Regal time-stop. (201)

Pots emit no diaper fizz if repaid on time(--stop!) (98)

Pots emit time-stop! (1)

Pot's in a limo to Milan I stop. 200

Pots stop! (00-many)

Pots tip at a pitstop. (307)

Pot sot Ev ordered Rove to stop. (200)

Prawn--warp! (85)

Prepare  ‘Miami Maimer’, a perp. 200

Pre-plan a banal perp?  144

"Procure Peru Corp.!" (71)

"Prognosis on gorp?" (200)

Psalter fret lasp.  144

Ptera's boobs are t.p.!!!  383

"PU: erase L.A. shoe king, Nike--oh, sales are up!?!" (98)

"PU motto, Bette," rag I, "cigarette--bottom-up!" (1)

PU, Saginaw--wan, I gas up. (1)

PU, sir, a fast safari's up. (88)

PU--strap my gym parts up! (245)

Pub Al's Pirates set a R.I.P.  slab up!  1

Puce kiln utensil is net, unlike cup. 429

Puce no[se gages/te sets] one cup.  144

Puerile note by me, Kate: "take my bet one lire up". (260)

Puff in, sniff up. (00-350)

Puff, irate, tariff up! (144)

Puff up. (many)

Puff up tit, Elroy--or let it puff up! (71)

Puffins sniff up. (85,144)

Pug, nip Marc's cramp - Marc's cramping up. 260

Pug-nosed Amy made song up.  144

Puke, elf, leek up.  144

Puke epic: I peek up. 429

Pull a bat, I hit a ball up. (10)

Pull a beetroot to Otto, or tee ball up. (200)

Pull a cilia tail I call up. (260)

"Pull a citified artist, for crofts I trade I fit!" I call up. (260)

"Pull a canoe, sir, or retire to vaster fleets, for Emma had a hammer of steel!" frets a voter I terrorise on a call-up. (260)

"Pull a citified onanist; it's in a node I fit," I call up. (260)

Pull a Gallup! (16)

Pull a llama, Dana Cabot, in a Manitoba Canada mall, all up.(260)

Pull a lid off a daffodil--all up. (4-1)

Pull a wall up. (237)

Pull aloof fool all up! 394

Pull at a tonsure, vile dresser, deliver us not at all up! (260)

Pull, if to idiot (and a sad NATO idiot) fill-up. (237)

"Pull it all up!" I puff, "inside, ill, a tip I tallied; I sniff up, I pull a till up." (71)

"Pull it: set a media-led Adelaide mate's till up. (260)

Pull, it's still up!" (226)

Pull odd doll up. (144)

Pull up! (many)

Pull up a pliant nail, Pa--pull up! (1)

Pull a Walla-Walla wall up.  144

Pull up, Bob, pull up! (97)

Pull up, Eva, we're here; wave, pull up. (10)

"Pull up!" I say as I pull up. (260)

Pull up if I pull up. (10?)

Puma, I am up. (209)

Pumas did Sam up. (144)
Puma set ate Sam up. (144)

Pumas liven evil Sam up. (97)

Puma's toga got Sam up. (144)

Pump 'm up! (256)

Pump RPM up.  144

Pun, Eve, state, "Grate target at Seven-up." (1)

Pun: Eve's a nine, Tab, or, Rob, a Ten, in a Seven-Up. (88)

Pun: I pay a pixy no onyx, I pay a pin-up! (11)

"Pun up!" (88)

Pun: upstart rat spun up. (254)

Pun use rests ere sun-up.  144

Pun was sawn up. (148)

Pun: West nets tennis title, felt it's in net's tent--sewn up. 109

Punier senile felines, rein up! (260)

"Punish serfs," testified a rapist, "it's Hannah's tits I parade if it sets fresh sin up." (260)

Punning, I sign inn up.  200

Putin, I got a tat, a Mar-a-Lago  galarama tata to gin it up. 200

Pup, I sip up!  1

Pup, I tip up. (71)

Pup, I zip up.  372

Pup, it was a sleepy teletype Elsa saw tip up. (71)

Pup, may a war a foot too far away amp up? (260)

Pup sees pup. (167)

Pupal stage begat slap-up.  144

Pupil's cd-rom: "Al Gore, zero glamor DC slip-up." (307)

Pupils cite negro for genetic slip-up. (307)

"Pupils!" I say as I slip up. (11)

Pupils note banana, bet on slipup. (394 + 97)

Pupils on, Lee, flee eel--feel no slip up! (1)

Pupils roll a ball or slip up. (11,97)

Pupils saw gnu dung was slip up. (201)

Pupil's sensuousness: lip up. 425

Pupils slip up. (00--many)

Pupils spot ZZ Top's slipup. (307)

Pure boss, may teller apparel let Yams sober up? (260)

Pure boss, may Yams sober up? (260)

"Pure" Boston did not sober up. (16) 

"Pure, eh?" called Ella, "Cheer up!" (11)

"Pure" hero tore her up. (109)

"Pure pacifists are deponed", I sniff, "inside no pederasts if I caper up." (260)

Pure papist never, often I back Cabinet for events I paper up. (260)

Pure salsas laser up. (144)

Pure suet is opposite user-up. (11)

Pure Valentine do ode "Nit ne 'laver'"--up! (1)

Pure Venuses, O rose--sun ever up! (148)

Pure vocal lips spill a cover-up. (82)

Pure vowel feud, no fondue flew over, up. 429 

Puree petite peer up. (144)

Pureed deer up! (200)

Purify my fir up. (144)

