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T. Eliot, [erupt pure/mistress asserts I'm] toilet! (1) 

T. Eliot nixes sex in toilet. (213)

T. Eliot sees toilet. (179)

T. Eliot (top bard) notes putrid tang emanating, is sad; I'd assign it a name, "gnat dirt upset on drab
     pot-toilet." (15)

T.I. boyz OK rash Sarkozy obit. (255)

Tab a sale ball, label as a bat. (278)

Tab defiled a deli-fed bat.  200

Tab mowed a jade wombat.  144

Tabor cadets, albeit odd, do tie blasted acrobat. (307)

Tabor, call acrobat. (85)

Tackle elk, cat! (98)

Tact sold lost cat. (278)

Tact, solemnities, a bed and Edna: debase it in me, lost cat. (260)

Tactile disaster: germ regrets a side-lit cat. (260)

Taft, some Rasta cats are most fat. 394

Take car -- too far off for a footrace, Kat. 394

Taken in, I say drowsy, "Pepys--wordy, asinine kat!" (103)

Tall eyewear reviver Rae we yell at. (260)

"Tamar," I ape, "Repair a mat!"  144

Tamara, may a papaya mar a mat?  144

Tame Cal [passed Odessa/placed a decal] Place mat. (22,144)

Tame liver slave I demote, veto Medievals, revile Mat. (237)

Tame Mat.  (332)

Tamed, I waste serene guess as ass Eugene resets a wide mat. (260)

Tamely grade, Ed, argyle mat. (1)

Tammy gasps, "A gym mat!  144

Tammy g[asps, "A/ot no dad onto/ot no lager-aware gal onto/ot no mom onto] gym mat!" 144

Tammy got nine men into gym mat.  358

Tan geese line Nile, see gnat.  23

Tan, gnat!  85

Tandem attorney sees yen rot tamed Nat.  1

Tangelo, Ma caught a Bath guacamole gnat.  109

Tango, gnat!  285

Tao bet is a rap, as West Nile lint sews a parasite boat.  237

Tao bet select Celeste boat. (237)

Tao: Bret's yodel range gnarled oyster boat. (290)

Tao broom not sold, lost on moor boat. (237)

Tao gate emits a past: I meet a goat. (237)

Tao gem ordered Rome goat. (237)

"Tao gnome, deliver a tare--vile demon goat!" (237)

Tao gnome-devil foe dispute let up side of live demon goat. (237)

Tao: grail sees liar goat. (237)

Tao meditating, I, Ed, deign it a tide moat. (237-1)

Tap a tip: "pit-a-pat." (85)

"Tap bats!" I say, "Reed locks Ed's desk--cold,eery, as I stab Pat!" (71)

Tap Emil's eye slime, Pat. (1)

Tap God’s dog, Pat. (237)

Tap Otto--pass a pot to Pat. (71)

Tap Pat. (00-many)

Tap silly, ramate, wet amaryllis Pat. (1)

Tap testes I set--set pat! (1)

Tape 'I' to tie, Pat. (269)

Tape [no one], Pat. ([67],85)

Tape, Pat! (85)

Taper a ram or feel glee from a rare pat.  144

Taper off "fore," Pat. (200)

Tapes running, I sign in Nurse Pat. (71)

Tapes use Pat! (2)

Tapioca taco I pat. (278,144)

Tapster frets Pat.  144

Tar [a rat at] Ararat! ([4], 144)

Tar baby B.A., brat! (200)

Tar begat snow, onstage brat! 429

Tar blatant natal brat. (355)

Tar: for evil liver of rat! (161)

Tar guru, rugrat! (1)

"Tar rest no more...zero..." Montserrat. (237)

Tara, cc Abe re baccarat. (200)

Tara [ran on/rases] Ararat.  144

Tara saw Bob was a rat. (233)

Tara says, "Sassy as a rat!"  144

Tara's partner entraps a rat. (226)

Tart salsa has last rat.  144

Tarts rub, burst rat. (71)

Tarzan raise Desi Arnaz rat. (7)

Tarzan raised Desi Arnaz' rat. (6)

Tarzan raised a Desi Arnaz rat. (177?)

Taw tasks a twat. (144)


Tear-gas Agra, ET. 144

"Ted, a cadet, alerted a cadet, saw I DNA-tested a cadet, arrested a cadet, debated a cadet; so Pete posted a
      cadet a bed Ted, a cadet, serrated: a cadet set and I wasted a cadet," related a cadet.

Ted, a canoe on a cadet?  (4)

Ted, ace cadet! (161)

Ted acts, Al, as a last cadet. (200)

Ted, I, Baba, nab a bidet. 394

Tee from Ray's sassy armor feet. 00

Tee, meet. (85)

Tel Aviv erases a revival: E.T. (24)

Tell a ballet?!  85

Tell a bare poet I cite opera ballet.  144

Tell a bat I await a ballet. (144)

Tell a bed’s procedure of a foe rude, "Corps de Ballet." (237)

Tell a body, "Do ballet." (110)

Tell a boy: “Kotow, two to Tokyo ballet.” 429

Tell a mam or feel glee from a mallet.  144

Tell a man I attain a mallet. (144)

Tell a man I gave damn unatoned art as a trade, not an unmade vagina mallet. (260)"

Tell a mate, "Get a mallet!"  00

Tell a plateman (on a morose dam-side by me) to note: my bed is made "so Roman" on a metal pallet. (148)

Tell a Van Ert re naval let. (1)

Tell a wan idiot: "Sam, assess a mastoid in a wallet  260

Tell Abe: see geese ballet! 394

Tell Abe to note ballet.  144

Tell Abe to vote 'ballet.' (97)

Tell abyssal cadets I listed a classy ballet. (260)

Tell Amal I [assail/avail/await/oil] a mallet.  144


Tell Amy, "[Awa/m]y, mallet!"  144


Tell Amy we dab a dewy mallet.  144

Tell ET! (237)

Tell if [a] fillet. ([85],161)

Tell imp at Otto Neil's elm, Leslie, not to tap millet. 254

Tell Uber if I fire bullet. 409

Tell Uma we hew a mullet. 144

Temerity may, Amy, tire Met. 200

Temple, help Met! (200)

Ten Alps bordered Rob's planet. (97)

Ten Alps live on no evil's planet. (106)

Ten alps, no Omaha hay astride dirt: say "ah!"--ah, a moon's planet. (277)

Ten, Amaro, for a Manet?  200

Ten animals did slam in a net. (191)

Ten animals I slam in a net. (73)

Ten dip a rapid net. (10)

Ten game babes net a tense babe magnet. (260)

Ten game baby agas sass a gay babe magnet. (260)

Ten nobs sass bonnet. 144

"Ten on trapeze part: no net!" (83)

Ten rags age Val, a Vegas garnet. 394


Ten rags assess as garnet.  144

Ten rocs, Sam, amass cornet. 144

Ten urbane poses open a brunet. (144)

Tenable was I ere I saw Elba net. (201)

Tender animals I slam in a red net. (260)

Tender, I wired net. (237)

Tender: red net. (98)

Tenet 'C' is a basis, a basic tenet. (16)

Tennis: God's dog's in net.  109

Tennis idea: Ed is in net. (260)

Tennis is in net. (237)

Tennis rats flog golf stars in net. (00)

Tennis set won, now Tess in net. (10)

Tennis: spit Qtips in net!  109

Tennis: Tip spits in net. (71)

Tennis tips: "Saliva Vilas" spits in net! (00)

Tenor Octopus Night netted: a cadet (tenth!), Gin's U-pot, coronet. (205)

Tense Dave evades net. (110)

Tense, I snap a pansies' net. (98)

Tense, I "snap" Sharon roses, or Norah's pansies net. (10)

Tense, Kate takes net. 144

Tense Rihanna hires Net.  144

Tense, ‘video Zoe’ dives net. (237)

Tenth cayman I rustle felt Surinam yacht net. (260)

Tents rub at a burst net. (260)

Tepee gal ate metal Agee pet! (97)

Terces spots is Ananasi's top's secret. 381

Tesla pal’s ET. (237)

Tess, I define my strategy: get artsy men if Ed is set.  372

Tess, I massage leg (as Sam is set). (372)

Tess laid a sanitary rat in as a dial's set. (260)

Tess, laminate wet animals' set! (1)

Tessa cottons not to Caracas set.  200

Tessa, if a man I draw deems Neve's DNA sexist amid exams a hobo has maxed, I'm at sixes and sevens ... me, Edward, in a mafia's set! (260)

Tessa met system asset. (201)

Tessa saw N.Y. Llewellyn was asset. (201)

"Tessa: snot," sobs Tip, "made damp, it's Boston's asset." (71)

Tessa, we call it nude porn, roped until lace was set. (260)

Tessa's in Italy, Latin is asset. (10)

Tesseract care's set. (200)

Test a fat set.  144

Test figs as gift set.  200

Test Sal's last set.  144

Test set. (85)

Testimonials, slain, omit set. (260)

The fat cop spoke in a strange tongue: "Eugnot egnarts a niekop spoc tafeht." (149)

The noon sex alert relaxes no one, H.T. (203)

There we were, H.T.! (71)

"Thru modem, Anna, I rat, 'n' e-mail rap at a parliamentarian named Omurht." (71)

Tia wastes sugar bale DNA costs I list, so candelabra gussets await. (260)

Tibetan ate bit. (237)

Tibetan royal piano revs Verona: I play ornate bit. (260)

