Go to G  or to H

Face decaf! (98,1)

Face deep pee—decaf!  (375-1)

Faced, Nola sure pondered no perusal on decaf.  200

"Fart, R.A.F.!" (116)

Feds parry trams as martyr raps, "Def!" (00-350)

Fee-based ire derides a beef.  144

Feeble Tom's 'motel beef''. (00-350)

Ferret fasts after ref. (144)

Ferret Tel Aviv a letter, ref. (245)

Ferret up mock computer, ref!  (1)

Ferret's nominal plan, "I (monster) ref" (290)

"Ferrets!" yodeled oyster ref. (144)

Fit, I repay my aperitif. (260)

Flaccid Ron, on step, pets no Nordic calf. (71)

Flag Alf! (148)

Flag no lad o’ God along, Alf. (237)

Flagellate my metal leg, Alf. (71)

"Fla[g/k,/p,/t,/w,/x,/y,] Alf!" (00-many)

Flan, omelet are voided— I overate lemon, Alf. 423

Flap a cap, Alf. (237)

Flat penis is inept, Alf.  (102)

"Flaw on radar, now, Alf." (237)

Flay a wan rotten net torn away, Alf. (260)

Flay me on a canoe, my Alf. (110)

Flay no polo pony, Alf. (307)

Flee--baby peels a birch crib (a sleepy babe-elf.) (205)

Flee balsam Xmas lab: ‘E-elf'. (1)

Flee, dun as a nude elf. (105)

Flee elf! (85,many)

Flee garage elf! 144

Flee no zoo, ozone elf! (98)

Flee to me, remote elf. (116)

Flee to note elf. 144

Flee zoo ooze, elf! (164)

Fleecing niggard notables, Nita's a tinsel, baton-dragging, nice elf.  (5)

Fleet agenda bad; negate elf. (237)

Flesh--saw Mom wash self! (116)

Flesh sin I'm IDing is a sign I diminish self. 260

Flesh sultan I deflate, manipulate metal up in; a metal fed in at lush self. 260

Flex, elf! (97)

Flexatones use no tax elf.(260)

Flimsy [Abe bays,/Al [s/p]lays/Alana lays/Allah allays/ape repays/arbor pro brays/ass says,] "MILF!"  144

Flimsier Dr. Dre is MILF. (144)

Flo, geese see golf. 394

Flo got nine men into golf. 200

Flo got Tony not to golf. 144

Flo was as selfless as a wolf. 394

"Flo," we re-wailed at a deli, " a werewolf?" (200)

Flog Ford, Dr. of golf. (109)

Flog sad loser, Al Gore--zero glares, old as golf. (109)

Florida dad, I Rolf. (88)

Florists I dun are, Vera, nudists I rolf! 200

Flow on Ma, I am no wolf. (00-350)

Flow to her ore, hot wolf. (352)

Flower a ram or feel glee from a rare wolf.  144

Flower Ewoks K.O. werewolf. (00-350)

Flower, ire wolf. (309)

Flu got Eve to gulf.  372

Flu got to Gulf.  144

Flu got nit into gulf. 144

Flu got [Viv] to Gulf… (144,[372])

Flu gyre crosses sorcery gulf. 394

Foe M.D., Irene, rid me of. (200)

Foe of Des, I've let one vixen assess an ex I've no televised foe of. (260)

Fool, as a witness I do dissent, "I was aloof." (307)

Fool Asa's aloof. (200)

For Elle's a signatory to a cacao memo a cacao tyro, Tang, is a seller of. (260)

For pain, rehab a hernia, Prof. (260)

Frat Newt went, "Arf."  144

Fresh side dish, Serf? (307)

Fresh slew slime now on Emil's Welsh serf. (307)

Fresh Tim’s mad at Adam Smith, serf.  109

Freshen omelette lemon, eh, serf? (103)

Frustrate Lyle--fasten a net safely--let Art surf! (71)

Frustrate 'Net tenet, Art--surf! (98)

Frustrate: set art, surf. (237)


GI, bag a Big! (1)
GI boot was, I saw, too big. (307) 307

GI boot's too big. (237)

GI: "Boston's not so big." (260)

GI buoy’s bank nabs you big. (237)

G.I. got Toledo code lotto gig. (237)

G.I. Pat's a pasta pig. 307

G.I., rig! (1)

