Poems of the Month

                          November, 2013


November 6, 2013

                                                A VISITOR

My father, for example,

who was young once

and blue-eyed,


on the darkest of nights

to the porch and knocks

wildly as the door,

and if I answer

I must be prepared

for his waxy face,

for his lower lip

swollen with bitterness.

And so, for a long time,

I did not answer,

but slept fitfully

between his hours of rapping.

but finally there came the night

when I rose out of my sheets

and stumbled down the hall.

The door fell open

and I knew I was saved

and could bear him,

pathetic and hollow,

with even the least of his dreams

frozen inside him,

and the meanness gone.

And I greeted him and asked him

into the house,

and lit the lamp,

and looked into his blank eyes

in which at last

I saw what a child must love,

I saw what love might have done

had we loved in time.

            Mary Oliver


November 24, 2012


Lord, we don't need the sight of yellow leaves

falling to pile with the scarlet and orange

to signal another end of long summer days.

The same frost that melts to a black tar

last month's brilliant morning glory blossoms

has us huddled here before the hearth.

You know it's not our nature

to give thanks during the hotter days--

long, cold nights slow our hearts down to pray.

Seeing summer's sugars stored

on branches bare but for buds

waiting the winter to be next spring's blooms,

our hearts bulge in booming thanks

for the reserves of energy you provide us

through faith, family and friends.

--if you live, your time will come



November 11, 2012


John, I Rememeber You

Asking me to spread my arms

To lift my eyes

To reflect the blue

Where the eagle flies.


Like me, I know you

Did not spend much

Of your time there either,

For you have eagle heart

Not eagle body.


Still, when I look in your eyes

Always scanning yet focused

I imagine a beak sharp

For bringing back home

The day's wriggling prey.


Baby John we used to call you

And still we call you

And still we all are babies

For these fifty-two years

Crying with you.


Now we cry over you

--No, we cry under you--

As your Spirit released

From its broken body vial

Rises to heaven above.


Thank you for showing me

--Yes, showing all your world--

How the human heart

(Though of vulnerable

Muscle and sinew, too)


Can carry us to the dawning day

We'd thought we'd lost


To incessant tripping

Over these feet of clay.


Like your beloved blue sky

I produce rains as I cry

To see your nest unattended.

Then the storm is moved along

With wing-beat winds strong

From your eagle spirit.

--if you live, your time will come


November 25, 2011

























                        John Henry Van Ert, Jr



November 20, 2011

Oceans Lament

Shadows black and primal green

Rush the water, and then retreat again

Into the depths of what I feel

Regenerative force to me revealed

Sketch the houses climbing the hills

Trees wind dancing, never still

Thrown like linen over summerís bed

Clouds race, part and spread

Cormorants sing an eternal tune

From rocks below, jumbled, strewn

Calls that echo Leviathan deep

Awake my soul from mortal sleep

Scatter blues in sky and sea

Varying moods chant harmony

While diamonds float beyond the foam

To crash the shore and claim their home

Oh that you could see this too!

Blonde shoreline stretch the endless view

Every element become as one

Christened gold by afternoon sun

Words, they fail to represent

The wonder, the soul of His intent

Thus my wish is cast and spent

To have you here is my lament

                        John Henry Van Ert, Jr



November 12, 2011

Inclement Weather

Opened my eyes to an empty bed

Wondered out loud

What the hell Iíd said

That made you go away

Jumped to my feet

Searched through the house

Not a trace was found

In the lonely cold truth

A door opened to a frozen world

As hard as I tried

I could not see my girl

Up above there was familiar sound

A flock of geese had taken wing

I watched as they flew by

It was then I knew you had gone

To search for solid ground

To let your spirit fly

Though I still wonder why

Is it inclement weather

Or nature's call

That sends you running

Just leaving it all

Sometimes I think

Life is so unfair

Why do you start yearning

When there is a touch of chill in the air

The days are warming

Though you are still not there

Just when you get next to me

I feel the pull, I watch the slide

Gently at first, then stronger

A few moments, then longer

Is it fear that drives you

Or the anxiety of something real

Bolder than before

Tell me, does it hurt to feel?

                        John Henry Van Ert, Jr




November 6, 2011


Nobody Knows

What makes me so sure?

When I look into the eyes

Of our children I see

The innocence has been

Replaced with responsibility

We ask so much of them

In this day and age

Before they are done reading

We expect them to turn the page

Latchkey and the TV

Have replaced mom and dad

How do we return to

The good times we once had?

Nobody knows how to love anymore

To stand by their beliefs

See their ships return to shore

It is easier to get by

Day after day

Making excuses and walking away

Divorce is so common

No one even blinks an eye

When two good people

Lose their will to try

Dedication and commitment

Are things of the past

What good are vows

If we donít make them last?

Nobody knows how to care anymore

We hide in our houses

And lock our doors

There is someone who is hungry

Down on his luck

We criticize his misfortune

Never sparing a buck

Down on the corner

A man crawls on all fours

We stop for a traffic signal

But we wonít open our door

How would it feel if this man were me or you?

Nobody knows how to trust anymore

Remember when neighbors still talked

And kids played outdoors?

When lovers still walked

Dreaming of more

Remember hoping for the best, working hard

And letting God take care of the rest?