Tide: Big Top’s spot gibed it. 83

Tide illusion: Aestas at sea — no, I sullied it. 423

Tide lured it, tide ruled it. 394

"Tide mate taken in", I say, as if I say asinine Kate tamed it. (260)

"Tide man-law" Al named it. (200)

Tide net safe soon;[, Alin--a Manila] noose fastened it.  (10?,[00])

Tide reverse; no one's revered it. (290)

Tide reviled and bad dab DNA delivered it. 411

"Tide-red rots"--I dunno; Sam, a mason nudist, ordered it. (1)

Tides are sedition; a hostile divide lit so Hanoi tides erased it. (260)

Tides opposed it. (237)

Tides simulate, bet alum missed it. (290)

Tides, sorcery, lateness or calamaris: as I ram a lacrosse net, a lyre crossed it. (260)

Tie ceded, I hide deceit. 394

Tie dirt, Sam, if I'm astride it. (260)

Tie frustrated unsure Profs to obese boots for Peru's nude tart surfeit. (260)

Tie gag, Ned, engage it! 394

Tie it! (many)

Tie: it is a spastic item, so can I tip it in a cosmetic it saps as i tie it?  (260)

Tie it to node: most eye doctors rot code yet some do not tie it. (260)

Tie [man did name/ye] it. (237)

Tie mitts in a task coma; tell Liz I'll let a mock satanist time it. (260)

Tie, nod, Eve...we’ve done it! (237)

Tie -- old Edna and Ed lose it...  397-1

Tie rows to canine men if fine men in a cot swore it. (260)

"Tie?" taipans snap, "I ate it!"  (260)

Tie us, sir, or issue it! (62)

Tied, Amy made it.  144

Tied, [I hiss, "I'm Sid - it's a mast I dismiss -] I hide it!"  (71)

Tied, I sniff, "OK, cuff fat sons at a vat as no staff fuck off inside it." (260)

Tight era: zany trades, Ira, 'til I'm a militarised arty Nazareth git. (260)

Til aide waste let irony, sir, copy hypocrisy, no rite lets awe dial it. (260)

'Til less rot I deliver, evil editors sell it. (00)

'Til liking is a sign I tamed a mix I made, mating is a sign I kill it. (260)

'Til nude yet, can Angie feign an act eyed unlit? (1)

Tiles run apart as saps pass a trap a nurse lit. (260)

Till it O Toro; rototill it! (71)

Till it 'til lit! (4)

Tilt cap, I had a loud duo, lad--a hip act lit! (1)

Tim, Arch, to be sure peruse both, cram it. (62)

Tim, as demanded, named Sam "it." (226)

Tim Burton did not rub mit. (356)

"Tim, business Elton did, did not lessen" I submit. (260)

"Tim--bust, submit!" (9)

Tim busted a cadet: "submit!"  372

Tim, Dan acts if I cap a sap, as a pacifist can admit. (200)

Tim Egerton paws mirror, Rena: an error--rim-swap, not re-gem it! (11)

Tim, ere we rise, draw a stiff: it's a war desire we remit. (260)

"Tim," I assert, (I, a waitress!) " aim it." (200)

Tim, I--I'm it! (1)

Tim, I love Devo limit.  144

'Tim' it! (2)

Tim lifted a cat; Elton did not let a cadet film it. (260)

Tim (madder ogre) dips evil, li'l live spider: gored, dammit! (1)

Tim, madder, made a glass algae dam red, dammit! (254)

Tim made no stinky spyglass; a vassal gypsy knits one, dammit! (260)

Tim made us sign it "Lover"--a revolting issue, dammit! (307)

Tim made us sue, dammit! (307)

Tim, must a deb beg off if fog ebbed at summit? 200

Tim must [act at c/assuage Gauss ]at summit. (71)

Tim, must I, Moses, omit 'Summit'? (77)

Tim must now iron or I won't summit! (307)

Tim must rap art summit. (144)

Tim must sell a tan teapot atop Aetna (tallest summit). (307)

Tim must summit. 426

Tim, oilrig Asian infidels add a sled if Nina is a girl I omit. (260)

Tim, one month, girlies ban an abseil right no men omit (260)

Tim, one mower upsets a troll or tastes pure women omit.  260


Tim Ott (new) went to MIT.  144

Tim, over a hard nut, saw Emil's slime was tundra hare vomit. (307)

Tim, over arsenic cave, vaccines rare vomit. (252)

Tim overeats a penne pasta, ere vomit. 394

Tim rehab obese Bob, a hermit. 394

Tim, rehydrate tardy hermit. (372)

Tim, repair aria permit.  144

Tim repaid Acadia permit.  144

Tim repos Sal's lasso permit. (144)

Time his ad as I hem it. (336)

Time I did live, evil did I emit. (201)

Time--old Edna and Ed, lo, emit. 397-1 

"Timed, lo, time emits time, Em!" I told Em it.  1

Time-wasting nits awe MIT. (260)
Timid as Ma, I am sad I'm it. (62)

Timid, I hid--I'm "it". (307)

Timid, I'm 'it'. (85-1)

Timid, O God, I'm it! (110)

Timid royal procrastinating is Ed's design: I tan its arc or play or dim it. (260)

Tim-mad sex (I'm damned, Ned!) admixes, dammit. (1)

Timor family peels for Ian: air of sleepy Lima from it. (260)

"Tim's verses suck cock!" cusses Rev. Smit. (71)

Tin abusing is a sign I sub an "it." (237)

Tin, as it is, it is an "it." (237)

Tin ( I sip it, Tip) is in it. (200)

Tin is in it.[?] (308,[144])

Tin: it senses a goddess I kissed, do gases nest in it?  260

Tin maddens Ned: "Damn it!"  144

Tin made Ron snore, damn it! (177)

Tin use divides unit.  372

Tin Utah clears Israel chat unit. (237)

Tina, can it! (307)

"Tina, Emil, I mean it!" (97)

Tini saw drawer, a reward was in it. (00)

Tinker[s] reknit! (85)

"Tin-made car, O Horace--damn it!" (71)

Tino, dump mud on it! (128,307)

Tino laid a dial on it. (309)

Tino, Ma has bursitis, rubs a ham on it. 423

Tino 'n' I saw, sir, in a way a wan Iris was in on it.  200

Tino, piss poor troops sip on it. 200

Tino relapse--he's paler on it. (331)

Tino saw regals toss Senor a bonfired roll I will order if no baroness sot's lager was on it. (307)

Tino's poopy baby poops on it.  (307)

Tino's retsina canister's on it. (307)

Tio, did I do it?  200

Tio, ‘twas sung--gnus saw to it. (1)

Tip a clam in a tub, but 'animal cap' it. (4)

Tip a motel ball at a fish; tap paths if at all able to map it. (260)

Tip an Irish serf--fresh, Sir--in a pit. (71)

Tip big pin, nip Gib pit. (355)

Tip: E. Kansas is a snake pit! (27)

Tip, I sip it. (200)

Tip: I zip it.  144

Tip: Integrate target, nip it.  144

Tip it! (many)

"Tip it!" I say as I tip it. (266)

Tip 'n' I pee, deep in pit. (71)

Tip on a nano-pit. (237)

Tip on no pit. (4)

Tip ordered, "Ro, pit!" (200)

Tip re grub at a deli: a teriyaki, Kay, I retailed at a burger pit. 200

"Tip snot!" I say, "Noses running, I sign in Nurse Sonya, sit on spit!" (71)

Tip swore to note row spit. (200)

Tip was, "I saw pit." (237)

Tip wets a disk, corks Ed's desk, rocks Ida's stew-pit. (71)

Tips drown in word spit. (277)

Tip['s on no] spit? (1)

Tip's secret to Roy R.: "Accept peccary, or otter cesspit!" (71)

Tips spill, lips spit.  (00)

Tipster Bret spit.(200)

Tipster fret spit.  144

Tipster Geri regrets pit. 144

Tipsy, a Jay spit.  200

Tipsy Ma, off on Aegean of foamy spit. 307

Tipsy madam, mad Amy, spit. (200)

Tipsy, Mama, Jews ask, "Sid's disk?" as we jam Amy's pit. (71)

Tipsy or not, Sis, Nina can insist on Roy's pit. (71)

Tiramisu, pot, cod, octopus--I mar it. (260)

Tire, drum, murder it. (290)

Tired, no plan, I fret semester Final, ponder it. (372)

Tired—no pot to ponder “it.” (237)

Tired nude, draw a star as a rat's awarded under it. (260)

Tired nude I rub won Sid 'n' Amos's ol' blossom and is now buried under it. (260)

Tired, nude, I, Ruby, do basic tests etc. ... is a body buried under it?   (260)

Tired, nude, we lit a love volatile—re-wed under it!  133

Tired nude idyll at a free dam; a deer fatally died under it. (260)

Tired nude Tatum stars as rats mutated under it. (307)

"Tired nudes I met in a diadem, and a cadet, are both sure we rush to be rated," a cad named Aidan itemised under it. (260)

Tired nudes[, pale, relapsed/sip it--I pissed] under it.  (307)

Tired nugget I bit, egg under it. 429

Tired nut on pop, not under it. (290)

'Tis a heme meme has it! (1)

'Tis a heron; or it is a hydrolytic city ... Lordy, has it iron ore, has it? (260)

"'Tis arena fan era: Sit!" (83)

"Tis as if a sit. (237)

'Tis burlap: a pal rubs it. (260)

