A berry tastes O so 'set', satyr Reba.                            

A buck cabs back, Cuba.

A dad dabs bad dada.

A DNA made Dee news we needed, Amanda.

A gem: pistil's late petal slit--sip mega!

A hoot, no debate: we lit a love volatile (wet a bed on, too--ha!)

A 'no merit,' as revel-cadet Tim, busy, submitted a clever satire, Mona.

A rat stole lots, Tara.

A siren, I ram mum mariner, Isa.

Acrobats revolve, rev lover, stab Orca!

After gym massage, Tate, gas Sammy Gretfa.

Ah, Satan, all I know is: I won--kill a Natasha!

Aims on a site so nasal are feral as a nose: 'tis anosmia.

Al, Liz dogs Godzilla!

Al, y'all, lull Layla.

All 'E' flora end near, ol' fella!

All I saw was, aw, Wasilla!

Am I drawn inward, Ima?

Am I Mary's sassy ram--I, Ma?

An elder of Tucson sees no scut for Ed Lena.

An ERA foe sues PA Halbert re 'blah' apse use of arena.

And live NOT on evil DNA.

As I murdered Roth, Gilda (mad light!) ordered rum, Isa.

"Back car--" claims Mia L., "crack cab!"

Bad, evil gull'll lug live dab.

Bathe, eh Tab?

Be 'green': one erg, Eb.

‘Bedlam in a sac’ I remain: I, America’s animal, Deb.

Bob, solos did mum gig--mum did solos bob.

Bosnia, sordid stage set: lame Maltese gats did Rosa in--sob!

Boss, 'tis a hotel law sees wallet, oh, as its--sob!

Bud did a AAA ad I'd dub.

", tell Liz I'll let her rub!"

Cradle, here, held arc.

D.A. called Della "cad."

Daryl, I'd dig Ukiah haiku giddily--rad!

"Data--" Deb begged, "egg ebbed a tad."

De, bored, never even de-robed.

De, keep it--I peeked...

Deb, ask cub, "Lair trial bucks a bed?"

Deb, best I move rug--if I am "gin enigma" I figure vomit's ebbed.

"Deb, boss, drown in words sobbed!"

Deb, Ono mixes night, fifth gin, sex--I'm on O-bed!

Debates set a bed..! 

Deb, bury ball a wallaby rubbed.

"Dee," press I, "keep pee kisser peed."

Dee, stop, for a jade lion oiled a jar of pot seed!

Deed nine men I frisk, Sir (fine men, indeed!)

Deeds time-worn even amuse us, Sis Sue: sum an even row, emit "S" deed!

Deem foe: wan, I so bid, "I'll loll libidos in awe of me--Ed!"

Dee's boll'll lob seed.

Del, battle felt 'tabled.' 

Del, luck (rad!): lit nude, yes a wise Desi was eyed--until dark culled... 

"Delb baby...burps a wasp..." Ruby babbled.

"Delia, wed...under‑bra garb!" red nude wailed.

Delia's ill Abe sabred (no wonder!) baseball I sailed.

Deliver, warder, sue--damned lair o' Sartre purveyors (Roy, Ev, Rupert--rasorial den!) made us red, raw, reviled.

"Dell or Genia," gasp I, "Trevor's Rover tips again--e.g. rolled!"

Denim mistress asserts I'm mined.

"Dessert's a sorry task, satyr." Rosa stressed.               

"Desserts I reviled‑‑deliver!" I stressed.

"Desserts, Miss, part straps," Sim stressed.

Deva Lew, ere what little-felt tilt, ah, were we laved?

Deva re macaroni: "Nora came, raved..."

Devas saw a Santana fan at NASA was saved.

"Devil do" Gwen knew God lived.

Dex, inside pain I aped is nixed!

Di, Barak dove--vodka rabid!

Di stops Bob, spots id.

Dial (or tap) Pup Patrol aid!

Diana is sure: "Taliban nun nab I" (late Russian aid.)

"Dibil, lie--do Bristol, Remy, Merlot, sir, bode ill?" I bid.

Did I butt--oh, a hot tub; I did!

