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  Adam, lab men embalm Ada!
Alien's live debt bedevils Neil A.
Alley cats note bet on Stacy Ella.
An ole crab nips an asp in Barcelona.
Andes' tops won snow, spots Edna.
At TED: Never ever revere vendetta!
Bar Adam, a mad Arab.
Bob wondered, "Now, Bob?"
Bob's pal slaps Bob.
Bros lived now on devil's orb.
Burglar, I've viral grub!
Campuses' ire rises up, Mac.
Damn, a veto got Evan mad. 
Delay!" ordered Royal Ed.
Do owlets enliven an evil nest, Elwood?
Do relax at noon: tax ale, Rod.
Dog Red, let's all,  like, kill last Elder God!
Donna, I miss Bob's simian nod.Eva can I Nate tan in a cave?
Eva, can evilness enliven a cave?
Eva, can I stab royals I slay, or bats in a cave?
Evil masseuse sues Sam--live!
Flo was as selfless as a wolf.
Flo, geese see golf.
God's selfless dog was, I saw: God's selfless dog.
He named a made man, eh.
I did not eye sorrow, or rose, yet on Didi.
I had, alas, a salad: ahi.
Kristin's "dammit I'm mad!" snits irk.
Last time I tie Mitt, Sal!
Leo, jot some memos to Joel.
Mask canker: a rare knack, Sam.
Mel ask, Narnia in rank Salem.
Neil am I, Jesse Jim, alien?                                                                     (406)
Neil asserts I'd distress alien.                                                            04/04/2020
Nine Lees see Lenin.
No war if IRA won!
No wise man's names I won.
No, can I say "Baby" as in a con?
No, I told Ed I redo no derided lotion!
Norse love to tote voles, Ron.
Now salad (lo brow, Asa saw, or bold) alas, won.
On August I jujitsu guano.
Raw foe memes use meme of war.
See Ben in "Nine Bees."
Sex, as a snake, Kansas axes.
So I ran ecstasy assays at scenarios.
So relive deed, nude Dundee, devil Eros!
So, Ida, I see bees... I adios!
So, rue nine Yen in Euros?
Stab one, Sue--we use no bats.
Stacy, meme my cats!
Ted, I, Baba, nab a bidet!
Tell Abe: see geese ballet!
Tide lured it, tide ruled it.
Tie ceded, I hide deceit.
Tim overeats a penne pasta, ere vomit.
To bore, mime robot.
To gibe, mime bigot.
To lasso, torero, toss a lot.
Was Ann a veto vote Vanna saw?
Was it eyes or a rose yet I saw?
Won't felony beg a rage by no left now?
Won't I bedevil for a jar of live debit now?
Won't I move disaster frets aside, vomit now?
Won't Ida, eh, head it now?


A dose now, as ill as I am, Ma, is all I saw: one soda.
At a demo self-fumigating is a sign I tag: I muffle some data.
Dams rot: are power crew operators mad?

Demand ogled Omani pop star brats pop in a model God named.
Dense tons sabotage legato bass notes, Ned.
Draw a sage to merit a re-tiled art trade literati remote gas award.
Flesh sin I'm IDing is a sign I diminish self.
Flesh sultan I deflate, manipulate metal up in; a metal fed in at lush self.
He wasted a career, a cadet saw, eh?
He won me to trawler apparel: war totem now, eh?
Heel dire veneer frets aside: be disaster-free, never idle, eh?
He's no sample hero, memos say, as some more help masons, eh?
Hey Apple: help pay, eh?
Hey Lisa, exile Felix easily, eh?                                                                               (260)
Now I code no DNA - and one doc I won.                                                            04/04/2020
Nurse off one most sacred dude's unused udder casts - omen of foe's run.
Oh camera set among Nile efts; oh ghost feeling no mates are macho!
Pug, nip Marc's cramp - Marc's cramping up.
Regulate grosser press or get a Luger.
Rot at calamities' run: I nurse it; I'm a lactator.
Slam inanities; nest no dire trope reporter: I don't sense it in animals.
So hero, half-fulfil a total - I fluff Lahore hos.
So mussel-gnawed art trades run, my gym-nursed art trade wangles sumos.
Sun an animal sewn on a belt: a pup at Lebanon we slam in an anus.
To get in a brute's pun, aspire to mere remote rips an upset urbanite got.
Wasted, a capo saw a sop a cadet saw.


A Nantes pun upset Nana.
At a deli Vera's Tangy Gnats are vile data.
At a deli, riveting, I did ignite virile Data.
At Tesla, rude veeps, alas, peeved Urals' Etta.
Breslau's unusual, Serb.
But an item in a ribald lab I ran I met in a tub.
Cite ops at SALT at last as poetic.
Damn, an order to get an ayatollah's shallot Ayan ate got red Rona mad.
Drag gala's avid diva's a laggard.
Drat, such crepes use perch custard?
Evil was in an ode we do, nan, I saw live.
Florists I dun are, Vera, nudists I rolf!
LA crew snare drum's murder answer, Cal.
Lost in madness, enisled if nil, I vet evil infidels in Essen, damn it Sol.               (200)
Mad at a delivery van, a wasted ace cadet saw a navy reviled at a dam.        04/04/2020
Nat, it was in a horror, UFO furor, Rohani saw titan.
Nemo, we pacified seven Eves, deific ape women.
No Roman in a ribald lab, I ran in a moron.
Norse Nut In" I spot as a tops in iTunes, Ron.
Note, bistro pondered no ports I bet on.
Now, saw Di, as well lit as it is, it is a till Lew said was won.
Re grub: no cab on tap," Sara spat, "no bacon burger?"
Siri saw at a demonstration a Hanoi tart's Nome data was Iris'.
Son, Asia pondered, now I wondered, no paisanos.
Strong, I lampoon Snoop, malign orts.
Stu, older, ever revered louts.
Tim, must a deb beg off if fog ebbed at summit?
Yo, Bela, Yeti's opposite Yale boy.

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