'Tis but an Irish sin if I finish, Sir, in a tub-sit. (71)

‘Tis I, daft Sal’s last fad, is it? (1)

'Tis I, is it? (98)

"Tis I submittin' it, Tim--bus I sit." 268

'Tis I, Vera Ray--a potted ace cadet, to pay a rare visit. (110)

"'Tis in a can, a damp rub," I burp, "Madam, in a can I sit!"  (71)

'Tis in a can I dump mud; in a can I sit. (71)

'Tis in a can, [I'm a dame - I die, madam -/I'm a dame - I lie, madam -/I'm a dame, madam;/I'm a dame, Rosa -
      sore, madam,/ I'm a damned dirt-ridden madam -/I'm a damp madam -//I'm a ham;] in a can I sit.  (71)

'Tis in a can, I'm Adam; in a can I sit.  (71)

"'Tis in a can," I puff, "It's a hole - Tom's Motel - oh, a stiff, up in a can, is it?" (71)

'Tis in a canoe I lie, on a can I sit.  (71)

'Tis in a cast (if, Tim, it fits), a can I sit. (71)

'Tis in a DeSoto sedan I sit. (307)

'Tis in arid Iran I sit. (307)

Tis iron, or is it?  144

'Tis it!  (2)

'Tis iron—or is it? (144)

'Tis Ivan on a visit. (10, 144)

'Tis Liam e-mails it. (68)

"'Tis meet, sex on a sad dais," I add, "as an ox esteems it." (254)

'Tis muse sums it. (148)

‘Tis night, I, with gin, sit. 402

" 'Tis Opie", I posit. (144)

'Tis time, sire, I Sotadic acid at Osiris emit, sit. (106)

‘Tis won, knit-all; Latin knows it. (237)

"Tissot, toss it." (237)

Tissued, Amy made us sit.  307

Titan rubs burn a tit.  144

"Titanic" ain't eligible to hate grower crew, or get a hotel big; I let niacin at it. (260)

"Titanic," I summarise, "Yes, I ram music in at it". (260)

Title bid: I belt it. (260)

Title felt it. (237)

Title fit--I felt it! (237-1)

Tito got it. 200

"Tits" -- old Edna and Ed lost it!  397

Tix if I fix it? (200)

To be e-PAC serene I won't fard $ on patinaed Dean; I tap no $, draft no wiener, escape e-bot. (107)   

To be sure, deceive, vie, cede ruse, Bot! (1)

To be sure, I’d lost soldier-use bot! (1)

To blather away at snacks, a can or a banana bar on a cask can stay a war, eh Talbot? (260)

To bordello task say no before lure ruler of ebony asks a tolled robot. 429

To bore, mime robot. 394

To bore no nurses, run one robot.  (260)

To bore us, I sue robot.  144


"To boredom mode, robot!" (184)

To Borg, I [bag a big/dig] robot.  144

To Boris it is I, Robot.  200

To can, I attain a cot. 144

To crawl, a birth's in a Danish tribal war cot. (260)

To dip piss is simple: help Mississippi, Dot. (260)

To dire pagans: nag a peridot. (260)

To do God, Di wondered, now I'd do "Godot?” 200

To dog a Semite film, lift a pat film lifetimes ago, Dot. (260)

To drool fix, I floor dot. (237)

To fly flag, Elliot, test: is it set to illegal fylfot? (260)

To fly, flay or flow, add a wolf-royal fylfot. (260)

To gain a man in a mania, grab a bargain a man in a mania got. (260)

To get a date, pat a pet a date got. (260)

To get a gel on me, get a gay agate gem no legate got. (260)

To get a helipad, I hid a pile hate got. (260)

To get a keg, Del won Klan race riots, to ire carnal knowledge Kate got. (260)

To get a kepi, pass a pipe Kate got. (260)

To get a man a van [I trap at a signing, I sat apart/I'm] in a van a mate got. (260)

To get a man, I [evaded a ve/get a date g/pass a p]in a mate got. (260)

To get a mania, grab a bargain a mate got. (260)

To get a mass aroma fox, I may beg remote Meg: rush, kiss me, opening nine poems Sikhs urge me to merge by a mix of a morass a mate got. 260

To get a mast, I beg an amenable Bali bomb mob I label "bane", "manage bits a mate got". (260)  

To get a mastiff (OK), cat (tall order), Omani rat (societal boost) or rapt parrot (so oblate), I co-star
     in a more droll attack of fits a mate got.  (260)

To get a mate, James deeds 'em a jet a mate got. (260)

To get a mate's sugared nude women, a Dane mowed under a gusset a mate got. (260)

To get a rake-off, fit sane ponies I rise in open a stiff foe karate got. (260)

To get a ripe lamb, elect a fan a fat celeb male pirate got. (260)

To get a ripe nib as a reward, assess a drawer a Sabine pirate got. (260)

To get a ripe note, nab a net one pirate got. (260)

To get a ruck radared, I cap a cider a dark curate got. (260)

To get at Net options, we need Net tarot, or attendee news no IT potentate got. (260)

To get at sane men, a snide dire dresser derided insane men a state got. (260)

To get in a brute's pun, aspire to mere remote rips an upset urbanite got. 260

‘To get’ is opposite ‘got’. 133

To G.I.: Ball a bigot! (144)

To gibe, mime bigot. 394

To Gil, Lasik is “all I got.” 408

To Gill, a spa "saps all I got". (1)

To give Levi a name Deon ate, get an oedema naive Levi got. (260)

To glasnost's rift, first son Sal got. (260)

To grammar pupils: if I slip up, ram Margot. (260)

To handle balisaur uglies, ban an abseil guru as I label DNA hot. (260)

To help mask Osama's ode man in arid Iraq/arid Iran, I named Osama's OK sample hot. (260)

To help me - 'til a mate got to go - got to get a Mali temple hot. (260)

To help Pa sleep, peels apple hot. (290)

To here, we mossy obese boys order red rosy obese boys: some were hot. (260)

To hoot, Honig, rival a virgin oh-too-hot. (1)

To Idi Amin, I'm a idiot. (177)

To Ira, [Siamese ma/Sid] is a riot. (144)

To Iran I flee, Rosa, sad as a sore elf in a riot. (260)

To Iraqi test set, IQ a riot! (88)

To join man in amnio, jot. 429

To LSU, O engineer, game estates eras are set at seem a green igneous lot.  (260)

To lab: albatrosses sorta blab a lot. (255)

To labor--burglar of oral grub--rob a lot! (00)

To labor, I rob a lot.  144

To labor in [a field as a party baby, trap a sad lei fan/a mall, I kill a man/a maple, help a man/rows, distil slits I'd sworn]
     I rob a lot. (260

To lad Al astronaut nag raged,"Amy made gargantuan ort salad a lot. " 144

To lad, "Eh, so my Lima family moshed a lot?!" (1)

To lad, I [b/d/h/k]id a lot.  144

To ladle, I [y/w]ield a lot.  144

To ladle wan alpine men, I plan a weld a lot.  260

To ladle, we weld a lot.  144

To Lake Erie rim, all a mire, I reek a lot!  (82)

To Lana, I say, "Asian" a lot.  144

To Lanai POTUS is Utopian a lot. 200

To lap up a spilt aftosa tot, a sot fat-lips a pup a lot. (260)

To laser ace, he cares a lot. (260)

To lash taped art, I trade paths a lot. (260)

To lash tribes, reverse births a lot. (260)

To lasses so pitiable, do men I fine model bait I possess a lot? (260)

"To lasso ballet's rot, I deliver evil", editors tell a boss a lot. (260)

To lasso bees, I see Boss a lot. (260)

To lasso Tim, I toss a lot.  144

To lasso, torero, toss a lot. 394

To lasso two newts I partner, ruck a ewe, not one weak-current rapist we now toss a lot.  (260)

To last, cadet overseer Fifi frees revoted acts a lot. (260)

To last, Carter retracts a lot. (19)

To last, I [blare feral bits/I bow two bits/fret sinister fits/milks limits/rip spirits/tow two tits/use suits/weld idle wits/wondered, “Now, it’s/woo wits] a lot.(144)

To last, I bag igloo-fool gigabits -- a lot! 200

To last, I denote virility 'til I rivet on edits a lot. (260)

To last, I tow two tits a lot. (144)

To last in K-Mart, Stram knits a lot.  200

To last, RAF, emit noontime farts a lot. 200

To last, Rebecca, cc Eberts a lot. (200)

"To last, Socrates, use tar (costs a lot)."  83

To last so, Claire, abuse on a canoe - subaerial - costs a lot. (260)

To last so, credible bona fides used if a Nobel bid, er, costs a lot. (260)

To last, we net effete newts a lot. (144)

To lay a bad egg, anti-semite Moslem academia maimed a camel: sometimes it nagged a bay a lot. (260)

To lay a [belle, b/papa, p]ay a lot. (144)

To lay a plan, I'm on nominal pay a lot. (260)

To lay a sign, I sit in a sewer,  "Are we sanitising?" I say a lot. (260)

 "To lay as Nemo - when I am Ed, Reg, Elton, Sid or Rod - is not legerdemain, eh?" women say a lot. (260)

"To lay aside little cares, I ran on a riser a Celt tiled," I say a lot.  (260)

To lay aside poor dissipated acts in a non-AWOL lair, I allow an onanist cadet a piss: "I drooped!" I say a lot. (260)

To lay babes, I wax a wise baby a lot. (260)

