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A fat sumo traced a jade car to Mustafa.

Ari wondered, "Is no Crete maid's diameter considered now, Ira?"

Dabo, stoner asks are not so bad.

Damon, a sad evil retro porter, lived as a nomad.

Degauss, a wonder I hired, now assuaged.

“Deli, aw, ort sea?" Mehta the maestro wailed.

“Dias, sir," I spat, "no signing is on tap, Siri's said."

Do Gere verses revere God?

Doog (on sales) denied Art's trade-in, Edsel, as no good.

Dr. of Pets nixes oozy zoo sex in Stepford.

Ellie Verdi did reveille.

Faced, Nola sure pondered no perusal on decaf.

Go banish GI highs in a bog.

Lanai pot user I hire's utopian Al.

Ma is a “devil error”-- reviled as I am.

Ma Sadat, so to cater I hire "Taco-Tostada" Sam.

Ma, is Assad a basis, a badass as I am?

Mad at a Degas seminar in Iran, I messaged at Adam.

Moors retooled a rapt parade looter's room.

Mum, it, pot on sidecar tec ace traced, is not optimum.

Nae, Mott, revert to mean.

Nemo, Thai rap star brat's pariah to men.

No lass is in an ISIS salon.

No media snob, Ada had a bonsai demon.                                                (200)

No omen, as Nina saw, was an insane moon.                                        11-9-2018

No, Roman words drown a moron.

Note, lissome takes use Kate Moss, I let on.

Oh, Cecil, rag not on garlic echo.

On Augusta mad Ed named I saw, as I demanded, a Matsu guano.

“Ottoman Empire, we rip men!” -- a motto.

Paella births, Upton, did not push tribal leap.

Parting, I, lame dude, malign it: rap.

Piglet’s a pastel gip.

Rag, LA fart, not on Trafalgar.

Rude Val's new ale time Semite law enslaved Ur.

SETI's Swen erred, nun, w/o Down Under re news sites.

Sir, I pivot now, on to VIP Iris.

So many demons are boss, as sober as Nome dynamos.

“Spat at in an OKC order, did Red rock on?" Anita taps.

Spoleto Ma nixes nightlife, filth, gin, sex, in a motel ops.

Starlet's manic, in a pallor, to troll a panic in Amstel rats.

“Stella," wondered I, snockered, "Derek considered no wallets?"

Tip re grub at a deli: a teriyaki, Kay, I retailed at a burger pit.

To last, I had No can anaconda hits -- a lot!

To rate Sue, sir, I rise, use tarot.

Warsaw at artsy strata was raw.

Was it so ordered, now I wondered, roost I saw?

Well, for one, Russia is sure no ROFL, Lew.

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