Did I live on no evil I did?

Dine "Mir grim", Enid.

Disable Elba, Sid.

“D-lot mitts rife, yes Reg--Dodgers eye first!“  Tim told.

Do get any mono-cell economy, Nate--God!

Do go, evil Kramer, to hooters (re “too hot” remark), “Live, O God!”

Do good, do O God!

Do hasten, Reba, cabernets--ah, O.D!

Do reorder red roe, Rod.

Dog pal sees lap god.

Dog saw as God

Dog sees God.

Dog sees pup sees God.

"Dog, sit--'tis God!"

Dogs sass God.

Dogs teem, paw, swap meet’s God.

Don, as reviled 'Pop Smith' (Tim's Pop), delivers a nod!

Don't tip party booby trap, Pitt--nod!

Donuts do not: piss, sip to nod, stun, O.D.

Doom delivers reviled mood.

Doth turnip spin Ruth, Tod?

Dr. alludes, "Use dullard."

Draw a pot to Pa, Ward.

Draw Eros, O sore Ward.

Draw no noon onward.

Draw 'No!' on Ward.

Dub guru rug, Bud.

Dumb mobster ref ferrets bomb, mud.

Duo lapses, Pa--loud!

E, I 'drome 'em or die!

E.g., never to be so old again, I, a gad, loose bot, revenge!

 Eb, Anna, wrong is Signor Wanna Be...

Ed, amiss, sees 'SS' I made.

"Ed aver: Eve said 'Ed' a lot to lad, Ed, I (as ever) evade."

Ed, I (sad Emma) review a mall llama "we" (...I've!) rammed aside.

Ed, I (snide liar) railed inside.

Ed (irate), "Get a ride!#?"

Ed, is a macabre herb a cam aside?                  

Ed, Isa, meet, see Rome (Rome--more, more!)--esteem aside.

"Eh, Sid, Al Capone--he no P.A.C. lad is he?"

Elk, cattle 'belt-tackle'!

Elle (‘banana mate’) gots tits to get a man, Anabelle!

Elope not as at one pole.

Em, a duo yet (air benign), I--King--inebriate you, dame!

Em, Al--fondle held no flame!

"Em, ‘tis I--visit me."

Em, Ward's badass sad abs draw me..! 

Em, you buoy me!

Emit "Garnet Tiki," Kitten--ragtime.

Emit no one fire rife noon-time.

"Emit 'Si' Sir: crisis time!"

Emote not a Mama tone to me!

Emus said, "Alas--a salad, I assume."

"Eno, Greg, Nadia: sin, or egg a dagger on." I said, anger gone.

Enol, a 'slob-magnet', forever (...often!) gambols alone.

"Er, eh...scram Mom--Marc's here!"

Er, is Reno Greg no longer "goner," sire?

Ere held no fire, woman (or a mom?) raffles elf farm, Omar, on a mower I fondle here.

Ere held, nubile Mel I bundle here.

Ergo, naming is a sign I’m an ogre.

Ev, love, to gibbon-snob bigot, "Evolve!"

Ev, resign, "I'm raw, so, swarming, I serve."

Eva, gin is a sin, is a sin I gave.

Eva--holiday ad I, lo, have!

"Evil alert: saw (wow!) wastrel alive!"

Evil dog.Ron, nor tame matron, nor God, live!

Evil on a martini--I (in it) ram an olive.

Evil, stark rats live.

Evita re poets: "Aware, eye era--waste operative!"

Ferret up mock computer, ref.

Flee balsam Xmas lab, E-elf!

Gamely grab ARGYLE mag.

Garret, SIN is a sinister rag!

Go Bill: it's "sip it safe, fast--I piss 'till I bog."

Go‑‑do not pass sap to no dog!

Go, Dot, to dog!

Go 'duo', you dog!

Go, help pin a nipple hog!

God, as a were‑wolf, did flow‑‑ere was a dog!

God, assess a dog!

God loaned Eden AOL--dog!

God, Steph pets dog!

“God--sue us, dog!”

God to Hegel, "Locate Beta College hot dog."

Gods sass dog.