Gab at a bag? (1)

Gab, barge in: i.e. "grab bag!" (1)

Gabe, middle hobo held dime bag. (307)

Gabe toted a jade tote-bag.  (200,144)

Gabe's on a nosebag. (97)

Gabe's ondogram is a level (as I mar God) nosebag. (282)

Gabe's onto, Hal, a hot nosebag. (200)

"Gable," gabs God, "a ninepin I pen in a dog's bagel bag." (254)

Gahagan did nag a hag.  (200)

Gage gag. (85)

Gage gas usage gag. 144

Gage not one gag. 144

Gal, fan a flag!  1

Gal, fatso Lisa was in a can I saw as I lost a flag.  (307)

Gal faded a flag. 144

Gal flirts on—a nostril flag? 71-1

Gal, if on a familiar trail I’m a fan of, I lag.  133

Gal named Amy made man lag.  372

Gal saw a slag. 144

Gale, lag! (85)

Galileo, Joel, I lag.  200

Gall a Roman in a moral lag. (4)

"Gals draw," yawned Ray Arden, "wayward slag." (71)

Gals net Lombardy lion in oily drab molten slag. (260)

Gamely grab ARGYLE mag. (1)

Gamy ads end, Ewan, in a Wednesday mag. 200

Gander on, Giselle, sign it, else I call a felt tile "mossy" as my gym says some little fallacies let in Giselle's ignored nag. (260)

Gar, put ink on no knit-up rag. (307)

"Garb is a gas", I brag. (144)

Gardening, no geese see gong nine drag...394

Gardner, end rag! (237)

Garret, SIN is a sinister rag! (1)

Gary knits a stinky rag. 144

"Gas tit, Elroy," ordered Roy, "or let it sag!" (71)

(Gasp!) Marcia, I cramp, sag!  (71)

Gaston did not sag.  200

Gateman, a Toyota Sahara has a Toyota nametag. (307)

Gate-man sees name, garage-man sees name-tag. (10)

Gateman Wendel doodled new nametag.  97 

Gaze no fog, (I, Zo, spy lace by array) be Calypso zig of one zag. (237)

Gazelle, zag! (226)

Gekko, relager a regaler: OK keg.  200

Gelatin knit a leg![?] (4,[85])

Gelato got a leg. 144

Geld a bad leg.  144

Geld odd dogleg. 144

Gems it is, Meg! (11,148?)

"Gem tunnel lopsided is pollen nutmeg?" (356)

German Oprah snips Tahiti hat, spins harp on A.M., Reg. (254)

Geronimo: Did I domino, Reg? (200)

Gert, I saw Ron avoid a radio-van--or was it Reg? (11)

"Gib, stir or recipe not pure; erupt on epic error- its big."  (373)

Gibe big. (85)

Gibs, are "polio toil" operas big? (252)

Giddier ore I'd dig. (88)

Gigolos add a solo gig. (260)

Gigolos, aloof Eva Green’s sneer gave fool a solo gig.  109

Gigolos did solo gig. (307) 

Giles, Mets, name loco Coleman, stem Selig.  392

Gip went at new pig. (122)

Gipper, prep pig. (200)

Girdle [hit; I] held rig. (144)

Girl (a mini-maid) Eva gave Di a minimal rig. (11)

Girl, I owe Nabob a new oil rig. (4)

Girl ionises in oil rig.  144

Girlies ban an abseil rig. (260)

Girlless, agnostic, I Tsongas, sell rig. (88)

Girth guards draught rig. (237)

“Gnarled omegas!” sage model rang.  (376-1)

‘Gnarly Oyl’ rang.  200

"Gnash[cone" Enoch/, sir," Irish/tie." Keith/turd,:/" Ruth/turf," Ruth] sang. 144

Gnash teeth to bosses' uses so both teeth sang. (260)

Gnat sums mustang. (4)

Gnaw a wang? (144)

Gnaw on no wang. (334,144)

"Gnaw!" ordered Rowan G. (144)

Gnome, do not draw a "mood o' doom" award to no demon 'G'. (1)

Gnostics: I disc ‘it’ song. (237)

Gnu dons no dung. 144

Gnu hung. (many)

Gnu test, O Amy, assumed emus say "Mao Tse-Tung". (260)

