00: These are palindromic sentences whose author is not clear, or (apparently)
    unknown*. For example, they may have appeared in more than one of the 
    sources following, or may have been referred to by the author of one of the 
    sources following as 'traditional' or anonymous or source unknown. If you 
    believe you know the author of one of these 00 palindromic sentences, e-mail
    me here.                                      {* or has chosen anonymity}

"00--many": Tend to be self-evident (and short) palindromic sentences that
    many have discovered. 

#-1:These are palindrome phrases or prose published by the author (#) which I
    (Timi Imit) have modified (usually by the addition of a letter/word, or two)
    in order to render them a palindromic (single) sentence.(If only 
    punctuation modifications were used, no such -1 was assigned.)

1-- Timi Imit
2-- Larissa Van Ert 
3-- Eugene Lesser
4-- John Pool
5-- Howard W. Bergerson (aka Edwin Fitzpatrick)
6-- William Irvine
7-- William Espy
8-- Richard Lederer
9-- Irja Galvin 
10--Leigh Mercer (attributed to by 5,16,88,98,109,113,148)
11--J.A. Lindon
12--James Thurber
13--Herbert Harvey
14--George Marvill
15--Alastair Reid
16--Dmitri A. Borgmann
17--Graham Reynolds
18--Howard B.(aka Hercules) McPherrin THE ENIGMA, 1930s (from 113)
19--Professor Edward Scher of New York University, 1980
20--R Kremer
21--Ron Howes  Atlantic Monthly's Palindrome contest, 8/96                  
22--BALD MT                     ditto
23--LionInOil                   ditto  
24--Hal Ober                    ditto 
25--Giarc F                     ditto
26--REENAS                      ditto
27--Tom JR13                    ditto 
28--R T Sumo                    ditto 
29--woontner@                   ditto 
30--Brian Westley               ditto
31--Unhunk                      ditto
32--FisDur                      ditto
33--Tom Deneau                  ditto
34--MARGB0316                   ditto
35--TEEPOT40                    ditto
36--Pay Pete 1st                ditto
37--HARPUNSTER           ditto
38--Robmur                      ditto
39--Balky NYC                   ditto
40--paula10s@                   ditto
41--Milady Joan                 ditto
42--Dullset                          ditto
43--DURDENG                   ditto
44--Emily Arulprafasm         ditto
45--Hunny 3                       ditto
46--djwixted@                   ditto
47--BabsGXADA              ditto
48--Leroy 2001                  ditto
49--LW Levit                    ditto
50--T Woltz                       ditto
51--Schmidt R T                 ditto
52--CH jelm 9999                ditto
53--BHPVD                       ditto
54--LP FLASH                    ditto
55--MSCBELLE, Juno 11276        ditto
56--Grace Lrena                 ditto
57--Cute Beast                  ditto  
58--Mypoet (last from Atlantic Monthly's When In Palindrome contest, 8/96)
60--Harry Baron (in The Palindromist, #4)
61-  Palindrome Bob's 
62--Charles Yazijian (in Palindrome Bob's)
63--Kenny Baclawski (in Palindrome Bob's)
64--John Mc Geady (in Palindrome Bob's) 
65--Victor Hernandex (in Palindrome Bob's)
66--Ron Quero (in Palindrome Bob's)
67--Travis Lyon (in Palindrome Bob's)
68--Emily Paramore (in Palindrome Bob's)
69--Fred J. Abrahams
70--Neil/Fred (Piccotto)'s List of Palindromes (on the Web)
71--Nora Baron/John Connett
72--George Woodcock New York Recorder, 1893 (from 113)
73--(V.E. Beckley) Atlantis, The Eastern Enigma, 1901-1914 (from 113)
74--The Financial Times, 1975
75--Pikee and Ellen Auriti Atlantic Unbound, 1996
76--Janet Muggeridge
77--Howard Richler
78--Arthur Cyril Pearson Twentieth Century Standard, 1907-8 (from 113)
79--Mike Maguire 
80--L.C. 'O'London's', 1929 (from 113)
81--David J. Ray SF Chronicle, 1991 (in Herb Caen?)
82--Tim S. Smith The Enigma, 1973 (from 113)
83--David Morice  (from 113)
84--John Taylor, the "Water Poet",1614
85--Joaquin and/or Maura Kuhn