                              John Henry Van Ert, Jr



November 1, 2011

Only You

The still of an angry afternoon

Bounces off the hanging linen

In this cauldron the hours scorch

The colors off a million leaves

Crackliní silver green

In the summerís breeze

While I stare a message burns

In the whisper of the trees

Relentless the sweat breaks off brow

I cry out, please come home now

Sitting patiently I await the answer

While days drag on like lingering cancer

Through dog days and sultry nights

Faith endures in testament

To the passage of its last rites

Suddenly in a waking dream

There comes a horseman blazing across the sky

Seemingly on course and

Staring me directly in the eye

He tells his tale while flying by

The blazing star screams

It is you, it is I who love only you

Once again I try to explain

While the emptiness

Laden with driving rain

Is chased away with your smile bright

Darkened tunnels burst with morning light

Over obstacles both big and small

This crippled heart

Rises straight and tall

To trust once more, though

I thought I never would

Somehow I think you knew I could

Lovely lady this much I can tell

You hold my future in your wishing well

When reasons to go on

Are hard to sell

The road to heaven winds through hell

Separation is a demon

Its motives untrue

All others forsaken

I whisper it is you

It is I who love only you

                        John Henry Van Ert, Jr





November 30, 2010

                                                                       Buffalo Bill 's          


                                                    Buffalo Bill 's


                                                                              who used to
                                                  ride a watersmooth-silver
                                               and break onetwothreefourfive pigeonsjustlikethat
                                                             he was a handsome man
                                                                                 and what i want to know is
                                      how do you like your blueeyed boy                                                                                                                                                                                                 
                                                        Mister Death
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         -- E. E. Cummings



November 26, 2010

                                                EATING TOGETHER

                                                In the steamer is the trout
                                                seasoned with slivers of ginger,
                                                two sprigs of green onion, and sesame oil.
                                                We shall eat it with rice for lunch,
                                                brothers, sister, my mother who will
                                                taste the sweetest meat of the head,
                                                holding it between her fingers
                                                deftly, the way my father did
                                                weeks ago. Then he lay down
                                                to sleep like a snow-covered road
                                                winding through pines older than him,
                                                without any travelers, and lonely for no one.

                                                                    ---Li-Young Lee



November 23, 2010

                                                The Darwins Love To Play Backgammon

                                                After peeled barnacles,

                                                cabbage seeds, quail feet

                                                caked in mud,

                                                teeth of rabbit and fox,

                                                lizard eggs floating in sea water,

                                                he plays backgammon with Emma.

                                                They play after dinner

                                                in the dim sitting room,

                                                oil burned air moving

                                                shadows over heavy chairs.

                                                Emma throws the bones,

                                                moves the stones,

                                                rolls and throws again.

                                                His eyes follow her hand to the points,

                                                he holds the dice,

                                                smiling past a headache.

                                                The sparrows of Kent settle in dull trees.

                                                England flickers yellow and blue,

                                                Europe darkens the Atlantic.

                                                Under June's corona

                                                Emma pulls a blanket

                                                over her son's tiny shoulders.

                                                Charles lays out

                                                yellow notes

                                                like cards on his desk.

                                                There's a white moth gambling

                                                against the window.

                                                                --Henry Hughes

                                                (published in MEN HOLDING EGGS)


November 20, 2010

                                                    The Well

                                                    At times you sink, you fall
                                                    into your hole of silence,
                                                    into your abyss of proud anger,
                                                    and you can scarcely
                                                    return, still bearing remnants
                                                    of what you found
                                                    in the depth of your existence.

                                                    My love, what do you find
                                                    in your closed well?
                                                    Seaweed, swamps, rocks?
                                                    What do you see with blind eyes,
                                                    bitter and wounded?

                                                    Darling, you will not find
                                                    in the well into which you fall
                                                    what I keep for you on the heights:
                                                    a bouquet of dewy jasmines,
                                                    a kiss deeper than your abyss.

                                                    Do not fear me, do not fall
                                                    into your rancor again.
                                                    Shake off my word that came to wound you
                                                    and let it fly through the open window.
                                                    It will return to wound me
                                                    without your guiding it
                                                    since it was laden with a harsh instant
                                                    instant will be disarmed in my breast.

                                                    Smile at me radiant
                                                    if my mouth wounds you.
                                                    I am not a gentle shepherd
                                                    like the ones in fairy tales,
                                                    but a good woodsman who shares with you
                                                    earth, wind and mountain thorns.

                                                    Love me, you, smile at me,
                                                    help me to be good.
                                                    Do not wound yourself in me, for it will be useless,
                                                    do not wound me because you wound yourself.

                                                                                    --Pablo Neruda

                                                    (published in THE CAPTAIN'S VERSES)


November 18, 2010

Buddhist Barbie    


In the 5th century B.C.

an Indian philosopher

Gautama teaches "All is emptiness"

and "There is no self." 
In the 20th century A.D.

Barbie agrees, but wonders how a man

with such a belly could pose,

smiling, and without a shirt.