Purr, "It's a stirrup." (88)

Purr up! (71)

Pus tore open a lane--Poe rots up. (254)

Pus-gnats' umpire, rip mustangs up! (260)

Push par graphs up. (144)
Push taboo baths up. (144)

Push to me: set lame Maltese moths up. (260)

Push tribe births up.  144

Pusser, dress up.  200, 144

Pus-tips, eel sagged; I hid egg as Lee spits up. (71)

Pusillanimities use it, I’m in, all is up! 429

Pusillanimity obsesses Boy Tim in "All Is Up." (5)

Puss emits Asti mess-up. (144)

Puss emotes a case to mess up. 144

Pusser, do dress up. 200

Pusses sup. (11)

Pussy ban at Esmae's: a seam set an abyss up. (260)

Put a bat up--roll a ball, or put a bat up. (71)

Put a call, "I will act up!" (1)

Put a crow, a camel, a mini male macaw, or cat up. (00-350)

Put [a rococo rat/ career act/ far raft/ folded loft/ lame malt/ no font/ same mast/ sensuous nest/ severe vest] up. (144)

Put "Can Epi-pen act?" up. (144)

Put egg on nog getup. 144

Put Eliot's toilet up! (97)

Put, Elma, "Hamlet" up. (200)

Put Elmo, C3PO tag atop 3COM letup. (255)

Put estate [gin I get/we wet] at setup. 144

Put Felix (I left) up. (11)

Put Felix, if fuss arises or arose, sir (as suffix I left) up.  (11)

Put firm lift at film rift: up! (237)

Put, "I lit!" up.  144

Put, "I move to vote vomit" up.  144

Put, "I sit." up.  144

Put in key ye knit up. (237)

Put in Rubik cube now: as I saw one buck, I burn it up. (260)

Put in ruby, Levi, and naively burn it up. (260)

Put it in, knit it, add a tit in, knit it up! (260)

Put it up! (many)

"Put it up!" I say as I put it up. (260)

Put it up till I fill it; put it up. (71)

Put news of usage plan I fan on a final peg as UFOs went up. (260)

Put Peking-issue cud acts in a gross organist caduceus sign I kept up. (260)

Put Rabbi BB art up. (237)

Put ‘rat tart’ up! (1, 144)

Put rats at a start-up.  144

Put rats in a van I start up. (260)

Put rats' Koran garb on, sate Leroy, or let a snob Ragnarok start up. (260)

Put Ratso’s tart up. (200)

Put raw art up.  144

Put Tim's mitt up.  144

Put Tom Mott up. (200)

"Put up!" (85)

Put upon, I waste bets a wino put up. (260)

Put xenomorph promo next up! 408

Putin, evil, did liven it up.  200

Putin, I got nine men in to gin it up. 200

Putin: "I pin it up." (237)

Pygmy got to gym gyp. 144


Q, a "riot to go" got to Iraq! (1)

"Q it is--" I sit, "I Q!" (1)

Qadi called Della C, "Ida Q." (281)


R.E. Lee [padlocks Ed's desk--cold, a p/pared roses: "Run, nurses, order a p]eeler. (71)

R.E. Lee, [pot a top /pot a top potato p/pots stop] eeler. (88)

R.E.M., murder a rare drummer! (00)

REM must revert summer. (144)

RN, don't--no DNR! 408

R. Perot party trap tore P.R. (301)

Ra decreed, "[No devil lived on] deer cedar." (98)

Ra enjoys sassy OJ near. 144

Ra, ensure Peru's near. 144

Ra erases a rear. 144

Ra eyed a made year. 144

Ra, jaded Lew, I welded ajar. (254) 

Ra obeyed a bad-eye boar. 144

Ra ordered, "Roar!"  144

Ra[,] [won't--no!--]war. (1)

Rab Al, U.S. Nine pianist, asks at Sinai Peninsula Bar. (88)

Rab taxes evil Sara's live sex at bar. (233)

Rabat, "I hit a bar." (88)

Rabe, CAPS  not on spacebar.  200

Rabe, Di's at a sidebar.  200

Rabbi ran in, into hot Nin in a rib bar. 200

Rabbi, rib Bar. (98)

Race card erases a red race car.  144

Race[,/ fast, safe] car! (00-many,[11])

Race, doctor--trot code car! (237)  

Race not one car.  144

Race on -- a canoe car! 144 

Race some demo's car.  144

Racecar aeneid: Di, Dodi did, O did die, near ace car. (103) 

Racy, Bo got Hannah to go by car.  (307)

Racy models in a nomad dam on an isle do my car. (260)

'Radar Pop' did pop radar. (1)

Rae, bag a bear. (144)

Rae, bone no bear. (144)

Rae, deny  Don an anodyne dear. (254)

Rae, don't [cart a tract/list silt/relay a D-Day alert/rid folio soil of dirt] ... no, dear. (260)

Rae, droopy rots I hate get a history, poor dear. (260)

Rae felt Tilda had little fear. 394

Rae filled a dell, I fear. (254,144)

Rae fi[res a laser/t], I fear.  144

Rae fixates on a nose tax, I fear.  (255)

Rae got nine men into gear. 144

Rae got Nixon Knox into gear. (200)

Rae, her pistol precluded, iced decided ulcer plots I pre-hear. (260)

Rae: Hero Montserrat star, rest no more, hear? (200)

Rae hid Cosette's OCD, I hear. 200

Rae Hines, senile, berated a cadet, a rebel in Essen, I hear. (200)