86--Svensk Grandy-bo Farmer's Wife, 1908 (from 113)
87--Carter Bennett (from 113)
88--Michael Donner I Love Me,Vol I 1996
89--Peter N. Horne Atlantic Unbound, 1996
90--El Uqsor The Enigma, 1957 (from 113)
91--Gertrude Rowe Everyman, 1929 (from 113)
92--Graham Washington Post, 1884 (from 113)
93--Frans Folks The Golden Days Puzzlers Directory, 1886-1903 (from 113)
94--James Irwin Rambo (aka Tut) The Enigma, 1970s (from 113)
95--M.C.S. Inter-Ocean, 1896 (from 113)
96--The Enigma, 1956 (from 113)
97--Jon Agee (some of which are from Tom Bassmann, John Baumann, Dan Covino, Hel
       Hess, Yishane Lee, Gilly Youner, and others) 
98--Stephen Chism 
99--Enavlicm McIlvane, The Eastern Enigma, 1912 (from 113)
100--T.P. O'Brien London Times, 1973 (from 113)
101--Henry Campkin Notes And Queries, 1873 (from 113)
102--John Cooper
103--Mike Keith
104--Alison Frane
105--William Cooper Bob's Palindrome Page
108--Alan Isaac
109--Mark Saltveit (and/or unattributed in Palindromist magazine)
110--Allan Miller
111--Roger Aingell
112--Charles Bombaugh in Gleanings 1867
113--O.V. Michaelsen Words At Play 
114--Henry Wheatley in Of Anagrams 1862 
115--Edward Wolpow (from 113)
116--(reported by) John Jensen (on the Net 4/95:
117--John McClellan
118--Cornel B. Ormsby
119--Benjamin Pearson Everyman 1929     (from 113)
120--James Wolf
121--George Chaiyar                    (from 113)
122--G.R. Clarke 1887  (PALINDROMES  by G.R. Clarke)                 
123--Mabel P. 1900                        ditto
124--David Woodside                       ditto 
125--R.G. St. Nicholas 1875               ditto  
126--Tom Nobel Word Ways 1995             ditto
127--Michael Gartner St. Louis Post-Dispatch 1972 (from 113) 
128--Dona Smith 1993                                ditto
129--Molemi Inter-Ocean 1906                        ditto
130--Willy Wisp (W.G. Scribner?) 1886               ditto  
131--Paul E Thompson(or Blackstone?)The Enigma 1936 ditto
132--Games  April, June  1992
133--Jim Beloff  
134--C.B. Humphrey Everyman  1929                    
135--C.A.H. Greene  Farmer's Wife  1910             
136--Su San (Mrs. Henry Eagleton, Norfolk, VA)  The Enigma  1926 (from 113)
137--Martin Gardner
138--Philip Morse  Pittsburgh Post  1900            
139--Mrs. M.K. Barnes  O'London's  1939             
140--Everyman  1929                                
141--Brian Hall  1995
142--Tony Augarde  Oxford Guide  1984
143--Dale Reed  Science Digest  1983                
144--Douglas Fink                                    
145--Mike Griffin
146--Raymond Stuart and/or Marvin Terban
147--Jane Capellaro
148--Word Ways  (some (many?) of these were penned by J. A. Lindon)
149--from Jouko Volta's (now discontinued) Web Page
150--from the Fishy Palindrome page
151--Paul Wright
152--Rick Gehrenbeck (aka Mr Egg Germ)
153--Peter Hilton (1943) (from 113)
154--Bjom Mag
155--Richard G. Smith
156--Lila Forest (Auroville, South India)
157--Bob Rosenberg
158--Eric Burgess
159--David Featherstone (Holland)
161--Gerard Kleijwegt
162--Jerry Spiller
163--James Wilson
164--Wayne Baisley
165--Steven Lent
166--Will Orton
167--Shirley Pepke
168--Robert A. Rubin
169--Professor R. Osseforp
170--Easley Blackwood
171--Vicky Richman
172--Xenon Labs
173--Derek Rochelle
174--Andrea E. Cantrell
175--Doug Krabbendough
176--Victor Lemonte Wooten and/or Emily Cox and Henry Rathvon (per Jon Agee)
177--Mark McCarter
178--Frank B.
179--Diego R. Martinez
181--Bonnie Coover
182--Charles Seife
183--Robert Strauss
184--Erik Nilsebraten
185--R Vance
186--David Norton
187--Wm. Shakespeare (per article in Word Ways #148)
188--Chaim Fleischman (in Word Ways #148)
189--Walter Fretlaw (aka Peter Newby)
190--Barbara Kingsolver
191--Scott J. "Scooter" Zaccanelli
193--Marilyn Greenberg
195--John Greaves and Peter Bjegvad
196--Chad Gagnon
197--John Ashkenas
198--John D. Carey
199--Dan Drasin
200--Win Emmons
201--Andrew Belsey
202--M. Nussbaum
204--Bob Grand
206--Seiza de Tarr
208--Copykate, from #205