Gulp‑‑cadet torn on a non‑rotted AC plug!

He dubs, “No I.T. poker trek options, Bud.” eh?           

He murmurs, “Rum, rum…” eh?

He parts boobs—trap, eh?

He snoops spoons, eh?

He snubs Bob's buns, eh?

He wolfs, "Ah, won't I draw an award--it now has flow, eh?"

He won't sign 'gist' now, eh?    

Hell, Abe, yes, egad, nab bandages--eyeball, eh!?

Hell, as Reg, Nation, oh, saw evil (alive!) wash on--O it angers all, eh?

Hell, it's a Toyota still, eh?

He’s a foe, so note time we meld, Lem, ewe mite to nose of Aseh.

Hey--Art's straw warts stray, eh?

Husk, sad, asks "uh?"

I (a snob, seer) trim Mir trees: bonsai!

I ace 'drome, Mordecai!

I did mimic, "I’m...I’m..." did I? 

I go, yet saw a sign: "In Rome morning is a waste, Yogi."

I, goy, warn raw yogi.

I hose zoo ooze, so--"Hi!"

I, lame nut, penned, "Dust‑‑sudden Neptune Mali?"      

I, Manu, style magic: I gamely tsunami.

I site target, I bite grate--tis I.                                                       

I'd sworn I set tall lattes in rows, Di.

I’m a fool aloof, Ami.   

I’m a ‘ho’, oh am I?

I'm a lasagna hog, O Sara, so go hang a salami!

Ire these tame mates, eh Teri!  

I've let a name emanate: Levi

Jarred arts sell less, Trader Raj.

Jose, can a creepy peer can Ace's O.J.?

Joy, name 'em any O.J.!

Kay Em, girl, rig me yak!

“Keep hope, pep—oh, peek!”                             

"Kramer‑‑not rabid!" I, Barton, remark.

L.A. era music is, Uma, REAL.

'LA Paul', an AIDS doc, ODs Diana Lu--a pal.

L.A. peels sleep, Al.

L.A. poets (aware, Vera!) waste Opal.

Lad, a smile, Mel‑‑I'm sad Al.

Lager, Em, did me‑‑regal!

Lana saw I was anal.

Lapse: porn's "on ropes," pal!

"Last regrets" is, Sis, sister Gert's Al.

Lea, deign an Angie deal.

Lem, Martin I trammel.

Lessen Warren Rock corner rawness, El.

"Level eye: taboo boob at eye level!"

Lex, I pyre Vedas ad--every pixel.

"Lia, win Woden‑‑one down!" I wail.               

Liar spots top's rail.

Light a path, Gil.

Lip up, Red‑‑ Nelson's no slender pupil.         

Live--nab DNA, wasabi bib, a saw, and ban evil!        

Live non-evil.

"Lo, Ho claims a crass ennui unnes sarcasm," I alcohol.

"Look a red, nude gap!" Mark rampaged under a Kool.

Ma, I am Al--lama--I am.

Ma, I am all llama, I am.

Ma--she stuns Dad’s nuts, eh Sam?

"Ma, still lit?" Sam. ~ Ma still lit Sam. ~ Ma, still, lit Sam. 

Mad, "A.M. Rio" dubbed a deb "Budoir Madam."

Mad, rats tar dam!       

Madam solos mum, sees mum solos, Madam.

Mail one rotten net to Reno, Liam.

Maim, as did 'Sam-I-Am.'

Mao, roam!     

Marc, get in ode: "Taste gnu, Jack (cajun!), get sated on it--e.g. cram."

Marge, let's drown in words--telegram!

Margo needs, Dee, no gram.

Me--go help Miss Simple hog 'em?

 "Media strategists, I get Art!" said Em.

Meet, see Rome--more esteem!

Meg saw one rock core now as gem.

Mega-wasted, E.T. saw a gem!

Mel, chest nap-red, nude yet (a sore hero!), sat, eyed underpants, eh, Clem?

Mere vespers, Rep--sever 'em!

Met at a bidet one summer, a harem muse noted I "bat at 'em."

Mike nodded "done," Kim.