To lay benign erotica packs, I risk capacitor engine by a lot. (260)

To lay on nailed Omani artists, I train a model I annoy a lot. (260)

To lay-by all lists, I'll lay-by a lot. (260)

To laze, pass a Pez a lot.  144

To lazily ape no-one, pay Liz a lot. (260)

To Lem, actors rot Camelot.  144

To Leo, "Bored Rob, order oboe lot. (290)

To let a lad eye Bosnia, mere remains obeyed a late lot. (260)

To let in a brush, turn Ruth's urbanite lot. (260)

To let in a brutal fate, get a flat urbanite lot. (260)

To let in gig, or frog, ignite lot. (237)

To lip, suit no Pontius Pilot. (98)

To lip, tons of UFO snot, pilot. (237)

To nets, ah, no, son haste not. (5or10)

To note dull aisles made vital up in a motel, I pay a pile to manipulative damsels I allude to not. (260)

To O.C.S. I scoot.  (200)

To obtain Alpine pen, I plan (I at boot.) (237)

To often let a gang nix obesity, Les, or proselytise boxing, nag a telnet foot. (260)

To Olga, we wag loot.  144

To Opal, I avail a poot.  144

To order cassettes, sack cassettes' sacred root. 260

To order, Red--root! (16-1, 237)

To order tan oil, sex, ale...relaxes lion at Red Root. (237)

To Ossie, garage is soot.  144

To Otis, I toot. 144

To panic in a pew, we panic in a pot.  260

To pass, I [k/p/m]iss a pot.  144

To pat cafe trades I'm in, I maximise it in a sniff of off insanities; I mix a minimised artefact, a pot. (260)

To pat one weasel - if Edna is sure no-one's procedural - let's tell a rude corpse no-one Russian defiles a ewe not a pot. (260)

To poll a Gallup, I pull a Gallo pot. (278)

To poo rag, naked I ride kangaroo pot. 429

To posse: "Manila Ed is a crank narc!" (as I deal in a mess o' pot!)  (00)

To press orgasms,  a crass goddess I patted never used a made-sure vendetta ... pissed dogs sarcasm's a grosser pot. (260)

To prevent a rat, never pot. (237)

To prevent sulks, I risk lust, never pot. (260)

To prevent sums of units, tangle falafel gnats tin UFOs must never pot. (260)

To profess a time, dared, nude, I rub stars rats buried under a demitasse for pot. (260)

To Raisa, "Did Asia rot?"  144

To rate Sue, sir, I rise, use tarot. 200

To rate Sue, use tarot.  144

To rate [surer, use/, we] tarot. (144)

"To Talladega," raged Al, L.A. tot. (200)

To viper pit I pre-pivot. 429

To wit, I wot. (85)

Tod asks, "Irene risks a dot?"  (71)

Today a pain ode came solo to Greece: ergo, to lose Macedonia, pay a dot. (260)

Today, as I rise, Sir, I say, "A dot!" (71)

Today, names use many a dot. (237)

Todd erases a red dot. (97)

Todd, I did Dot! (1)

Todd, "I'd say no to cat taco, Tony, as did Dot." (71)

Togaed in acid, I caw, "Oh how acidic an idea got!" (260)

Toil, Eliot. (161)

Toil estimates set: am I T. S. Eliot? (260)

Toil lessens selflessness, Elliot. (260)

"Toilet not new--wow!" went on T. Eliot. (1)

Tolerate tare lot. (85)

Toll Aileen an eel I allot. (254)

Tom rams a mama's marmot.  144

Ton 'tis, Isis, is it not?  200                                              

Tone: "Capital flat I pace not." (237)

Tone, divide not. (237)

Tonga, sag not! (109)

Toni, kudos O.D. UK in OT! (1)

Toni, pastor trots a Pinot. (144)

Toni Tennille fell in net; I not! (304)

Toni, Zandra hated a cadet; a hard Nazi, not. (254)

Tonka deity-baby tied a knot. (185)

Tonsil is soft, [a cat] fossil is not. 429

Tonsillitis is a banana reviver, an anabasis I till is not. (260)

Tonsured nihility rots a story 'til I hinder us not. (260)

Tony, Amy names a base; many may not. (260)

Tony, "Asian, I gave no men an anemone vagina--I say not!" (71)

Tony burdened Ruby not. (200)

Tonya doth promise to veto rote votes I morph today ... not. (260)

Tonya may not... (61)

Too bad Emma rammed a boot! (372)

Too bad, I hewed a fade, we hid a boot. 429

Too bad, I hid a boot. (10,260)

Too big a bag I boot. (260)

Too big, bang-answer crew snag, nab GI boot. (237)

Too, both selfies use i-Flesh, to boot. 200

Too familiar, Sir, is rail I'm afoot. (1)

Too far away, no mere clay or royal ceremony, a war afoot. (5or10?)

Too far, Edna, [we] wander afoot. (129,[10])

Too far, evocative Evita — cover a foot! 423

Too fast[it]--it's a foot! (71,144)

Too fat, so Lana lost a foot. (254)

Too few [a/o]we foot.  144

Too few we foot...(237) 

"Too flat, so pat on snot a postal foot." (237)

"Too hot to hoot?" (00-many)

Too late Zeta--loot! (237)

Too, Lotte, log I "Rigoletto" loot?  (200)

Too tragic to pass a pot cigar--toot! (237)

Tool ages a base galoot.  144

"Toot!" I say as I toot. (109)

Toot, O Toto, toot! (97)

Top a pot. (4)

Top a potato tot atop a pot. (98)

Top a regular egg, a denim or bromine dagger, a Luger, a pot.  71

Top editor sees roti depot.  144

Top pot! (312)

Top sedater fret a despot.  144

Top Sinai "Latin" I saw was in Italian, I spot. 200

Top snow level won Spot. (237)

Top stage begat spot.  144

Top step: pup pets pot! (1)

Top step--Sara's pet spot. (10)

Top step's pup's pet spot! (10)

Topaz zips us pizza pot. 429

Toped sage, rip me not on Empire Gas depot. (1)

Topekans [deified/sass] snake pot.  144

Topless Eve, Dave--evade vessel-pot! (71)

Topple kelp, pot. (85)

Tops back cab spot. (237-1)

"Tops sup macabre herb!" -- a campus spot. (1)

Tops to Gwen--turned den rut new, got spot. (278)

Tops to Hamas lab's "Abbas Balsam"—a hot spot. (255)

Topsail had a dahlia spot.  144

Topseda's a despot. (16)

Topsy, Tina, brute loud duo let urbanity spot. (1)

Topsydale Kansas--it is a snake lady spot!  97

Torc I tore: still, it's erotic rot. (260)

Torn, I again am liable to help misaward if I draw a simple hotel bailman I again rot. (260)

Toronto got no rot. (85,144)

Torres, ol' Connie Mack sat at a task, came in no closer--rot! (1)

Torrid Ana saw I was a nadir--rot!  200

Tory--rot! (85)

"Tosh, Sir," I snort, "I saw Roger, Reg - or was it Ron's Irish sot?"  (71)

 "Tosh, sir, in a dell, a crew's nastier on gin; ignore its answer!" called an Irish sot. (260)

Toths, I'm an Amish tot. (200)

Toss it in, I gave no one vaginitis, sot! (1)

Toss it, Tissot! (85)

Toss lariats on no stair--Al's sot! (1)

Tote not one tot.  144

Tote tot. (many)

Toths, I'm an Amish tot.  (200)

Toto took cuckoo to tot.  372

“Trace carwash, saw racecart.” (237)

Trace, car wash saw race-cart. (327)

Trace Mag's game cart! (98)

Trace not one cart.  144

Traci, [bore aerobic/buck cubic//develop data now on a tadpole: Vedic//do I repay aperiodic//do sip episodic//games use
//Lot said: "Traci Lot: systolic art, diastolic//many do [real aero]dynamic/mock comic//no men mailed Delia
no rider cast sacred ironic//nor I deified ironic//ore has a heroic//saboteur traps add a spar true to basic//
    to idiots:"May we sew yams to idiotic//to rue no data, do neurotic] art?  260

Traci tore erotic art. (6)

Track cart. (98)

Trackless arcades I minimise; yes, I minimised a crass elk cart. (260)

Traction, Eva, hews a Laos wonder I fired now ... so alas, we have no IT cart. (260)

"Tracy, no panic in a pony cart!" (10)

Trade bad DA bed art. (70)

Trade bed art. (161)

Trade Bill I will—I bed Art. (237)

Trade car "Bee" braced Art. (237)

“Trade carbs!” braced Art. (1)

Trade--I rub BB buried, Art. (1)

Trade ill-used art; trade pared art; trade tarnish to moths in rated art; trade raped art; trade sullied art. (260)

Trade in Ed's denied art.  144

Trade Kansas' naked art. (33)

Trade life defiled art. (260)

Trade man named Art. (311)

Trade meets esteemed art. (260)

Trade no DNA, ban all its stir of live evil, for it's still an abandoned art. (260)

Trade notes I web at Art Strata; be wise, toned art. (237)

Trade notes sap radar, pass ET one dart. (237)

Trade notes use toned art. (237)

Trade paths if a fish taped art. (260)

Trade RCA sacred art. 144

"Trade red roses!" ordered Art. (71)

Trade revered Art. (237)

Trade Susan as used[, A/a]rt. (102)

Trade tin UFOs' work cats in; I stack rows of united art. (260)

Trade war awed Art. (200, 408)