Rae, his gal, flags I hear.   1

Rae, his god lived not on Devil Dogs, I hear.  200

Rae, his poopy baby poops, I hear. (109)

Rae, his yodels led "oys," I hear. (1)

Rae hisses so pitiably; mad as sad amyl bait I possess, I hear. (260)

Rae, hominid din I, Mo, hear. (200)

Rae, Nile rats I list, or grots I list, are linear. (254)

Rae, no stew's as wet so near. (254)

Rae, past eleven eve, let's a pear. (1)

Rae, we rip Mav's vampire wear. 200

Rafael, are we to help Ma sample hot ewer ale afar? (11or148)

Raffish, pat one cow, tote no-one to two cenotaphs if far. (260)

Raft far! (85)

"Raft on still acid", I call, "it's not far!" (260)

Rag, "Destiny: baby nits!" Edgar. (1)

Rag Iceman did name cigar. (237)

Rag, LA fart, not on Trafalgar. 200

Ragamuffins sniff, um, [a gar/agar].  144

Ragu sad Anaconda had no Canada sugar. (237)

Ragus enacts "Niagara War" against cane sugar. (88)

Rail, alas, "Sal a liar!" (201)

Rail at a liar! (122,144)

Rail, "I'm a familiar." 144

Rail, liar! (00-many)

Rail, li'l liar. (1)

Rail Marian, "I defiled docile Eli cod (deli-fed) in air, am liar!" (109)

Rail on, O liar! (11)

Rail, rotund Al Gore: hero, glad nut, or liar? (109)

Rail’s stem met SS liar. (237)

Raj, pity my tip jar.  200

Rajahs ask Lisa to get a date, yet a date got a silk sash ajar. (260)

Ram led pupils to hot slip-up: Del Mar! (109)

"Ram ode deceit'll tie!" ceded Omar. (1)

Ram Oleg nagged a mad egg angel, Omar. (254)

Ram on olio to toil on, Omar. (254)

"Ramon, avoid a rare red dodderer, a radio-van." - Omar.  (71)

Ramona is reposed in a nide so Persian, Omar. (5)

Ramona is uneven, if a fine Venusian, Omar. 394

Ramona made camp, maced a man (Omar). 00

Rani messes seminar. (144)

Rap Bush's art: trash, subpar. (265)

Rap buss as subpar.  144

Rap, "Bus[tle/y, subtle frat star] felt sub-par." 1

Rase a caesar. (4)

Rasp allocating is safe; eradicate (wet acid) a reef; assign it a collapsar. (260)

Rat ( and sex!) axes DNA ' tar.' (237)

Rat availed a deli avatar.  144

Rat awash saw a tar. (85)

Rat censor ended Nero's nectar.   144

Rat censored NATO tot and Eros nectar. (254)

Rat is sitar. (6)

Rat, rate tartar! (1,2)

Rat signal (slang) is 'tar.' (237) 

Rat snack can star!  144

["Rat/"Regal] snot," sobs Tim, "it's Boston's [tar!"/lager!"] (71)

Rate mildewed Lime, tar.  (307) 

Rate not one tar.  144

Rate tar. (85)

Rat-race lines oppose Nile-car tar. (149)

Rats abut tuba star. (201)

Rats ailed, damn it, in mad Delia's tar! (194)

Rats astir, I snag Ross's organ, Sir - it's a star! (71)

Rats at a bar grab at a star. 128

Rats, at Feli’s I left a star! 445

Rats ate, got pissed, undid rosy peels sleepy sordid nudes sip to get a star. (260)

Rats awash saw a star. (98)

Rats, Dee needs tar. (278)

Rats drown in WordStar. (116)

"Rats, Evita reneged, Dad--degenerative star!" (1)

Rats eye star. (337)

"Rats gnash teeth," sang Star. (10)

Rats--go do diary raid O' Dog Star! (237)

Rats let Telstar. (85)

Rats live on no evil star. (10?)

Rats live on [no tons of UFOs, not/nose-sore roses/nose-tar crates,] on no evil star. (71)

Rats, Ned, do show (oh!) sodden star. (1)

Rats paraded a rap star. (97)

"Rats--paranoid C. Dion a rap star!?!" (173)

Rats, partner, appall apparent rap star. (109)

Rats star. (00-many)

Rats struck Curt's star. (1)

Ratting, I sign it " TAR." (237)

Raw animals slam in a war. (179)

Raw bar casts a crab war. (144)

Raw, CIA’s OMNI win mosaic war. (237)

Raw foe memes use meme of war. 394

Raw foe Russia is sure of war. (64)

Raw foe toning is a sign, I note, of war.  200

Raw foes order red rose of war.  109

Raw, gore hero Gwar. (271)

Raw, I led deli war. (1)

Raw murder on GI; ignore drum--war! (111?)

