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Heaven, sit: 'tis neva, eh?  (1)  07/01/20

A metalsmith saw a fool's loofa wash Tim's late ma.
Damon: As a devil in an airy Syria, nan, I lived as a nomad.
Dana, Nina, tits are Vera's, titan in an ad.
Deli version, Augsburg's grubs, ( guano) is reviled.
Della, Cosette's in a fog of anisette, so-called.
I'd reverse, yes, re Verdi.                                                (200)
In a sad Ada hiker trek I had a Dasani.                         06/23/20
"Nudists I nag," go both tobogganists I dun.
Re-bun Anita Pat in an Uber.
Red robots revile dandelion oil Edna delivers to border.
Said an emir,"Codify my Fido crime, Nadias."
Wasted, "ace" cap's a sad loser I see, sires, old, as a space cadet saw.

"Am laid--dial Ma!"                    (307-1)    06/15/20

Ed is as Ed is, all asides aside.                                     (408)
Pals ate, grab at a boob at a bar... Get a slap!             05/19/20

Mix a man as an aloof fool: an asana maxim.
Odd, I say; no rifle speeds racecar's deep self irony as I'd do.        (411)   
'Parsec': a deep speed-ace's rap.

Lee, Pa, Nana, bet I bite banana peel!          (425)        05/19/20

Tim must summit.                                         (426)        05/19/20

I, man, am regal, a German am I.                  (427)        05/19/20

A yeti knit up a Putin kite, ya?                      (428)        05/19/20                         

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