Trade women as nine men, insane, mowed art. (260)

Trade ye no mere moneyed art! (10)

"Traded, no bared nudes I ram must sip a radical acid," a rapist summarised under a bonded art. (260)

Traded, Oregon's nog eroded art. (254)

"Trader, admit 'ah ha'" Tim dared Art. (1)

Trader cast [a sign, "IV Lover Revolving"--is at] Sacred Art. (237)

"Trader, I am omega-made damage Mom aired." --Art. (260-1)

Trader Ogre,[er,/ paper] gored art! (1)

Trader sees red art.  144

"Trader sees red, Art!"  1

Traders sell less red art. (3)

Trades abased art. (254)

Trades are erased[, A/a]rt. (160)

Trades are erased on stats, nodes are erased art. (260)

Trades I lit utilised art. (260)

Trades in me losing is a sign I solemnised art. (260)

Trades opposed art. (85)

Trades used art. (237)

Traitor [did/sees] roti art. 144

Tram loops ADA spool mart. (36)

Trammel a sure Jerusalem mart. (85)

Trams erase dudes; oh those dudes are smart! (260)

Trams note: mace became ‘ton smart.’ (237)

"Tram's side-door behavior, O Iva," he brooded, "is smart."(282-1)

"Trams to naval lava--not smart!" (164)

Trap a map, Art. (237)

Trap all afoot, I too, fall apart. (106)

Trap: anal Perot tore plan apart! (109)

Trap as if I sap Art.  (237)

Trap it, if I tip Art. (237)

"Trap mildew or char one menorah!" crowed limp Art. (260)

Trap: Milo stones--oh!--those not so limp, Art. (1)

Trap red nut under part. (237)

Trap: Sal racks Anaconda, Dad--no can ask Carla's part! (1)

Trap: set a gnoll or troll on gate's part.  372

Trapeze, part! (85, 226)

Trapezist nip/tuck cut pintsize part. 423

Trapping no song, nip part. (237)

Traps part. (4)

Trash even interpret Nineveh's art! (112)

Trash kismet system: Sikhs' art. (260)

Trash subsidiary raid is Bush’s art. (1)

Trash Tim Smith's art. (71)

Tray, be by Art. (237)

Trays or pelmets stem leprosy art. (260)

Tray's 'simple help', Missy Art. (00)

Trebek I like, Bert. (200)

Trebek, IRT sot's to strike Bert! (200)

Treble, [D]Elbert! (16,[85])

Treni saw Mesa as Em was inert. (48)

Tres sad I am: a 'roid diorama, I'd assert. 200

"Tres said, 'No Paris, Sir--a pond!'" I assert. (312)

Trevor even saw, in Aristotle's severe vessel, tots -- I ran; I was never overt. (282)

Tri-Delt rats startled IRT. (200)

Trini, pot’s at a stop in IRT.  200

Trini spot, paleface, cafe laptops in IRT.  (200)

Trip up IRT. (200)

Trot, Demi, a maniac ire masks America in a maimed tort. (109)

Trot sad ex--indeed finesse'll lessen if deed nixed as tort! (1)

Troy met a god as a dog ate my ort. (307)

Truce by Amy may be curt.  144


Truces oppose Curt. (144)

Truck, Curt! (85)

Truckee, seek Curt. (237)

Tsetse fly won no Wylfe's Test. (260)

T-sip Arla ire's at a serial rapist. (200)

Tub, ask car traffic if far tracks abut.(1)

Tubas abut. (260)

Tube date set a debut.  144

Tuck, sir, I risk cut.  200

Tucson, or Cronos, cut? (237)

Tug at a gut. (4,144)

Tug, no draw a knife, ye fink--award on gut. (236)

Tug to Lae Zero's sore zealot gut! (254)

Tulsa amuses Uma, a slut. (307)

Tulsa, Miami: I maim a slut. (16)

"Tulsa night life: filth, gin, a slut." (00)

Tulsan erased a Hades arena slut.  144

Tulsa's [mom's] a slut. (98,[37-1])

Tundra has sorceries less elongated, a jade tag no less, else I re-cross a hard nut. (260)

Tune lit civic tile nut. (237)

Tung Nimoy was a Wyoming nut. (245)

Tunnel lops pollen nut. (144)

Tunney as is, alas, is a yen nut. 200

Tupac won [cigar...tragic...]--now caput. (217)

Tupac's caput! (304-1)

Turd, do not solicit Poopy, typo optic I lost on odd rut. 429

Turdetani modiste’s rococo corsets — I dominated rut. 423

Turgid Dad: dig, rut! (1)

Turn a yam or feel glee from a Mayan rut.   144

Turn [at tan/off on] rut. 385

Turn-I dump Martin Gardner, I rend rag, 'n' I tramp mud in rut.(11)

Turn, I pin rut. (85)

"Turn in oil," a foeman asserts, "I stress a name of a lion in rut." (260)

Turn iron I made in Ed's drawer to hot rewards denied a minor in rut. (260)

Turn it in rut. (237)

Turn it off, O tin rut. (237)

Turn it up—‘it’ I put in rut. (237)

Turn, un-rut! (331)

Turn, woman, in a mown rut. (260)

Turning, I spot stop sign in rut. (358)

Turrets aid diaster rut.  144

Turrets of Castle Fate let a felt sac foster rut. (260)


Ukiah sees Haiku. (309)

Ukiah's pot tops haiku! (199)

Ululate beta, Lulu.  144

Ululate--net a lulu. (1)

Uma toted Al Slade to TAMU. (200)

Ungate me, Vic, I've met a gnu! (333)

"Ungate my cart" said I as Tracy met a gnu. (307)

Unglad, I tar a tidal gnu. (00-350)

Ungotten, put up net to gnu. (11)

Utter, "Et tu?" (85)


Val caved in so to snide Vaclav.  200

Val, sad Dad, add a Slav! (1)

Val said "Sid, is Di a Slav?" (260)

Val saw a Slav. (260)

Vanilla deified--all in A.V.! (98)

Vanna, wanna 'V'? (145)

Verna can rev!  144

Verna (coed I video) can rev.  144

Vic, O.D. Doc--IV!  1

Vile Villagers sass regal Liv.  44

Vile Noah Clifton did not filch A-One, Liv. 144

Vito has a hot IV. 144

Viva--let nine (to ten) in Tel Aviv! (23)

Viva, let no evil revel, ever--live on, Tel Aviv! (90)

Viva, "Let's Tel Aviv!" (237)

Von, a moral Luddite, failed Delia: fetid, dull, a Romanov.  200

"Von, it's Ustinov!" (188)

Vote to not slip up, refer pupils to note TOV. (00-350)


WA signage gang I saw. 200

Wad tram-art daw. (1)

Wade, daw. (85)

"Wall a birth"--tribal law. (237)

Walleye yell, "Aw!" (144)

Wallow alive on no evil AWOL law. (98)

WalMart: is it ram law? (253)

Walnuts stun law. (237)

Walsh crept on, dumb on knob mud, not perch slaw. 429

Walsh tames a base math's law. (260)

Walsh's law['s/s evolved, won; now Dev loves] Walsh's law. (356)

Walt, some tart surfing is a sign I frustrate most law. (260)

Wan, I gas Saginaw.  144

Wanna buy Yuban...naw! (1)

Want: nerd (Ed, 'da poop'), added rent... naw...  383

Wapiti for profit, I paw. (254)

War debate lot: to let Abe draw. (237)

War, sir, is raw. (207)

Warburg ate Zeta grub raw. (237)

Warburg deli very reviled: grub raw.  200

Ward, an "Israel" clears--in a draw!   (77-1)

Ward, emit note, "Yes I, Wallace, call a wise (yet on-time) draw." (1)

Ward nurses run, draw. (5)

Ward peed at a deep draw. (98)

Ward Romeo, pen one poem--or draw. (237)

Ward room Moor, draw! (200)

Warden, I free Seer fined raw. (237)

"Warden, I let a device be xenon/ruby-armed," lots of UFOs told 'em, "ray-burn one xebec I've datelined raw".     (260)

Warden Ruth's a Barbie doll I venally did as a sad idyll, an evil lode I bra-bash turned raw. (260)

Warden sees Ned raw. (144)

Warder, redraw! (16)

War-distended nets I draw. (5or10)

Warm innards, Dr. Ann — I‘m raw! 423

Warming is a sign I’m raw. (237)

Warning: I sign in RAW! (237)

Warren is in...er, raw. (253)

War's, Eve, raw! 439

Warsaw at artsy [, kooky] strata was raw. 200

Warsaw flag, Alf, was raw. (109)

Warsaw nun was raw. (00)

Warsaw, Pop, was raw! (1)

Warsaw was raw. (116,245,292--many)

Wary alpine zen--I play raw! (109)

Wary Levar, be yet a cat-eye, bravely raw. 394

Was a Dada, Di, a look at a Kool Aid ad Ada saw?  200

Was a sad-eye, boob-milk limbo, obeyed as a saw? 408

Was a silo Lisa deified a silo Lisa saw? (260)

Was Alec an EMT menace LA saw200

Was an extra poem a cameo part Xena saw? (260)

Was an ode, Ed, on a saw? (148)

Was "Analytical" a city Lana saw? (260)

Was Ann a veto vote Vanna saw? 394

Was ‘E’ whose pre-herpes--oh!-- we saw. (1)