Missy, bury Ruby's Sim.

Mode robot pets, too, foot-step to boredom.

Motel cats bored: no pizza, jazz; I ponder obstacle, Tom.

Must love Reno on one noon no one--no, no one!--revolts, um?

My, no dues pile, Eli‑‑pseudonym

'Nam lore elders tell lets Red leer, ol' man!"

'Nam regrets no monster German.

Name we man?           

"Naomi, six is!" I moan.

Navigator sees rot: a G.I. van.

Navy sub's busy, Van.

Naw, order M&M--M&M red, Rowan.

Ned, rag on, "Storm rots no garden!"

Nehru, as son, I'd pull up dinosaur hen.

Network’s at task--row ten

No, animal, snip ye no hymen--one my honey pins lamina on!

No, he dunno what Utah won, nude, hon.

No, hero Clinton's not nil-core, hon.

No, Holy Mama, I am a Mylo, hon.     

No, I rivet, abate virion.

No, I sullied (until today) a dot-lit, nude illusion.

No, I tan--I'm at no contamination!

No, I, tart surf‑tider, credit frustration!

"No--" I told Ed, "lotion!"

No, is iced dab a bad decision?

No, it--ides--Sis, is sedition!

No miff, it's stiff--I'm on!

No parts, oh ghost, rap on.

No parts, Sis, strap on.

"No regrets‑‑I'm Damon (a nomad), Mister Geron."

No, Sam's mom's mom's "Ma," son.

No saw was on?

No, slang is a signal, son.

No--so tundra has a hard nut, O son?!

No, Sonya Wallace, call away no son.

No war-bed; Debra won!

No, with Gil bird-rib light, I won.

Not a stir, OK, nap son & no spank--or it's a ton!

Note, Gin, if Yreka Bakery fini--get on.

Note was, "Sununus saw Eton."

Now arise; I do ogle, Ma, camel goodies Ira won.

Now, Diana is sure, Russian aid won.

Now, ere he lit a love volatile, he re-won!

Now, Eva, Hewes' use we have won.

Now, evil, I've won.

Now I saw sexes, was I won?

Now I see penis in epees I won!

Now joy: bury Ruby--O.J. won!

Now, lads simple, help Miss Dalwon.

Now, Mae, that Utah team won!

Now sever, Eve, New Era series (oh, whose ires are!) we never, eves, won.    

Now, tip arcs as gull lugs a scrap it  won.

Nun sees kook sees nun.

Nuts, Stella, mania-pliant I await nail pain: a mallet's stun.

"O," brags Deb in a lisp, "ah, reprobate Tab (or perhaps Ilani?) beds Garbo!"

"O, Coco, regard (I'd rage!) rococo."

O doc, axe Texaco--do!

O, gol', Sal, U-card sees Dracula's logo.

"O, got testosterone tenor (E.T.) sot--set to go!"

O, got ya--way too sooty a way to go.

O, had I lived as a devil, Idaho?

O.K., gee, tail a terrorist, Sir, or retaliate--e.g. K.O.?

Odd...I know "ah ha" won, kiddo.

Oh Cena, no, it called as a dell action--an echo!

Oh who won't care if I cap pacifier act now, oh who?

Om I, "No regrets: I shoulder no burdened rub on Red Lu, oh sister Geronimo."

On  time, emit “No!"

One bad example has, Sir, a "Larissa" help Max, Ed, Abe--no?

One carpool tunnel, Len: "nut loop race"--no?

One nod, slob, my stoner: are not symbols done--no?

Pa, stems met sap!

Paget saw a wasp saw a waste gap.

Pal recaps Pop's pacer lap.

Pandas, sad, nap.

"Paris, too, rained rags, gags, gardenia roots." I rap.

Pat, ah sin if I say, "Er, gosh, Pat, I pet Sal's last epitaph so grey," as I finish a tap?

Pet snore ebbed, Deb—beer on step?

Place 'no-no' on one CA L.P.

Pose as Timi Imit's Aesop.

Pot-smoker, trek, om--stop!

Pub Al's Pirates set a R.I.P.  slab up!

