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As I vote: Veto VISA.

Bedeviled under a saw I was, a red, nude, live deb.

Delia's sail I assailed.

Di (aside): “Liver's reviled, I said.”

Do grab Baja, Jabbar--God!

Elon, I'm Esau, a Seminole.

Ev, older cassette's sacred, love.

“I ladle," urged a vet, "evade gruel, Dali."

I, Breyer, eye RBI.

Ina, moonstruck, “Curt's no Omani.”

Lee fixated on an ode tax, I feel.

Lex, I page men on one megapixel.

Ma is a retro porter, as I am.

Meander over, Trevor, Edna, Em.

Met, Sy sets a caste system.

Nams dub Mo ( NASA ) as an ombudsman.

Ned, dames use Madden?                                                200

Net: “Tim spins, rapt at parsnip, smitten.”                    12/25/17

On an atoll I did allot an año.

Rae, we rip Mav's vampire wear.

Re-lever a reveler.

Ro, do tip Mr. Armpit Odor?

Seer, a gnu dons no dungarees.

Sex in a ribald lab Ira nixes.

Solo pondered no polos.

Stacy, Ella, Desi, Art, and Nat  raised alley cats.

Stu, no detailer (or Eli) ate donuts.

Temerity may, Amy, tire Met.

Tino, piss poor troops sip on it.

Tix if I fix it?

Tres sad I am: a 'roid diorama, I'd assert.

We panic in a pew. (85, 200)

“Yo," Greenspan snaps, "Ne'er, goy!"


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