Was I, Egan, not to peddle HP unit in upheld depot tonnage I saw? 200

Was G.I. Jane, men, a jigsaw? (200)

Was I bald as an idle hobo held in a sad lab I saw? (260)

Was I nail'd up, reviled under a red nude Liverpudlian I saw? (260)

Was I sage Kyle Nolan on a lonely keg as I saw? (260)

Was I sleekening nine keels I saw?  (260)

Was I smartening nine trams I saw? (260)

Was I stole macabre herb, a Camelot’s I saw. (1)

Was in a myriad a dairyman I saw. (00-350)

Was in Italy; Latin I saw.   (372)

"Was Islam in an ode," Kramer remarked, "on animals I saw?"  200

Was it a bar on a can or a bat I saw? (71)

Was it a bar or a bat I saw? (343)

Was it a Bud run-in in Urdu, Bat, I saw?  (200)

Was it a can [of fats, an oiled deli on a staff, o/of fins I sniff o/of fur-ruff o/on a man o]n a cat I saw? (71)

Was it a can on a cat I saw? (207)

Was it a car on a man or a cat I saw? (71)

Was it a car on a rim or [footstools--loots, too--/free beer] from Iran, or a cat I saw? (71)

Was it a car or a cat I saw? (10)

Was it a crop-mad dessert tub (buttressed, damp) or cat I saw? (71)

Was it a foot, Sal, a wapiti paw (alas, too fat!) I saw? (11)

Was it a gar on a pan or a gat I saw? (71)

Was it a man I met in a morass, or can I tell it's a pastille tin across a Roman item in a mat I saw? (260)

"Was it a pot atop a pot atop a "T" I saw? (381)

Was it a rare era rat I saw? (361)

Was it a [r/v]at I saw? (122)

Was it a tar on a van or a tat I saw? (71)

Was it Ararat I saw? (254)

Was it as I sat I saw? (237)

Was it Eliot's toilet I saw? (128)

Was it eyes or a rose yet I saw? 394

Was it [Lew's welt/Ron's snort/Roper's report/suds or Eros' dust] I saw? (71)

Was it open, one pot I saw? (237)

Was it rats - older rats - animals I slam in a starred lost art I saw? (260)

Was it Sal's Reno boners last I saw? 394

Was it Sir W's wrist I saw? (11)

Was it Sis nine men insist I saw? 394

Was it so ordered, now I wondered, roost I saw? 200

Was it Tim's mitt I saw?  (330)

Was raw tap ale not a reviver at one lap at Warsaw? (80)

Wash Santa Claus' unusual cat Nash saw. 200

Wash Sartre, liar, to net a hate no trailer trash saw.  (260)

Wash saw! (00--many)

Wash self, flesh saw. (255)

Wash silo Pa; tap & pat a Polish saw. (71)

“Wash, sink a knish, saw!”  109

Wasp may swap paws, Yamp saw. 381

Waste not to net saw. (144)

Waste pan a pet saw. (307)

Waste pet saw! (161)

Wasted, a cadet saw. (1)

Wasted, a capo saw a sop a cadet saw. 260

Wasted, "ace" cap's a sad loser I see, sires, old, as a space cadet saw. 200

Wasted ace caps salient career act, Neil, as space cadet saw. (260)

Wasted acts I, Neil, an alienist cadet, saw. (260)

Wasted acts in [a brutal fax a flat urbanist/a gap a paganist/a Tulsa slut's eyes Tulsa's lutanist/my hall a hymnist] cadet saw.  (260)

Wasting is a sign I won, knowing is a sign it saw. (260)

Way to not spill latte: get tall lips to not yaw! (1)

We decided ore's iron, or is eroded ice dew. (260)

We deride dire dew. (260)

We display Alps I dew.  144

We do Dew. (271,144)

We do meta-bedlam in an animal debate, mode W!  1

We don't fellate my lion, as an oily metal left no dew. (260)

"We don't soldier away as it's a foot too fast," I say, aware I'd lost no dew. (260)

We draw on a Man O’War dew. (200)

We dress, or get a hot dog seller and Narelle's god to hate grosser dew. (260)

We dye no hymen, eye no money, enemy honeydew.429

We dye no honeydew. 71,200

We fade to melodies I recall; a cerise idol emoted a few. (260)

We faded a few... 144

We faded away, Alamo troop, ere we were poor; to Malaya waded a few. (260)

We fanatical ilk nip nine men; in pink lilac, I tan a few. (260)

We favor ova--few!  144

We fax a few. (144)

We feel Ara saw a Sara Lee few. 200

We felt items: teller apparel lets me title few. (260)

We felt rats startle few. 411

We feral[, ladened, ruby burdened all,] are few. 200

We few erase cares, Al--laser aces are we few! (116)200

We fire, son, at no font: a no-serif — ew! 423

We flavor oval few. (144)

We foot GI boot too big, too few. (237)

We freed fine venison; no sin even if deer few. (64)

We fret, we pee, so two ran in in a row to see pewter few. 429

We fret, we pewter few. (00)

We help Pacific Apple hew. (1)

We help Pitt tipple, hew.  200

We hiss, "I hew." (144)

We jam radios, so I'd arm a Jew. (260)

We laud, apt, a nun at Padua, Lew. (254)

We legalise silage, Lew. (71)

We let a ripper perp preprep pirate Lew. (254)

We let Art surf to not frustrate Lew. (307)

We lost a fatso, Lew. (97)

We luau, Lew.  144

We map spam,--ew! (154)

We may baby a mew.  144

We mew. (00--many)

We misuse “Jesus”, I mew. 423

We motel cats boo obstacle to mew. 133

We naively allay Levi anew. (260)

We name gem anew.  144

We name odd names, reverse 'm and do 'em anew.   (308)

We name opera, rare poem, anew. (11)

We nanas sing "Nix at Taxing Nissan Anew." 200

We nap [and nap and nap...] anew. (144,[350])

We, Nat, aim at a Miata, new. (200)

We natural-lift sumos pull a wall up, so must fill a rut anew. (260)

We (Nazi bondage) did, egad, no biz anew. 200

We Nereids die, renew.  144

We nerd i.d. did renew? (200)

We ‘New Age’ beg, "Awe...new!" (237)

We nosh so new. (144)

We pan [i/o]n a pew.  144


We pan one pen on a pew.  (144)

We panic, I'm so cosmic in a pew! (254)

We panic in a pew. (85)

We passed no Odessa pew. (144)

We passed Odessa--pew! (71)

We passed on an idle Hebrew ewer beheld in an Odessa pew. 200

We passed on an Odessa pew. (254)

We [pay a/pen one/ play, O Royal] pew. (237)

We pen, "One pew."  144

We [peruse sure / pet a late / pet effete / plane penal / prep popper] pew.  144

We piled a deli pew.  144

We placed a decal pew. (00)

We plan races; use carnal pew. (260)

We plate my rat in a snug unsanitary metal pew. (260) 

We play or sit on Otis' royal pew. (307)

We pondered no pew. (71)

We prefer pew.  144

"We" prefer pizzazz; I prefer pew. (1)

We prod oral (uvular) odor--pew! (307)

We revile liver—ew!  109

We saw Ewa sew. (144)

We say, "An ewe--nay, a sew!" (248)

We say, "Nat sees Tanya sew."  144

We see bee sew. (254)  We see referee sew.  144

We seven, Eve, sew. (6)

We sew. (many)

We sew no melanin in a lemon we sew. (260)

We sign also a Tao slang I sew.  237

We sign in idyll, a royal piece I play, orally dining I sew. 429

We sod if I do sew.  144

We stare til opssum eats egesta; emus so polite, rate "ew"! 423

Wear a bra, Barbara, ew! 423

We'd add loci to pentatonic abaci (not at nepotic old dad--ew!) (282)

We'd dump Milton's fresh side-dish: serf, snot-limp mud, dew.  (71)

Wed honor, evil, Doc Tim: reps permit cod liver on--oh!--dew.(1)

We'd lime...mildew. (4,144)

We'd limp, mad, on no damp mildew. (71)

Wed no Anna on dew! (1)

Wed not on dew! (110)

We[']d yen, O Honeydew! (4,[98])

Wedding: I sign Id dew. (237)

Welded, Donna is uneven, an inane Venusian," nodded Lew. (71)

"Well, adios, Unisys!" sobs bossy, sinusoidal Lew. (71)

Well, Anais surmises I'm Russian, Al. -- Lew. (200)

Well, are fleet eel feral, Lew? (254)

Well, are tall OCS duds collateral, Lew? (200)

We’ll assail alias (Sal), Lew.  200

Well, for one, Russia is sure no ROFL, Lew. 200

Well, Hasbro's balls'll absorb Sahl, Lew. 200

Well, I attack cattail, Lew. (71) 

Well, I avail, Lew. (144)

We'll ionise so he can ruffle elf furnace hoses in oil, Lew.(260)

Well, Iowa sees a seesaw oil, Lew.  200

Well, lad, nag, "Gee, no abortion--no, it rob a one, egg and all, Lew." (1)

We'll let Dad tell Lew. (16)

"Well, let it be debt," I tell Sid, Lew. (200)

Well, let's axe Texas--tell Lew.  (71)

Well, let's tell Lew. (97)

Well, let's tip rats, no mists, dim, amidst Simon's tar-pits--tell Lew. (71)

Well, Lombard was, I saw, drab moll, Lew. (200)

Well, Lord's droll, Lew.  200

Well, Lorne won't now enroll Lew.  (307)