"Raw Nixon: ox in war." (109)

Raw on a mast, it's a man o' war. (260)

Raw on a mat at academia, no Don aimed a cat at a man o' war. (110)

Raw sewerage, Segar--ewes war! (254)

Raw sexes war. (00)

Raw, sore, hot, nosy, aware I’d lose no one—soldier a ways on to hero’s war. 133

Raw spot stops war. (1)

Raw, Warsaw was raw war! (283)

Re: Draft on patinaed Dean, I tap not, farder. (107)

Re drums: a Doc-demanded, -named, coda's murder! (1)

Re grub Ma has: it is a hamburger. (200)

Re grub: no cab on tap," Sara spat, "no bacon burger?" 200

Re grub, no sin, Evan, is in a venison burger. 200

Re hot girl: I owe new oilrig to her. (260)

Re hotel cyclopaedia idea, Pol: cycle to her. (260)

Re hypocrisy: as I say, sir, copy her! (11)

Re-i.d. lost soldier.  200

Re Nile: no Aswan guru gnaws a one-liner. (88)

Re pussy rub: Silas Salisbury's super! (88)

Re Vada case: he's a cadaver.  200

Re vase film unit: Al pondered no platinum life-saver. (260)

Re venom: music I summon ever. (88)

Re vote, George B beg Roe get over. (107)

Re Yoho tone, mime "no" to Hoyer. 394

Reb Bo, remorseless, is Seles' Rome robber. 200

Reb, bologna made Ted a mango lobber. (254)

Reb bordello rolled robber. (85)

Reb, burn [exotic illicit oxen] rubber! ([260], 144)

Reb bursts rubber. (88)

Reb met pest Sal last September.  200

Reb Milton's not limber. (88)

Reba frets I modify Fido, Mister Faber. (144)

Reba, sad Ahab, a B.A., had a saber. (200)

Reba saw a saber. (144)

Reba’s a saber! (237)

Re-boo Goober. (200)

Re-bun Anita, Pat, in an Uber. 200

Rebut a tuber. (226)

Recall ab--e.g. do dodge-ball, Acer! (1) 

Reciter fret icer.  144

Recluse dahlias’ sad, airy myriad assail Hades’ ulcer. (1)

Recluse sir, anon arises ulcer. (1)

Recluse son: Gai diagnoses ulcer. (260)

Red Albert's a fast reblader. (254)

Red and I here hid Nader. (71)

Red artsy obese boys trade lucid Iron Maiden solos, Ned: I am no ridiculed artsy obese boys' trader. (260)

Red, dab badder! (1)

Red dame, Russia is sure madder.  109

Red damsel, ale's madder.  385

“Red dare” her, Adder. (237)

Red dates E.T., Adder. (237)

Red Di berated a cadet, a rebidder.  200

Red, do file deli fodder. (260)

Red does reverse odder. (260)

Red dude kill lion--no ill-liked udder. (00)

Red dude so hot to snap pans, Otto, hosed udder. (1)

Red Duke, ESP--seek udder.  (237)

Red Dumas is a mudder. (200)

Red, dustcart-tame hem attracts udder. (314)

Red, I [ban all, an ab/bark rab/gird rig/hate yet a h/lave val/park rap/]ider. (148) 

"Red, I had," I fib, "a nip so new a yam may awe no spina bifida hider." (260)

Red, I help pin a bra: got to garb a nipple hider. (260)

Red, I snide, "Deceit'll tie ceded insider." (1)

"Red," I sniff, "urge Nora to tar one gruff insider." (260)

Red, I, “Stu on a Mac”, am an outsider. 200

Red, I video toe divider. (237)

Red, I videotape Pa: toe-divider. (260)

Red iced a made cider. (4)

Red Iceman did name "cider." (237)

Red Ilsa sees a slider. 144

Red is Nina, an insider! (11or148)

Red is no cerise: yes, I reconsider. (260) 

Red laser ires alder.  144

Red Leah's a pasha elder. (254)

Red Len, Robert Ross, sort reborn Elder. (237)

Red Lena sees an elder.  144

"Red Levite set IV, Elder." (237)

Red, limpid, dip milder.  (316)

Red lobster cesspools made dams' loops' secrets bolder. (260)

Red lobster ruts turrets bolder. (237)

Red lost case, Ma--Jesse James acts older. (116)

Red lost solder. (148)

Red, nag a gander! (4)

Red, nag redder gander! (148)

Red nags gander. (85, 385)

"Red" named demander. (16) 

Red neb sees bender.  144

Red net: no car is, sir, a contender. (1)

Red net, sir, is tender. (148)

Red net tuna's a nut tender? (98-1)

Red nettle fever: Eve felt tender. 394

Red nibs not on S-binder. (201)

Red, no Pistol Pete plots I ponder. (260,200)

Red, no pistol plots I ponder. (148)

Red, no pizzazz, I ponder. (200)

"Red, no wider bra deceived a bad Evie (cedar bred)?" I wonder. (1)

Red, no wined dames use Madden, I wonder? 200

Red now, Asia is a wonder. (11or148)

Red, now astir often, I back cabinet for it's a wonder. 200

Red now, Debora's a robed wonder. (237)

Red, now did I canoe on acid, I'd wonder? 394

Red now, evil as a demon, a Nome DA's a live wonder. 200

Red now, I wonder...(98)

Red, now is Ness at Stassen's, I wonder? (200)

"Red, now, is 'tundra bard' nuts?" I wonder. (148-1)

Red now, nab rude Kansan as naked urban wonder. (109)

Red now on level--no wonder! (5)

Red now, red net's tender wonder. (237-1)

"Red nowise, yet all aches, eh, call at eyes?" I wonder. (1)

Red nude ran, snared under! (148)

"Red nude wolfing" is a sign I flowed under. (194)

Red nude women ill at a flat: urbanised underage models led omega-red nudes in a brutal fatal line mowed under. (260)

Red nun "athena" can, eh, tan under? 394

Red, 'nut Newt' went under. (237)

Red, rig girder! (4)

Red robber gazes not on S.E. Zagreb border. (5or117)

"Red, robe, tag radar-gate border." (237)

Red robin I border. (307)

Red robot straps parts to border. (226)

Red robots axe Texas: to border! (255)