209--Jim Loy
210--Ellen Jackson
211--Arun Prakash
212--Don Tabat
213--GAMES magazine contest (10/91, reported 4/92)--unnamed Honorable Mentions!
214--Hubert Phillips
215--Zach Dickey
216--Greg Brock
217--Gary R. Miller
218--John Ray
219--Cathy Everson
220--Steve La Follette
221--Fred Klein
222--Th. Metzger
223--R.C. Johnston
224--Craig Fowler
225--Bob Gardner
226--Craig Hansen
227--Steven Samuelson
228--Tom Comerford
229--Cat Fox
230--Jeff Grant
231--Jamie Daly
232--Frank G. Mills, The Enigma, June 1956
233--Phil Jamieson
234--Jay Heinz
235--Steve Baxter
236--Neb Rednom
237--Derek Chin(aka Zo)
238--Allen R. Freedman
239--the Razor (from #61)
240--Henry Mucha
241--Ted Ladue
242--Michael Merchant
243--Stephen Cutts
244--Jerry Lerma
246--Bob Defandorf
247--Scott K. Wattles
248--William Oswood
249--Dave Fabris
250--Marjan Logar
251--M Bosworth
253--Ned Milly
254--Bill A.O'Connor
255--Michael Abrams
256--Dennis Crews
257--Solomon Ream
258--Bob Dever
259--Paul Brooks
260--Martin Clear
263--Ben Guaraldi
265--Matthew Franklin
266--Adam Worton
267--Abram Hart
268-Michael "Spike" Hofstrand
269--Ben Miranda
270--Vaughan and Carrie, from New Zealand
272--Timothy Noah
273--Mike Walby
274--David Dubov
275--Evan Smith
276--Samuel Wantman
277--Timothy Mitchell 
279--MC Paul Barman
280--Jeff Lenhard
281--Hector Cepeda
282--Nathan Curtis
283--Bill Rutkowski
284--Jonscott Place
285--T Fox
286--Mark Bates
288--Russell Busch
289--Dan Feigelson
290--Josh Bernstein
291--Yishane Lee
292--John Bell
296--Randy Kennedy
297--Matt Gatchell
298--Cheryl Mary Corcoran
299--Patrick Nolan
300--Tom Blumer
301--Wayne Dunn
302--William Sentell
303--David Collins
304--presented (without attributions) by Tsaor Top Eeknay at:
305--Robert Curry
306--Tim F
307--John Kamb
308--Will Thomas
309--Lara @ (
*312--Todd Cook
310--Corey Robert Trip @ (
311--Haoqiang Zheng                                           ditto
313--Daniel Liu                                                     ditto
314--Arie Addi                                                      ditto
315--Huafeng Xu                                                 ditto
316--Jun Hou                                                       ditto
317--Jenny Weisenberg                                       ditto
318--Tarun Kapoor                                              ditto 
319--Alexander Day Chafee                                ditto
320--Jamie Andrews
321--Dwaine Bailey
322--Hilary Fiskeaux
324--Eric Siegel @
325--Gregory Tulonen
326--Kingturtle @
328--Cliff McIntosh @
330--Jane from Illinois @
331--Anil in Word Ways monograph #5
332--Neil Z. Miller
333--Michael P. Smith
335--Mitch Lampert
336--Annjellah @
337--Janna B. @
338--Jimm McIver
339--Hunter @
340--Roldan Ramirez
341--Carl Sable
342--David Alan Arnold
Michael Burkley
Dylan--Treaty of Versailles
346--Kevin Malley
347--Supreme Overload at
348--Stacy Bonino
349--Michael Jensen
350--listed @ by Sanjeev Narang
Mary Eva
352 -- David Birkett

355--Tony Follari
356--Dennis Walsh
358--Joe Krozel

359--Powerslide (

360--Emile de Lime
362--Michael Styer
Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff?
364--Alex Heeb
Jon Schuller  Jim Kalb's website 
367--Scott (reference:
369--Kevin Johnson
370--Jon Jerome
371--Keenan "King of the Swing"  Chiasson
372--Eric Harshbarger
373--Elizabeth Babin
375--Justin E.H. Smith
376--Andrew Hiscock
377- James DeRosa
378--Cliff Packer
379--Liz Van Ert
380--Jon Dobbins
381--Jason Arnold Leo
382--Jayden Mullins
383--Meredith Johnson
384--Screibel, Whitley
385--Barry Duncan
386--Steven Fraser
387--Ted Croll
388--Ray Stein
389--Lori Wike
390--Bryan (Bellevue WA)
392--John O'Donnell
393--Anne Tenna
394--Peter "Twoply" Sabra
395--Carl Lexicon
396--Michael "Shoehorn" Conley
397--Don Cagey
398--Michael Arnao
399--Andrew Ofiesh
400--Jane Prins
401--Steven Lee
402--Linda DeJong
403--Rick Samuelson
404--Carl Guy La Fortune
405--Tim Heath

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