Well, Lumina, can I mull Lew? (1)

Well, Ward did drawl, Lew. (200)

We'll wok owl, Lew! (144)

Welsh slew. (85)

Welsh teeth slew.  144

Wendell E. yelled, "New!”  144

Wendel's sled, new?  205

Went on fine mogul's 'Net to rev Australian snail art: suave rotten slug omen if not new. (260)

Went on Ned, "I am a madam, a maiden not new." (71)

Wes pisses, sips, pisses, sips...ew!  226

Wet sap uses up a stew.  144

Wet Sara has a tort at Ayr to try, at a trot, a Sahara stew. (254)

"Wet, sassy bananas, Em," raps Nat, "Stan's parmesan, an abyss, a stew ..."  (71)

Wet, smug yams may gum stew. (166)

Wet snack can stew.  144

"Wet snips age," we gasp, "in stew."  144

"Wet snot--" sob[bed Deb,/s Tim, "it's] "Boston stew." (71)

Wet tuba put up a butt--ew! 418

Wet's a sad ewe I viewed as a stew. 200

"Why, meta-dog god ate my HW!" 409

Wo, Nemo, toss a lasso to me now! (128)

Woe made DA meow.  144

Woe, my BB attacks--I risk cat-tabby meow. (71)

Wolf, Deb; beer on-tap's spat "No" re ebbed flow. (1)

Wolf drowned Logan in a golden word-flow. (260)

Wolf lauds dual flow. (98)

Wolf naps emit time-span flow. 407

Wolf, note Teton flow.  200

Wolfgang Amadeus sued a mag: nag flow! (260)

Wolf's pal spots laminate wet animal, stops, laps flow. (167)

Wolf's teets flow. (307)

Wolf's tits flow. (98)

Woman, I too fall afoot in a mow!  16

"Women," I pine, "mow.”  144

Won, I lob morts, pull odd doll up Stromboli now. (11)

Won kiosk, so I know. 429

Won no emu in a regatta (geranium era now.)  (254)

Won panda; alas, salad nap now.  (1)

"Won pure grub, Ma--hamburger up now!" (237)

Won race, so loth to lose car now. (10)

Wonder: Anne held--nah!--handle henna-red now. (1)

Wonder dog's God red now. (98)

Wonder erases order: non-red roses are red now. 413

Wonder, Fred, now! (161)

Wonder if Di partied amid nugatory ammo or guns?: as, alas, a snug room may rot a gun, Di made it rapid-fired now?(260)

Wonder if I made no yo-yo, Ned--am I fired now? (1)

Wonder if Dad is fired now? 1

Wonder if Sis is fired now? 429

Wonder if snug BB guns fired now? (307)

Wonder if Sununu's fired now? (81)

Wonder Mistress asserts I'm red now. (293)

Wonderbra gyms: is my garb red now? (260)

Wonderbra[war/'s tsar] bred now. (144)

Wonderbras save Vassar-bred now! (1)

Wondered Art," In exotic illicit oxen I trade, Red, now?"  200

Wonder-obsesser predicts albinism or female damsels in isles made lame from sin: I blast cider presses; bored now.  (260)

Wonders in Italy: Latin is 'Red' now! (5)

Wonders timed I, O vast salt lasts: a void emits red now. 389

Wonderwomen are nuts in a Jimi/Janis tune: "Ran 'em (ow!), Red now." 417

Wonk centres nix a tax: insert neck now. (260)

Wonk did know. (337)

Wonk Rodham evolution, "No, I tu love mah dork now." (107)

Wonking is a sign I know. (1, 144)

Wonks know. (1)

Wonky Amy may know!  144

Won't a bar tab at a crap Morocco romp arc a tab at Rabat now?  (260)

Won't a canine pop open in a cat now? 423

Won't a footstool age galoots too fat now? (307)

Won't a pin aid Nina, Roy or an Indian I pat now? (260)

Won't a pure elixir tame a glass algae matrix I leer up at now? (260)

Won't Ava level a vat now? (260)

Won't cadet Sal ban a blasted act now? (260)

Won’t cappuccino ridicule lucid ironic cup pact now? 429

Won't Carter retract now? (77)

Won't Cate's pure veneer act careen ever, upset act now? 423

Won't "Cats", a crap busk cash grab (argh!), sack subpar cast, act now? 423

Won't 'e bet now? (2)

Won't Eb bet now? (2)

Won’t engage gag net now! 429

Won't esteemed art I trade meet set now? 260

Won't felony beg a rage by no left now? 394

Won't fightable domes use model bath gift now? (260)

Won't I be bit now? (97)

Won't I [be bit/move vomit/remedy poopy demerit] now? 423

Won't I be rare now, or grow one rare bit now? 260

Won't I bedevil for a jar of live debit now? 394

Won't I beg Dee: "Finks' sarcasm lifting is a sign it films a crass knife-edge bit now?" (260) 

Won't I belt tile notes if I set one little bit now? (260)

"Won't I burn acid?" I call, "It's still acid...I can rub it now."  260

Won't I bury a seller of sex-affiliated detail if faxes for Elle say "Rub it now"? (260)

Won't I decide medic edit now?  (237)

Won't I deem telepaths are not a name no one man at one rash tape let me edit now? (260)

Won't I deliver epee deliveries or prose I revile: deeper evil edit now? (260)

Won't I [f/h/p/s]it now? (many)

Won't I, for patents I list, net a profit now? 423

Won't I get a late git now? (260)

Won't I have Eva hit now? (260)

Won't I help massive Levis' sample hit now? (260) 

Won't I hew some memos we hit now? (260)

Won't I hit now? (144)

Won't I, merely tsar of red Rumania, grab roses or bargain a murder for a style remit now? (260)

Won't I move disaster frets aside, vomit now? 394

Won't I panic in a pit now? (97)

Won't I pop it now?! (337)

Won't I repaper[, repaper] it now? (98,[10])

"Won't I taste genocide, master?" frets a medic, "one gets at it now." (260)

Won't I use jam if I'm a Jesuit now?  00

Won't I Xerox a fax or exit now? (260)

Won't Ida, eh, head it now? 394

Won’t last sighs also slash gist salt now? 429

Won't local apparel like kilts - oh, ghostlike killer! - appal a colt now? (260)

Won't lovers revolt now? (10)

Won't Lucy ads' mood assess a doomsday cult now? (260)

Won't Neil assert nectar at a rat centre's salient now?(260) 

Won't Neil call a Walla Walla client now? (307)

Won't Neil lube Mai's ass as I am ebullient now? (260)

Won't Nemo (Mynah's son) nosh any moment now? (307)

Won't Nero rent now? (307)

Won't net operators agree beer/gas/rot are potent now? (260)

Won't Net-inept egrets in a canister get penitent now? (260)

Won't one race we kill appal like we care not now? (260)

Won't one spy, L.A. cop, assess Apocalypse Now, as I saw one spy, L.A. cop, assess Apocalypse Not Now? (260)

Won't Paganini nag apt now! (11)

Won't pews fill if swept now? (307)

Won't Radio Nara prefer paranoid art now? (260)

Won't Rafi fart now? (144)

"Won't reverse[s/ sir, a live," demanded a faded name, "devil arises,] revert now!" 268

Won't Rose redial Ed at Adelaide resort now? 307

Won't salt[S.A.L.T.] last now? (11,[00])

Won't senators rot a nest now? (260)

"Won't send a bad nest now?" (191)

Won’t serotonin K.C. ordered rock Nino to rest now?  (260)

Won't servile Liv rest, now? 394

Won't Sis 'n' I insist now? (278)

Won't six enemy men exist now? (307)

Won't society locate some demo-set acolyte I cost now? (260)

Won't solid lots awe lame Fred if no confider female was told I lost now? (260)

Won't solitary men enamor free beer from an enemy rat I lost now? (260)

Won't some dire dresser deride most now? (260)

Won't some lucid ire we manage peg a name we ridicule most now? (260)

Won't tame Manila ever reveal I name Matt now? (260)

Won't ungulates' pull upset a lug nut now? (260)

Won't we nab a newt now? (260)

Wonton stew, sir, is wet snot now. 423

Work cash sack row. (144)

Work nads, so to toss dank row.   144

"Work raw lube, not one bulwark row." 429

"Worm, row!" (85)

Worn at an inn, a hoyden - Ruby - burned Yohann in a tan row. (260)

Worrel lets Sarah harass 'teller row'. (1)

Worse, Rihanna hires row!  144

Worsen one's row? (85)

Worst Intel Mac scam let nits row. (255)

Woven of olive damask, code docks a mad evil of one vow. (260)

Wowing is a sign I wow! (237)


Xenograft a Y: do breed deer body at far-gone X.  (260)

Xerox a noted Eton ax, O Rex. (168)

Xerox on an ox, O Rex. (1)

Xerxes lived evil sex, Rex (1)

Xerxes--sex Rex! (110)

Xerxes taxes ex at sex, Rex. (200)

Xerxes was stunned--Eden nuts saw sex, Rex! (00)


Ya, Ben, one poker trek open on e-bay! (1)

Ya, Dad--ah!--had a day. (1)

Ya DO take pot (nice lad, Alec!) in Topeka today. (24)

Ya, Dot traded art today. (62)

Ya, gal one was I ere I saw Enola Gay.  (252)

Ya, kneel, locate feta, Colleen Kay. (1)

Ya, Leona Cabot in a Manitoba canoe lay. (23)