Red robots race cars to border.  372

Red robots revile dandelion oil Edna delivers to border. 200

Red  robots sent savanna vastness to border.  (1)

Red Rob's abed (on Deb!) as border. (4-1)

Red rod, lop old order! (237)

Red rode manta ray, as I say, a rat named ‘Order’. 429

Red rodents (ocher, eh?) cost Ned order. 394

Red, Rodin I'd order. 200

Red roe reset agates ere order. (88)

Red, Roebuck’s a mask cube order. 429

Red roe restored no monde, rot sere order. (88)

Red, Rolla T.A.'s a tall order. (200)

Red Root Edam, Megan, is a sin, a gem made to order. 200

Red root put up to order. (10)

Red Root ward Romeo, pen one poem or draw to order. (237)

"Red roots to order." (148)

Red Rose divides order.  144

Red Rose ESP sees order. (237)

Red Rose, I take Katie's order. (278)

Red, rose suede uses order. (237)

Red Rose suffuses order. 394

Red roses run no risk, Sir, on nurses order. (5)

Red roses run on no nurse's order. (307) 

Red rosin I trample hot--to help martini's order!  144

Red rot salt can act ‘last order’ (237)

Red Roy bred fox of derby order. (1)

Red rum did emit revel ere Lever time did murder. (112)

Red rum--eh, 'twas I saw the murder! (5)

Red rum is Pepsi murder. (00-350)

Red rum, sip or drop, is murder. 394

Red rum, sir, is murder. (11)

Red Rumania gasps: "Again, a murder!" (260)

Red Rumanian named Aida an alibi, Lana a diadem, Anna, in a murder. (254)

Red rummy geese see gym murder.  (307)

Red rums play Alps murder! (194)

Red rum's total: a tot's murder. (254)

Redd, Al pets a stepladder. (200) 

Re-dip some demo spider.  144

Rednesses or a note let a mate let on a rose's sender. (260) 

Red-nut newt went under.  144

Redo no kayak on Oder. (200)

Redo orb, brooder. 200

Redraw a warder. (116) 

Re-drome, Tim; I aim item order.  144

Reeboks KO beer! (88)

Reeds part; [Ned/Nero puts animals, if of Islam, in a stupor,]entraps deer. (71)

Reeve, veer! (85)

Reeves, use veer! (200) 

Ref, assail Eli as safer. 144

Ref awed, I hide wafer.  144

"Ref for a motel room!" a Moor let Omar offer. (1)

Ref, foreign, it's a stingier offer. 200

Ref lipid I pilfer. 144

"Ref, nine men in stark cots stock rats," nine men infer. (260)

Refasten art nine poetic eroded amici made; do recite "open intranet safer". (260)

Refasten Gipsy's pig net safer. (10) 

Refasten net safer! (11)

Refer Pisa, as I prefer. 1

Refer Pisa's trams to promo deer freedom, or pot smarts, as I prefer. 200

Refi no conifer. (144)

Refit or add a rotifer.  260 

Reflog a golfer. (6)

Reg, a witness sent, I wager. (200)

"Reg, Alan, a lager?" (4)

Reg, delete ledger.  200

Reg, Gadzooks, tell Al let's KO Oz dagger. 200

Reg, girths are not one rash trigger.  (260)

Reg, go fit tepid Di, pettifogger. (200)

Reg, go lay a logger. (200)

Reg, gutter rag's a dud as garret tugger. (254)

Reg, I tamed Em a tiger. (11,144)

Reg, I taste Peru tare 'til foe of literature pets a tiger! (1) 

Reg, I trade cedar tiger.  144

Reg, it was in Amman I saw Tiger. (200)

Reg, it's Tiger! (1)

Reg 'n I'll i.d. Dillinger. (200)

Reg, no lone car won; now race no longer. (10)

Reg, no, long no longer. (1)

"Reg ordered no..." pondered Roger. (71)

Reg ordered Rod as Dad, sad, ordered Roger. (71)

"Reg ordered  Roger?" (71)

"Reg ordered rope; Ed's deep!" ordered Roger. (71)

"Reg ordered roses [on no/run nur/" , sobs Al. "Alas--bos/, " si his/, smoe mos]ses!" ordered Roger. (71)

"Reg ordered rot!" ordered Roger. (71)

Reg ordered rum...(71)

Reg ordered rum as Asa murdered Roger. (307,71)

Reg remonstrated: "I sniff (inside tarts) no merger!" (260)

Reg, rub sumo Musburger.  (200)

Regal aid/answer: brewer brews Nadia lager.  372

Regal animals slam in a lager.                        412

Regal as time, star dim, a madam amid rats emits a lager. (256)

Regal lips' sarcasm lacks irony; no risk calms a crass pillager. (260)

Regal Liv, a den ma, damned a villager. (200)

Regal live no roses, irises, or one villager. 200

Regal recluses ordered roses, ulcer-lager. (71)

Regal sip is lager. (122)  

Regal was I ere I saw lager. (00-1929)

Regale kilt-like lager. 144

Regal's, Madam, a Sam Adams lager. 200

"Regal's Tide," Kramer remarked, "it's lager!" (194)

Regan, a Met, is my gym site manager.  200

Regard a mere mad rager. (10or5)

Regard aorta, fat road rager. 200

Regard me leer, "eye-reel" 'em, drag 'er! (1)

 Regenerate my baby: my baby met a reneger. (260)

Regenerate yet a reneger. (85) 

Regild a sad liger.  144

Reg-ordered rum murdered Roger. (37-1)

Regrub mild Limburger. (88) 

