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Stock cans: red nugget egg under snack cots.         (424)        08/02/20

Pander to her re: hot, red nap.                                (426)        08/02/20

City (Lordy H!) saw I was hydrolytic.
Denim I mined.
Do get a tip ace, decapitate god.
Lear sign is sorcery recrossing Israel.
No it curses ruction.
Parrot’s Albatrosses sorta blast or rap.
Red, Roebuck’s a mask cube order.                            (429)
Spool not Cairo or I act on loops.                             08/02/20
Stiff fuchsia-ish cuff fits.
Sum sin I gave vaginismus.
Swag we get in if nine ten infinite gewgaws.
To join man in amnio jot.
Too bad, I hewed a fade, we hid a boot.
Topaz zips us pizza pot.
Won’t cappuccino ridicule lucid ironic cup pact now?

Abba, Jedi ride Jabba?
Bordello of ass: a fool led Rob.
Borrow one (not a fat one, now!) or rob.
Debra ended near bed.
Elated, I say, "a side tale!"
Er, Ada, no deli assumes emus sailed on a dare.
Go date beta-dog?
Hey, Bogota needs Deena to go by, eh?

Liar took cuckoo trail.
Me open a crate -- got to get arcane poem!
Mo sobs even on Eve's bosom.
Ned, logs in Aegean is golden!                                         (394)
Nella saw Evil Clive was Allen!                                    08/02/20

Nemo's dog's poop's God's omen.
Norse, born in a manor, a baron, a man in robes: Ron.

Not Lima, here we were: Hamilton.
Re Yoho tone, mime "no" to Hoyer.
Red nun "athena" can, eh, tan under?
Red rodents (ocher, eh?) cost Ned order.

Reid, I toss it in a can -- it is so tidier!
Reid, Reno's sin is so nerdier.
Reno Greg: Nevada saw a sad avenger, goner.

Slay or do ire, period royals?
Tie gag, Ned, engage it!
Wary Levar, be yet a cat-eye, bravely raw.

A hero: “Monster cesspit tips secrets no more, ha!”
Amen, O pert Sue vagina — man, I gave us treponema!
An elder casserole lore’s sacred, Lena.
Art: USA makes pro-corpse Kama Sutra.
Detail a Geronimo lapel: bare ponies, so posse inoperable — palomino regalia, Ted!
DNA held in an idle hand.
Flan, omelet are voided— I overate lemon, Alf.
Go retro — foster a Bach cabaret, so forte, Rog.
He hammered under, bred nuder Emma, heh?
Here poor Tara plop — ol’ paratrooper, eh?
Here, we saw one sabotage model led Omega to base now — a sewer, eh?         (423)
Hey, call a fair “Etsy hysteria” — fallacy, eh?                                                    08/02/20
"Nag, even I am organic,” I nag romaine vegan.
No, slam it politely, Kyle, til optimal, son.
No, with gift, fight I won!
Sib upset I bone cenobite’s pubis.
Tide illusion: Aestas at sea — no, I sullied it.
Trapezist nip/tuck cut pintsize part.
Turdetani modiste’s rococo corsets — I dominated rut.
Warm innards, Dr. Ann — I‘m raw!
Ye wedded or eroded, Dewey?

Ah, come taste, let sate... Mocha.
Arab rabbi, rib Barbara.
Ed is a pet so step aside.
Hey, “No” risks irony, eh?
I, tan, I mull it: Illuminati?
Is a repo man a moper as I?                            (408)
Laci, dare not one radical.                            07/05/20
Niagara fall or tide led it roll afar again?
RN, don't--no DNR!
Suburban dad nab, rub us?
Trade war awed Art.


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