Diva drew a rawer David.
Drag Satan at Asgard.
Drawn items met inward.
Ed I ride.
Ed undid nude
Ed, I baron or abide
Ed, I cede to vote, decide
Ed, I let a cat elide
Ed, I nay cyanide
Ed, in soots, is too snide
Elated, I brew a rawer Bidet ale
Elf I rasp at taps a rifle
Eli fed ewe we defile
Eli missed a Hades simile
Eli missed a rap parade's simile
Eli misses simile
Eli passed Odessa pile
Elk cite, "We tickle!"
Elk City Amy may tickle
Elk raps (to not sparkle). 
Ell, it's a pastille!
Ella cases a calle
Elope; grab a bargepole
Elsa eats a pasta easel
Elsie noses one isle
Elude H.C.'s schedule
Em, answer Drew's name
Emus erase Mesa resume
Emus err resume
Emus say Amy may assume
Enable eel bane
Enable mane's enamel bane
Enact a fat cane
Enid rebags gaberdine
Enrobe babe borne
Enya wet a date: Wayne
Epic eras lash salsa recipe
Epochs, I wish, cope
Epode moseyed; eye some dope
Epode most cured eructs some dope
Epode most felt left some dope
Epode most racy carts some dope
ERA perps prepare
Eris edits Asti desire
Erode vet's stevedore
Evil Asti?  It's alive!
Fee-based ire derides a beef
Fit ire passed dog goddess aperitif
Flu got to Gulf
Fool arrests err aloof
Fool awards draw aloof
Girl I owe naps again.  Ed rages, "Order a red rose?  Gardenia?"  Gasp!  A
new oil rig!
Girl ionises in oil rig
Gnu hung
Gnu rung
Gorgon: "No grog?"
Guns are pose's opera snug
Gym swan gnaws my gym
Hair appals lap pariah
Hair apt on snot pariah
Hal bosses so blah
Hal ladeled Allah
hand-organs snag rod?  Nah!
Hanna vases abase Savannah
Hanoi taxation?  Ah!
Hat units I list in Utah
Hoyt's a nasty oh
HP men OK one MPH
HP moolah tells YSL lethal oomph
HP, at one, cases a cenotaph
HP, I lack a yak caliph
I am armor from Rama I
I game Magi
I get at "Irritate GI"
I go, Yogi
I ram a lacy moth to my calamari
I rasp, "I rip sari"
I reprise Sir Peri
I rub and nab Uri
I rub at a tab, Uri
I rub Uri
I rudely led Uri
I rule on Noel, Uri
I ruled omer's remodel, Uri
I ruminate tan.  I'm Uri.
I rumor from Uri
I run at a tan Uri
I run at Stan, Uri
I rustle [b/C]elts, Uri
I spot ZZ-Top?  Si.
Igloo cots sap a pass to cool GI
In Mulan, I win alumni
Irish promises I morph Siri
K-Car can even a crack
Kind, underbred nudnik
Kit abases a batik
Knish teeth sink
Laci, demonic aplasia is Al Pacino medical
Laggards drag gal
Laic art on sill is not racial
Laic EPS sin is special
Laid art at radial
Laid nus not on sundial
Laid roc sill is cordial
Lani fret FAQ after final
Larue named edema "Neural"
Lasso lochs I fish -- colossal!
Latex is six, et al.
Laud argyle kilt on Nam man, not likely gradual
Lessa tasks a tassel
Live debs bed evil
Live debs bedevil
Live desserts stressed evil
Live ewe (tan) ate weevil
Live moods doom evil
Lob my slang; I signal symbol
Mar gnats.  Sass tangram.
March tribe rebirth cram
Margo edits a fast ideogram
Mari[a/e/o/s] I ram
Masseur rues Sam
Masseuse sues Sam
Mega-tense dudes net a gem
Miasma jams aim
Mir upsets a caste's Purim
Mirths abash trim
Mix a mage, peg a maxim
Mr. Ego named edema no germ
Muslim ate Tamil sum
My "no dues" paid Em's media pseudonym
My "no dues" passed on Odessa pseudonym
Nag a pal, lull a pagan
Nail a tided Italian
Namath guards draught a man
Narrow [ass(es) saw/elf flew/er germ regrew/Elsa slew] or ran
Navy bursts ruby van
Ned rubs at sista's burden
Need rebates to not set Aberdeen?
Nemo eyes abase yeomen
Nepotism.  A rat ordered; rota rams it open!
Nepotist: Ego gets it open.
Nerd egged Ren
Nerd eyed Ren
Net foes abase often
Net foes oppose often
Net fooled ELO often
Net fools Oslo often
Nevadan Elena, daven!