--Denise Duhamel



November 13, 2010

                                    A Cinquain and the Moon

                                    We are

                                    studying the

                                    full moon and the poems

                                    of Adelaide Crapsey, in that



                                    aide created

                                    a poetic form called

                                    the cinquain (fortunately not

                                    the Crap

                                    sey) whose

                                    resemblance to

                                    the Haiku is suspect

                                    if not superficial.  The full

                                    moon has


                                    ed nothing but

                                    mayhem and pregnancies

                                    for thousands of years.  We doubt that


                                    aide would

                                    approve of it,

                                    but who knows if Adel

                                    aide ever got laid under a

                                    full moon?

                                                --Richard Shelton

                                    (THE LAST PERSON TO HEAR YOUR VOICE)


November 11, 2010

Blue Feather

Steller's jays are stealing nuts again

from the scrubby trees at the top of my yard.

The trees are dropping their leaves,

but among them swaying like a tree

herself, my daughter never drops

the foliage of her hands as they blow overhead,

not her waving arms, curving spine,

ribs, nor the ribbons of light that tilt

across her without ever finding ground.

The shadow that steps foot to foot with her

collects the light but leaves her alone.

To see her moving untouched like that,

shaped by wind, or shaping and reshaping it,

recalls the lightness of birds, but even they

do not move untouched the way she moves:

sometimes, raucous in the branches, a jay

will drop one iridescent, wild blue feather.

--Joseph Green

(published in DELUXE MOTEL)


November 9, 2010

                                            Talking to the Tortoise

                                            He's talking to the tortoise.

                                            The leather boulder blinks

                                            out a century.  But this man is Japanese,

                                            kneeling like a boy, and he sounds serious,

                                            struggling with all the English he's got.

                                            Something about the tortoise's family,

                                            or his family, or a farm lease, or furniture,

                                            or something.  Claws scratch the packed mud, the high

                                            back is a mountain town falling

                                            on bound bamboo and a couple

                                            dying Toyotas.  The ducks and chickens

                                            long eaten--room for cabbage, rice.

                                            Ah, but that's just me

                                            drowning happiness on a sunny day,

                                            staring over the red wall of the tortoise yard.

                                            This man might be asking some silly shit

                                            about ninjas or lottery numbers.

                                            He might be drunk.

                                            And these beasts keep to themselves, holding shells

                                            for dear life.

                                            The guy's trying like hell.  Each syllable

                                            for one that's lived so long

                                            it must know something.  The head turns.

                                            Movement is a plan.

                                                                    --Henry Hughes

                                            (published in MEN HOLDING EGGS)


November 7, 2010

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have known the inexorable sadness of pencils,
 					Neat in their boxes, dolor of pad and paper-weight,
 					All the misery of manila folders and mucilage,
 					Desolation in immaculate public places,
					Lonely reception room, lavatory, switchboard,
 					The unalterable pathos of basin and pitcher,
					Ritual of multigraph, paper-clip, comma,
 					Endless duplication of lives and objects.
 					And I have seen dust from the walls of institutions,
 					Finer than flour, alive, more dangerous than silica,
 					Sift, almost invisible, through long afternoons of tedium,
 					Dropping a fine film on nails and delicate eyebrows,
 					Glazing the pale hair, the duplicate grey standard faces.
							--Theodore Roethke


November 6, 2010

                                        What if God

                                        And what if God had been watching, when my mother

                                        came into my room, at night, to lie down on me

                                        and pry and cry?  What did He do when her                       

                                        long adult body rolled on me

                                        like lava from the top of the mountain

                                        and the magma popped from her ducts, and my bed

                                        shook from the tremors, the cracking of my nature

                                        across?  What was He?  Was He a bison

                                        to lower his partly extinct head

                                        and suck His Puritan phallus while we cried

                                        and prayed to Him, or was He a squirrel

                                        reaching through her hole in my shell, His arm

                                        up to the elbow in the yolk of my soul

                                        stirring, stirring the gold?  Or was He

                                        a kid in Biology, dissecting me

                                        while she held my split carapace apart

                                        so he could firk out the eggs, or was He a man

                                        entering me while she pried my spirit

                                        open in the starry dark--

                                        she said that all we did was done in His sight

                                        so He must have seen her weep, into my

                                        hair, and slip my soul from between my

                                        ribs like a tiny hotel soap, He

                                        washed His hands of me as I washed my

                                        hands of Him.  Is there a God in the house?

                                        Is there a God in the house?  Then reach down

                                        and take that woman off that child's body,

                                        take that woman by the nape of the neck like a young cat,

                                        and lift her up, and deliver her over to me.   

                                                                                --Sharon Olds

                                            (published in THE GOLD CELL)


November 5, 2010

                                        At the Hospital

                                        On the garden bench of the hospital,

                                        Resting behind trim hedges in the shade,

                                        My friend looks peaceful for the first time.

                                        "Good thoughts," he explains, "make a good life.

                                        So I sit here all day thinking good thoughts:

                                        How many more little threads

                                        Reach out by evening from this bench

                                        To tie themselves to fences and barns.

                                        The faintest twitching of my hand,

                                        The ghost of a wish to haul them in,

                                        Would break each one.  So I sit still,

                                        My fingers like stone, my bench

                                        The quiet tether of the world.

                                        "Do you see those patients over there,

                                        How they wedge their faces between the fence bars

                                        To stare at the road?  These are the ones

                                        Who wake me at night with crying.

                                        Should I make myself join in out of fellowship,

                                        Pretending to cry so they won't feel alone?