Gnus' toner as gnostic illiteracy let a tsar evoke epistle-mad negatedacts; a vast cadet agenda melts; I peek over a stately caret; illicit songs are not sung.(260)

Go bandanaed, draw, oh, Howard Dean, a DNA bog. (255)

Go banish GI highs in a bog. 200

Go Bill: it's "sip it safe, fast--I piss 'till I bog." (1)

Go by bog. (85)

Go by my bog.  109

Go call a cog. (237)

Go, dare vomit, Tim, over a dog! (00-350)

Go date beta-dog? 394

Go decal a Palace dog. (237)

Go deliver a dare, vile dog. (116)

Go deliver a rat for a 'tar'(oft a rare, vile dog.) (204)

Go, demon gnome dog! (237)

Go, desire vagina--man, I gave; rise, dog! (00)

Go, deviant, naive dog. 372

Go do colossal class, O loco dog! (237)

Go, do, dog. (78)

Go--do mush, Sumo dog. (200)

Go--do not pass sap to no dog! (1)

Go, do not tack cat to no dog. (104)

Go, dog! (many)

Go, Dot, to dog! (1)

"Go, droop aloof," (sides reversed, is) "fool a poor dog." (10)

Go droop, stop--onward draw no pots, poor dog.  (00)

Go 'duo', you dog! (1)

Go dynamic, I’m “any dog.” (237)

Go, family, by Lima fog. (237)

Go, fan a fog. (27-1)

Go, fan on a fog! (237)

Go far off for a fog. (260)

Go, feel free deer--flee fog. (237)

"Go figure--" pondered no Peru GI, "fog!" 200

Go, fog! (85)

Go free data, deer, fog. (237)

Go free, peer fog. (237)

Go, Frere, cross sorcerer fog. (237)

Go fret a water, fog. (340)

Go from life, sir--rise film or fog! (11)

Go, "G"! (1)

Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog. (97)

"Go hang a salami," remarks Kramer, "I'm a lasagna hog."  292

Go help Missy's simple hog.  372

Go help Mister Bret, simple hog. (00-350)

Go help--Murdoch's a cash cod rumple hog. (255)

Go, help pin a nipple hog! (1)

Go (hey gal!), flag ye hog!  1

Go, hog! (2)

Go home, demo hog.(237)

Go, janitor pro Tina, jog. (237)

Go Jerusalem Ace Camel--a sure jog. (237)

Go, Jesse--jog! (327)

"Go Jews!" Aaron says, sassy as Nora as we jog. (260)

Go jog. [Go, (c/f/h/l)og.] ([1], 109)

Go land a DNA log. (237)

Go later Greta--log. (237)

Go lay Barb's bra by a log. (307)

"Go limit Tim," I log.  (144)

Go, Omar, oft, for a Moog. (200)

Go retro — foster a Bach cabaret, so forte, Rog. 423

Go Tatah, chat a fog! (237)

Go-cart Xena set Arnie in rates an extra cog. (260)

“God," a deb wondered," now bed a dog?" 200

God, a red nugget--a fat egg under a dog! (6)

“God, a potato pot atop a dog!” 200

God, a saw was a dog! (116)

God, a slap Paris, sir, appals a dog! (23)

God, a wasp saw a dog! (1)

God, all I know is I won--kill a dog! (307)

God, as a dastard igniting I drat, sad as a dog. (254) 

God, as a werewolf, did flow--ere was a dog! (1)

'God as all!'--I saw it, felt it, left; I was ill as a dog. (118)

God, as is, Ian, Anais is a dog! (200)

God, Asa, KC is sick as a dog! (307)

God, assess a dog! (1)

God, ax a dog!? (1)

God, daffodils slid off ad dog!  1

"God damn it, a satin-mad dog!" (260)

God deified dog. (98)

God, deliver a person's 'No!'s re Pa (reviled dog!)  1

God deliver a reviled dog! (109)

"God, Delsy--a gay sled dog!" (71)

God, Di, Bart sold a sad, lost rabid dog. (255)

God, Edam made dog. (116)

God hexes sex, eh dog? (326)

God, I, Ed, sung Agnus Dei Dog. (237-1)

God, Lee H. Oswald, I'm amid law, so heel dog! (307)

God lived as a devil dog. (116)

God lived not on Devil Dog. (200)