Regular, I see sir, a luger. (71)

Regular is, sir, a Luger.  200

Regula's MIA aims a luger. (255)

Regulate gnats, Stan, get a luger.(278) 

Regulate, go to get a luger.  144

Regulate grosser press or get a Luger. 260

Reid, I toss it in a can -- it is so tidier! 394

Reid, lo, so Pat's (egad) a Gestapo soldier.  200

Reid loses a base soldier.  144

Reid lost soldier. (98)

Reid, Reno's sin is so nerdier. 394

"Reign at Tangier." (85) 

Reign it so gross, or go stingier.  144

Reiterate, "[Zeta re-/Tare ]tier." (237)

Reknit my gym, tinker! (98)

Reknit, [s]tinker! (88)

Relabel a bale baler.  144

Relager [Ann, a]  regaler.  (200)

Re-lever a reveler. 200

Reliable to mail Ed’s deli a motel bailer?  200

Reliability rams Mary -  'til I bail 'er. (260)

Relit, I cede not one deciliter. 144

Re-live, reviler! (4)

Re-live, viler! (85)

Remarkable was I ere I saw Elba, Kramer. (4)

Remarker igniting ire, Kramer? (372)

Remarks simple Helots stole help Miss Kramer. (260)

"Remit a nosy ad, a wonder rampant, a cat nap marred (now-a-days on a timer)." 388

Remit reward: a drawer timer. (98)

Remit Rome cargo to go to Grace Mortimer. (10)

Ren, ask saner. (271)

Ren, I ate retainer.  144
Ren, I ram a mariner.  144
Ren names Alb in a blase' manner. (365)  

Ren, slip regal: not on lager--pilsner! (1) 

Rena sees an ER.  144

Rend rag, Ava Gardner! (109)

Rene, I won no wiener. (144)

"Rene'," I wondered, " - no wiener?" (71)

Rene, Poe yen as is, is an eye opener. (200)

Rene poses opener. (144)

Rene posited, "A cadet is opener." 144

Rene, possess opener? (144)

Rene posted a cadet's opener. (200)

Rene posted Odets' opener. (307)
Rene posts opener.  144

Reno gal, "L.A.--goner!" (23-1)

"Reno gaming is a time kill." Lidia said, "I'll like MIT--a sign I'm a goner!"  399

Reno gas is a goner.  (200)

Reno Greg: Nevada saw a sad avenger, goner. 394

Reno is Nepalese L.A. pensioner.  (200)

Reno, Lenin is an asinine loner. (200)

Reno Levi sired a derisive loner. (110)

Reno, rock coroner! (00)

Reno, sir, pondered no prisoner. (200)

Rent rap partner! (161)

“Rent Raptor a Tarot partner!” (237)

Rent--so cyber!--a mob, or a robo-mare by Costner. (254)

Rent teal racecar, Laettner.  200

Rep aides process a passe corpse diaper. (359)

Rep ate not one taper. 144

Rep elated a cadet (a leper!)  144
Rep met my gym temper.  144
Rep pans at a snapper.  144

Rep. Orgasm's a groper.  200

Rep Paramaribo job: I ram a rapper. (88)

Rep, parlay," ordered royal rapper. 200

Rep. Pate Otto got: (toe tapper.) (200)

Rep pussy assays supper. (88)

Repack cans, Anita, Pat, in a snack caper. 200

Repack caper. (4or85)

Repaid pal rubs burlap diaper. (307)

Repaid, senile felines diaper. (237)

Repaid, smart rebel bagged egg-able Bertram's diaper. (255)

Repair Atari aper. (144)

Repatriate lots to let air taper. (260)

Repel a leper. (122,4)

Repel at sick cist a leper. (237)

Repel evil as a live leper. (5)

Repipe, piper! (85)

Report a cat roper. 144

Report it, Roper. (16)

Report troper. (16)

Reps act at Casper. (88)

Reps or POD's do prosper. (144)

Repudiate mates if I set a meta-ID up 'er! (260)

Re-push Sahara hash: SUPER!  (200)

Rerevered, a jade revered, a jade's reversed; a jade revered a jade reverer. (254)

Resin on a castle melts a canoniser. (260)

Re-snag Remy's sassy merganser. (71)

Resold as a maiden, maddened, damned: I am a sad loser. (260)

Resold as a mirror of sex, I fondle his goddess, elbow two blessed dogs I held no fixes for, or rim a sad loser.  260

Re-sold Dole: eel, odd loser. (109)

Resoldered rum stork rots, murdered loser. 429

Re-sole man on a rotunda base: he's a bad nut or a no-name loser. (260)

Resole Rosa's in-air boots too--Brian is a sore loser. (260)

Resole, Rose, not one sore loser.  200

Resume Muse--resume, muser! (88)

Resume muser. (85)

Resume so pacific a pose, muser. (10)

Resume, totem user. (1)

Retame Mater. (4)

Retard rat sucks at a task: Custard Rater. (260)

Retard rater. (4)

Re-target a date grater. (260)

Retarget, also, slate grater. 429

Reti, "Brasilian Snail" is arbiter. (88)

Retinues row, as I tell a man a mallet is a worse uniter. (260)

Retire, meriter. (85)

Re-trace, Carter! (237) 

Re-track, Carter! (88) 

Retract, Carter! (77,85)

Retract it, Carter! (16, 200)

Retracting, I sign it, "Carter". (16) 

Retro patrons snort a porter.  144

Retro Percival saw a Slavic reporter. (260)