                                        That would be a thread from my bench to theirs.

                                        That would be a thread from my bench to theirs.

                                        But they, reaching out, needy and ignorant,

                                        Would break what might have held for years."

                                                                            --Carl Dennis

                                        (published in SUTURED WORDS)


November 4, 2010

                                    The Running of the Mice

                                    All night I hear their small feet padding between the walls.

                                    Sometimes there is a sudden stampede as if there has been

                                    an intrusion into their world.  I think of mice walking

                                    all winter down their lightless paths, shivering.

                                    There is no way to sleep.  I am dragged down avenues 

                                    of mice that are littered with crumbs, paper fragments,

                                    excrement, dust.  The strong wind outside has not slowed

                                    their feet.  I think of the passing of each season

                                    and what they feel.   

                                    Tonight, for once, I am running with them; my large eyes

                                    scan lengths of board, nailpoints, studs.  Wood smells

                                    and sawdust fill my quivering nostrils.  Small bodies crowd me

                                    toward a vision, a clarity I have never known.

                                                                --Tom McKeown

                                    (published in THREE HUNDRED TIGERS)


November 2, 2010

                                                Animals are Passing from Our Lives

                                                It's wonderful how I jog
                                                on four honed-down ivory toes
                                                my massive buttocks slipping
                                                like oiled parts with each light step.

                                                I'm to market. I can smell
                                                the sour, grooved block, I can smell
                                                the blade that opens the hole
                                                and the pudgy white fingers

                                                that shake out the intestines
                                                like a hankie. In my dreams
                                                the snouts drool on the marble,
                                                suffering children, suffering flies,

                                                suffering the consumers
                                                who won't meet their steady eyes
                                                for fear they could see. The boy
                                                who drives me along believes

                                                that any moment I'll fall
                                                on my side and drum my toes
                                                like a typewriter or squeal
                                                and shit like a new housewife

                                                discovering television,
                                                or that I'll turn like a beast
                                                cleverly to hook his teeth
                                                with my teeth. No. Not this pig.

                                                                      --Philip Levine



November 1, 2010

                                                Suicide's Note

                                                The calm,

                                                Cool face of the river

                                                Asked me for a kiss.

                                                                    --Langston Hughes

                                                (published in SUTURED WORDS)


November 30, 2009


                    (...the gravitational collapse of certain 3-dimensional distributions of matter
                    leads to the formation of a 'naked' singularity--an exposed point in space
                    where physical quantities such as density and gravitational force become
                    infinite...and the theory of relativity breaks. down.  This violation of cosmic
                    censorship represents a potential disaster for general relativity.)
                                                                                                from SCIENCE NEWS

                                                Clara keeps her exposed lemon on
                                                the butter dish
                                                she says this goes way back in time.

                                                Stephen Hawking says we live in 7 more dimensions
                                                we aren't aware of because they are curled up
                                                like the surface of a lemon's skin.

                                                Small perturbations we don't sense from
                                                our great distance
                                                perhaps something like the history
                                                of the whole she-bang.

                                                Clara bristled with feigned offense
                                                on the night a war ended
                                                (I shudder to think what a 10-dimensional
                                                war is like)

                                                I don't think it was Clara's war that ended
                                                definitely somebody else's
                                                somebody she just can't see through
                                                probably because he is, too, dimensional.

                                                Twice to give
                                                once to receive
                                                as life turns inside out
                                                see love peeling from rough
                                                and smooth surfaces.
                                                We have a long way to go before
                                                we really know lemon peels;
                                                not full, not yet complete,
                                                a sphere fleshed
                                                from crescentic pulses.

                                                                        --TimVan Ert
                                        (from CREATE THAT LOVE THAT LOVE CREATES)



November 29, 2009

Notes from the Delivery Room


Strapped down,

victim in an old comic book,

I have been here before,

this place where pain winces

off the walls

like too bright light.

bear down a doctor says,

foreman to sweating laborer,

but this work, this forcing

of one life from another

is something that I signed for

at a moment when I would have signed anything.

Babies should grow in fields;

common as beets or turnips

they should be picked and held

root end up, soil spilling

from between their toes--

and how much easier it would be later,

returning them to earth.

Bear up...bear down...the audience

grows restive, and I'm a new magician

who can't produce the rabbit

from my swollen hat.

She's crowning, someone says,

but there is no one royal here,

just me, quite barefoot,

greeting my barefoot child.


--Linda Pastan

(published in SUTURED WORDS

contemporary poetry about medicine.)




November 28, 2009

Farmyard at Chassy


From the window of your sickroom, you look out

across the farmyard to the arch of the front gate.

A man in a blue coat stands in the road.  It's raining

and his reflection glimmers in the water at his feet.

To your left and right, the stone farm buildings

seem deserted, although you smell the damp smell

of hay and manure, and sometimes you hear your horse

stamp once in the barn, then fall silent.  For a week,

you have lain bored and feverish, and looking out

this wet afternoon, you see no living thing except

the man in the roadway, but he stands so quietly

you begin to doubt him, wondering if he is some

trick of the eye, some accidental configuration

of branches resembling a man.  But you know very well

you haven't imagined him and you begin to worry

he might demand something from you, something as

inescapable as taxation or death; and you become so

uncertain, you want to erase the very thought of him

and in your fever you decide it's you standing there,

that you are on your way to warm lands to the south,

and for a moment you have halted at this farmyard

without animals or even wet pigeons ducked beneath

rickety eaves, a farmyard so poor that you doubt

it could even keep a man alive, and you shiver

briefly, glad that you don't live here, and pass on.