Nib ordered robin
Night?  I was ill.  I avail Lisa with gin
Night?  I was set: Tessa with gin
Nip artistes rock corsets I trap in
No ensign icing is neon
No ill imam rasps, "Arm a million"
No Thai raps pariah ton
No vive sevivon
Nominate tan I'm on
Not Fargo - Grafton
Notate, "We tat on"
Notate, "We wet a ton"
Nurse bursts rube's run
OED ordered rodeo
Og named a jade "Mango"
Og races reverse cargo
Oh, to sell Lesotho!
On I blab, Arab albino
On inlet, is it El Nino?
On inlet, soldier Reid lost El Nino
On ref, Nina's an inferno
One evader bred Aveeno
Ooh, cat (new) went "Achoo!"
Orate, "Tailed a deli, ate taro"
Orc levees see Velcro
Orc leveled Adele Velcro
Orc levels isle Velcro
Orts I ban in a bistro
Orts I bare paper a bistro
Ory tasks a tyro
Ott alumni win mulatto
Otter billed Moni's sin model "Libretto"
Otto made Ted a motto
Otto's ire [laps pale/masses same/s nets tense/noses one/laded ale/lit ref's
fertile/bars rabe] risotto
Oy, koto to go to Tokyo
Pa elates; I set a leap
Pa erases a reap
Pa sassed dog goddess ASAP
Pa sated a cadet ASAP
Pace cites a set icecap
Pal rubs burlap
Pal weds dewlap
Pal weds dewlap
Pansy bursts ruby snap
Pansy-ass essay?  Snap!
Par wasting?  I sign "It's a wrap!"
Parch tribe rebirth crap
Peel Sam; I'm asleep
Per a pull, I will up a rep
Phoned Amy made no HP
Pilfer of ebony at stay?  No, before flip
Pilsner actor did rot Caren's lip
Pilsner waded a wren's lip
Pilsner, I say, by a siren's lip
Pinnacle eel can nip
Pins rap a parsnip
PM-averse dudes revamp
PMS pot stops MP
Pole Vedic I develop
Poll a gat at a gallop
Poopy Amy may poop
Poor Thai raps pariah troop
Practice Nerf's frenetic carp
Puccini modeled as Adele Dominic cup
Puce notes set one cup
Puck nips sass pink cup
Puffins sniff up
Puke Ella's reversal leek up
Pupils slip up
Puss emotes a case to mess up
Put egg on nog getup
Put estate gin I get at setup
Put estate we wet at setup
Put suds at TA's dust-up
Pygmy got to gym gyp
Ra ended near
Ra enjoys sassy OJ near
Ra erases a rear
Ra eyed a made year
Ra obeyed a bad-eye boar
Ra ordered roar
Ra, ensure Peru's near
Rajahs abash ajar
Recluse dudes ulcer
Red Ilsa sees a slider
Redder sie[g/v]e is redder
Ref lipid I pilfer
Ref, assail Eli as safer
Ref: "Russet Adele dates surfer"
Refill anal lifer
Rekill anal liker
Relit, I cede not one deciliter
Rep ate not one taper
Report a cat roper
Revelatory Amy may rot a lever
Reword "a bad rower"
Rex ate taxes
Rip a taro fresser for a tapir
Rob ate not one tabor
Ron O'Day, a papa, sees a papaya donor
Ron, odd as a toga, got a sad donor
Rot a rose's orator
Rot a timid imitator
Rot cart or protractor
Rot corpses, proctor!
Rota gits.  Nina's an instigator.
Rota noted a detonator
Rota reneged a made generator
Rota reposes operator
Rota reposts operator
Rota rips error respirator
Roti uses a made suitor
Ruby bursts ruby rub
Rue gay ovarian naira voyageur
Rue is no Mede, Monsieur
Rue Tamara's tsar amateur
Rue to bash saboteur
Rum elates if I set a lemur
Sac is remade at NAFTA, at fantasied Americas
Sacred Amy made RCA's
Sacred artists I trade RCA's
Sad negators rot agendas
Sad nut order bred rotundas
Sad nut organs snag rotundas
SAG emotes, "I set omegas"
Sage man did name gas
Sage modes are erased omegas
Sage nap or propane gas?
Sage Tums mute gas
Sage Tums say, "Mojo my ass; mute gas"
Sail age rots to regalias
Sal A-OK's koalas
Sal had dahlias
Sal let a pro tutor patellas
Sane raster frets arenas
Sans scecrets, I spun up sister Cessnas
Sans secrets, I nab banister Cessnas
Sans secrets, I stat sister Cessnas
Sans sectors, rot Cessnas
Sara iterates, "My gym set are tiaras"
SAT ate cinema time's semi-tame nice tatas
Sate separate Tara pesetas
Sate septa at pesetas
Save Rue's eurekas
Save the feh Teva's
Say a paper omits Asti more papayas
Scam rats sass tarmacs
Scorn rocs
Scranton's ill is not NARC's
Sea glass asses sass algaes
See Gil gender red negligees
See pure rupees
See purees, see rupees
See purple Hanna help rupees.
