(10,000 as of July 4, 2013)

                                         If read from left, or read from right,
                            the self-same letters meet your sight. (122)               
A site dedicated to sharing and archiving (single/stand-alone sentence, letter-unit) PALINDROMES

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                                Now, a "retirement ne merit" era won!

		  		Putin, evil, did liven it up. (Win Emmons)

                 Rianon, we held (nah!) a flotsam mast: Olfa handle hewn on air.

                            Nostril-flare femme, feral, flirts on.  (Mark Saltveit)

                                         Pub Al's Pirates set a R.I.P.  slab up!

                   Even a copy typo can even up a pun; even a copy typo can, Eve. (Martin Clear)                     

                                                 All I saw was, aw, Wasilla!

                                        Tim busies a case I submit. (Douglas Fink)

                                         Best 'ne' Mom's "Ahas!" moments, Eb.

                       Dog sex, even if fine, vexes God. (Carola Von Hoffmannstahl-Solomonoff?)

                                          Ya, Signor, war is, Sir, a wrong, I say.

                    I, man, am damned—I am a maiden madman, am I?  (Nora Baron)

                           E.g., never to be so old again, I, a gad, loose bot, revenge!

                                         God, Lee H. Oswald, I'm amid law, so heel dog!  (John Kamb)

                                        Bob, solos did mum gig--mum did solos bob.        

                             "Si, robots garble BASIC," Isabel brags to Boris. (Eric Harshbarger)

                                          "Timed, lo, time emits time, Em!" I told Em it.                                

                                            Ma, I am a boy: Obama I am.  (Michael Styer)

                                                "E", I 'drome 'em or die! 

    Now, evil, I've won!        Pose as Timi Imit's Aesop.         Meg saw one rock core 
             now as  gem.

"We" prefer pizzazz; I prefer pew.
Set an "I," mull--it illuminates!      Be 'green': one erg, Eb.          
"Sprawl" warps!       Mode robot pets, too, foot-step to boredom. Sees a most serene rest, serene rest soma sees.
Dogma is : 'I am God.'                Bud did a AAA ad I'd dub.        

Silly ram ate wet amaryllis!        


      I hose zoo ooze, so, "Hi!"          Dogs sass God.           Al, Liz dogs Godzilla!


	       “No lasagnas!” sang a salon.  (Douglas Fink)

            "Lo, Ho claims a crass ennui unnes sarcasm," I alcohol.          

                     Evil was Saladin -- a man I'd alas saw live. (unknown)

                                    ?Did I live on no evil I did?

                Devil's evil spasm saps lives lived. (Eric Harshbarger)

                                                           God loaned Eden AOL--dog!                                      

"Ted, a cadet, alerted a cadet, saw I DNA-tested a cadet, arrested a cadet, debated a cadet; so Pete posted a
     cadet a bed Ted, a cadet, serrated: a cadet set and I wasted a cadet," related a cadet. 
(Martin Clear)

                                        ‘Bedlam in a sac’ I remain: I, America’s animal, Deb.

                              "Anula la luna," alba habla, "anula la luna." (Mark Salveit)

                                          Way to not spill latte: get tall lips to not yaw!

                         As I let a hero melt tilaks, I risk a little more hate, Lisa.  (Martin Clear)

                                    Motel cats bored: no pizza, jazz; I ponder obstacle, Tom.

                                           Egad Lot, I hit old age. (Howard Richler)


by Timi Imit

With this site I hope to enlist your help in discovering and displaying any/all letter-unit PALINDROMIC (stand-alone, single) SENTENCES in the English language. represents the largest palindrome collection made freely available which is also up-dated (at least) monthly and referenced fastidiously.  So far I've archived more than 9,500 PALINDROMIC SENTENCES, but I am sure there are thousands more!  By the way, palindromes can be numeric (not my interest!), phrase (A man, a plan, a canal-Panama--also not my interest), sentence, prose (more than one sentence), or poem/play structured (see Steven Fraser's poems at Also, the reversible unit can be the letter (the case here) or the word (for more discussion of these other forms of palindromic word-play, see Commentaries-I)  

My interest happens to be single sentence palindromes (with subject and verb; or, in rare cases, clearly implied verb.)  (Please, also see Commentaries-III)

In addition, I have a special interest in how certain palindromes 'pivot' (see Commentaries-II for discussion of this feature.)  or contain "multiple middles" (see Commentaries-IV.)

Please have fun, try your hand, and submit any newly created single, sensible, stand-alone palindromic sentence(s) you would like!  E-mail submissions to    Please identify yourself, if you want your palindrome(s) to be referenced--as you will see I have attempted to faithfully do with the alphabetically listed (then numerically referenced) palindromes in this site.

*( You may also submit to if you have a link you'd like made to your site.)

This cartoon is from John Kamb 


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