--Stephen Dobyns

(published in SUTURED WORDS

contemporary poetry about medicine)



November 27, 2009

First Deer


I trailed

your guts

a mile through snow

before my second bullet

stopped it all.

Believe me now,

there was a boy

who fed butterflies sugar water

and kept hurt birds

in boxes in his room.


--Joseph Bruchac

(published in COME TO POWER)


November 26, 2009

                                           The Second Coming

                                           Turning and turning in the widening gyre

                                           The falcon cannot hear the falconer;

                                           Things fall apart; the center cannot hold;

                                           Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

                                           The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

                                           The ceremony of Innocence is drowned;

                                           The best lack all conviction, while the worst

                                           Are full of passionate intensity.  

                                           Surely some revelation is at hand;

                                           Surely the Second Coming is at hand.

                                           The Second Coming!  Hardly are those words out

                                            When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi        

                                            Troubles my sight: somewhere in sands of the dessert

                                            A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,

                                            Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it

                                            Reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.

                                            The darkness drops again; but now I know

                                            That twenty centuries of stony sleep

                                            Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,

                                            And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,

                                            Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?   

                                                            --William Butler Yeats (1865-1939)

                                        (published in THE PREMIER BOOK OF MAJOR POETS)



November 25, 2009

                                                Heavenly Bodies

                                                Behold you now this Western man's

                                                Orbits of will, control and plans.

                                                Life's energy thriving on same

                                                To burn with a pride steady--

                                                Strong, unapproachable flame.

                                                Yet who bears therein Womankind,

                                                        Seduction of another Mind..?

                                                                Would you could observe, absorb

                                                         Feeling depths moving you?  Soft,

                                                 Mysterious, provoking Orb.

                                                                        --Tim Van Ert

                                                    (from COLLECTED WORDS)



November 24, 2009

Schwarze Sauer Cafe


The monk slides in--body moist,

emotions dry--to dribble out

verbrechener deutsche.

Drunk tangos in--passion aroused,

manners not--to spew french over

unwelcoming body parts.


Barmaid waits, confiding

with Freundin her vision of flying

away in eine Stunde.

Fraulein blue-eyes--which barely cool

fire of her self-reddened hair

and 'sex-mich' sharp face--rises


to show pumped-up legs delicious

in fishnet, twin mounds holding

shirt-dress in a flutter just below butt.

Best to say lust leans both ways.

And surely away from the drunkard

combing fat fingers through wavy hair


as imagination loosens mine through theirs.

I chew the orange slices just cut

from their wholeness and drop straws

to get warmer on the Sidecar

(Cognac, Contreau and lemon)

as I watch Berlin whiz by.


--Tim Van Ert

(published in SEEDS ON A WIND RIDE)


November 23, 2009

Cut a Cross


Swirling in the tidal pulls

of Katie's oceanic gaze

is her riptide

ripping a cross

across her vulnerability;

signing to

deaf-muted feelings

buried, ironically,

so much more than skin deep

that even her mother,

like so many others,

would dive right in--

penetrating that naive mystery

as so tragically

had been enacted before

these currents pulled Katie

to the brink

of its disintegrating reclamation.


Katie's trespasses

to these forbidden shores

have sounded

so many alarms--

have you heard them?

felt their piercing


their gut-wrenching


their subtle, insistent


Like the day she

asked you if she had

skin cancer,

and you could only

wonder what

she was doing this for?


You know she has asked

much more of so many,

but these many she

keeps inside

so their muffled


surface only in


and do not help her

master sociology

let alone her own

body, soul and



Spare her we pray--

do not (yet again)

spear her.


--Tim Van Ert



November 22, 2009

An Old Song Ended


'How should I your true love know

From another one?'

'By his cockle-hat and staff

And his sandal-shoon.'


'And what have told you now

That he hastens home?'

'Lo! the spring is nearly gone,

He is nearly come.'


'For a token is there nought,

Say, that he should bring?'

'He will bear a ring I gave

And another ring.'


'How may I, when he shall ask,

Tell him who lies there?'

'Nay, but leave my face unveiled

And unbound my hair.'


'Can you say to me some word

I shall say to him?'

'Say I'm looking in his eyes

Though my eyes are dim.'

--Dante Gabriel Rosetti

(published in A BOOK OF LOVE POETRY)


November 21, 2009

                                            The Planned Child

                                            I hated the fact that they had planned me, she had taken

                                            a cardboard out of his shirt from the laundry

                                            as if sliding the backbone up out of his body,

                                            and made a chart of the month and put

                                            her temperature on it, rising and falling,

                                            to know the day to make me--I would have

                                            liked to have been conceived in heat,

                                            in haste, by mistake, in love, in sex,

                                            not on cardboard, the little x on the

                                            rising line that did not fall again.