God lived on no devil dog. (00)

God loaned Eden AOL--dog! (1)

God, Ma, ill is ill—I am dog! 402

God, Nate bit a Tibetan dog! (16)

God, now Anna sees Otto sees Anna won, dog. (262)

God on W, "As I saw, no dog." (298)

"God, red nudes suck cock!" cussed Underdog. (307)

"God, sage, bill a call!" I beg as 'dog'.  (344)

God, Sam-I-am, maim as dog!  (1,2)

God save[d/s] Eva's dog. (327/70)

God saw I was dog. (116)

God sees pup; pup sees dog. (337)

God, Smith saw Hannah wash Tim's dog. (307)

God smote Tom's dog. (200)

God, son, I was a wino's dog.  (307)

God, Steph pets dog! (1)

“God--sue us, dog!”  (1)

God, to have Eva--hot dog! (13)

God to Hanna: "Hot dog?" 431

God to Hegel, "Locate Beta College hot dog!" (1)

God to help mass sample hot dog. 441

God to hero: "No, re hot dog!"  417

Goddess Erda dressed dog.  200

“Goddess, Obama bossed dog!”  144

Goddess obsesses bossed dog.  144

Goddesses, bod obsessed dog! 394

Goddesses, bored now, assess a wonder-obsessed dog. (260)

Goddesses so pay a possessed dog. (10)

Goddesses so pondered no possessed dog. 200

Godless Eve's a base vessel, dog. 200

God's asleep, Arden, as nine mown women, insane, drape Elsa's dog.  (254)

God's dogma I deified: I am God's dog. (98)

God's ewe's dog! (98)

Gods eye Keyes' dog. (299)  

God's rat tars dog.  (2)

Gods ridicule lucid IRS dog. (6)

Gods sass dog. (1)

God's selfless dog was, I saw: God's selfless dog. 394

Gods send a madness: dog. (85)

God's use, Jamie: I'm a Jesus dog! (254-1)

Gods yell as I help Marty trample his alley's dog.  372

Golconda had no clog. (88)

Gold Elf furniture--be rut in ruffled log. (237)

Gold elf furred nut under ruffled log. (237)

Gold [eyes] eyed log. (237)

Gold (I call it sanitised; I have sanitised art): Hannah trades it in as Eva hides it in a still acid log. (260)

Golden G.I.s signed log. (307)

Goldenrod a silly ram ate, wan on a wet, amaryllis-adorned log. (5)

Goldenrod adorned log! (98-1)

"Golf on, no flog." (290)

Goliath, tail Og. (77)

Gong G.E.'s eggnog. (200)

Gong: get set, Ed--detest eggnog! (71)

Gong gets a [c/f/l]ast eggnog.  144

Gonna can nog?  144

Gore dialed Anita Pat in Adelaide, Rog. (200)

Gorge grog! (17)

Gorge on a canoe grog. 144

Gorged, I hide grog. (372)

"Gorgon--no grog!" (4)

Got a tog? (4+/or87)

Green odes used one erg. 144

Green OS [ekes/pops] one erg.  144

Grenada had an erg. (88)

Grenades used an erg. (260)

Grub went Newberg. (85)

Grubs knife Finksburg. (88)

Grubs ordered, Rosburg? (200)

Gulp [a] plug. (00--many)

Gulp a slab o' balsa plug. (6)

Gulp--cadet torn on a non-rotted AC plug! (1)

Gulp I to Pat: "I tap a taboo boob; a tap, a tit, a pot I plug!" (71)

"Gulp snot," sobs Tip, "made damp, it's Boston's plug." (71)

Gulp tub, but plug. (17)

Gum signifies use if in G.I.'s mug. 372

"Gum--to help pay a way-apple-hot mug!"  (306)

Gumbo jazz, if I fizz a job mug! 408

Gumshoe Ohm's mug. (200)

Guns fired, I arm a ram-raider if snug. (260)

Gurbanguly, my lug, nab rug. (255)

"Gustav Klimt milk vats--ug!" (6)

Gutsy uglies ban an abseil guy's tug. (260)

Gym swan gnaws my gym.  144


H: (sarcastic...)"It's a crash." (11)

HP men OK one MPH.  144

Ha--I, mere, Jones, a Red, erase no Jeremiah. (254)