Pull up a pliant nail, Pa--pull up.

Put a call, "I will act up!"

Q, a "riot to go" got to Iraq.

"Q it is," I sit, "I Q!" 

Rae, past eleven eve, let's a pear.

Rap: "Busy, subtle frat star felt busy, sub-par."

"Rats, Evita reneged, Dad--degenerative star!"

Raw spot stops war.

Red  robots sent savanna vastness to border. 

Red Roy bred fox of derby order.

"Ref for a motel room," a Moor let Omar offer.

Reg, it's Tiger!

Regard me leer, "eye-reel" 'em, drag 'er

Ren, slip regal: not on lager--pilsner!

Resume, totem user.

Rev O raw, fine moon--no omen if war over.

Rianon, we held (nah!) a flotsam mast: Olfa handle hewn on air.

Rip at tapir I pat, tapir.

Roma sidewalk law, Ed, is 'Amor'.

Rub--deliver a reviled bur.

Scrams a groom in Oregon--no Geronimo orgasm arcs.

See sage money odd doyen, 'Omega', sees.

Seek 'nay'--Mets stem Yankees.

Sees a most serene rest, serene rest soma sees.

Semord, Nila, plait select celestial palindromes.

Separate birth tribe, tar apes.

Set a melba table, mates!

Set an "I", mull--it illuminates.

Set are no times a semitone rates.

Sew, oh Anna, help pin a nipple (Hannah owes!)

Sex, I'll oblige, Gil, bollixes!

Sex is tacit at scenarios, so I ran ecstatic, "at sixes..."

Shall I risk, sir, ill "ah"s?

Shower drew "Oh!"s.

Silly ram ate wet amaryllis!

Sinister, Bret, sin is.

Slop Strohs on no shorts, pols.

So, did Seton trade diary-raided art notes, Didos?

Sore Del, irate, met a riled Eros!

"Spin, Miss, part straps!" Sim nips.

Spots Miss, parts straps, Sim stops.

Stew Rose--Ron's ma's lit (nude by my bed!) until Sam snores, or wets.

Story ran, "I'd Royals slay ordinary rots!"

Sue, yes, God's dogs eye us.

Sun is of use to myriad airy motes (UFOs in us!)

Sup on extra tart xenopus.

Sworn: "Ide Wang saw Missy mad ere gnat-angered Amy's Sim was gnawed in rows."

T. Eliot, erupt pure toilet.

Tell a Van Ert re naval let.

"Tide-red rots"--I dunno; Sam, a mason nudist, ordered it.

'Til nude yet, can Angie feign an act eyed unlit?

Tilt cap, I had a loud duo, lad--a hip act lit!

 "Timed, lo, time emits time, Em!" I told Em it.

Tim-mad sex (I'm damned, Ned!) admixes, dammit.

'Tis a heme meme has it.

To be sure, I’d lost soldier-use bot!

To Gill, a spa "saps all I got."

"Toilet not new, wow!" went on T. Eliot. 

Too familiar, Sir, is rail I'm afoot.

Toss it in, I gave no one vaginitis, sot!

Toss lariats on no stair--Al's sot!

"Trader, admit:  'ah ha!' " Tim dared Art.

Trash subsidiary raid is Bush’s art.

Trot, sad ex; indeed finesse'll lessen if deed nixed as tort.

Wanna buy Yuban...naw!

Wasted, a cadet saw.

Way to not spill latte: get tall lips to not yaw!

We help Pacific Apple hew.

"We" prefer pizzazz; I prefer pew.

Well, lad, nag, "Gee, no abortion--no, it rob a one, egg and all, Lew."

Wonder if I made no yo-yo, Ned--am I fired now?

Wonks know.

Xerxes lived evil sex, Rex.

Ya, Ben, one poker trek open on e-bay!

Ya, Dad--ah!--had a day.

Ya, Signor, war is, Sir, a wrong, I say.

Ya, was moor-devil Lil lived rooms away.

Yankees seek 'nay'.

Yo' begat love voltage, boy!

Zap all La Paz!

Zones sell, lessen Oz.


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