                                            But when a friend was pouring wine

                                            and said that I seem to have been a child who had been wanted,

                                            I took the wine against my lips

                                            as if my mouth were moving along

                                            that valved wall in my mother's body, she was

                                            bearing down, and then breathing from the mask, and then

                                            bearing down, pressing me out into

                                            the world that was not enough for her without me in it,

                                            not the moon, the sun, Orion

                                            cartwheeling across the dark, not

                                            the earth, the sea--none of it

                                            was enough, for her, without me.

                                                                            --Sharon Olds

                                            (published in THE WELLSPRING)



November 20, 2009

                                            {The Lay of the Land, or Gender Geography}

                                            Geography of a Woman

                                            -Between 18 and 22, a woman is like Africa: half
                                             discovered, half wild, fertile and naturally beautiful.

                                            -Between 23 and 30, a woman is like Europe:
                                             well-developed and open to trade, especially for
                                             someone of real value.

                                            -Between 31 and 35, a woman is like Spain: very
                                             hot, relaxed, and convinced of her own beauty.

                                            -Between 36 and 40, a woman is like Greece: gently
                                            aging but still a warm and desirable place to visit.

                                            -Between 41 and 50, a woman is like Great Britain:
                                             with a glorious and all-conquering past.

                                            -Between 51 and 60, a woman is like Israel:  she
                                             has been through war, doesn't make the same
                                             mistakes twice and takes care of business.

                                            -Between 61 and 70, a woman is like Canada:
                                             self-preserving, but open to meeting new people.

                                            -After 70, she becomes Tibet: wildly beautiful
                                             with a mysterious past and the wisdom of the ages,
                                             and adventurous spirit and a thirst for spiritual knowledge.

                                            Map of a Man

                                            -Between 1 and 90, men are like the citizens of Iran:
                                             ruled by their nuts...


                                                                    --compiled by Phil Proctor

                                            (published in FUNNY TIMES, November 2009) 


November 19, 2009

                                            Holly Day Night

                                            Staring night's roads through its many eyes

                                            I sit waiting

                                            These twin lights will stop

                                            Playing games with me

                                            Games of surprise

                                            Smoke and smell stop

                                            Surrounding silver streak

                                            Reveal the driver burning her flame

                                            Rolling through a time and space for

                                            Smoke, presence, ears to listen, joy to speak

                                            So what's a hundred miles Holly

                                            A possibility of breakdown turned chance

                                            To let down, to open up

                                            To personal revelations of folly

                                            Now who stood beside that road felt cold

                                            Turning deeper courting with despair

                                            Of ever finding that sufficient warmth

                                            Only a facet of the many


                                            Let's the highway our river

                                            Our present moments a dream

                                            The moments melt to magic

                                            Tastes of which coax

                                            Euphoric shiver

                                                            --Tim Van Ert

                                            (from COLLECTED WORDS)


November 18, 2009

                                                BEFORE THIS DAY IS DONE


                                                Setting sun tosses dozens of pink

                                                rose buds across the sky

                                                as my car slows on our drive.


                                                White puffs of dandelion hope

                                                settle into tentative stillness

                                                the way quivering lips silence.


                                                Bee brushes black poppy pistil

                                                clean of the sweet marrow

                                                meant to fertilize a red tomorrow.


                                                Pressed-wood door sweeps in

                                                day's end inspiration

                                                from across begonia blossoms.


                                                Delicious daughterwoman crush me welcome

                                                with your petal-dropping embrace

                                                and its flesh dew taste.


                                                At the close of each long day

                                                there's no place I'd rather bring

                                                my pistil home to play!

                                                                    --Tim Van Ert

                                                (from IF YOU LIVE YOUR TIME WILL COME)



November 17, 2009



Witness hushed parade:

three generations bearing

down cramping aisle.

The only music to be heard

above winds blowing

hundreds of miles per hour

somehow slips unattended

through headless headsets.


For-abundant mother presents

blossom-eyed daughter

(clasping archetypal progeny

in caring arms)

who halts their march here.

Mesmer asleep in his seat,

a face in his hand,

holds this budding woman

in unconscious sway.


Mother, finger-to-mouth,

pantomimes to no avail.

The spell is not broken:

three times the child beholds man,

then her Mother's signal.

Finally she smiles,

rocks her doll knowingly,

stands rapt in her vigil.


Mother wouldn't speak,

daughter wouldn't know what to say,

and the sleeping man couldn't know

what to make of this play.

Mysteriously as his spell had been cast,

the child seemed freed from it.

Now the mother speaks, "I'm sorry"

as she was caught by his web.

"No--please excuse my obtrusive foot!"

And the march goes on.


--Tim Van Ert



November 16, 2009

                                                In Louvre Again

                                                At the Louvre's new swimming pool

                                                children go wading in undies,

                                                man goes belly up with his best friend

                                                (who has more teats showing by ten).

                                                All are recorded by cameras of every angle

                                                as my feet are cooled,

                                                but my loins heated, by fallen sleeve

                                                on one of Paris' many fallen angels.

                                                Courtyard's modern monstrosity--

                                                wild beyond all previous inhabitants'

                                                capacity to dream.

                                                Yet the crowd dreams

                                                of endless vacation times under such

                                                clear and warm skies

                                                with fountains of water

                                                moving to lap at tired feet.

                                                Yes we dream,

                                                so we build this new monster

                                                in the embrace of the monster of yore.