Ha, I ram Mariah! (279)

Ha, I rush to my lion oily moths, Uriah. (10)

Ha, I'm 'ere, Jeremiah! (4)

Ha, is semen one Messiah? (144)
Ha, is seminarian I gave vagina Irani messiah? 423

Ha, jar, level Rajah! (354)

Ha, Lil, Edna is an Asian Delilah. (200)

Ha...one man did name Noah. (372)

Ha--robed Selim smiles, Deborah! (16)

Ha--Tunisia is in Utah?! (363)

Hades I've devised, ah! (106)

Hair, a pain, a madness end as Sara’s sadness, end a man: I, a pariah.  (71)

"Hair: a placid emu rug" said Ann, Nadia's guru (medical pariah!). (260)

Hal bosses so blah. 144

Hal, Boston's not so blah. (226)

Hal, I led Delilah. (4,71,144)

Hal, I led [no pup upon/Otto O. to toot to] Delilah. (71)

Hal ladeled Allah.  144

Hal lasts, Allah! (144)

Hall, at a hotspot, stops to hat Allah. (200)

Hanna vases abase Savannah.  144

Hannah did deed, did Hannah? (4)

Hannah sees madam as a madam sees Hannah. (4)

Hannahs sass Hannah. (1)

Hanoi dares use radio--nah! (21)

Hanoi's Net-sex ale relaxes tension ... ah! (260)

Harass selfless Sarah. (16)

Harass sensuousness, Sarah. (10)

Harassed a hotbed deb to hades, Sarah? (364)

Hard at toil (lest I awe) he waits: Elliott Adrah. (1)

Harp on one essay - as seen on Oprah! (260)

Harpo Marx on a teleport rope let an ox ram Oprah. (260)

Harpo, note my Lima family met on Oprah. (307)

Harpoon no Oprah. (88)

Harpo's piss sips Oprah. (307)

Harpo's sips piss Oprah.  (307-1)

Has no garden robe borne dragons, ah? (254)

Hat [unifies a case if / united a cadet / unites a set] in Utah. 144

"Hat up, Utah!" (85)

Hat uses are named if a noble ET negates a set; a genteel bona fide man erases Utah. (260)

Hate, tirade, ego patinaed Dean, it apogeed--a rite--TAH! (107)

Have nine gage Ninevah. (144)

"Have ninth girl alright, Ninevah!" (237)

He anuses Uma, eh? 144

He (aside), "Sum amused Isa, eh?" (11)

He begat resale laser tag, Eb, eh? 200

He broiled a burger, a rare grub, a deli orb, eh? 424

He denies I seined, eh? (88)

He did, eh? (116)

He draws sass asswards, eh? 416

He dubs, “No I.T. poker trek options, Bud.” eh? (1)

He emits a poem or a flag, Abe, to tax a tote-bag Alfa Romeo pastime, eh? (260)

He emits it in a fat pod at summer: "A harem must adopt a fan; it is time, eh?" (260)

He eroded ore, eh? (144)

He eructates pus I'd nab and is upset at cure, eh? (260)

He faced decaf, eh? (237-1)

"He goddamn mad dog, eh?" (12)

He goddamned dirt-ridden mad dog, eh?  (307)

He hammered under, bred nuder Emma, heh? 423

He harasses Sarah, eh? (00)

He laid a radial, eh? (268)

He laid at Ararat a dial, eh? (201)

He laminated a cadet animal, eh? (88,144)

He led Omar by bra model, eh? (144)

He lionises a code ring I arraign, I re-do cases in oil, eh? (260)

He lived as a devil, eh? (16)

He made Edam, eh? (98)

He made Nile pipeline dam, eh? (237-1)

He maps spam, eh? (116)

He may at last salt a yam, eh? (260)

He murmurs, “Rum, rum…” eh? (1)

He named a made man, eh.? 394

He names a baseman, eh? (144)

He naps ne'er, Greenspan, eh? (200)

He or I act at Cairo, eh? (88)

"He pans dissimilar Eves to get a mate, yet a mate got several I miss!" I'd snap, eh? (260)

He parts arboreal Evon's novel aero-bra strap, eh? (260)

He parts boob strap, eh? (1)

He pets step, eh? (2)

He piles on severed nudes used under Eve's nose-lip, eh? (260)

