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Ed is as Ed is, all asides aside.                                     (408)
Pals ate, grab at a boob at a bar... Get a slap!             05/19/20

Mix a man as an aloof fool: an asana maxim.
Odd, I say; no rifle speeds racecar's deep self irony as I'd do.        (411)   
'Parsec': a deep speed-ace's rap.

Lee, Pa, Nana, bet I bite banana peel!          (425)        05/19/20

Tim must summit.                                         (426)        05/19/20

I, man, am regal, a German am I.                  (427)        05/19/20

A yeti knit up a Putin kite, ya?                      (428)        05/19/20

Decaf denseness, Enid, in Essenes, Ned faced.
Ed, a rite of passage's a Sega's sap foe tirade.
Godless Eve's a base vessel, dog.
I, a tia, made Ed a mai tai.
Last, Siri, taser a bare satirist Sal.
Lever a Boca tiki taco bar, Evel.
No, I tar Eve's sad asseveration.                         (200)
No, Lynn wore her own nylon.                        05/19/20
Refer Pisa's trams to promo deer freedom, or pot smarts, as I prefer.
Repack cans, Anita, Pat, in a snack caper.
Sam, a hairy sniper, pondered no prep in Syria ( Hamas.)
“Sir, in a side garden," Ruby, burned, raged, "is an iris."
Slow as it is in Ottawa, "Hee Haw" at Toni's it is, AWOLs.
Stu cottons not to cuts.
Wet's a sad ewe I viewed as a stew.

A Nigerian I spot atop Sinai, Regina.
A relic I model in a Nile domicile: Ra!
Aye, Sire, wrong is error; resign or we rise, ya?
Crass I, pen I rude epitaph, Pat: “I peed urine, piss arc!”
Deb, a nose ran, sneeze ensnares on a bed.

Evil animal: Froward ocelot stole cod, raw or flamin’ alive!
Here, tale idea, a dare: Possess opera, Daae, die later, eh?
I knifed a general; a renegade fink, I.

Legs part, traps gel.
Ma, minaret apostates set at Sopater, an Imam!

Mash ginseng, a salad; a lasagne’s nigh, Sam!
Mute Rob, radical pagan, snag a placid arboretum.              (423)
Nay, consider, red is no cyan.                                            05/19/20
Neil A. detonated E.T., a noted alien.
Partner, ever riot to irrevenent rap?

Poo, produce cud, or poop.                    
Puerile error, reel ire up.
Put it up, Romeo: pen one poem, or put it up
Rev, I get a lot, so pass a Mass, apostolate giver.
Rex, obey Ella, wall-eye Boxer!
Sums are not so lost on Erasmus.

Tied, I ride it.
Tim made meme, dammit!
To her anemone calyx of foxy lace no men are hot.

Won’t I, a Frappuccino, sass a Sonic cup parfait now?

Er…eh..."Devil" lived here!      (422)
I am draggin' a niggard, Mai.   05/15/20

Adopt a pup at pod A.
Post it, it’s OP!                                                             (424)
Purell: I fill 'er up!                                                     05/14/20                                  

Sub in model libertarian air at re-billed omnibus.            

Aims on a site so nasal are feral as a nose: ‘tis anosmia. 
At a dairy’s pus seminar in Iran, I mess up Syria data.
At a demon gate, gnome date Lizzi let a demon get a gnome data.
At a demo, self-fumigating is a sign I tag: I muffle some data.
At a demo, sew a sign in wads of UFOs: “Dawning is awesome data.”                (260)
At a demo ‘stat’ some data.                                                                                 05/14/20 
At a desk, commit civil ado so Dali victim mocks E-data.
“At a draft, I memo deer from one Vegas seminar I ran, “ I message, “venom or freedom emit far data.”
At a dresser drawer, ponder it: error retired no pre-war dresser data.
At Adrianople, help on air data.
At a droopy revel, I file very poor data.
“At a droopy revel, if some men owe ivory taxes,” I say as I sex a tyro, “View one memo’s file –very poor data.”
At a dwarf-led ET senate, get a nested elf raw data.

Ron is to confine men if no cots in O.R.                   (417)
PM Boris, I rob MP.                                              05/14/20

At a debate, get Abe Data!                                           (97)
At a Devil Toga-Nite, Tina got live data!               05/14/20

“Hot new lasagna, Sir!” I sang as Al went, “Oh.”      (71)        05/14/20

Sera wan, uses unawares.                                  (144)        05/14/20

Mort’s dromes use Nordstrom.                         (421)         05/14/20

Sit in, I’d net foes a case of tendinitis.              (420)         05/14/20

And was I, ere I saw DNA?
Dog's nod was, I saw, Don's God. 

"Foe?" many ask, say name of.
Hey, reviled Evil One: Damn Allan made no live delivery, eh?

Late (minus sun) I met Al.
Lice chew on Bob now, eh, Cecil?

Live DNA made Ed a man-devil.
My sled for a jar of Delsym!
No vanilla tax at all in Avon!
O Nero, to grow, or crow, or go to Reno?          (394)  
Pitiless Eve, on a canoe vessel I tip!                05/14/20

Rae hid Ed, I hear.
Rod, no geese see Gondor.
"Sad, I modify my Fido" – Midas.
Semite Moses (in Melos) did solemnise sometimes.
Si, Sir, can I stab bats in a crisis!

Some mnemonic is a basic in omen memos.
Won't (can?) a mañana man act now?
Won't lover's bats (my gym stabs) revolt now?
Yale debate later -- Greta let Abe delay.

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