                                                                    --Tim Van Ert

                                                (from CREATE THAT LOVE THAT LOVE CREATES)


November 15, 2009

                                                        From This Distance

                                            He would take a small folded paper from his pocket--

                                            "I have been diagnosed with schizophrenia"--

                                            the same moment you wanted to kiss him.

                                            What was he wringing in his hands all those years?

                                            The chicken refused to smoke a cigarette.

                                            Seven white stones circled a thistle.

                                            You would have gone with him,

                                            but he climbed a high fence.

                                            There was always this Y in the road.

                                            Red checkered jacket draped

                                            over picnic table.

                                            Arrangement of broken bottles

                                            in the doorway of the Paris Hatters.

                                            He would take a word and remove its shirt.

                                            The open heart of the o, the wink of an e,

                                            the long trapped mystery of the crossed t;

                                            and the squirrel gathering what it needed,

                                            scrambling high into the branches,

                                            dropping shells on his face

                                            as he stood under the tree looking up.

                                                                    --Naomi Shihab Nye

                                                        (published in FUEL)


November 14, 2009

                                            I Know What I'm Missing

                                            It's a birdcall from the treeline.

                                            I hear it every day.

                                            It's the loveliest of the songbirds

                                            And I'm glad it comes this way

                                            And I stop to listen

                                            And forget what I've to do

                                            And I know what I'm missing--

                                            My friend

                                            My friend.

                                            It's fluttering in the palm fronds

                                            With a flash of black and gold.

                                            It's the whistling of the oriole

                                            And its beauty turns me cold

                                            And I stop to listen

                                            And forget what I've to do

                                            And I know what I'm missing--

                                            My friend

                                            My friend.

                                            Do you wonder if I'll remember?

                                            Do you wonder where I'll be?

                                            I'll be home again next winter

                                            And I hope you'll write to me.

                                            When the branches glisten

                                            And the frost is on the avenue

                                            I'll now what I'm missing--

                                            My friend

                                            My friend

                                            I'm missing you.

                                                                --James Fenton

                                            (published in OUT OF DANGER)


November 13, 2009

                                                    NIGHT'S MELODY


                                                    Staccato pops of the young maple branch on fire--

                                                    insistent enough to be heard out on the porch.

                                                    Slow owl strains of Whooooo......Whoo..who-who

                                                    from the woods back-up the hill.

                                                    Bone-buzzing bass rumble from freight train

                                                    passing Parker's quiet mile with its noisome match.

                                                    Peeper calls tumble like a rock pile,

                                                    one upon another at the pond's shore.

                                                    Rain's raspy splashes vaporize

                                                    in their long fall to weathered tin.

                                                    Small bird cries like a baby wakened hungry

                                                    and wanting the company of warm milk.

                                                                            --Tim Van Ert

                                                    (published in SEEDS ON A WIND RIDE)



November 12, 2009

                                                    wedding dream


                                                    thieves assasinate Buck's sleeping teeth in Ginsberg's wet dream

                                                    cursing night, nose flares over slabs where body leaves no sweat 

                                                    it's mean to eat pizza in burlap sack without drunken student invited


                                                    kissing distant second cousin's winter salt water

                                                    top branches of her noisy mind chopped before they could wrestle

                                                    with electric wires strung taut as she was young


                                                    I did not care, except to write it down with my fingertips

                                                    still sticky with black cherry jelly

                                                    I could tell she cared about her thin eyebrows, but I did not have to look


                                                    June, I'm gonna bake you a delirious poem

                                                    I say on my way to our wedding tomb

                                                    and hug her to me, twirling her uniformly sweaty breasts


                                                    she laughs play time's over, back to work

                                                    and I ask the manager

                                                    would he never put her down again

                                                                        --Tim Van Ert

                                                        (from IF YOU LIVE YOUR TIME WILL COME)



November 11, 2009



                                                                Forward -- no need

                                                                for any retreat.

                                                                Stranger with each deed

                                                                is plenty good feat.

                                                                Never to feast on

                                                                what the cynic would eat.

                                                                Stay young to think clean,

                                                                unplug synthesizer's beat.

                                                                                --Tim Van Ert

                                                                (A FIRST EDITION OF HAI-CHOO:
                                                                 little sneezes of profound dittycism)                                                               


November 10, 2009

                                                Meditation on a Death Sentence


                                                Each day shuffle the corridors,

                                                Head bowed as if to better catch

                                                Mocking echoes that ricochet

                                                Between anemic iron poles.

                                                Moth dry with the smells and tastes

                                                That shrivel for want of spring air.

                                                Beetled eyes dash along the floor,

                                                Rarely daring the spider's heights

                                                Where reflections from outside

                                                Meet to hide in cornered cobwebs.

                                                Like a Sunday mass veil

                                                This white lacework arouses

                                                A reflex bob of the neck

                                                To sign (for the hundredth time)

                                                "Bless me Father, for I have sinned."

                                                Glance up to see the sealed room

                                                Where gases may be heard hissing

                                                Like a priest's foreign vespers

                                                Or niehgbors' guileless gossip,

                                                "The time has come to take your throne."

                                                Each day that I skip my mute walk,

                                                Fail to sit supple upon

                                                This hard bench bridging death's abyss,

                                                I cry like the woman hours

                                                After her scheduled abortion

                                                As I miscarry my own hope

                                                With an umbilical serverance

                                                Of still-fetal being

                                                Before it is ready to wail

                                                In its own strong voice on this earth.