He plugs toilet at Eliot's, (gulp) eh? (245)

He pulled Dell up, eh? (98)

He puts Al's inept penis last up, eh?  394

He reliant nailer, eh? (98)

He repaid a no-name Pacific Apeman on a diaper, eh?  (347)

He repaid a mom a diaper, eh? (223)

He rots a pastor, eh? (144)

He ruffled elf fur, eh? (226-1)

He sags: Tim eats a pasta, emits gas, eh? 423

He sat in a taxi, left Felix at Anita's, eh? (354)

"He sees Enid and lo, hot to trot--or tot to hold!" Nadine sees, eh? (1)   

He sees (not sober!) ere Boston sees, eh?  403-1

He set up side disputes, eh? (98)

He snoops spoons, eh? (1)

He snubs Bob's buns, eh? (1)

He spots one last sale--no stops, eh? (98)

He stabs bats, eh? (2)

He stabs Mom's bats, eh? (234)

He starts, "Di, Matisses sit amidst rats, eh?"  (200)

He stole lots, eh? (98,109)

He stole me lots, eh? (268)

He stops Ms. Pots, eh? (287)

He stops spots, eh? (00-many)

He stressed,"No garden index if I fixed nine dragon desserts." eh? (104)

He stung--oh!--"hog nuts", eh? (364)

He stunned all laden nuts, eh? (144)

He subs as bus, eh?  (2)

He sued Amadeus, eh? (71)

He swept pews, eh? (85-1, 144)

He taps Pat, eh? (2)

He tars rat, eh? (2)

He ties it in a site, you demo some duo, yet I sanitise it, eh? (260)

He tips for a {jar/jar of roses or for a jar/jar of roses or for attar of roses or for a jar] of spit, eh? (260)

He toped at a depot, eh? (88)

He tops pot, eh?  (2)

He traded a [jaded art,/jade dart,] eh? (242)

He traded art, eh? (98)

He trades it in as I sanitised art, eh? (260)

He traps part, eh? (88)

He was a saw, eh? (2)

He was analytic: "A parrot left on time, rang up millions ... no, I'll impugn a remit not felt or rapacity Lana saw, eh?" (260)

He wasted a career, a cadet saw, eh? 260

He we sew, eh? (1)

He ‘wets’ stew, eh? (1)

He wolfs, "Ah, won't I draw an award--it now has flow, eh?" (1)

He won a Toyota now, eh? (205)

He won kismetic ire to see esoteric items I know, eh? (260)

He won me to trawler apparel: war totem now, eh? 260

He won race car now, eh? (00)

He won Red Rod Order now, eh? (237)

He won snow, eh? (116)

He wondered: is no colossal eel as solo considered now, eh? (11)

He won't fight a ban if I, Jesus, use Jif in a bath gift now, eh? (260)

He won't fight a math gift now, eh? (224)

He won't now, eh? (98)

He won't relax alert now, eh? 144

He won't sign 'gist' now, eh? (1)

He yodels, "Sled--oy!" eh? (1)

Hear a loud duo, Lara--eh? (372)

Heat roasts aorta, eh?  372

Heave no memo, Nevaeh.  144

Heaven, sit: 'tis neva, eh?" 1

Heavenward drawn, Eva, eh?" (71)

He'd examined all law on missed dogs' eyes: "I've distended nets I devise, yes, goddess, I'm now all laden ... I'm axed, eh?" (260)

He'd render a red nerd, eh? (00)

Heel Cari made Viv rush Toby — both survived, a miracle, eh? 423

Heel dire veneer frets aside: be disaster-free, never idle, eh? 260

Hegel, sleep tender--red net peels leg, eh? (355)

Hell, a hymn is in Allan 'n' Allan is in my hall, eh? (62)

Hell, a spacecraft farce caps all, eh? (5)

Hell, Abe, yes, egad, nab bandages--eyeball, eh!? (1)

"Hell, ace--Ron, Gipper, Rep. pig--no recall, eh?"  (277) 

Hell, as Reg, Nation, oh, saw evil (alive!) wash on--O it angers all, eh? (1) 

Hell, I blare: "defy federal bill, eh?!"  372

Hell is not a tonsil, Leh! (152)

Hell, it's a Toyota still, eh? (1)

Hell, it's [a] still, eh? (71, [431])