"Retro Perth girl asks Ade not to deliver a rare vile dot to Ned?" asks alright reporter. (260)

Retro planes ram arsenal porter. (110)

Retsina--can I gulp a plug in a canister? (71)

"Rett, use large peg," rales utter! (1)

Rev. Ada called O'Dell a cadaver. (200)

"Rev air," I aver. (144)

Rev endorses Rod never.  200

Rev., I ran a river! (88)

Rev. Ira made me dam a river. (200)

Rev.: Ned, Nina, made Ed a man in Denver. (71)

Rev O raw, fine moon--no omen if war over. (1)

"Rev, Omega page mover." (237)

Rev on a rig I ran over. (260)

Rev orders, "Red Rover." (200)

Revel ever! (85)

Revel in a can I lever. (260)

Revel in Unilever. (200)

Revelatory America in a maniac ire may rot a lever. (260)

Revelatory Amy may rot a lever. 144

Revenge, beg--never! (many)

Revenge my baby, Meg, never! (5)

Revere her ever! (92)

Revere piper ever. (122)

Revered now I live on--O did I do no evil, I wonder, ever? (5)

Re-video toe diver. (144)

Re-video Zoe, diver. (237)

Revigorate tar, O giver. (85) 

Revile not one liver.  144

Reviled, a maid and Nadia made liver! (254)

"Reviled did I live," [said I, "as] evil I did deliver." ([10],16)

"Reviled dinosaur (ugh!)," Guru, "a son I'd deliver." (1)

Reviled, I deliver. (88)

Reviled, I hide liver. (144)

Reviled, I saw one target nine men integrate now as I deliver.  (260)

Reviled Red irately let a rider deliver. (260)

Reviled, stiff, I sat on pal's lap (not as if fits deliver!) (1)

Revocable was I ere I saw Elba cover. (201)

Revoke episode redos, I peek over. 429

Revolve Bev, lover! (144)
Revolvers rev lover.  144

Revolt a cat lover. (143)

"Revolt, love!" raved Eva, "Revolt, lover!"  (16)

Revolt, lover[!/?] (many)

Revolt, O hot lover! (260)

Revolt or no, it is opposition rot, lover. (148)

Re-voltage begat lover. (200)

Revolting is error--resign it lover. (5)

Reward a dada drawer. (201)

Reward: a node reiterates a set are tiered on a drawer. (260)

Reward an Irish [sin: a Danish,/tomb-moth,/tooth,] Sir, in a drawer.  (71)

Reward an item in a can I met in a drawer.  (71)

Reward animals, O Greg--ergo, slam in a drawer! (70)

Reward civic drawer. (201)

Reward Evil One: pop open olive drawer! (98)

Reward Lana's "anal drawer". 418

Reward [lonely Tylenol] drawer. (98,[6-1])

Reward my gym drawer. (98)

Rewards for Peronist survival: eternal plan re Tel Aviv rusts in ore Prof's drawer. (260)

Rewards rot in a janitor's drawer. (173)

Re-wolf fast, oh fool, as time remits aloof, hot safflower! (1)

Reword a [b/m]ad rower. (88,144)

Rex, ale rolled Robin in a gap; a Paganini bordello relaxer. (254)

Rex ate taxes! 144

Rex attended a [f/j/l]aded net taxer.  (307)

Rex, I fret...I ogle Von's novel goiter-fixer. (71)

Rex, I made sure no toner used a mixer. (260)

Rex, I may beget or pay a protege by a mixer. (260)

Rex, if a patrol lapses, or a storm rots a rose's pallor, tap a fixer. (260)

Rex, I'm a mixer. (98)

Rex, I'm an Amana mixer. (307)

Rex, I'm an imam in a mixer! (260)

Rex, I'm at a mixer.  (200)

Rex, I'm sating no mastoid if one date set a den of idiots among Nita's mixer. (260)

Rex, I'm so glad I held in Allah's hall an idle hidalgos' mixer! (260)

Rex obeyed a bad-eye boxer. (260)

Riah, can Igor fax alert Ella my mallet, relax a frog in a chair? (254)

Riah, can Omar, Pam or Fred, durable, make Red Derek a Melba rudder from a pram on a chair? (254)

Riah's in a bin, I banish air. (254)

Rianon, we held (nah!) a flotsam mast: Olfa handle hewn on air.       (1)

Rio duo, bad, egged a boudoir. (200)

Rio duo bid not on Di boudoir. (200)

Rio nerd e[gg/y]ed Renoir.  144

Rio snob Dias said, "bonsoir."  200

Rio's noble Di bid El,"bonsoir."  (200)

Rip a tapir.  144

Rip a taro fresser for a tapir. 144

Rip at tapir I pat, tapir. (1)

Ripa tasks a tapir. 144

Rise, Aesir. 237

Rise--I prefer pie, Sir!  71

Rise--if Donna can nod, fie Sir!  1

Rise, lame male--Sir!  11

Rise, morning is red--no wonder-sign in Rome, Sir.  10

Rise not at one, Sir.  71

Rise on a canoe, sir?  144

Rise, Sir! (many)

"Rise, Sir, a noise--Levi's simple yield: dirt riddle," I yelp, "Massive lesion, arise, Sir."  71

Rise, tag Civic Gate, Sir.  237

Rise, take lame female Kate, Sir.  11

Rise to me -- emote, Sir!  200

Rise to vote, Sir.  (209or10or78?)