Ya, Rob, Marc, I mimic, I mimic Rambo Ray. (62)

Ya, rotten Rose, sail all aliases o'r 'Net to Ray. (1)

"Ya!  Sign I'll affix if falling," I say. (372)

"Ya, sign is I sing!" I say. 1

Ya, signing is a signing, I say. (237)

Ya, Signor, war is, Sir, a wrong, I say. (1)

Ya, sing is a signal, slang is a sign, I say. (237)

Ya, wag a gag away! (1)

Ya, Walla Walla, call a wall away. (37)

Ya, was moor-devil Lil lived rooms away. (1)

Ya, was Ned rubs burdens away. (201-1)

Ya, waste green even if a fine veneer gets away.  429

Ya, we fast at Safeway.  (237)

Ya, we mask lately, grab argyle, talk same way. 429

Ya, wet a gateway. (144)

Yacht notes radar set on th' cay. (117)

Yah, burro, turn in rut or rub hay. (218)

Yahweh, can a nana chew hay? (307)

Yahweh, [c]hew hay! (237,[77])

Yahweh clan I run in urinal chew hay. (260)

Yahweh cog, go chew hay! (237)

Yahweh did hew hay. (200)

Yakima, am I Kay? (16)

Yaks say moths a lad dated act like non-actor's rot: can one kilt cadet add a lash to my ass, Kay? (260)

Yaks send a snide note toned in sadness, Kay. (260)

Yale democrats edit "Noon-tide Star"--come, delay. (10)

Yale mate made dame tame lay. (109)

Yale ran (in) a relay. (11+/or96)

Yale, remit tasks a DJ’s J.D. asks at time relay. (1)

Yale Rep. did P.E. relay. (144)

Yaler Eli Bom won snowmobile relay. (245)

Yalie babe I lay. (144)

Yam I fix, if I may. (200)

Yamaha may fire her, if Yamaha may. (259)

Yams I do not poop (to no dismay!) (251)

Yams I do not pull up--to no dismay! (307)

Yams I'd nip in dismay. (85)

Yankee rots — a hostage begat so has to reek, nay? 423

Yankees seek, 'nay'. (1)

Yap to node, "Do not pay!" (237)

Yard notified, a jade I fit on dray. (11)

Yaw a kayak away. (4)

Yaw a racecar away.  290

Yaw at {"}news[: "Tots]went away."  144

Yaw at sacred nut under castaway. 200

Yaw--yell, "Alleyway!" (161)

Yawed insanities reverse it in a snide way.  260

Yawl, "I arm railway!"  144

Yawn a Jan way. (237)

Yawn a more Roman way. (10)

Yawn if Lena, Nina, or Gina call: "Ella, can I groan in an elfin way?" (260)

Yawn, "O, cremate my metamer, Conway." (103)

Yawn, red Omani shahs, in a modern way. (260)

Yawn, redo man[ia/iac ire to seem a god, net Nintendo game esoterica ]in a modern way. (260)

Yawn, warden, as Nina did - an insane, drawn way. (260)

Yawn, woman, in a mown way. (260)

Yaws in a craft on top spot; not far, Canis way. (11or148)

Ye, boil, I obey! (4)

Ye Boris, civic sir, obey. (237)

Ye boy, obey! (4)

Ye kayak Kaya Key. (237)

Ye, kid, rack card I key. (237)

Ye knit alone by array, be no Latin Key. (237)

Ye knit up, if I put in key.  237

Ye know elf flew on-key.  144

Ye know I won key. (237)

Ye know, in a man I won key. (237)

Ye, Knox Essene, pen Essex on key. (237)

Ye know if I won key. (237)

Ye slew Welsey? (354)

Ye wedded or eroded, Dewey? 423

Yell, "a galley!" (4)
Yell "A gang!  Is Ed Otto hot to design a galley?" (71)

Yell a he-man's name: "Halley!" (71)

Yell "A madam!" or feel glee from a mad alley.  144

Yell: "A moron I lap harasses Sarah Palin or O'Malley!" (260)

Yell a name, Lem, an alley! (1)

Yell "A van - I see beer, free bees in a valley!" (71)

Yell a 'V' Oro Valley! (88)

Yell a vote to valley. (148)

Yell, "Aha!" Halley. (71)

Yell, "Alley!" (4,97)

Yell, Amos O'Malley. (309)

Yell an 'amen' in Nine Man Alley. (260)
Yell, "An animal, Sir, I slam in an alley!" (71)

Yell, "An animal-car, or a clam in an alley!" (71)

Yell, Ava, "Nita['s pup] sat in a valley!" (71)

Yell, "Ava, pant at Napa Valley!" (144)

Yell, eh Shelley? (83)

Yell or ta[p/ste greens as a sneer gets] a trolley. (260)

Yell, "Or trolley?" (161)

Yell over if I fire volley. 423

Yell, "Over!" Seles, re volley. (106)

Yell, "Up pulley!" (307)

Yell upon no pulley. (307)

Yell upset a cider: predicates pulley. (6)

Yell, "Upward, draw pulley!" (71)

"Yell upward!" I say, as I draw pulley! (71)

Yen more to vote Romney.  144

Yep, mop, Pompey! (200)

"Yer Duane 'n' Audrey?" (97)

Yes, a cedar testimonial lives on as a nose-villain omits e-trade, Casey. (260)

Yes, able Bernard ran rebel base 'Y'. (107)

"Yes, I am Foreman--namer of Maisey." (260)

Yes, Mark, cable to hotel, "Back Ramsey!" (10)

Yes, Mary's tapes are in; I erase Patsy Ramsey. (307)

Yes, O Ross, Em (or 'D') 'n' I lap up (PU!) palindromes so rosey. (1)

Yes, rejoice CIO-Jersey. (278)

"Yes sir, Rome is!" ordered Rosie Morrissey. (245)

Yes sir, Rome tips Ed despite Morrissey. (260)

Yes, Syd, onanism's in an odyssey. (260)

Yes, Syd, Owen saved Eva's new Odyssey. (10or16)

Yes, Sydow ended new odyssey.  144

Yes, truckle, Nate: let an elk curtsey. (260)

"Yo, B.S.!" went newsboy. (200)

Yo, bad anaconda had no Canada boy. (205)

"Yo, banana babe--O mama, I am amoeba banana boy!" (216)

Yo, bang a salami--I'm a lasagna boy! (203)

"Yo--" bare poet asserts, "stress ate opera, boy!" (109)

Yo, base tart, surfeit tittie frustrates a boy. 423

Yo, baseborn Amy peels as a sleepy man robes a boy. (307)

Yo, Basil is a boy! (00)

Yo' begat love voltage, boy! (1)

Yo, Bela, Yeti's opposite Yale boy. 200

Yo, Ben--a sad elf led a sane boy. (327)

Yo, bet on a note, boy! (145)

Yo, Bette, Zagnuts did stun gazette boy.  (200)

Yo, Bob, eat gnu O you O young tae-bo boy! (1)

Yo Bob, mug a gumbo boy! (116)

Yo, Bosnia, truce — I’d Slav ire, rivals die, curtains, O boy! 423

Yo, Bret, slug Ulster boy!  (200)

Yo bro, feel glee for boy! 429

Yo, bro, free beer for boy! (109)

Yo, by pool, a musk conk knocks Uma loopy, boy! (1)

Yo, Ceda, get a coyote toy, O cat--e.g. a decoy! (1)

“Yo," Greenspan snaps, "Ne'er, goy!" 200

Yo, Jones, I wager geese see Greg a wise "no joy". 394

Yo, rely not on Tony, Leroy. 200

Yo--tap a toy! (144)

Yob at Tamar raps Parramatta boy. (200)

Yodel, "Fir tree seer trifled--oy!" (1)

Yodel if Hanah filed "Oy." (255)

Yodel, "Luck culled...oy!" (1)

Yoga pants ebb best Napa goy.  144

Yon nana can annoy. (144)

"You ball up to no duo, yet at six I left Felix--" I state, "You do not pull a buoy." (260)

You ban Olive's evil on a buoy. (260)

You ban on, even on a buoy! (243)

You bar our uglies, banana man: an abseil guru or a buoy. (260)

You bet--I sure can omit Tim on a cerusite buoy! (11)

You bet I'm any dynamite buoy! (260)

"You blondes used 'n ol' buoy?!" (1)

You Brits, stir buoy. (237)

Young Ada had a gnu--oy! (70)

Young Sten nets gnu--oy!  109

Yugo notes [oppose / abase] no guy. 144

Yugo rue[d a bad/s] Euro-guy.  144

Yugo to go to Guy. (200)


Zap all La Paz! (1)

Zap otter germs in a gross arc; a wastrel, alert, saw a crass organism regret topaz. (260)

Zen unmasks a mask, Sam Nunez. 144

Zero Monday as I say, “Ad--no more 'Z'” (1)

Zeus: "Nile macaroni, Ma, is a nitrate-tart in Asia Minor, a camel in Suez." (71)

Zeus nipped J. Depp in Suez. (24)

Zeus saw 'twas Suez!  (327)

Zeus sees Suez. (52)

Zeus was deified, saw Suez. (16)

Zodiac, Aid Oz. (200)

Zoe, dam level made Oz. (237)                

Zombies use IBM, Oz!  200

Zones sell, lessen Oz. (1)

Zoo to tote Toto to Oz.  (00-350)

Zoot suit Angie robs bore Ignatius to Oz. (260)

Zorro puts on no stupor, Roz. (260)

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