See Rob major pro jamborees
See tan ambush sub manatees
See ya, payees!
Seen ardor-trod ranees?
Seer cedes reverse decrees
Seer gassed?  Dog goddess agrees.
Seine got to genies
Seize ensign "G.I. Sneezies"
Sell "I vend", Neville
Sell Ives nip in Seville's
Separated Amy made TA rapes
Serpent uses Utne Pres.
Set armor from rates
Set Seth's Irish testes
Several operas are polar eves
Sib barter fret rabbis
Simple he-dude: Help us
Sit fumed among no made muftis
Sit if it is
Site yonder bred no yetis
Ska ensiled deli sneaks
Skype Elsa sleepy K's
Skype ewe weepy K's
Slam inane pen animals
Slob mystifies a case; I fit symbols
Smurf foes use off rums
Snag Olsen's esne slogans
Snot lit Stiltons
Snot upset a mate's put-on's
Snots I peg dodge pistons
Snots I pet abate pistons
Snots?  I prefer pistons
So I dare Sue, "Use radios!"
So, gnats sass tangos
SOB mugs say "Ass gumbos"
Sob, "Oh, Phobos!"
Soda rep sedates epee peseta desperados
Soil often did net folios
Some metal swan gnaws late memos
Someday, a paper added "Dare papaya demos"
Sonic aplasia is Al Pacino's
Sore hemostat?  Some heros!
Sore lobster frets boleros
Sort nine hen intros
Sort nine men intros
Sot laded altos
Sot lases altos
Sot lays sassy altos
Sot lays sissy altos
Sot nips pintos
Space cider bred icecaps
Spaced Amy made caps
Spare dude raps
Spill anal lips
Spooned Amy made no Ops
Spud Elia mailed UPS
Spud nested ET send-ups
Spun, I play-ordered royal pin-ups
Spur YSL syrups
Spy lops polyps
Stab mower if I fire wombats
Stacy's supremer pussycats
Staged Amy made gats
Stagnate tan gats
Start rids dirt rats
Stated Amy made tats
Stoned Amy made no T's
Straps say, "My ass parts"
Stride to note dirts
Stu cuts
Stu nods to Dot's donuts
Stu obeyed eye bouts
Stu or Gene grouts
Stunted Amy made T-nuts
Sub erases a rebus
Subordinate tan?  I'd rob us!
Subsonic aplasia is Al Pacino's bus
Sud ruses Urdus
Sud rusts Urdus
Sue Ida's adieus
Sugared Amy made Ragu's
Suggest ace cats egg us
Sulu clacks, "I risk calculus!"
Sup my lot: Olympus
Swat taws
Sycamore ha[d/s] a hero: Macy's
Tact after fee fret fat cat
Tangle mane's enamel gnat
Tar comedienne, "I Democrat"
Tense bursts rube's net
Tensile gel is net
Tie boss up murdered rumpus?  So be it!
Tie cedes a base deceit
Tie damned fists if den made it
Tim muses a base summit
To bore, nut did tune robot
To GI, Basia is a bigot
To lase, I burp up rubies a lot
To lase, I bury rubies a lot
To obey, dye boot
To rate sub, abuse tarot
Tongans nag not
Tongans snag not
Tons awe her use?  Sure.  He was not.
Traded artists?  I traded art
Tram laws sass WalMart
Trawl Ana's anal wart
Tray bursts ruby art
Trot no cots to contort
Tsetse cat aces test
Tsetse gages test
Unatoned Amy made not a nu
Ungalled, I dell a gnu
Ungenial Ed eyed Elaine Gnu
Unglue feul, gnu
Vise bursts rube's IV
Wales aces a case-law
Walsh promises I morph slaw
Want a sign: "I karate Tara King"?  I sat.  Naw.
Water if I fire taw
We decided "ice dew"
We fare Boston's not sober (a few)
We felt I title few
We felt subs bustle few
We felt sure we rustle few
We felt Tab battle few
We felt tars rattle few
We felt ten nettle few
We jam "I'm a Jew ..."
We locate taco, Lew
We nab a [c/d/l/t]ab anew
We nab a cab or I rob a cab anew
We nap and I kidnap anew
We nap saris as I rasp anew
We page Pisa as I peg a pew
We pass as I sass a pew
We passed Odessa pew
We pat pois as I pat a pew
We paw as I saw a pew
We pay as I say, "A pew"
We pedal glade pew
We pre-paid a diaper pew
We yap as I sap a yew
Welsh test Seth slew
Won't I [s/f/h]it now?
Worse dudes row
Worst nerd rents row.