Risen--oh, Sir!--I saw mirror-rim was Irish one, Sir.  11

Risen or prone sir?  11

Risen ordained, I am a maiden, I--a drone, sir!  254

"Risen ordinary baby ran!" I drone, "Sir."  144

Risk a joke, Kojak, sir?  200

Risk a pee, Deepak, sir?  200

"Risk car-track, sir?"  11

Risk cash sack, sir?  144

Risk cup on no puck, sir.  278

Risk Niobe boink,sir?  144

"Risk no masks?" asks a monk, Sir.  237

Risk Rod, a dork, sir?  200

Risk rodeo foe, dork sir? 200

“Risk suds," TA wondered," now at dusk, sir?" 200

Ro, do tip Mr. Armpit Odor? 200

Ro, give M*A*S*H* same vigor.  200

Ro, Mal cottons not to clamor.  200

Rob a gem---me, Gabor!  7

Rob a grave, Eva R. Gabor!  71

"Rob ale bin," I belabor.  144

Rob, allow AWOL labor.  144

Rob ran NASA as Ann Arbor.  88

Rob ran NATO, not Ann Arbor.  88

Rob ran, Nan, in Ann Arbor.  200

Roc edits Asti decor.  144

Rod, at a manor, I seep; I piddle; I wield dip: I pee, Sir on a matador.  71

Rod, I sign "I kiss ass, I kill or tap a troll: I kiss ass--I King Isidor."  71

Rod 'n' Eve gag, tromp a sap mortgage vendor.  71

Rod 'n' I claw Alcindor.  200

Rod Nevada vendor!  149

Rod never [abases/opposes] a bare vendor.  144

Rod never ID's dire vendor.  144

Rod, no cad, effed a condor.  144

Rod no condor!  85

Rod, no, creeping is a sign I peer condor.  237

Rod 'one' drags garden odor.  237

Rod owed Lima a mildew odor.  144

Rod rasps, "Ardor!"  144

Rog, I name Pacific apeman, Igor.  245

Rog, it's I--oboist Igor.  71

"Roger gross," I hiss, "--or Gregor?"  71

Roll ember, Otto--hot!--to Reb Mellor.  254

Rolla pondered no pallor.  200

Rolo casts a color.  144

Roma sidewalk law, Ed, is 'Amor'!  1

Roman ag evaded vegan amor. 200

Roman Ira modeled Omar in amor.  200

Roman islets apposed a Hades, op pastels in amor. 200

Romania, my main amor!  88

Romania, ponder, Red: no pain, amor. 1

Ron amassed Odessa manor.  144

Ron et al., lull a tenor.  144

Ron, Eton mistress asserts I'm no tenor.  (5or10)

Ron, I'm a minor.  (many)

Ron, I'm E-Oboe minor.  278

Ron, I'm Enid of "O.D in E Minor."  200

Ron, Ima is an item I met in Asia Minor.  200

Ron O'Day, a papa, sees a papaya donor. 144

Ron, odd as a toga, got a sad donor. 144

Ron O.D.'ed under a red, nude donor! 152

Ron, Ohio I honor.  237

Rooms bar Arab's Moor.  237-1

Rot a gill, alligator! (4, 88, 409)

Rot a renegade, wed a generator./Rot: a renegade wed a generator!  170

Rot a rose's orator.  144

Rot a timid imitator.  144

"Rot--aid Al Gore, hero gladiator!  109

Rot all E flats, Eva's a vestal fellator  254

Rot at calamities' run: I nurse it; I'm a lactator. 260

Rot: Avon nixes a sex innovator.  152

Rot can rob a born actor.  00

Rot cart or protractor.  144

'Rot Cat Ramsy' sees ye, smart actor.  237

"Rot, celeb!" I rib elector.  144

Rot, cello collector! 103

Rot corpses, proctor!  144

"Rot--" Fatima wondered, "now, am I taft, or..." 71

Rot--I, Art, am a traitor!  200

"Rot" I deem a tart lucite tap I repair: I , a peripatetic ultra-tame editor.  260

Rot, I'd e-mail--I am editor!  1

Rot in a job, oh hobo janitor.  307

Rot in a jar, bra janitor!  144

Rot in Omaha, monitor! 309

Rot in Oman--on a monitor!  144

Rot, Laertes did set realtor! 200

Rot saps {a/[mama's/papa's]} pastor, 144

"Rot!" says sassy Astor.  71

Rota I demote to mediator.  144

Rota, Ivan as is is an aviator.  200

Rota, I've llama--am alleviator! 1

Rota noted a detonator.  144

Rota rips aspirator.  4

Rot-corpse Sumatran art amuses proctor.  11

Roti desserts stress editor.  144

Rovaf, a nomad, did  Damon a favor.  1

Roy, am I mayor? (many)

Roy amassed olives as evil Odessa mayor. 200

Roy Ames, I was a wise mayor.  16

Royal pros suck cock, cuss or play O.R.  144

R's 4 Bush: oh, sub 4 Sr!  302

Rub bur.  116

Rub--deliver a reviled bur.  1

Rude Dave's Mom's evaded Ur.  200

Rude live deb bedeviled Ur.  200

Rude, lurid, I ruled Ur. 423

"Rude red roses!" ordered Ur.  200

Rude Val's new ale time Semite law enslaved Ur. 200

Rude veep peeved Ur.  200

"Rue to base saboteur!"  85

Rue tamales, nits and Edna'!s tinsel amateur.  260

Ruffle elf fur.  144

Rum elaborate waste lets a weta rob a lemur. 260

"Rum, rum" I murmur.  1

Russel, fir tree seer trifles Sur! 1

Rutabega to base: we sabotage Batur.  149

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