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Definitely let in, if Ed.

Do note, docile gnat, angelic ode to nod.

Dogs go, dog rests – ergo dog’s God.

Egad, nab a bandage!

Eli began a motel Bible (to manage bile…)

Emote to me! 

Erupt, safe, fast, pure!                                                                (133)

Gal, if on a familiar trail I’m a fan of, I lag.                            12-25-18

Oh who is as selfless as I; oh who?

Oh, a dignitary rating Idaho?

Raw, sore, hot, nosy, aware I’d lose no one—soldier a ways on to hero’s war.

Tired, nude, we lit a love volatile—re-wed under it!

‘To get’ is opposite ‘got’.

We motel cats boo obstacle to mew.


Lion is igniting, is in oil.

A night: I woo with Gina!              (1)                           12-09-18

It's a mar on a panorama, Asti.


Airy, snide geisha, robed, sat angelic, odd as a sad docile gnat, as Deborah sieged in Syria. 00

Dame, I’d rob a car or a cab or die mad! 00

Deer fled a tick citadel: freed. 00

Deer, geese, rats stare—see greed. 00

Define my ego: obese boogeymen I fed. 00                                                    (00)

Nemo, we remain a mere mass, a mere mania: mere women. 00                12-09-18

Ramona made camp, maced a man (Omar). 00

Sir, in a pot a Yale fink’s knife lay, atop an iris. 00

Won’t I use jam if I’m a Jesuit now? 00

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