                                                                        --Tim Van Ert

                                                (published in NOTHING ELSE MATTERS)


November 9, 2009

                                                                 Some Parts


                                                                 Black hole is a life

                                                                 creator fills partially

                                                                 with some designer parts.


                                                                                 --Tim Van Ert

.                    (from A FIRST EDITION OF HAI-CHOO:
                                                                 little sneezes of profound dittycism)


November 8, 2009

                                                So Long


                                                At least at night, a streetlight

                                                is better than a star.

                                                and better good shoes on a

                                                long walk, than a good friend.

                                                Often in winter with my old

                                                cap I slip away into the gloom

                                                like a happy fish, at home

                                                with all I touch, at the level of love.

                                                No one can surface till far,

                                                far on, and all that we'll have

                                                to love may be what's near

                                                in the cold, even then.

                                                                    --William Stafford

                                                (published in THE WAY IT IS)


November 7, 2009

Living Apart


I leave our house, our town, familiar fields

Below me at take off when I fly to you

Deep in these shadows mountains.  Now at dawn

I wake to the horse-clop of passing carriages

As if I'd passed through time as well as space.

Yesterday we saw an Amish farmer

Bearded and calm, stroking his horse's mane

Under a flaming maple as he watched

Hang-gliders drifting down from Hyner View.

We stopped to watch them, too.  I was amazed

To see men falling toward the scarlet treetops

On out-spread wings.  That's when I grabbed your hand

To tell myself we were alive and human

Not lost in hell which must resemble this--

A place where souls from many centuries

Stand side by side, united but unhappy,

To watch the angels fall from fiery mountains.


--Maura Stanton

(from NEW AMERICAN POETS of the 90s)


November 6, 2009


                                trying to be
                                                                        of the group

                                cuz I wasn't really
                                                                                          any thing

                                occurred when I was
                                                                                  up the hill

                                with a construction

                                and I saw some
                                                                            bent, so I thought

                                I would cut

                                before I actually
                                                                            what was going on

                                                             --Tim Van Ert

                                        (from COLLECTED WORDS)


November 5, 2009

                                                       NICHT GUT


                                                     Life without proper




                                                    leaves one vulnerable


                                                          to existential




                                                --Tim Van Ert



November 4, 2009

                                                            JEWEL IN A BASKET WOVEN

                                                            TO CARRY SMALL TREASURE


                                                            Madonna, your anguish

                                                            burns through the thin curtain

                                                            my consciousness drops at day's end.

                                                            May your soul cool down


                                                            to the warmth of love.

                                                            Do not relive Mount Saint Helens

                                                            by laying low trees of shade.

                                                            See me a leaf dried, dropped


                                                            and curled to be caught

                                                            on a wind ride to the river.

                                                            I haven't the oak's deep root

                                                            and hard wood you wish to hold.


                                                            How can a man be sorry

                                                            that he's not what he is not,

                                                            or is what he is?

                                                            I do not know the answer


                                                            to this nor a thousand questions.

                                                            Even before the Hubble spacecraft

                                                            I fathomed things going wrong

                                                            for a long, long time.

                                                                        --Tim Van Ert

                                                            (published in SEEDS ON A WIND RIDE)



November 3, 2009

                                                Mantra Crystal
                                                     with due respects to Ira Progoff

                                                            Whirlwinds blowing freely

                                                            Whirlwinds blowing freely

                                                            Whirlwinds blowing freely  

                                                            Appetites passing through me

                                                            Appetites hurting deeply

                                                            Appetites passing through me

                                                            Light of Mind returns to see

                                                            Light of Mind who turns to see

                                                            Light of Mind it is but me

                                                            Light of Mind who turns to me

                                                            Light of Mind helps set me free

                                                            Light of Mind returns to sea

                                                                                    --Tim Van Ert

                                                       (from CREATE THAT LOVE THAT LOVE CREATES)                                                        

November 2, 2009

                                                Listen to Her, Jim

                                                I wonder not that you blink

                                                To hear, "I will let you be."

                                                For never was dream revealed

                                                Dressed to match the dream concealed.


                                                Keep your eyes wide as you feel your steps,

                                                And fill me with that you think I give.

                                                Eyes speaking, "Let love woo you from your fears."

                                                Yours crying of yet others coming near.


                                                Let it be that here we stand--

                                                Moving more than time records.


                                                                    --Tim Van Ert

                                                (from COLLECTED WORDS)


November 1, 2009

Plane Life


TWA to Boston and

a woman in 'Ambassador' Class having a

heart attack while the

passengers wearing headphones are all

laughing hilarious at

a movie with

Dustin Hoffman in

which he

   impersonates a woman and

they bring in the oxygen tank and

pump her up and

   when she comes to she

   starts crying and moaning over and over

   O I am going to die

I am going to die

and the passengers all still roaring

the woman weeping and moaning

I am going to die!


she doesn't.

The movie continues

The passeners continue

The plane like life itself

sails on

carrying its helpless



--Lawrence Ferlinghetti

(published in SUTURED WORDS comtemporary poetry about medicine, ed. Jon Mukand)