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A night: I woo with Gina!
On, tell a ballet "No!"                        (1)        01/10/2020
Now I must fold, loft, sum--I won!

Sir, in a pot a Yale fink's knife lay, atop an iris.     (144)     01/10/2020

Airy, snide geisha, robed, sat angelic, odd as a sad docile gnat, as Deborah sieged in Syria.    (260)    01/10/2020

Ramona made camp, maced a man (Omar).
Define my ego: Obese boogeymen I fed.
Deer fled a tick citadel, freed.                                                (00-Symmys submissions)        01/10/2020
Won't I use jam if I'm a Jesuit now?
Nemo, we remain a mere mass, a mere mania: mere women.

Are we NASA tubs sent if not on fitness, but as a new era?
Bedside to nine more hero men I noted is deb.
Bedside to nine more hero men I noted, is Deb.
Debased Nan I saw, derided, ired, was in Andes, abed.
Deborah, a monied Irani's in a ride in Omaha, robed.
Deli ass a sawyer pondered, no prey, was assailed.
Dim it was, an aviary, Myra, Ivana saw, timid.
Do go trail a live dastard, a bad rat, sad, evil, a liar to God.
Dr. of Pets nixes ( Lana bet on it, I note) banal sex in Stepford.
Drag: Gala's a laggard.
Emeriti, Nin, apt at panini, tire me.
Emir, consigning is no crime.
Goddesses so pondered no possessed dog.
Laid, Erno wonders, "Is Red now on redial?"
Le Mans track, sir, did risk CART's name.
Lionize, Fonz, no fez in oil.
Lo, dieting I did did ignite Idol.
Mad at a decaf, Russian Anais surfaced at a dam.
Mehta, maestro, pondered no port seam at hem.
Met issues Seuss item.
Mia's Irish tribe rebirth's Iris' aim.
“Ne-er odd lots," Iris told Doreen.
Neve's taxi stalwarts trawl at six, at seven.
New gems, subtle fine dews ( nine, ten?) in Sweden I felt  buss me, Gwen.
No omen, a Snider ( a wasted ace cadet ) saw a red insane moon.
No tat sold, (ads I heard are rad, Rae) his dad lost a ton.                                        (200)
No, cadet Art's "erratic illicit arrest" rated a con.                                              01/16/2020
No, it, pot salsa, deli version, Illinois reviled as last option.
No, Ramen enamors as it is, as Roman enema, Ron.
No, redo crab's barcode,Ron.
On stress at SALT: a dame, sure of a foe ruse, mad, at last asserts "no!"
One dame revised a Hades I've remade, no?
Pot's in a limo to Milan I stop.
Prepare  ‘Miami Maimer’, a perp.
Putin, I got a tat, a Mar-a-Lago  galarama tata to gin it up.
Reb Bo, remorseless, is Seles' Rome robber.
“Risk suds," TA wondered," now at dusk, sir?"
Roman ag evaded vegan amor.
Semi-men, I plan on a ban on alpine mimes.
Senile, I stop Potsie lines.
Set, Abe reordered roe rebates.
So furor overtook cuckoo Trevor or UFOs.
So, fuel din it is I saw as I sit in idle UFOs.
So, must  a damsel bury my rubles, mad at sumos?
Some donuts to go got Stu no demos.
Swollen apes reverse panel lows.
To do God, Di wondered, now I'd do "Godot?”
To Lanai POTUS is Utopian a lot.
To last, I bag igloo-fool gigabits -- a lot!
Warsaw at artsy, kooky strata was raw.
Warsaw's Pole to Ma nixes nightlife, filth, gin, sex, in a motel ops: was raw.
We feral, ladened, ruby burdened all, are few.
We passed on an idle Hebrew ewer beheld in an Odessa pew.
Wet's a sad ewe I viewed as a stew.

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