“Hell... it’s cops vs. POC still, eh?” 430

"Hello...rare macaroni ocelots stole coin or a camera roll, eh?" (370)

Help Max, Enid--in example 'H'. (16)

Henie carton did not race in, eh? (144)

Her "Eve's noose" we soon sever, eh? (16)

Her evil sadist sin at a satanist’s: Ida’s liver, eh? 423

"Here, help Muriel--I'm Sid," I smile, "I rumple her, eh?" (71)

Here in Eden, one denier, eh? 411

"Here, no boner, is Rod--a tamale's mad damsel--a matador, Sire; no boner, eh?" (71)

Here no orchestral arts, eh, crooner, eh? (11)

Here, poor Tara, plop — ol’ paratrooper, eh? 423

Here so long--no loser, eh? (10)

Here, too, beer faded a freebooter, eh? (260)

Here, we saw one sabotage model led Omega to base now — a sewer, eh? 423

Here we sniff on urine, men--I run off in sewer, eh? (71)

Here ya go gayer, eh? (144)

Here's a laser, eh? 144

Hero Brahms: a gross orgasm harbor, eh? (260)

Hero, do nose's acne - poison, a clove, volcanos -  I open cases on odor, eh? (260)

Hero, lock radar of steel fleets for a dark color eh? (260)

Hero to my belle by motor, eh? (260)

Herod never a care vendor, eh? (260)

Heroine slave I demote to medieval senior, eh? (254)

Heroine's senior, eh? (260)

He's a caramel in Niger, Dakar--a bum in Soho--Hosni Mubarak, a dreg in Nile maracas, eh? (71)

He’s a foe, so note time we meld, Lem, ewe mite to nose of Aseh!  1

He's gigs, eh? (2)

He's god of UFO dogs, eh? (200)

He's [Appa's/Bob's], eh? (2)

He's drawn it inwards, eh? (71)

He's let Omnibus sub in motels, eh? (1)

He's no sample hero, memos say, as some more help masons, eh? 260

He’s reviled; repel ere Sam, a sere leper, delivers, eh? 423

He's selfless, eh? (174,98)

He's S.O.B. liar trail boss, eh? (200)

He's told Ella I did LA; Vivaldi dialled lots, eh? (260)

Hess sees Spandau quad, naps, sees SS, eh? (260)

Hester, germs in an okra den I fed define dark onanism regrets, eh? (260)

Hew hay, Yahweh! (98)

Hey, Abe, "no"  'til Les'll sell it on eBay, eh? (200)

Hey Apple: help pay, eh?  260

Hey--Art's straw warts stray, eh? (1)

Hey, Bogota needs Deena to go by, eh? 394

Hey, Brad Pitt, tip Darby, eh? (200)

Hey, call a fair “Etsy hysteria” — fallacy, eh? 423

Hey, do rap parody, eh? (200)

Hey, KS Val's in at Stanislavsky, eh?  (200)

"Hey," Latinos in unison, "Italy, eh?" (327)

Hey, Levi, truffles rehire Geri herself furtively, eh? (260)

"Hey Lisa, enemy call a gel oceany-green!" sneer gynaeco-legal lacy men easily, eh? (260)

Hey Lisa, exile Felix easily, eh?  260

Hey Levi, truffle pots stop elf furtively, eh?"  390

"Hey, Menelaus, unusual enemy, eh?"  (71)

Hey, nit's Ed's destiny, eh? (200)

"Hey, no mere ceremony, eh?" (71, 408?)

Hey, no polo pony, eh?  (322)

Hey, “No” risks irony, eh? 408

Hey, Soros' signature Peru Tang is so rosy, eh? 200

"Hey, too sooty, eh?" (71)

Hindu Alp pastrami marts applaud NIH.  200

Hobo janitors rot in a job, oh! (307)

Hoopla cover-ups must suborn, in robust sums, pure vocal 'pooh.' (94)

Hose nude dunes, oh! (252)

Hostel libel: “Oh, A-hole billets, oh!” 423

Hot news, Di: one day my adenoids went "oh"! (260)

Hot newt went, "Oh!" 144

Hot tub: sit, tap Patti’s butt — oh! 423

How apes use paw...oh! (237)

Hug a bared nun under a bag, uh? (71)

Husk, sad, asks, "Uh?" (1)

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